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to help make a difference in climate change and to not contribute to human and animal suffering as much as possible i:

- am vegan in all aspects
- do not have a car
- walk and bike as much as possible
- use public transportation when i can not
- use reusable bags
- use reusable water bottles
- use reusable utensils
- use reusable containers
- refuse plastic at all opportunities
- buy recycled/fair trade clothing as i can
- try my hardest to be zero waste
- throw away NO food
- recycle everything i can
- switched to having all of my energy come from renewable sources
- appreciate all water i use
- pick up trash
- buy local produce when i can
- forgo produce that uses many resources
- donate money to vegan and environmental causes
- live a minimalistic life
- get furniture and appliances second hand if possible
- sell and donate things i no longer use

does that make me better than you? of course it doesn’t. but i probably am doing better than you. what the fuck are you doing for the planet? do more.

also like, this is now the second time they’ve made Even wear the exact same clothes as in a scene from season three. the first time was last week’s clip, in which he was dressed exactly the same as when he came into the classroom to return Isak’s snapback to him. and in today’s clip, Even’s wearing the same outfit as he was when him and Sana had that moment in the kitchen in the last clip of the season, but with a denim jacket over it. could be just skam recycling clothes but like, copying exact outfits seems suspicious. 

The Naturalness of Skam

I’ve seen so many things about how realistic Skam is and I feel really passionate about this subject so here’s a little late night scribble for you.

I’m from Finland but I watch the show in Norwegian because it’s so similar to Swedish that I understand it. But even though I can’t know what exact words norwegian teens would use etc, they way the characters speak and communicate seems very familiar and normal to me. Also even though the miscommunications are setting our teeth on edge (but I mean we love it), that happens in real life too and like what is so frustrating about Even not replying to Isak is that we’ve all been there. We’ve all send a risky text and panicked and maybe overanalyzed for not getting a reply. It’s so realistic and so easy to relate to.

Honestly the thing which  fascinates me the most and dragged me into the show was the fact how realistic it is (I feel like I’m over using the word realistic but oh whale). I think that Finnish culture is pretty similar to Norwegian culture so all the things they say and do, and how they behave it all feels very normal. 

Also perhaps my favourite thing is the way the characters look and dress - they look so natural and the fashion is very much something you’d see on people. In so many shows teens are portrayed by 20+ people. For example in Gossip Girl the actors were all in their 20′s as they began filming and the characters were 16 going on 17 but the actors looked nothing like it. The characters in Skam are portrayed by real teens and they look so natural and we can see their spots and imperfections what are what makes them so real. And the way they dress? I have many friends who dress up like Eva or Noora and one friend who dresses a lot like Vilde. The kånkens, beanies, scarfs and coats are very much the way people dressed up at my school and very much what I see out on the town. One thing that makes the style seem so real too is that they use highstreet shops like bikbok or h&m - shops that these characters would be able to afford realistically. It’s not like in many tv shows when kids turn up to school wearing head-to-toe designer outfits. And they recycle and loan clothes from their friends too! They actually reuse outfits which I believe is so rarely seen on tv.

 For someone who is close to the age of the characters (97) all the things that are being said, all the things that are happening and simply the way the characters are and behave is so very real that it got me hooked up right away. It’s like having a bit of a gossip with you’re friends - you’re seeing and hearing all these things that are happening to the characters but it could easily be someone you know from real life.

mousewitchy said: AU where Laura Hale was arrested before Peter killed her at the beginning of the series–maybe the Sheriff picked her up for reckless driving on her way into town, or for threatening Harris, or trespassing on a crime scene–so when Derek came to town it was to bail his extremely embarrassed sister out of Beacon County jail instead of bury her body in pieces. Super extra bonus points for supportive awesome (non-domineering) sister Laura Hale.

This prompt deserves to be at least 20k words longer than this, sorry.

It’s mid evening before Derek gets to the Beacon Hills Sheriff department; he smells like recycled airplane air, his clothes are rumpled, and he throws his duffle over his shoulder as he gets out of the cab. He’s exhausted.

It feels like he hasn’t stopped moving ever since Laura called him with a weary, “Derek, I fucked up,” nearly ten hours ago.

Inside the station, a honey-eyed waif with a shorn head and a long pale throat is clicking away at a pen and swinging his chair back and forth behind the receptionist desk. Derek plasters on his most charming grin and leans up against it, bracing a hand in front of the guy and sliding his sunglasses down to give him a once-over.

The guy blinks up at him and flushes. His mouth falls open a little and Derek clears his throat around the way he kind of wants to press his thumb to it.

“Hey,” Derek says, still grinning. “I’m here for my sister?”

“Um, yeah.” He flutters a hand in the air. “I’m not—”

“Laura Hale?” Derek says.

The guy freezes, eyes suddenly intense and interested. “I think she’s still in holding.” He leans forward. “Are you—”

“Derek,” he says, leaning closer too. It never hurts to use a little animal magnetism to move things along. Derek knows what he looks like. He might not enjoy that, most of the time, but he knows how to use it, anyhow. “And you are…?”

“Sixteen,” someone says. “Stiles, my office, now.”

A hand clamps down on the guy—Stiles's—neck, and Derek jerks his gaze up to see a sheriff’s badge and a judging face.

Stiles’s shoulders hunch. He says, “Daaaaad,” and, “I was just keeping the seat warm for Tara, honest.” He flashes a cheeky grin at Derek. “Nice to meet you, Derek Hale,” he says, and then ducks out of his father’s grip and disappears down the hall.

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Everyday Witchcraft

everyday witchcraft by Mike Sexton

1. When you make your bed in the morning, as you do so, see all of the previous day’s troubles going to sleep, so it can’t bother you any further.
2. If you put on jewelry such as necklaces or rings, etc., give each one a specific task.  For example, hold your necklace in your hand and see it protecting you from negative people, before putting it on.  When you slip a ring on, hold it in your dominant hand and see it giving you courage to fight any possible obstacles in your way and then put it on.
3. If you have pets, when you fix their food, hold your hand over the dish and draw a pentacle with your hand and see the pentacle giving your pet healthy nourishment and keeping them well. (you can do the same for their water dish)
4. As you leave your house and are locking the doors, see the key also locking all negative spirits from your home and forbidding them entrance.
5. When you are brushing your teeth, bless the toothpaste so only sweet words come out throughout your day (by that I mean positive words, giving people who deserve it, compliments when they do a job correctly and so forth.)
6. As you apply your perfume or cologne (provided you do that, if not, you can do this with your deodorant), see it doing a service for you- such as helping you to talk more if you’re not very talkative but would like to become so, you can see it causing you to be more decisive at your job and so on.
7. If you’re into sigil magick, take a photo with your phone of a symbol you want to activate and then when you need to activate it, turn to that picture and let the screen of the phone dim to black. The process of turning the picture on and letting it dim down will activate the sigil for you.
8. When you turn music on, whether it’s in your car, an ipod, a phone, whatever, see the notes from the music clearing the air around you, creating fresh, positive energy encircling your area where the music is playing.
9. With each step you take, see yourself drawing energy from mother earth, into your entire being and energizing you throughout your day.  You can even do it this way: with each step of the left foot, you’re drawing energy in, with each step of the right foot, you’re removing negativity from yourself into the earth to be recycled.
10. Wear clothing that matches something you’re needing by using color correspondences. Every color has significance; by learning those, you can empower yourself each day just with your clothing selection.  Granted if you work in a place that requires a regular uniform look, you can use this technique with your underwear, socks and so forth.

What is ethical fashion???

What is ethical fashion you ask? Well, like anything that is ethical, it is fashion that is morally right and acceptable, it is pretty self explanatory really but I will explain in a little more detail what exactly makes fashion ethical and the issues behind it.

Ethical fashion; or as many associate it as, eco fashion, is the process of covering a range of issues. The term is used to describe issues that arise in the four sectors of fashion; design, production, retail and purchasing. 

The purpose of ethical fashion is to maximise benefits to people, communities and business and to minimise the impact on the environment.

What issues could possibly occur within this industry? 

The most popular issues that could arise are, the working conditions, fair trade, exploitation, animal welfare and the environment. The working conditions occur in the cheapest of fashion clothing stores, this means that in most cases, that super cheap item of clothing you bought from a low priced store is most likely made in a factory with extremely poor working conditions and unhealthy environments with the workers being on very low salaries; not that you would be aware of this when buying the product, and this is what ethical fashion is all about, working to prevent these aspects and also make people aware of the unknown.

Also, within the textile side of fashion also faces some issues in the sense that most textiles are usually treated with chemicals. This could be to either dye, wash or soften them but little do you and I know that the chemicals used to do this can sometimes to dangerous to the skin as the chemicals could be transferred to those wearing the clothes. The same goes for the environment as some of the chemicals used are toxic. 

What has been put in place to prevent the problems occurring in businesses and the industry on the whole?

There is a forum and criteria in which businesses within the fashion industry follow that consist of ten set points that if all are followed, will allow a business to full engage in ethics and sustainability. For example, the fashion industry has began both using and developing eco-friendly fabrics and various components with one of the most popular being fair trade and organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals which means that there is nothing possibly toxic within the use of it which makes a huge different to the usual cotton which is used massively in businesses and industry. Cotton is one of the most chemical-laden crops in the world so the fact that organic cotton is now being introduced is a massive positive for the fashion industry and its eco statics. 

Are there any eco-friendly high street Fashion brands that you may not have known were actually ethical?

For all of you online shopaholics out there, it may be interesting to know that ASOS have an eco friendly section of their website known as the ‘green room’ which hosts a wide range of clothing brands such as up cycled vintage. This is a way of recycling clothes which is of course great for the environment on the whole and everyone loves a good vintage garment, right??? It is a wardrobe must have! 

The high street store brand Fat Face is known for its eco friendly approach to clothing as it abides by a code of conduct that is to be followed by all suppliers and factories to ensure that all of their workers are treated fairly. 

anonymous asked:

but listen!!! i absolutely love how skam not only recycles clothes (bc who has a never ending closet of new clothes srsly) but they have the characters share clothes with each other and i want to scream its like a common thing within skam like "oh thats not isak's hat its mine!!" and "oh i stole this shirt from eskild but you can wear it" and "oh here you go baby just wear my sweatshirt so you can think of me and dont feel lonely while im at school today" ijsfdgkf

stop i know.. and they even carry clothes across seasons like that’s the real Clincher for me on the wardrobe thing. like isak wearing his white sweater from when he lies to eva about liking her in s1 in o helga natt and like, he’s wearing an a$ap rocky tshirt in one of his ig posts from s1 and mahdi was wearing the same tshirt in the most recent clip. the CONTINUITY

anonymous asked:

its not a new pic bc her shorts only have 2 stars on it not 3, so it must have been sometime before the world cup

….she can wear old shorts bruh. Dont tell me you dont recycle your clothes lmao