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to help make a difference in climate change and to not contribute to human and animal suffering as much as possible i:

- am vegan in all aspects
- do not have a car
- walk and bike as much as possible
- use public transportation when i can not
- use reusable bags
- use reusable water bottles
- use reusable utensils
- use reusable containers
- refuse plastic at all opportunities
- buy recycled/fair trade clothing as i can
- try my hardest to be zero waste
- throw away NO food
- recycle everything i can
- switched to having all of my energy come from renewable sources
- appreciate all water i use
- pick up trash
- buy local produce when i can
- forgo produce that uses many resources
- donate money to vegan and environmental causes
- live a minimalistic life
- get furniture and appliances second hand if possible
- sell and donate things i no longer use

does that make me better than you? of course it doesn’t. but i probably am doing better than you. what the fuck are you doing for the planet? do more.

Self Indulgent Photo Shoot!

My roommate and I went into the nearby woods with clothes that she “recycled” - Sowed choice items together, pretty much!

The one that I’m wearing, with the flower crown, is a tube top attached to an adjustable skirt. It was hell getting into the top, to be honest.

Breanna is confidently sporting a boring black dress, but now with a split blue layer and a sparkly broach! She’s actually working on putting pockets in the blue part.

Aimee, 26

“My style has developed over the years and is still developing. I know what I like when I see it and that’s why I love vintage shopping. Vintage is also super inspiring. It allows me to see shapes and details that I haven’t seen before which gives me the opportunity to create new and exciting looks. Another huge reason I prefer vintage is that it helps the environment. Recycling clothing ensures we’re not supporting underpaid labor or copying ideas from small, talented businesses. Vintage allows the wearer to create looks around themselves!”

Jun 3, 2017 ∙ Lower East Side

anonymous asked:

do you have anywhere specific you look online for fashion inspiration? every time I just browse pinterest or instagram like every single ~fall outfit idea~ is skinny jeans + earth toned boots + cardigan + scarf and I'm SO BORED.

YES I KNOW THAT LOOK, the white girl in fall look; it’s not a bad look, but it’s a very predictable look, and I totally understand wanting to move away from that. I too moved away from a look that wasn’t bad, yet was also literally and figuratively stifling. so, how do you find inspiration? 

what I do is follow individual style bloggers + and street style blogs/accounts. 99% of this takes place on instagram, so get ready to download the app. if you’re going to use pinterest, make sure to search “street style”, not “style”. street style is what you call photos that are taken at various fashion weeks, of models and influencers and designers and average people who wanted to dress up and see the shows. it’s a great way to eyeball trends and to find things you can mix and match for yourself. often you’ll see a person whose look you really like, and it only takes a reverse image search to find them on instagram. nine out of ten times they’ll have a style blog of their own. if that sounds like a lot of work, it is. so here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

street style on tumblr: my only stop is 15x20. it showcases a huge variety of trendy, inventive looks, all put together by people who want to be eyecatching. one of my absolute go-tos. I get the germ of most of my outfit ideas here.

style on instagram: @lookbook is a solid account. mostly it’s images tagged #lookbook by bloggers or would-be influencers, and they’re all real people, so a lot of times you can follow them back to their style pages. one issue is that they usually don’t give details of where to buy the items of clothing they wear. also skews a little younger. 

fashion bloggers I follow on instagram:

@daniellevanier: really inventive, takes risks, is a pioneer of “it doesn’t have to be fitted” imo, and has introduced me to one of my favorite brands ever, ASOS White. sporty, femme, she can do it all. love her. 

@lolitamas: bang on with trends, she always seems to know what’s coming in the new season. she does a bunch of lifestyle blogging too, but her fashion posts are what I’m there for. she’s very sweet, very feminine, and a lot of her looks nail high-fashion casual, which I appreciate the hell out of. 

@masha: does the coolest things with layers and sneakers, and she really brings a lot of texture to every outfit. she looks great all the time, which is probably a curse when you’re that pretty, but she pays it forward by religiously cross-linking her outfit posts so you can track down where she got what.

@mamacaxx: just the most bright and exciting wardrobe; she knows how to make one garment do a million different things. pretty sure she and I bought our lavender frilly shirt dresses on the same day. 

@hhasselhoff: I am smitten by her beauty all the time, and I’m so all over the silk boudoir look she always seems to have going. someday I’m going to find out how she, someone with similar proportions to me, is able to hide her bra straps in all those satin dresses. 

@nicolettemason: femme, queer, and constantly doing awesome things with patterns. this was an immediate must-follow from me, and she’s just come out with a really trendy plus-size clothing line called premme, if any of you ladies out there are interested.

@asos_debbie: SHE KNOWS COLOR THEORY, and knocks it out of the park every time. she’s a buyer and stylist for asos, so she also has the inside scoop on new items that are dropping. also, incredible shoes, always. 

@aspensdottir: I just started following her, and it was the best decision I’ve made all week (and not just because she immediately liked every picture of my cats that I’ve ever posted). she’s incredibly inventive, and recycles various items of clothing in the most refreshing way. I’ve actually tossed a few things in some shopping carts because of her, and even though she’s half my size, the outfits she puts together are super adaptable to anyone. a++

the more you poke around instagram, the more you’ll find new bloggers that appeal to you specifically! it took me about a year to round up the 250 fashion accounts I follow, but it was worth it. now whenever I lack inspiration, I grab my phone and start seeing what clicks for me. good luck! 

I’m for all solarpunk styles

for clean white futuristic architecture and farm scrapers, people wearing dresses of gold with solar panels in the fabric and jewelry that generates energy.

for cities with texture and alive with color, with solar panels looking like stained glass windows and the ones who live there wear every color imaginable and incorporate flowers into their wardrobe

for towns that look similar to ours but everything is recycled; people working together to keep the streets clean and to maintain society to where no one is impoverished. and they recycle clothing and wear hemp. and trash isn’t much of an issue because anything that can be recycled, is. and anything that can be decomposed is being composted for rooftop gardens. and anything that doesn’t fit into either category is being produced less and is being reused.

I’m for hybrids of these cities. I’m for people acknowledging different ways of saving the planet. im for all solarpunk because if every city across the world looked the same, then it would be boring. and my idea of solarpunk is where everyone can appreciate the differences.


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the signs as annoying stuff in sso

aries:  the chat filter censoring your entire message
taurus:  hitting a jump and getting launched to stratosphere
gemini:  “verifying”
cancer:  wednesday update that only adds new clothes to the mall
leo:  random bump in the landscape doing ridiculous damage to your horse
virgo:  yet another abandoned interesting plot line 
libra:  “network error”
scorpio:  race starter board sparkles preventing you from jumping over that fence
sagittarius:  region restricted redeem codes
capricorn:  exciting new features only announced on an obscure social media account
aquarius:  recycling tack and clothes models from 2005
pisces:  missing the ferry/bus/tram by a fraction of a second