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Pick of the Week

Here’s our Labor Day haul from earlier this week…

Everything in the pic was THRFTD on Monday, washed by Tuesday, and officially added to our ever-expanding collection of second hand today.

*trunk was purchased on a separate trip, more details to come*

I love shopping so much, and the ability to buy vegan ethical sustainable fashion in Europe is amazing.
Here is my haul from the annual Green Market in Berlin on the weekend:
- Tote bag, 100% recycled from a mixed blend of plastic bottles and cotton (Róka Fair Clothing)
- Recycled/Upcycled handmade ethical underwear (Anek Dot Berlin)
- Ethical and sustainably made tops (Braintree Clothing
- Ethical, eco-friendly hand printed sweet wear top, this one featuring “Kale ‘Em with Kindness” (Plant Faced)

Also the top with the slight blue cloud colouring is from a sustainable fashion store my friend and I stumbled upon in Budapest, Hungary. They’re one of the first Budapest, and I hope its not the last. Please check out store, named Prezent Budapest, the owner is a lovely sweet woman who cares about the products she stocks and is great to have a chat to!

• Nox Ithil Creations •

100% recycled super messy scarf/poncho in the making ✂

Inspired by my grandmother’s huge wooden weaving machine and the way we used to cut timeworn fabric into balls of yarn, to later on make colorful rugs.


I think I posted this campaign a few years ago, but I stumbled upon it again recently and really love it, so I’m sharing it again! Perfect combination of sad and humorous 

Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R London, United Kingdom


Giving Back with Style: Insecta Shoes Turns Trash Into Fancy Footwear

To learn more about Barbara and her eco-friendly footwear company, follow @insectashoes on Instagram.

“I was pretty much always an entrepreneur. I wanted to give back to our planet, help people and work with a purpose,” explains Barbara Mattivy, the 31-year-old co-founder of Insecta Shoes (@insectashoes), a Brazilian small business that produces vegan eco-friendly footwear made out of vintage clothing and recycled plastic bottles. “I finally figured out I could combine my passions for fashion and the internet and still do good for the world.” Barbara’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to follow your heart: “You’re one step ahead if you already know what your passion is. I see a lot of people nowadays wanting something different, but not sure of what it is. For those who already know, take advantage of this gift and think of ways to monetize it — usually it’s not that hard.” #LivingMyPassion


I am sure you too have a pile of clothes, which you are not wearing any more. Somewhere deep down at the back of the closet. Maybe you forgot you have these clothes at all. Could be they are too plain, a bit worn out, or you’re just not feeling them any more. 

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Brixton ReStitched

I opened up an Etsy shop. So far, I just have these 4 dolls. But I plan on making more as soon as possible. I’ve been averaging on 1 per week so far.

If anyone’s interested, they’re available now. Each doll is made out of recycled clothing and each doll is about 10 inches except for Natu (It’s about 10 with the head feather, about 6 without).

There’s some stuff I wanna address. Seems like Etsy doesn’t let you write your own policies and stuff. Most of these are personal policies - Things I will and won’t do.

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