Kaijou High [EP.43] ღ(◕◡◕ღ)

happy things:

1. cats who curl up in your lap
without being prompted
2. record players
3. leather jackets and leather boots
4. four-hour games of cheater’s
monopoly and owning half the board
due to your questionable resource
attainment (you stole from the bank)
5. finally beating the boss level
6. when you start singing and so
does everyone else
7. tiny cupcakes
8. bats with their little ears and teeth and
fruit-eating habits i mean talk about
a bad reputation these poor things aren’t
scary at all
9. getting sick and having somebody
treat you like a princess
10. when the owner of an animal says “oh
he doesn’t really like anyone” and then
it leans up against you like you’re its
best friend and some part of you
whispers “do not doubt my power”
11. outfits that make you feel like
you are kahleesi, mother of dragons
12. trips to the mall with your friends when
you start trying on the weirdest things you
can find
13. anything fried
14. when you make repeated eye contact with
an attractive stranger and mentally encourage them
to talk to you
15. showers
16. beach trips that last for the whole day
17. discovering somebody’s passion and
hearing them talk about it and watching
their eyes light up
18. kites that kiss the sky
19. snappy comebacks everyone
overhears and applauds you for
20. sweaters
21. falling asleep next to your best friend
22. foxes
23. getting a better score on your test
than the asshole know-it-all kid
who goes “what did you get” to you all the
time because he likes to show off that
he did better - rubbing those two points
in his face is honestly so overwhelmingly
24. cooking for your family
25. when little kids ask you to play with them
and make you the queen or the king or
katniss everdeen and serve you tea out of tiny
cups and saucers
26. ice skating
27. those people you can dance awfully
in front of and it won’t matter because
they’ll be dancing too
28. receiving drunk texts from someone
who just wants you to know how beautiful
you really are because drunk words
are sober thoughts
29. the ongoing struggle between tea and coffee
and the fact people will often surprise you
with which one they choose (and the fact
it doesn’t really matter but knowing
how they take their tea or coffee is
still such a great thing to know about someone)
30. giving presents, particularly when
they are handmade
31. perfecting your poker face and
raking in the benefits
32. getting a song stuck in someone else’s
head because you were singing it
33. the smell of rain
34. clothes fresh out of the dryer
35. hitting only green lights and
road trips in general
36. fresh-baked bread
37. getting a plant to grow
38. hearing your favorite song
on the radio or in a store or
in the mouth of someone you love
39. discussing literature,
particularly harry potter
40. finding a new band to obsess over
41. getting to show someone
your favorite things and watching
how they fall in love the way you did
42. new episodes of good shows and
marathons of reruns
43. when you get to show up an asshole teacher
by correcting them
44. soft blankets
45. tree houses
46. actually finishing everything on
your to-do list
47. finding five dollars in your pocket
48. good books and good movies and good
49. family, even if not related by blood
50. being alive, being alive, being
on this earth with so many things
that could make your
heart sing.

—  “A happy poem.” /// r.i.d

The Flaming Lips - With a Little Help from My Fwends LP

UK press /2000 orange vinyl || Bella Union 2014