Draco in a band

-So Drarry got together during eighth year in this au okay

-After graduation, Harry and Draco decide to move into a flat together

-And Harry brings over a lot of stuff from Grimmauld Place, including Sirius’s old muggle records and record player, posters, leather jackets and faded jeans, etc.

-Harry and Draco spend a lot of time listening to all of those records because they are in fact quite healing

-Draco becomes really invested in these muggle bands because they were important to Sirius and Sirius is important to Harry and Harry is important to him

-Starts writing music about Harry, about the war, about other music, about everything

-Constant singing. All the time. Harry loves it

-After awhile of writing Draco gets together a few of the friends they’ve made at assorted concerts and cafes and soon enough, they’ve got a band

-Draco INSISTS on naming the band “Snake Control” because it is both a terrible pun and a nod to his Slytherin heritage and everyone hates it but they aren’t given a choice

-It takes awhile for them to get up off the ground but after a few gigs they gain a lot of local popularity

-Harry manages the group and gets them gigs and tags along to all their concerts and makes out with Draco backstage after each set

-Lots of screaming and sometimes flashing from assorted girls, but Harry isn’t jealous 

-Harry has every one of their songs memorized to a T (their most popular song is written about Harry, titled “Stupid Prat”)

-And Draco is in his element. He wears one of Sirius’ old jackets at each concert and his hair isn’t combed and he’s sweaty and warm and out of breath and smiling

-He always dedicates the last song of each concert to Harry. Every single weekend

-They’re happy


Obi strip & Label logo
Illustration: Saiko Shiiki
Design: Seita Kobayashi
Cl: Saiko Shiiki