Record Store Day

we’ve made a bunch of ‘She Looks So Perfect’ cassette tapes for Record Store Day UK next Saturday (April 19) and given them to music shops around the UK ! there’s three tracks - the acoustic version of #SheLooksSoPerfect, 'Wherever You Are’, ‘What I Like About You’ and a song called 'Pizza’ none of you have ever heard before :-) AND they’re free! . If you find one send us a photo using #5SOSFOUNDIT !

p.s. you’ll need to tell the store peeps the password which is 'She Looks So Perfect’.

more info:

Love ya –ash x

hiya UK ! just a reminder Record Store Day UK is on this Saturday (: we have some cassette tapes were handing out for FREE but there aren’t a heap soo theyre gonna go fast. it has three songs plus a track called ‘Pizza’ you havent heard before, you just need the password ‘She Looks So Perfect’ X


Finally in my hands. 

Record of the day… Brand New - Déjà Entendu