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Is everyone excited for Valentine’s Day, the fluffiest, sappiest fanfiction day of the year? Well, once you’ve finished my 2013 rec list and the 2014 rec list, here are a dozen new recommendations to try!

High School Crush

Secret Gifts

Fluffy Oneshots

V-Day Smut!


emodarthkylo asked:

headcanon: Kylo undoes Rey's hair tie-by-tie and brushes it out. It takes him an hour, but neither of them mind as it will calm him down pretty well instantly from even the foulest of moods, and the way his fingers feel on the back of her skull fills rey's silent need for intimacy. she is usually asleep by the time he finishes, so he feels comfortable enough to cuddle her openly.

Oooh I love this! I can imagine that for Rey it’d feel like she was having her scalp massaged since he’d be so careful not to pull any knots. Do you think there’d be much conversation? I see it as a peaceful thing they’d do quietly together, maybe the odd word every so often, but mostly just a gentle quiet.

Send me Reylo headcanons

I’ve recently unfollowed quite a few people and while my dash isn’t dead exactly I think I could do with following more videogames blogs, so please like/reblog if you post lots of

  • Dragon Age (it would be REALLY cool if you were open minded about the whole mages vs templars thing too)
  • Mass Effect
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Fallout
  • Team Ico games

and (this is like extremely important) if you DON’T post

  • ANY kind of fandom wank (polite, constructive criticism is fine I guess) or character hate/pairing bashing
  • too much political/social justice-y stuff, especially the misinformed, inflammatory tumblr kind 

I’ll definitely check your blog out, thank you :)

addignisherlock asked:

hey dusky! :) wanted to ask you because you're generally averse to drama and i trust your choice of followers, can you recommend me some active sherlock or benedict blogs to follow?

hello you incredibly talented person :-) your art is outrageously good

um whilst not trying to be ungracious about making selections i’m not going to be coy either so i will make some benedict-centric recommendations (i follow more BC blogs and not so much sherlock blogs):

am assuming you already follow tumblr’s vishanti :-)  @cumberbuddy @sherlockspeare @londonphile @anindoorkitty @cumberbangers @cumberbatchlives @benedictdaily @benedictcumberbaatch @benedict-the-cumbercookie @aconsultingdetective @larygo @cumbergoddess @midnytemercury @whenisayrunrun @karin-woywod @stephenstrvnge

others who i think are great: @londoncallingsigh @mollydobby @seriously-cumberbatched @feelingflamesagain @abigbatchofcumber @theeastwindofbakerstreet @mylastvow @cumbered-cat @mental-leaps @lunadax @iamthesouthernpansy @silent-micka @merillock @touser1981 @beneguinsophiebatch @cumberbatchitis @ohshitimatthewrongparty @sobeautifullyobsessed @haipiranha @mas-sera-o-benedict @dangbenedict

and you @addignisherlock i’d always recommend you x


sam-fvcking-winchester asked:

Do you know any good animes? And I don't remember telling you this already but this blog is so cute!! 😊😊😊❤️😉☺️✌️

!! yes!! i’m not sure what genre you’re looking for but these are all good~

1. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou/Daily Lives of High School Boys (Comedy): A bunch of shorts about the everyday life of high school boys. Seriously funny and great to rewatch. (sample scene)

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun (Comedy/Romance): About a high school boy who secretly writes girly romance manga and how he gets inspiration from the people at school. Makes fun of usual anime tropes and very lighthearted!!

3. Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish (Comedy/Romance): About a girl who loves jellyfish and has deep social anxiety, and the cross-dressing guy who helps her overcome it. always a soft spot in my heart for this one.

4. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi/Erased (Psychological Thriller): A new and ongoing anime about a guy with the supernatural ability of being forced to prevent deaths and catastrophes by being sent back in time before the incident occurred, repeating time until the accident is prevented. (Murder/child abuse warning!!!) i’m super hooked on this one right now. my mom loves it too. 

5. Kill la Kill (Comedy/Action): About a school where students have uniforms that can give them superpowers and abilities, and the transfer student looking for the person who murdered her father. seems bizarre bUT IS SURPRISINGLY EMOTIONAL AT TIMES and great friendships.

oooooorrrr 5.5 One Punch-Man (Comedy/Action): A guy who can defeat enemies with one punch and his robot understudy. violent but comically entertaining.

and thank you so much!!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Rating: ★★★★★


Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…

A convict with a thirst for revenge.

A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.

A runaway with a privileged past.

A spy known as the Wraith.

A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.

A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Kaz’s crew are the only ones who might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first


This book was such a heist, and I loved every last bit of it. The first chapter is a bit confusing and slow but after that it just takes off. Imagine this: Pirates of the Caribbean mixed with Mission Impossible mixed with some mafia movie. Sounds awesome, right? I loved the plot and all the plot twists but most of all the characters. Our main characters are the six crows: six criminals who band together to pull of an impossible heist. The perspective shifts between them, so you really get to know all of them very well. They are all amazing, but in very different ways. One is clever and scheming, one is funny and adorable, one is sassy etc. They complete each other perfectly, and have some of the best banter I’ve ever read. I would probably read a book where they go shopping for groceries, just as long as I get to read more with them. I loved the relationships they build during the novel, and even though you might not like them all when they are introduced I guarantee you that you will have fallen in love at the end of the book.

Six of Crows takes place in the same world as the Grisha trilogy (my reviews for parts one, two and three can be found here). That being said, you don’t have to have read that trilogyto read this book, since they do explain quite a bit about the world in Six of Crows. However, it would probably be helpful, seeing as this is a pretty intricate and complicated world. It’s a high fantasy world with several different countries. This is a world were some people have special powers, to manipulate elements, materials, or the human body. These people are called Grisha, and they have very different roles in the different countries. Some countries like Ravka (where the Grisha trilogy takes place) value the Grisha and their powers highly, while others (Fjerda and Shu Han) despise them and hunt them down. As you can see, there are a lot of new words and concepts in this world, so it takes some getting used to. My favourite part about this world however is the likenesses and the parallels drawn to our world, which doesn’t happen very often in high fantasy. Ravka reminds me of Russia, Shu Han is China, Fjerda is Sweden (my homeland), Ketterdam is very reminiscent of Amsterdam, the Wandering Isle is Ireland. Novyi Zem is the only one I haven’t quite figured out yet, as we haven’t seen very much about that country. I especially appreciate the similarities between Fjerda and Sweden. The Fjerdan language is sometimes quite similar to my native language, and a lot of things (like semla and brännvin) do exist.

Okay, so now that I’ve thoroughly confused anyone who hasn’t read either Six of Crows of the Grisha trilogy, there is only left to urge you to read any or both of them. They are both freaking fantastic, and real page turners. If you want to lose yourself in a new and intricate world, these are the books for you. Six of Crows has an enormous amount of action, brilliant characters who you will love and a breathtakingly thrilling plot, stuffed to the brim with twists and turns that will take your breath away. Please go read it, as soon as possible! As you can probably tell from my gushing, I’ve completely fallen in love. Someone tell me there will be a sequel?

No mourners, no funerals.

//Love from L

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listen UP chumps, this is my hair today. i didn’t do anything except air dry that shit. wow, u think, surely she was blessed with genetically great hair!! lol, no. i have spent the last 3ish years bleach-frying the absolute hell out of my follicles in the name of Fashion. i do not Regret my actions, but boy oh boy did my scalp take a beating!! observe, fellows, what my hair looked like two days ago:

GARBAGE, amirite?? science fixed me. LET ME TELL YOU HOW

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anonymous asked:

I have a reader's block- if that exists, that is. Any recs? anything at all! just good fics- it doesn't even have to be not well-known, I dont rly mind

Readers block is SO real! When I get it, I like to go back to a couple of favorites which aren’t angsty and get me back in the happy, fluffy mood that I associate with Dramione. So here’s some options:


Burbage High by Charlotte Bird - M, 23 chapters -  14 Years post war, Hermione has become Head of the progressive, yet failing Burbage High. Handling right wing politics is easy, but working out why Malfoy is insisting his son start there in September is not. 10 years spent in Azkaban and 2 years isolated in the muggle world may have changed Draco, but surely not that much? Is something more sinister going on?

It’s Just Me by jehszs - M, 32 chapters (likely abandoned) -  After a night of mistaken identity Hermione finds herself unable to stay away from the mystery man from the darkness. How can she stop herself from falling for him when he’s doing everything in his power to make her his again?

Heir Brained by diagonally - M, 42 chapters (likely abandoned) -  The war witnessed Draco managing his way into the Order’s fold & the trio’s cramped boundaries. Years later, they are quasi-friends. Does Hermione want more? Want to bet your copy of ‘Hogwarts, a History?


The Bracelet by AkashaTheKitty - M, 103 chapters -  Hermione has everything she could possibly want… Except a life. People are getting sick of her superior attitude, especially Draco Malfoy, who schemes to get her down, once and for all. And then there’s the thing with The Bracelet…

Forbidden by Darkest Dawn - M, 17 chapters -  He hated her…but he would have her. After all: Forbidden fruit always tasted much sweeter.

The Request by redhead414 - M, 39 chapters - Astoria was never a fan of Hermione Granger, but pretty soon, she would be gone, and Draco was going to need all the help he could get.

The Passion of Hate by XorderlyXchaosXnXconfusionX - M, 17 chapters - It’s a known fact to the entire population of Hogwarts that Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy hate each other with a passion. But what happens when that passion turns the hate to lust? Winner for He Had It Coming Dramione awards

Innerhouse Relations by LifesADarkArt - M, 20 chapters - Draco/Hermione are Hogwarts professors/heads of house. A new program set by Headmistress McGonagall will end house rivalry by forcing activities on the students requiring them to get to know one another. Can the students do it if the professors can’t?


anonymous asked:

can u pls give me some rival-to-lover book recs preferably ya??

Hi, lovely! 

YES! This is by far one of our favorite tropes, so we have a few to recommend. Though, funny thing is, we thought we knew a lot, but then we realised most of them are hate-to-love books, so here’s our small list below :)

Young Adult

New Adult

Characters in KTS are from the Addicted series, and we highly recommend that you start there to get the full story!

We hope this helps and happy reading!

Fizzle Reads family