We recommend: Nimona

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson is one of Powell’s New Favorites right now, which means that it’s 30% off!

“Archvillain Lord Ballister Blackheart and spunky sidekick Nimona battle the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics, but who are the real heroes and who are the real evildoers? This brilliantly complex graphic novel is filled with science, dragons, warmth, and humor.” - Richard C. (Powell’s employee)

“If you’re going to read one graphic novel this year, make it this one.” - Kirkus Reviews

consultingquim asked:

Hey! Any good fanfics, where there is no unnecessary angst?! And no dumb misunderstandings?

Uhm, depends on how you define it, I live for angst lmao. I just went through my list on ffnet - I have much more fanfics that I like, but I still need to sort my fave lists on other fanfic sites, so I hope this will suffice - as quickly as possible and tried to find some stories that are rather fluffy and light, buuut I’m pretty sure there are also a few that contain drama and tension (although hopefully only to an extent you can still go with? Sorry if I’m not a big help! :/): 

Books and Cupcakes July Photo Challege

Day 2: Bursting with Laughter

“The Corporation would like to apologize for the preceding pages. Of course, it’s not all right for girls to behave this way. Sexuality is not meant to be this way - an honest, consensual expression in which a girl might take an active role when she feels good and ready and not one minute before. No. Sexual desire is meant to sell soap. And cars. And beer. And religion.”

anonymous asked:

Do you know any books like the Alaska one by John Green?

You can try:

  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
  • My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmin Warga
  • The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand
  • Hold Still by Nina LaCour
  • Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
  • The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
  • I Was Here by Gayle Forman
  • Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang
  • We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach

Hope one of these catches your eye. Happy reading!

kissukissu-kai asked:

Please recommend some shoujo mangas where the main guy can't stand girls at first but then gradually grows to like the main girl

Oh hello there friend. I see you’ve come to my ask box, haha.

Hmm… I only can think of Hirunaka no Ryuusei’s Mamura, but I know you’ve already read that soo yeah.
Some similar ones to your ask would be where the main guy rejects/hates the female lead but gradually grows to love her:

  • Ao Haru Ride
  • Atashi wa Bambi
  • Bara to Juudan
  • Beauty Pop
  • Bijin Kakumei
  • Flowers of Evil
  • Fly High
  • Gakkou no Ojikan
  • Gakuen Alice
  • Hana wa Knife o Mi ni Matou
  • Heroine Shikkaku
  • Honey Buddy
  • Honggane
  • Kujaku no Kyoushitsu
  • Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
  • Lovely Everywhere
  • Mayonaka ni Kiss
  • Millennium Snow
  • Miseinen dakedo Kodomo ja Nai
  • Misupuri
  • Nagatachou Strawberry
  • Namida Usagi - Seifuku no Kataomoi
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Parfait Tic
  • Rockin’ Heaven
  • Saboten no Himitsu
  • Seishun Location
  • Senaka no Otoko (Seki Natsumi)
  • Shounen Shoujo Romance
  • Skip Beat
  • Strobe Edge
  • Suki Nante Ienai
  • Watashi ni XX Shinasai
  • Yuki wa Jigoku ni Ochiru no Ka
  • Yumeiro Patissiere

Pride of Baghdad is finally mine! I’ve been wanting to read this for so long. Brian K. Vaughan’s graphic novels are so awesome and this deluxe edition is beautiful.

Huge thank you to raecheerbooks because she gave me a gift card that I bought this - and other things - with!

HOTSHOT- Rain on Me 

I have admittedly been behind on listening to underrated rookie groups but HOTSHOT shouldn’t be slept on. The MV for the promoted song “I’m a HOTSHOT” is interesting and I really like the song as well. The song I picked, “Rain on Me” showcases their ability to do pretty good R&B style type music (which you guys know I love). Please check out HOTSHOT’s “Am I HOTSHOT” mini album :D


Same song but nicer vocal (I prefer real human to Miku lbr), and with iwaoi / kuroken / tsukiyama art this time. The drawings of bb Kuroo teaching Kenma to swim and bb iwaoi on the bike together are so damn cute. I LIVE for these two pairs of childhood friends!!!!!!!!(●´∀`●)


I can’t love you enough (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Saying each other is irreplaceable, is special (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Oikawa and Iwaizumi are the same age, so they can always be together and share every experience in life. Whereas kuroken has to go through cycles of separation, because Kuroo is one year older and there will always be periods when he has to leave Kenma behind… (´•ω•`)

allisnsargents asked:

Sue, i love your edits and your blog. And i am a huge fan of addicted series because of you! This is so good! I wonder if you could make a list of the best books you've read so far in 2015.

Hi! I’m so happy to hear this, thank you for sharing <3 I’m delirious you love Addicted Series! Isn’t it so good? but you already know that. Hah. My favorite part is recommending books. Unsurprisingly this turned out to be so long. I want to say sorry for that, but I don’t mean it. 

In no particular order, my top three favorite books of the year are The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir & The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. I am so in love with them at the moment and I want to give them the special shutout. They’re brilliant and YA with diverse representation. The rest of the list below is my favorite as well. Spoiler: they’re all good.

Young Adult

Technically this YA books publication year is 2015 but I’ve read them last year. They’re my favorite so I might as well add them right?

New Adult

Historical Fiction

Recommendation: Mr. Robot

by Zack Zarrillo

I have a confession: USA is my favorite TV network. For over ten years I’ve been glued to their programming with shows like Monk, Psych, White Collar, Suits, and many others. When USA teases a new show, I make a note to watch it. Mr. Robot is one of the network’s summer premieres, and I loved the first episode. Here’s Andy Greenwald at Grantland with his opinion:

So there’s something undeniably electric about being jolted when you least expect it. And that’s precisely what made the arrival of Mr. Robot feel so revolutionary last week. Though by no means unpromoted — billboards were visible in Manhattan for weeks; the pilot was posted on Facebook in May — the USA drama nevertheless sneaked into most people’s lives like a thief. It went from something seemingly forgettable — an unheralded cyberthriller burdened with a dopey title and marooned on an unlikely network — to unmissable in a matter of hours. The morning after its premiere, mentions of the show began to metastasize on my social media feeds like a virus. The avalanche of messages I received over the past week weren’t so much laudatory as they were bewildered: Have you seen this? Is it really that good? When is this thing on? TV viewers are used to dipping a toe into a warm, comfortable bath of curated discovery: The arrival of Mr. Robot, by contrast, was like being splashed with a bucket of cold water. Finally, the shock of the new!

I really liked the pilot, and I’m looking forward to watching the second episode. There were moments during the pilot where I said out loud, “I cannot believe the president of USA allowed this to go on the air” and it was great.