small things to add to a hand written letter:

  • a teabag of your favourite tea
  • heart shaped note with cute drawings
  • stickers on the outside of the letter, and inside
  • handmade paper doll
  • small print or postcard
  • a sketch or a little painting or a poem
  • glitter or sequins or pearls or buttons
  • small candies or bubblegum
  • cut out magazine pictures or articles
  • folded paper, like origami
  • textile like small ribbons or clothing patches
  • coins or flat things found in a souvenir shop
  • pressed flower or leaf

A lady sat next to the taxi driver while all the seats were empty in the back..
She’s the wife of the taxi driver

A man with a long beard walked past a masjid while the people were praying, and he didn’t enter to pray..
He had prayed in another masjid where they pray immediately after the adhaan

You sit next to someone and say salam, but they didn’t reply back..
Easy, they didn’t hear you

A friend from college declines an invitation to go out for coffee..
He’s not miserly but he sees how much sweat his father puts into his work in order to send him some money every month..

Most of the time, we only see part of the picture, so imagine the rest of the picture in a positive way in order to not wrong others. Think good about the people and you will be at ease.

One of the righteous people said: If I see someone with alcohol dripping from his beard, then I’ll say perhaps it spilled on him. And if I see him on top of a mountain saying, ‘I am your lord most high’ (أنا ربكم الأعلى), then I’ll say he’s reciting an ayah from the Quran.

One of the righteous people said: By Allah, it’s already difficult for the slave to know his full intention when doing anything, so how can he go about taking hold of other people’s intentions? Subhan Allah.

Always give excuses for others and think good about them, and say perhaps he has an excuse that we don’t know.

- unknown

imagine haikyuu characters playing dodgeball and some of them keep loosing because they keep forgetting they’re not supposed to touch the ball goddamn stop recievING THE BALL

Its not like Mon El came to Earth, woke up and was like I am the Prince of Daxam. All Hail Me! Obey Me! Treat me like Royalty!
His first instinct was the go back home without hurting anyone. And then he was locked up at the DEO where Kara spewed hateful things about him (a lot of prejudice for a 11 year old), and didn’t pull the Prince card.

He lied because of the obvious prejudice that Kara HAD and STILL HAS, but also because he was ashamed for who he was and where he came from. 

There is a reason why he kept saying he was coward, and not a hero. Because he truly believed he didn’t deserve that mantle. And Kara was unfairly pushing him towards that role without truly asking what he wanted. And when he didn’t rise to occasion they were mad at him!? Alex was like, “I dont believe in you, my sister believes in you!” He didn’t ask to be hero, he didn’t want to be hero – he lost all his people, escaped in the most brutal circumstance, discovers he has these incredible powers, has survivors guilt, feels like a coward, has no home no job, has to adjust to a culture that is directly polar to his (and he is trying so hard to adjust!), and its been like a month? a month and a half? LIKE LET THE BOY FUCKING LIVE!

Clark had probably 20+ years to decided if he wanted to be hero. Kara had 10+ years and still chose NOT to be a hero. Clark believed Kara could be a hero, but never forced her and let her decide when the time was right for her to take the mantle. Kara believes in Mon, which is GREAT!, but Mon should be allowed to decide when he is ready, not by guilt tripping!!!

Like CHILL PEOPLE!, let him adjust to being on Earth before throwing a Cape on him! He has shed his Prince roots, but let him find himself on Earth, before making him a hero of Earth. 

  • Christmas: I would have totally swiped right on you!
  • Elena: Thank you! Cody hurt my heart.
  • Christmas: If I had a social media dating app... I would've done it.
  • Elena: Well... We can make that happen for you...
  • Christmas: But will I guarantee that I get you on my social media dating app?
  • Elena: I'll just already be in bed with you.
  • Christmas: Okay!
  • Elena: *strokes Christmas' arm*
  • Christmas: And then you'll just swipe right on me?
  • Elena: Mm-hmm!
  • Christmas: *chuckles*
  • Jessica: Where?
  • Elena: Like, I'll swipe right, right down here *puts hand on the front of Christmas' shorts* I'll be like--
  • Christmas: No need for explanation! No!! *laughs and hides face*

At least he’s still alive.

Based on @jiliu’s post. I hope the combined anime and ONE style looks ok!