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Bookmas Series: 18th December 2016
A review by my grandmother Helen Moore.

Life after Life - kate Atkinson

Rating: 9/10

This book covers life from 1910 - 1967 which encompasses living during both World wars. It is an extremely unusual book and is an ingenious idea for a novel that I really enjoyed it once I understood the story line and is about the possibility of being able to live your life more than once.

The novel is about a girl and her family during 1910-1967 and shows the families lives as they continue through the book. However, the girl Ursula dies and relives her life more than once and in many different ways; some lives are happier and more successful than others. Her various deaths are varied and sometimes unexpected and the narrative jumps from one life to another as you progress through the book.

It is a very clever but complex story that I would recommend it to anyone who likes something a bit quirky and different!