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瞑想をスタートするために必要なすべての知識をまとめてみたぞ | パレオな男

瞑想を始めてからだいぶ過ぎまして、近ごろは毎日のように自分の脳波を計ってはキャッキャウフフしていたところ、「瞑想ってどうやるんですか?」みたいな質問を受けることが増えてきましたので、自分なんかがホント生意気なんですけど、ここにわたしなりのガイドラインをまとめておきます。 そもそもなんで瞑想をするのか 瞑想の利点については、「あらためて『マインドフルネス』の科学的なメリットをならべてみる」にならべま…
El tsunami de 11.000 canicas en una máquina de Rube Goldberg Jelle Bakker es el creador de este ensordecedor (tanto que, en su versión final, deberá estar aislado con paneles) llamado Big Marble Run Machine. Lo que vemos en el vídeo que encabeza la entrada es una riada de 11.000 canicas, todas moviéndose simultáneamente. via Pocket

Know When It's Too Hot to Walk Your Dog With the Five-Second Rule

As the weather heats up, it’s time to think twice before taking your dog for a walk. A scorching hot pavement can be uncomfortable for their paws (or worse, it could burn them). Use the five-second rule to make sure it’s safe to walk your dog.

This tip comes via Moon Valley Canine Training, and it’s pretty simple. Whenever you take your dog out, place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you can’t hold it there for five seconds, it’s too hot to walk your dog.

The back of your hand is a pretty sensitive area, so the tip makes sense, and even if your dog’s paws are less sensitive, this tip helps you err on the side of caution. Check it out for yourself at the link below.

Moon Valley Canine Training | Facebook via Reddit

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Run Long Distance in the Morning, Harder in the Evening

Sometimes you might want to go for a long distance run and other times go for a hard speed run. There are better times of the day to do each of these different types of runs.

Runner’s World explains a few reasons why go for a long run is best in the morning. Your core body temperature tends to be the lowest in the morning, so you’ll be less likely to overheat if you’re going to be out running for a length of time. Also, with an a.m. run, you can boost your body’s metabolism after a night of fasting and get fat-burning benefits all day long.

A couple of reasons why evenings are better for power runs:

Researchers have found that muscle power, reaction time, and aerobic capacity are all at their peak later in the day. Core body temperature also rises in the late afternoon, loosening up muscle fibers, which might leave runners less vulnerable to injury. Plus, [sports coach Scott] Fliegelman says, the day’s meals have replenished the carbohydrate stores necessary to fuel quick bursts at the track or the “comfortably hard” effort of a tempo run.

Of course, running at any time is better than not running at all, even if you don’t get all the benefits of a well-timed run.

Check out the article below for more tips on scheduling your running sessions.

How to Time Workouts for Best Performance | Runner’s World

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Il metodo Barilla funziona e ha fatto scuola La dittatura gender comincia dai pannolini

Dopo la pasta i pannolini. Il metodo Barila funziona e dà buoni risultati: non l’hanno dimenticato i movimenti Lgbt che sono riusciti a far cancellare una campagna pubblicitaria da loro accusata di sessismo e razzismo di genere. Solo perché affermava che un bambino e una bambina sono diversi non solo dentro il pannolino, ma anche per carattere, giochi e interessi. L’azienda è stata costretta, sotto il ricatto del boicottaggio, a cambiare spot. 

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Two Ultra Hal Chatbots Talking to Each Other Quickly Devolves Into a Strangely Sexual Conversation

Two Ultra Hal chatbots by Zabaware having a conversation in a 2011 video quickly devolve into a strangely sexual place that’s also obsessed with alcohol consumption. As Zabaware notes, Ultra Hal learns from conversations with other people as well as Twitter–though neither method seems to make for the best teachers. Zabaware’s Ultra Hal is an […]

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