Job Interview Questions You Should Ask

Many job seekers focus so hard on answering interview questions well that they forget something very important: You are there to ask questions, too. Here are 10 interview questions you could ask:

1) What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?

2) What is the single largest problem facing your staff and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem?

3) What have you enjoyed most about working here?

4) Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?

5) Do you offer continuing education and professional training?

6) Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?

7)  Who previously held this position?

8)  What is the next step in the process?

You are interviewing the employer just as much as the employer is interviewing you. This is your opportunity to find out if this is an organization where you want to work. Read more.


This fan-made Harry Potter prequel about Snape, James, Lupin, Sirius, and Wormtail as recent grads is absolutely Incredible

The video, which is pretty considerable length at 25 minutes, was the brainchild of Los Angeles-based video editor Justin Zagri. It takes place in 1978 just after the Marauders have graduated Hogwarts and James has recently begun courting Lily in earnest. Enter Severus Snape.

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10 Steps To Millennial Financial Success

If you’re a millennial who is struggling financially, the following tips can help put you on the right track toward a successful financial future:

1) Make income your priority.

2) Have a plan for the future and take it for a test run.

3) Making some sacrifices to keep your biggest bills as low as possible.

4) Create a strategy for your student loans.

5) Prioritize your interest rates.

6) Invest in your future.

7) Take advantage of perks such as 401(k) match programs, health savings accounts and commuter benefits.

8) Invest in one or two stocks of companies that offer products or services that you think will still be important 20 years from now.

9) Find a mentor.

10) Network online and in person.


19-year-old Native American teen Devontre Thomas could go to prison for a year for one gram of marijuana.

In the fall, recent high school grad Devontre Thomas could be heading off to college — or he could be going to prison.

According to Thomas’ lawyer, the 19-year-old could face up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine for allegedly carrying a gram of weed.

According to the Washington Post, Thomas’ case marks the first time federal authorities have prosecuted someone for marijuana possession in Oregon, where recreational marijuana is legal, in five years.

The fact that he’s Native American — and where he was caught are likely how his case ended up in federal courts.

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tim: walks in the kitchen at 12 noon, sluggish and with his eyes closed like he’s still trying to sleep

tim: reaches for a cup of coffee that alfred left for him, barely manages a grunt to acknowledge everyone else

jason: so who, really, is the zombie in the family because i thought that was my thing ya know this is kinda throwing me off and,

College Grads: Things You Need To Know To Succeed At Your First Job

You graduated from college. Congratulations! Now you’ve landed your first job and want to do well. Here are 10 things you need to know, to help you succeed:

1) Work with your manager to create a game plan for your first 90 days.

2) Ask your manager to define the requirements for success in the job.

3) Be professional, prompt and efficient.

4) Get to know your coworkers.

5) Pay attention during meetings.

6) Be a role model of professionalism in every email.

7) Deliver on your commitments.

8) Look for areas where you can put your skills to use and become an expert.

9) Continuously prove you are an asset to the organization.

Starting a new job is nerve wracking for everyone. It’s the grown-up version of the first day of school jitters. But by using these tips, you can decrease your stress and help ensure a successful start in your new job. Read more.

6 Questions to Ask at the End of your Job Interview

Going through a job interview can be a challenging experience, and in our experience there is only one question more threatening than ‘tell me more about yourself’, which is.. 'Do you have any questions?’. Saying NO is not an option because it would make you look like a) you have no clue who you are interviewing with aka you haven’t done your homework b) you are not that keen on working for that company c) you were lazy not to put your brain into finding some interesting questions for your interviewee beforehand. So, what should you ask at the end of your job interview?

1. What is the company culture like?

Relaxed? Formal? Hierarchical? Horizontal?

2. How is success perceived? And how about failure?

Failure is an integrant part of Google’s culture. A product didn’t work out? No biggie: let’s more on to the next big thing. But is this the same

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Things To Do After The Interview

Career pros say these moves might get you hired:

1) A thank-you note is a must.

2)  If you forgot to ask about next steps during the interview, request clarification in your follow-up email.

3)  Immediately begin prepping for the next round of interviews.

4)  Keep hope — while continuing your job search.

5)  If you lose out for a position you interviewed for, accept rejection in a professional manner.

6) Stay in touch.

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Northern Illinois University Shooting

On the 14th of February 2008 in Illinois, 27 year old Steven Kazmierczak entered an auditorium style lecture hall at the Northern Illinois University. Armed with multiple guns he began shooting, 5 people died and 25 were injured

A motive wasn’t fully known, Kazmierczak was a recent sociology grad who went back to study. His girlfriend Jessica Baty claimed he was a loving man who never caused trouble, she claimed he was taking xanax and prozac and weeks before the shooting came off the medication. This caused him to act erratically.

Steven Kazmierczak committed suicide at the scene

A New Graduate's Guide To A Better Financial Life

It’s unlikely that new grads can afford professional financial advice when they’re starting out, so here’s some quick advice from financial planners to help grads hit the ground running:

1) Get organized about your money.

2) Review your student loans.

3) Prepare for the unexpected.

4) Invest early and often.

5) Set up automatic payments for bills and automatic contributions for savings and investment accounts.

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Disney Junior is going to introduce movie magic to young cinephiles in an all-new, highly animated way with the debut of its latest short-form series Lights, Camera, Lexi. The first five shorts will arrive on the Disney Junior App on Monday, Nov. 21, and will air on Disney Channel throughout that week. And right now

Lights, Camera, Lexi stars enthusiastic kid filmmaker Lexi Lopez, who in each episode presents her young viewers with a different animation technique and movie genre, from silent film to sci-fi. Each installment spotlights an original short, each created by a different animation director/artist pulled from a variety of backgrounds — from recent CalArts grad Nak Yong Choi, to animation teacher Beck Underwood (Lower East Side Girls Club), to children’s book illustrator Barbara Bakos, who hails from Budapest.

Confirmed shorts to be featured in the first season of Lights, Camera, Lexi are: “STARSHIP NINE: The Ornite Mission” (sci-fi) by Beck Underwood, “Kiwi’s First Flight” (musical) by Heather Fortin, “Spaghetti Western” (western) by Melissa Shepherd, “The Great Pecan Pie Mystery” (film noir) by Barbara Bakos, “The Little Janitor” (silent film) by Tom Smith, “A Lobster to Remember” (romance) by Jeremy Jensen, “Bug the Superheroes” (documentary) by Nak Yong Choi, and “The New Werewolf on the Block” (suspense) by Chris Hamilton.

Top Majors For Recent Grads: Turning Unprofitable Degrees Into Lucrative Career Paths

Not everyone’s desperately forcing themselves into a finance or computer science degree in the hopes of a steady job post-graduation. Droves of students are still opting for degrees as diverse as performing arts and health professions, according to data recently collected from LinkedIn.

Out of the 650 schools on FORBES’ Top Colleges list this year, social sciences is the second-most popular area studied. Communications and psychology also showed up in the top 10.

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hi i’m a recent college grad who is looking for a house in the bay area close 2 downtown with my 5 dogs n 2 outdoor cats but i want seclusion n trails for my fiancé who luvs 2 run also i will want 2 be in a quiet location but close 2 the city bc of my commute 2 the job i don’t have yet buT ALS O THE HOUSE NEEDS A PROPELLER so I CAN FLY INTO SPACE oN THURSDAYS n mY BUDGET IS onlY 1mILLION YEN i will nOT PAY IN US DOLLARS

anonymous asked:

hey kacie! you really seem to be killing it in the professional life and just like so prime at the whole networking thing so i was wondering if you had any tips for me? im recently graduated from college and trying to amp up my linked in profile and spice up my resume and all for the job hunt so i was just wondering if you had any tips? i hate linkedin but i know a lot of companies use it so im trying to maximize it and its a bit overwhelming so i would just love any tips you have. thx girl <3

hey! thanks so much, that’s cool of you to say. congrats on the graduation, as well! 

for your linkedin, try not to use the whole ‘recent college grad’ headline. that really gives very little context at all to potential employers. 

the general rule of thumb is to include “what you’re doing now” and “what you hope to do”, but make it informative. for example, it could be something like: ‘marketing major seeking demand generation position’, or ‘econ major and aspiring financial analyst.’  

make sure you have a photo - people generally don’t engage as much with people who don’t have a photo on their linkedin profile. go for a fairly professional look, but it should also match your industry. for example: in my world, the tech startup world, people tend to be a bit less buttoned up than profile pics for those in banking. 

make sure you list relevant internships, work experience, and volunteer experience. for the internships and work experience, include results wherever possible. don’t just list your job or internship duties, say what you did and how that impacted the business. making this quantifiable is always good!

also, show off your education and any honors and awards you have! this is important for recent college grads, as of course, you will generally not have an extensive employment history to draw on. 


-ask for recommendations: if you have a professor/mentor/boss/colleague that you feel comfortable asking for a recommendation from, do it! those help you stand out

-join groups: keep an ear to the ground in groups relevant to your industry, you may find valuable connections or even a job posting for something you’re interested in 

-attach projects that you’re proud of - if you do graphic design show some pieces, if you are in a field where writing is vital, include a writing sample, etc. show off some of your work

-publish some status updates - read sites relevant to your industry (for example, for me, it would be sites like marketingland, techcrunch, adage, etc.) and share content to your network. it shows potential employers you’re keeping up with trends and such 

as far as your resume goes, try to make it concise! you definitely shouldn’t have a more than one page resume as a recent grad. keep things concise and to the point, make to include results wherever you can. 

read it multiple times and make sure to guard against typos - those can get you thrown out of the running immediately, in a big heap of resumes! 

as far as interviews go: make sure you dress nicely and professionally, are on time, and always write a (preferably handwritten) thank you note after the fact! 

i’ve written you a small novel, but let me know if you have any more questions or if there’s anything else i can do! xx