This is my haul of plants from the annual cactus and succulent market I went to on Saturday! I got a lovely assortment of plants, including 2 nice sized plants of Brunsvigia grandiflora, some Opuntiads, the Albuca humilis in the 4th picture (the flowers have a nice vanilla scent), Rebutia ‘Pink Shadow’ in the 5th picture and Tillandsia capillaris in the last. Tillandsia capillaris is native to Chile, where it grows on native cacti like Trichocereus atacamensis, so I’m going to try growing it on my own Trichocereus plants! A very pleasing bunch of plants overall, I just need to wait for some sunny weather to repot them.

I also received a big box of cacti from Germany a few days ago which need tending to. Bring on the sun! While I’m making a post I may as well also point out that I’m trying to sell a few plants on ebay to clear out some room in my greenhouse, so if anyone’s interested you can see my listings here. I’ll be selling all kinds of surplus plants over this growing season as well. Apologies to those who live outside the EU, I’m not comfortable with sending plants outside the EU, as there can be all sorts of customs issues when sending plants outside the EU.


An assortment of very colourful cactus flowers which were open today! These are all hybrids, funnily enough. You can certainly see one of the advantages of growing hybrids - the boldness and intensity of the colours of the flowers. There are lots and lots of different named hybrids around and I think I’ve selected a lot of the brightest and pinkest! There are many much more subtly coloured hybrids in cultivation though. ;)

Rebutia ‘Candy Stripe’, xChamaelobivia 'Rose Quartz’, Echinopsis 'Romance’ (which got nibbled by snails, unfortunately) and Echinopsis 'Bourne Sunset’.