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Why did they think that doing that musical recap of Season 2 was a good idea? That was the most problematic thing for many reasons.

Because they also did one last year.

Last year’s was okay. This one was a mess for a bunch of reasons: the thing about Kara & Lena; nearly skipping any mention of James; and actually skipping Alex and anything to do with the Danvers sisters altogether.

So: let’s unpack “they’re just friends,” since that’s what most people are yelling about

Was it necessary? No. Was it a good idea? No. Was it rude? Yes. But does it also suggest that the actors are tired of being asked and/or harassed about Supercorp? Yes.

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Also were you guys actually scared there wasn’t going to be a season 3? Syfy has made it abundantly clear that Wynonna was going to be one of their tent pole franchises for their whole ‘all-inclusive’ rebrand. Like all their press of late is stuff from WE and Dark Matter, including interviews and constantly saying what they are going for. And op-eds. And press. They’re loving the press. Shit, they even had on their front page a whole thing dedicated to Wayhaught. They want this show to succeed. Along with the fan engagement part of it. Like you don’t get a panel at SDCC if you aren’t being advertised.

Hot take and bold prediction to add to this: I’m willing to also bet money they are going to ask for the streaming rights for the Carmilla movie (and market the shit out of DPC). 

But regardless, great news!

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