Dear straight people,

I understand that you mean well, and I appreciate the attitude you’re showing. But after finding out my orientation(s), repeatedly enthusing about how tolerant and accepting you are, and how everyone should just be allowed to be themselves and isn’t it great that there’s diversity in the world…

Look, we don’t need your permission to be ourselves. We don’t need your permission to be queer, gay, bi, pan, poly, ace, aro, trans, whatever. I appreciate what you’re trying to say. But what you’re really saying is that we are only allowed to exist in (semi) peace because it is being generously allowed.

Better? Just say “oh, cool” and move on. Or “oh, do you have a girlfriend?” Something benign and quick - don’t make a big deal out of it! Part of what makes us cringe to come out to even friendly people, is the knowledge that we’ll probably have to navigate a whole long conversation about ourselves, and it’s tiring.

“ply” is short for polysexual/polyromantic/etc.

“polyam” is short for polyamorous.

“poly” is short for polynesian.

using poly instead of ply/polyam is taking away from polynesians and half the time no one can even tell which one you mean.

no one talks about the finale enough but it’s so heartbreaking because it’s the kind of closure that’s not happy?? but then you think more into it…this kid who tried to kill himself, who’s dealt with crippling anxiety and gone through a horrible experience (at his own hand, but horrible nonetheless), saying “today is gonna be a good day because today you’re you and that’s enough”?? that’s groundbreaking. that’s inspiring. that might not be happy, but that’s development, that’s contentment, that’s the sort of soft, sound kind of ending and closure that happens a lot more in real life than the happily ever after that is so often portrayed in fiction. and i think that’s a large part of what captivates a lot of us about this musical; it is so real.

The effects of trauma don’t really hit peak bad until later, when you’re out, and you’ve had time to process it. You realize how bad it actually was, and then the PTSD sets in, and the panic disorder sets in, and your triggers develop. That’s when it finally hits peak bad.

sad live deh things

(please feel free to add to this)

- the pin-drop silence after heidi yells “i am your mother!”
- + the sort of let me take this all in because what the fuck just happened silence after connor says “or did you let go?”
- the way that ben platt starts words fail; sometimes, it’s quiet like the cast recording, and other times it’s loud and cuts through an argument and he’s just screaming through sobs