Still not enough submissions :(

We have received some great artwork to feature in Issue 5 of Cassette Zine, but we still do not have enough to compile an entire zine.

Again, if you have any drawings, paintings, photographs, collages, graphics, or any form of magazine-suitable visual art that embody a “Rebirth”, we’d love to feature your work in the zine. 

We will continue taking submissions over the rest of this week, and next week, until we have enough work to feature.

you can find the last five posts elaborating on the theme HERE

for information on rules and requirements, see our guidelines

Transitioning (Afterbirth update #4)

the most common suggestion for after birth when we polled feedback about what people wanted to see more of was transformations.

for those unaware, there are currently 2 transformations in rebirth, Guppy and The Lord of the Flies. you become these forms by collecting 3+ of a specific item set. 

when i  had originally designed isaac i decided to do the guppy transformation because it seemed like something a skilled player could play towards if they tried… it was one of the games foundational archetypes you could push towards if you felt the odds were in your favor (aka finding a guppy item early on and pushing towards all cursed rooms/satan rooms and red chests).

i realized that people liked this aspect of the game, but couldnt really find as many situations that the player could have much control over so i didnt add but one more random transformation in rebirth (the duke of flies).

but.. now i that i see people like just chance combos ive decided to go nuts and add 8 new transformations in afterbirth that i think will both cause rage and joy in your endless item combo hunts. 

the Mom transformation is the most (possibly only) obvious one, so ill spoil some of it here…. but thats all you get! 

next week ill show you images or videos of crying naked child ! 


Utorak007 Covers the main theme from The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

And it’s fuckin’ awesome, I love this guy. Please like, subscribe, favourite, share, everything. He’s had his channel for longer than I’ve been watching YouTube and he was one of my very first YouTubers I started to watch religiously.