Goddess of the Day: July 5

Wakahirume - Japanese Goddess of Weaving.  Wakahirume is the favorite weaving maiden of Amaterasu, and in some myths her younger sister.  She is the rising sun, and as such has connections to fate, time, creativity, and new beginnings. A goddess of rebirth, She died after fatally puncturing her vagina on her weaving shuttle, symbolizing the death of innocence and maidenhood after sexual intercourse.

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide. Art by stolenwings)


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Afterbirth update #1!

first lets get the facts out of the way about my april 1st post.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth IS FOR SURE coming to the new 3ds, WiiU and Xbox1 in the next few months.

there will be no content changes to the game whatsoever, it will be released as it did on pc, uncensored, as it should be.

- there will be no Scientology items added… the depth of that joke went way over far too many of your heads. FOR SHAME!

- the game will not be released for the old 3ds, only the new 3ds will run it, we worked on it for over a year and it looked/played horribly. it will only come out for the NEW 3ds system, WiiU and Xbox1.

- we dont have a hard date yet but it will be soonish. 


Now on to afterbirth news!

for those that dont know Nicalis and i have been working on a very large dlc for rebirth for the past 2 months that we hope will be done by summer.

this dlc will add the following features

-100+ new items

-a new playable character (Lilith) 

-a whole new alt path and game ending

-a whole new game mode that will greatly expand the game by 100+ more hours

-new alt floors 

-tons new enemies and bosses

-a lot of new super secrets

-10 new challenges

-a butt ton of new achievements

-6+ new music tracks

-more poop!



Its a new fave of mine… THE FRIEND BALL!

i felt like charm effects were one of the more interesting additions to rebirth so i wanted to use them a bit more in afterbirth.

the friend ball will instakill any non boss enemy, trapping them inside the ball. then you can release the trapped enemy,now charmed to fight along side you for the duration of the room! 

best item evar!? well one of the most fun for sure, its nice seeing who would win in a fight.. a globin or a knight? 

well that’s my tease for today, tune in next week and ill talk music! (and you can listen!)

(btw my face on isaac was an april fools joke the team played on me… har de har har… jokes on them though i love looking at myself!)

Trinket Safety (Afterbirth updates #3)

there will be around 20 new trinkets in afterbirth, in the past i used trinkets as a way for the player to “pad” their character with some minor stats and allow for a some slight choice of customization over the course of the game. i designed trinkets to be about 1/3rd of an item in terms of power level and for the most part all the original trinkets references existing items in some way.

in afterbirth i tried my best to design trinkets that acted more like combo pieces than just stat padding or minor luck changes. i feel like a lot of the new trinkets in rebirth added to gameplay, combo pieces like the petrified poop, callus, lucky rock and store credit all changed the way you played when you picked them up. you cant always strike oil with new items, but i personally think the best items in Isaac are the ones that change how you play when you get them, make you retrace your steps and reward peoples memories.

the new trinket this week are the Safety Scissors.

experienced players will instantly think about going infinite against war.. but this trinket combos with loads of stuff.

Aside from just being a great way to break the game, it will also protect against those unwanted troll bombs and also combo with more than a few items in afterbirth.


Sarcophagus Cover of Djedhor showing the Egyptian Goddess Nut (Goddess of Heavens and Sky, representing Resurrection) raising the Sun, 305 BC.

Nut was the Goddess of the Sky and all Heavenly bodies, a symbol of Resurrection and Rebirth. According to the Egyptians, during the day, the Heavenly bodies - such as the Sun and Moon - would make their way across her body. Then, at dusk, they would pass into her mouth and be swallowed, traverse the inside of her belly throughout the Night, and be Reborn out of her uterus at dawn. A sacred symbol of Nut was the ladder, used by Osiris to enter her Heavenly skies. This ladder-symbol was called maqet and was placed in Tombs to protect the Deceased, and to Invoke the aid of the Deity of the Dead. She was the Sky Goddess, in contrast to most other Mythologies, which usually evolve into a Sky Father associated with an Earth Mother (Mother Nature).

Transitioning (Afterbirth update #4)

the most common suggestion for after birth when we polled feedback about what people wanted to see more of was transformations.

for those unaware, there are currently 2 transformations in rebirth, Guppy and The Lord of the Flies. you become these forms by collecting 3+ of a specific item set. 

when i  had originally designed isaac i decided to do the guppy transformation because it seemed like something a skilled player could play towards if they tried… it was one of the games foundational archetypes you could push towards if you felt the odds were in your favor (aka finding a guppy item early on and pushing towards all cursed rooms/satan rooms and red chests).

i realized that people liked this aspect of the game, but couldnt really find as many situations that the player could have much control over so i didnt add but one more random transformation in rebirth (the duke of flies).

but.. now i that i see people like just chance combos ive decided to go nuts and add 8 new transformations in afterbirth that i think will both cause rage and joy in your endless item combo hunts. 

the Mom transformation is the most (possibly only) obvious one, so ill spoil some of it here…. but thats all you get! 

next week ill show you images or videos of crying naked child ! 


Utorak007 Covers the main theme from The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

And it’s fuckin’ awesome, I love this guy. Please like, subscribe, favourite, share, everything. He’s had his channel for longer than I’ve been watching YouTube and he was one of my very first YouTubers I started to watch religiously.