Fire Emblem Fates: Rebirth

Chapter 19: The Fate We Sow

Also known as: This-Story-Has-Run-Away-From-Me

After dying at the hands of a possessed Takumi, Corrin wakes up before Hoshido and Nohr are at war.

Determinded to undo all her regrets, Corrin sets out to save Ryoma and Takumi, unaware of their true, hidden enemy.

Spoilers for all routes.

Leo hadn’t been kidding when he told them about the warp book. One second, they stood in the murky Woods of the Forlorn. The next they tasted salt and sea air, standing at Notre Sagesse’s harbour.

“Did everyone make it through?” Corrin asked, sending a quick look over her allies. Magic fizzled in the air and stuck to the roof of her mouth.

“Yes, we’re all here,” Ryoma said. “I’m almost certain Nohrian forces haven’t laid claim to this area yet. We should be safe, for the time being.”

“They’re probably still looking for us in the forest,” Takumi breathed a smug laugh.

“Agreed,” Ryoma said. “This could work out perfectly if we time everything just right.” His eyes slid to Corrin and she knew what he was going to ask. “Are you sure about this? The Bottomless Canyon is quite a journey from here.”

Corrin clenched her jaw. “I’m sure. There’s… something I need to do.”

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