Rebel Beat

Rebel Beat
The Goo Goo Dolls
Rebel Beat

We keep heading in the same direction.
You’ve become my own reflection.
Is that your soul that you’re trying to protect?
I always hoped that we would intersect, yeah.

You need time to cope and time to heal,
Time to cry if it’s what you feel.
Life can hurt when it gets too real.
I can hold you up when it’s hard to deal.

Alive, alive,
Alive is all I wanna feel.
Tonight, tonight
I need to be where you are,
I need to be where you are.

How the Inquisitors numbers slowly dwindled...

Vader: All right, if we want to beat the rebels, we gotta do it right. Think, what’s the number one problem with most Jedi hunts?

Tarkin: Lack of proper diet and caf?

Vader: No, no, no, Force-sensitivity trouble. Say a Jedi shows up, Kallus, be a Jedi.

*Kallus poses like a Jedi, mimicking fighting stance and Kanan’s cocky stare.*

Vader: There he is, a Jedi, uh oh, a Force-Sensitive warrior, I better fight it, oh no, no Force-sensitivity to match it. You see, you see what I’m doing here?

Tarkin: I see your point.

Kallus: Makes sense.

Vader: That’s why I provided you seventeen Force-Sensitive Inquisitors. There’s no way we’re gonna miss the rebels… 

*Grand Inquisitors falls into flames*

Vader: You see, this is exactly why we need backup Inquisitors. We still have sixteen.

Vader: Fifteen, okay, guys, I repeat, don’t lose your Inquisitors. 

Tarkin: Wait, lose the Inquisitors?

Tarkin: Sir, Seventh Sister and Eighth Brother have been reported deceased.

Vader: Thirteen, all right, we still have thirteen…*Accidentally fatally Force-pushes Ninth Brother off the platform as he walks by* Twelve. We have twelve Inquisitors.

Tarkin: So what’s the plan? Wait for more Inquisitors to go overboard or what?

Based on this.


Juelz Santana & Dave East – “Time Ticking” f. Bobby Shmurda & Rowdy Rebel (Video)

In December 2016, Juelz Santana teamed with Dave East and incarcerated rappers Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel on the Jahlil Beats-produced banger “Time Ticking.” Now, the duo return with a matching set of visuals. As half of the quartet are unable to appear in the video (on account of lengthy prison sentences), Dave and Juelz bring out their Harlem squads. “I feel like it’s the essence of Harlem. Juelz been a legend and I’m on my way inshallah so you got the best of both worlds,” East says. “Free Bobby, Free Rowdy.”