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This may be a bit weird but do you have any songs for Mccree, Reaper, Tracer and Hanzo that are like their and their s/o's theme song? Thanks papa

 Wow okay i love this idea, so much so I did them all~ Hope you don’t mind xD 

Mccree: Drunk on You - Luke Bryan

Reaper:  The Light Behind Your Eyes - My Chemical Romance

Tracer: Rude - Madilyn Bailey

Hanzo: I’ll Keep You Safe - Sleeping at Last

Sombra: More Than Friends - Victoria Duffield

Lucio: When Can I See You Again - Owl City

Pharah - Rather Be - Clean Bandit

Genji - Shut Up and Dance - Walk The Moon

Junkrat: Burning Love - Batmobile

Soldier 76: Rebel Beat - Goo Goo Dolls

Mercy: Like I’m Going to Lose You - Megan Trainor

Mei: I Do Adore - Mindy Gledhill

Widowmaker: I Think I’m in Love - Kat Dahlia

D.VA: Here’s to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne

Ana: Dream a Little Dream of Me - Mama Cass

Reinhardt: La Vie En Rose - Louis Armstrong

Roadhog: Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede

Zarya: In The Stars - Icona Pop

Symmetra: When I’m Away - The Colourist

Just look at just how dirty Ezra is in this concept picture.  Having lived on the streets for roughly seven  and a half years, that is to be expected.

Ezra was in disbelief when he was given permission to use the Ghost refresher for the first time by Hera.  “Can I….” he asked again for assurance while quaking excitably in his shoes.  He’d not felt the sensation of hot water, or artificially heated sonic for months.  

“You did good today kid, you deserve it.” Kanan interjected.

Ezra was so humbled and grateful because he only ever had bad past experiences which involved breaking in and using other people’s refreshers briefly before getting chased off.  Sometimes he was pursued for miles and occasionally he did not escape…..okay I’ll just stop there.

NO HEROES a kadara fanmix [8tracks | spotify]

x ambassadors RENEGADES // black rebel motorcycle club BEAT THE DEVIL’S TATTOO // cage the elephand AIN’T NO REST FOR THE WICKED // c2c DOWN THE ROAD // zayde wølf BUILT FOR THIS TIME // dorothy RAISE HELL // the heavy SHORT CHANGE HERO // imagine dragons I’M SO SORRY // dan auerbach HEARTBROKEN, IN DISREPAIR // johnny cash GOD’S GONNA CUT YOU DOWN // woodkid RUN BOY RUN //pigeon john THE BOMB // nico vega BEAST // kanye west POWER

bermuda ; lifestyle

dean ; not my gif


your boyfriend hyuk, also known as dean was everything but average or normal. he had a group of friends that called themselves ‘the rebels’ ; every single one of them were cocky and usually mean to anyone who wasn’t them.

cocky to the max actually. it was all they had grown to know after their come up. their come up wasn’t even theirs, rather it being hyuk’s and hyoseob’s.

hyoseob was one of hyuk’s closest friends. nothing could come between them. they got along like an alcoholic got along with liquor.

when hyuk introduced you to his lifestyle and friends, you were shocked at first. they were definitely different from what you were used to. they kept an underground vibe and only did/wore things that wede expensive as hell. they talked shit about people that were ‘below’ them so much that it rubbed off on you. a lot of things that they did rubbed off on you.

before all of that happened though, you were the opposite of what you were now.

you used to wear oversized clothes ; in public. now the only oversized clothing that you wore belonged to hyuk and you only wore them after sex or just to walk around in the house.

you used to be kind and sweet to everyone, you used to be apologetic, you used to have a bright and bubbly personality, and lastly you used to smile all of the time but now, you only wore a resting bitch face unless hyuk, hyoseob or their rebels made you smile/laugh.

sometimes you smiled when their rebels beat someone up for talking down on you or your boyfriend. you smiled when hyuk gave you money or when he kissed you. you smiled in the music videos, photoshoots, and in the studio when you knew that the song that was being made was gonna be a bop. you smiled when it was only you and hyuk, alone in your home.

you would often sit in hyuk’s lap when around the others and caress your fingertips across his tattoo located on the left side of his neck. he would only stare at you in a seductive way while whispering to you “you’re gonna get it mocha…”

mocha was your pet name. he called you this because of your skin. the contrast of both of your skin colors sent him. he loved it so much.

he’d buy you diamonds and pearls, makeup and clothes, basically anything that you or he wanted you to have.

“let me spoil you mocha. you’re mine afterall.”

he was your everything. behind that savage, outcast and cocky couple image that you two portrayed, you were soft as hell for each other but that had to be kept secret. the portraying image was the only thing that the people who consumed the rebel’s music and images knew. it was what kept the money rolling in.


on most days, everyone would go out in public together to cause a scene. the expensive clothes and shining accessories always caught the eyes of many, even kids. those mesmerized looks and stares always fed you. they always made you feel good. and of course, they made you feel cocky.

almost immediately after hyuk introduced you to his group and your relationship became public, you earned yourself some fansites. that was honestly like a big truck of gas for you.

“you’re the shit now y/n! people stalk you now. people take pictures of you without your consent because they love you! you’re a celebrity!” hyoseob told you when you showed him a few pictures from one of the fansites.

you indeed felt like the shit. that was when you believed that you were apart of the group and not just the girlfriend of the leader.

going to clubs were always fun. like always, you and everyone in the group would receive stares and sometimes people would even whisper to each other.

“that’s fanxy child!”

“dean’s girlfriend is sexy as hell!”

“i want to be them..”

“why am i broke like this i can’t even buy a drink. how do i get rich like the rebels?”

some people didn’t wvwn whisper, allowing you to hear it if you were close enough. those comments always made you feel good.

“keep dreaming. you can’t be like us.” you grew to think like this.

when hyuk had a performance, he had hyoseob and some of his rebels on stage with him. just for that “these are my boys and we lit” affect.

it was like a concert, everyone would be screaming, dancing, and singing or rapping along to the music. the clubs were always louder when the rebels performed. sometimes, that was the only reason for people’s presence.

after performances, hyuk and you would order bottles for your section but drink one alone. you’d purposely get super drunk so that he could pretend to get mad at you and excuse the two of you. it was a tactic that worked everytime.

the drives home were always short, since hyuk would go a little over the speed limit ; caused by his hormones.

you had rich and drunk sex more than you had sober sex. it was your preference since you had more fun and could dirty talk like there was no tomorrow. hyuk definitely made you the kinky type.

“fuck me with your rolex on.” was your favorite line.

shit, his too.


so yes, the rich and high headed lifestyle that hyuk introduced you to changed you greatly. you were a savage, confident as hell, freaky as hell, and rebel as hell.

excuse errors???

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#5 - The Redwood Rebel, by Lorna George

  • Read: 4/23/17 - 4/27/17
  • Rating: 4/5 stars

A fairly standard fantasy-rebellion plot that gets upstaged by the FANTASTIC culture-clash romantic subplot. Seriously, most of the time when the romantic leads come from different fantasy-lands, one culture is “good/educated” and the other is “evil/savage,” or sometimes, even, they’re portrayed as civilized/backwards on the sole axis of modern feminist ideals.

Don’t get me wrong, I want women to be empowered, but if you want to make a culture “bad” just by making it not-feminist, that’s a lazy way out. Dig deeper, or at least work out the full implications of how your “bad” society would effectively govern and function, please.

Anyway, I’ll step down from my soapbox now.

Here, some standard fantasy tropes are subverted, especially regarding virginity, both male and female (yay!)–and neither Naomi’s nor Arun’s cultural biases are wrong, they’re just different. I feel like I’ve been waiting to see a romance like this one FOREVER, and they’re not even really together yet! (More, please. I want to see how these two stubborn babies reconcile their differences.)

The one major flaw I saw in this work was the weak villains. Adrienne’s only two character traits are being spoiled and stupid, and Cygnus is an underdeveloped behind-the-scenes manipulator type who uses her to gain power. There’s a lot of potential there, but they never feel as authentic as Naomi or Arun.

That being said, I still had a hell of a good time reading this.

Some scenes from the third season of Rebels make so much more sense after the release of “Thrawn”.
I think the whole Thrawn fandom agrees that the scene where he was fighting droids in a tank top was vital for the plot and, without any doubt, best narrative decision ever. But nevertheless, Thrawn is a character whose greatest strength is his mind; and while it is perfectly reasonable for him, a military man, to be in a good physical form, there was no need to make him a ripped af fighter. Even for me it was kinda breaking the balance.
Now I’m re-reading that part of the book where Thrawn and Eli were attacked by three cadets. Honestly, at first I was expecting Thrawn, a ripped af fighter, to kick their sorry butts, but nope. Even with Eli’s help, he mostly defended himself without a chance to attack; he ended up with a nasty wound and didn’t get any more just because the attackers were scared off.
Eli even points out that Thrawn had spent most of his time practicing military tactics. He never had time to enhance his combat skills. I think at this moment Thrawn understood: with all his genius, he can still be ingloriously beaten in a hand-to-hand fight with multiple opponents.
A few chapters later, Thrawn wins in a fight with H'sishi, a ~2m tall Togorian and an owner of a dojo.
In Rebels he twice beats the crap out of two assassin droids, while Lyste and Kallus are trying to pick their jaws from the floor.
I think he did a good job getting rid of his weaknesses.