Hi. You’re my mom?

                          Yes…yes I’m your mom. I’ve missed you so much. Can I hug you?

Why are you crying? Are you sad?

                          No, no baby, I’m not sad. It’s the opposite. Just seeing you, it…it’s the happiest I’ve ever been.


“She’d never been to Tokyo or Rio, but for all the years she lived in Paris, she just dreamed of sharing it with someone. She wanted to go back but only with you… Listen to me. You need to forget about the trips you didn’t take and remember the ones you did. You need to think about all the good times, remember how she used to smile and laugh and tell you that she loves you. That needs to stick in your head and your heart. She loved you so much. You can never regret that.”


Whenever this day comes around, I can’t help but think of little Jake, and the gift he gave Josslyn. She wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for your son.

                                                                                    Well, I’m always thinking about my little boy, and trying to keep his memory alive. It comforts me knowing that part of him is living in Josslyn.


So, I just stood there, and let her kiss me. But I felt nothing. Not like when I kiss you. Carly was right about one thing, I don’t feel anything for Hayden. Not a flicker, no sense we were married. There’s nothing familiar at all. But you…I memorized your entire face. Everything about this feels right, and I don’t think I could ever care for her like I  c a r e  f o r  y o u.