Dear members of the GH Fandom:

I just read an article as to one of reasons as to why Rebecca might be leaving General Hospital. She says she had been recieving hate messages, and I have just one thing to say that I think some of you may or not agree with….but I just have to get this off of my chest…..


If you hate the way something is being written, you tell it to the people who are writing the series. Better yet, turn off your television. Go read a book… grow some brain cells.

Do not threaten or send horrible messages to people… it is not okay. I personally will not tolerate bullying and mean comments about any of the actors of general hospital. If I see it, I will block them.

And if anyone in this Fandom, on tumblr, is or has received hate messages from people based off of what you have shared, I urge you to delete and block them.

You have a right to express your opinion, whatever it maybe, and not receive hate because of it.

Let’s enjoy the show. Share our frustrations and love. Don’t be mean to one another.




“She’d never been to Tokyo or Rio, but for all the years she lived in Paris, she just dreamed of sharing it with someone. She wanted to go back but only with you… Listen to me. You need to forget about the trips you didn’t take and remember the ones you did. You need to think about all the good times, remember how she used to smile and laugh and tell you that she loves you. That needs to stick in your head and your heart. She loved you so much. You can never regret that.”


Whenever this day comes around, I can’t help but think of little Jake, and the gift he gave Josslyn. She wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for your son.

                                                                                    Well, I’m always thinking about my little boy, and trying to keep his memory alive. It comforts me knowing that part of him is living in Josslyn.


I know you don’t remember when Luke hit him, but I do. Like it was yesterday. I was distracted, reading test results, when I looked up…Jake was gone. The front door was open, and I found him out on the street. That memory…that moment just plays over and over again in my head, and I haven’t been able to make it stop.

        This time it’s different. Jake has the best of care. You heard the doctor, his prognosis is good. Look at me, we’re not going to lose our son.

“I don’t do this very often. I don’t think I ever have. But you are my brother and you are going to listen to me, do you understand? Do you understand me? (Lucky nods) When you are lying on your deathbed and you’re about to take your last breath, what do you think you’re going to think about? Huh? Some big case that you cracked that nobody else could solve, some nice vacation you took with all of your friends? Not even that intervention you had with Luke that apparently didn’t do any good. You’re not going to think of ANY of that stuff! You’re going to think of one thing, and one thing only. And that is, just before you pass and you hold your hand out, the only thing that you are going to care about is whose hand is on the other end, brother. If you can answer that riddle, then you’ve figured it all out."  -Nikolas Cassadine, 6/30/11

‘Cause we all know he was talking about Elizabeth;)