Queen Charlotte (1744-1818) with her Two Eldest Sons  c.1765

Oil on canvas | 112.2 x 128.3 cm (support, canvas/panel/str external) |

Johan Joseph Zoffany (Frankfurt 1733-London 1810)

DescriptionThis painting shows the Princes appearing only fractionally older than the painting of George, Prince of Wales and Frederick, later Duke of York at Buckingham House (Royal Collection), suggesting that both works must have been on the artist’s easel simultaneously. This might explain why the head of the Queen here and in the portrait on the wall of the other painting follow the same pattern. The setting here is also Buckingham House, but this time the King’s apartments on the ground floor garden façade; these were less redecorated and therefore preserved more of the character of the 1702-5 building campaign and can be seen in an anonymous view of the rear of the house painted at this time (Buckingham House, Royal Collection). Zoffany has placed the Queen’s dressing table directly in front of the back door at the centre of the garden façade — the glimpse of formal garden, the height of the aperture and the fenestration of the rooms visible beyond admit of no other explanation. This is clearly a very unlikely position for a dressing table, and suggests either that the Queen was temporarily occupying these rooms while her apartments above were being redecorated or that Zoffany has stage-managed the scene in order to achieve the effect of vistas opening in every direction. The character of the interior is more heterogeneous and in some cases old-fashioned than the other painting: dark-coloured panelling and door surrounds; pier glasses and table in the style of the 1730s; a French clock by Ferdinand Berthoud, with a case designed by Charles Cressent following a model of the 1730s; Chinese figures; an unidentified overdoor (perhaps depicting Ulysses and Nausicaa) resembling the work of Francesco Zuccarelli; a lace cover for the dressing table, supplied by Priscilla MacEune in 1762 for £1,079 14s; and similarly modern silver gilt toilet set.

The image is a conscious tribute to the great names of Dutch genre painting, and in particular the work of Gerard Ter Borch, as can be seen by comparison with his Lady at her Toilet of c.1660 (Detroit Institute of Art, Michigan). Zoffany has created the same miraculous effect of silk so glossy that it seems to be a collage of silver-paper; like Ter Borch he similarly takes an oblique view of the corner of a room with many other rich stuffs and precious objects; he even follows the same devise of repeating the sitters face in profile in the mirror. The perspective of the enfilade, chequered with light, pays tribute to the brightly lit interiors of Pieter de Hooch or Emmanuel de Witte (c.1617-92).

The moral of Dutch seventeenth-century scenes of ladies dressing is that beauty is transient and that it is vanity to concern yourself with it; hence the extinguished candle on the table in Ter Borch’s painting. Zoffany turns the moral around: Father Time appears scythe-bearing on the clock, but the face reads exactly 2.30pm, which means that the Princes have finished their dinner (which since November 1764 they had taken at 2.00pm) and are visiting their mother, after she has dressed (a process which began at 1.00pm), while their governess waits in the room beyond. The Queen will dine with the King at exactly 4.00pm. The splendid and highly formal character of the Queen’s dress would be regarded at this date not as a sign of vanity but of respect for custom and ceremony; strict time-keeping is the sign of an orderly mistress of a household; playing with children is clearly the action of a devoted and dutiful mother. Even the way in which the view opens onto a formal garden suggests an appreciation of fresh air and Nature which were becoming popular at this time.

In September 1764 Lady Charlotte Finch (1725-1813), the Princes’ governess, in September 1764 ordered ‘a Telemachus Dress for the Prince of Wales and a Turk’s for Prince Frederick’; it is assumed that this is what they wear in this painting. This attire may be associated with a famous educational text of the period, the Telemachus of 1699 by Francois Fénelon, which describes the son of Ulysses travelling round the Mediterranean (like his father) with his advisor, Mentor, and seeing examples of good and bad government. It may be that the contrast of Turkish and classical costume is just fancy dress: the eighteenth-century equivalent of cowboys and indians. Certainly there is a humour in the way that Prince George holds the dog like a warrior with his charger. The empty chair at the left side of the painting, with drum and standard, is surely intended to suggest the person and manly inspiration of the absent King.

Both of Zoffany’s images of the royal toddlers were private: neither was engraved or exhibited at the Society of Arts, though Zoffany must have wished to advertise such a prestigious commission; both seem to have been given to the elder Prince. Both paintings are examples of the artitst’s love of layered reality; of a confusion of real, reflected, painted, carved and embroidered images of the world (something which reaches its apogee in his Tribuna in the Royal Collection). In this dressing-room scene there is more than a suggestion that we may view the world with the eye of a child, lost in wonderment at the phantasmagoria of reality and reflection.

Text adapted from The Conversation Piece: Scenes of fashionable life, London, 2009


Presumably commissioned by George III or Queen Charlotte, but first recorded in the possession of the Prince of Wales, 1794

Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014

Jocifer Stooble of House Stooble

Jocifer Stooble is the head of House Stooble. House Stooble’s sigil is a white cockatrice running across a golden field, and their words are “From the Rear”.

In most noble houses, “head of house” is a title conferred to the eldest offspring of a generation. Not so in House Stooble. In House Stooble, the title is conferred to the youngest offspring of a generation. It is said, when a child of House Stooble reaches their thirteenth name day, they are seized with an irresistible impulse to travel. They immediately abdicate their seat and join a mummer’s troupe. However, the youngest offspring of a generation is obligated to remain head of house out of a bizarre sense of duty. Any attempt to simply disband the house is thwarted by the head’s elder siblings, who terrorize them until they abandon the notion. Only once the head of house has a child who is of age may they confer the title and join a mummer’s troupe.

Indeed, many heads of House Stooble die before they can sire an heir. This is because House Stooble is the most reviled noble house in Westeros. Due to their legendary cowardice, no respectable noble house will associate with them. In fact, “From the Rear” was first coined by another noble house in an attempt to mock them. House Stooble quickly adopted the jest as their official words in an act of re-appropriation, and their original words have since been forgotten.

Jocifer’s greatest fear is that he too will die before siring an heir. In the past, some heads of House Stooble have simply sired a bastard and legitimized them as their lawful heir, but Jocifer is determined to wed a lady of noble lineage. He wishes to wed such a lady, sire an heir, and, when the heir is of age, join a mummer’s troupe with his beloved wife.

He has an irrational fear of snails.

Just bought a new compressor wheel and housing for my TD04L. Going from a 56mm exducer to a 58mm exducer. Upgrading to a 19T which should make a solid 20psi before 3000rpms and hold 20 until 6500, before tapering down to 18 by redline. Ill also be doing a very slight port out of the rear housing to maximise top end flow even if it means sacrificing 100-200rpms of spool.

Should be making around 260-270whp (195-200awkw) on a TD04 rear housing which is going to be nice. All that response with a lot more top end power to suit the 280° cams im running.

All this whilst running candy fuel (E85). My panties are already saturated…

Striking in Slocombe: Amazing home in Australia has amazing views of the countryside and an inviting style

This modern single-storey bungalow was completed in 2006 by the Australian company Mihaly Slocombe, in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. The front of the house is a large wall of glass panels, which gives the owners a fantastic view of the stunning countryside and also allows a tremendous amount of light into the property. The rear of the house is nearly completely closed off and has a lovely wooded backdrop to really finish it off.

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sunday sixish

From draft of chapter 12 of The Curious Adventure of the Drs. Watson:

“Where is Miss Stapleton, I wonder?” Holmes asked, and John scanned the house again. There was no sign of her in the visible rooms. In fact, the rest of the house beyond the drawing room seemed deserted.

“You don’t think–”

“Yes, I do think so, Watson. She may have colluded with Stapleton to an extent, but her fondness for Sir Henry has made her a liability, and I have no doubt she will come to harm at Stapleton’s hand.”

John’s eyes focused on the rear of the house. “Back in a jiff.”

Senior Design Project Serves Infinite Drinks

If you’re creative, you can make your passion projects count for college credit. Somehow [InfinityTable] managed to use this infinity bartender build called BarT as a senior design project.

There’s a lot going on here, starting with the cabinet which is 30″x30″ and has some custom mirrored glass necessary because of a square cut-out in the middle of the front pane. The two mirrors face each other, with a strip of LEDs in between which accounts for the “infinity” part of the build. This is popular but usually it’s usually just the mirror and lights. In this case that special cut-out is a cubby for a glass. Place it in there and the rest of the build will mix you up a tasty beverage.

There is a second chamber in the enclosure behind the rear mirror. This houses the components that mix up the drinks. Raw materials are dispensed from 1.25L plastic bottles. The extra special part of the build is that since it is a senior project, all the driving circuitry uses roll-your-own boards.

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from Jerky Jesse’s Email My Blag Pipe using yahoo pipes, Full article here:
stripedsilverfeline replied to your video “This morning I competed at an AAU taekwondo tournament. I’m in the…”

Hi, sweet! You’re doing great! Absolutely superb and you just need to keep on going. There’s people rooting for you you don’t even know about; a sort of peanut gallery, what? And I’m one of them. You keep going. We’re very proud.

<3 Thanks, hon. I have to admit, it’s the day after when I wonder why the hell I do this (I’m 46 years old and today I have bruises from my left knee up to my left hip because my opponent had a super strong and often very low right rear leg round house). But I love it, and I definitely hope to keep competing until I’m 50, if not longer. I love tae kwon do and I love how I feel when I’m out on the mats and working hard. It’s a brilliant thing.

Stolen Mercedes almost driven into backyard pool in Weetangera

Stolen Mercedes almost driven into backyard pool in Weetangera

A Mercedes that became airborne after crashing through a backyard fence landed on the edge of a swimming pool in Weetangera on Thursday night, police say. 

Police say a Silver E320 Mercedes sedan failed to slow down at a T-interscetion at Lachlan Street and Coulter Drive in Macquarie, then crashed through the rear fence of a house on Mathieson

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Fantastic in Fairlie: House built in 1910 has a revamp and is turned into a comfortable and charming five bedroom house

This charming house was originally built in 1910 for a seasonal residence and has since been renovated and revamped to create the traditionally styled home it is today. The house has five bedrooms and is located on the West end of the lake Fairlie in Vermont, USA. The contractors at GR Porter & Sons renovated this house into a spacious and comfortable home with large living areas a stunning terrace space at the rear of the house.

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