DECADES OF HORROR - the 1950’s part I

The Thing From Another World | 1951
House of Wax | 1953
The Creature From the Black Lagoon | 1954
Rear Window | 1954
Them! | 1954
The Bad Seed | 1956
Invasion of the Body Snatchers | 1956
The Curse of Frankenstein | 1957
The Fly | 1958
House on Haunted Hill | 1959

ok but imagine if u had a pocket sized one direction and they’d live in a lil doll house and u could cook for them and they’d only need like 1 spaghetti noodle each except niall maybe and they’d all snuggle into one lil doll bed and sometimes you’d overhear them plotting their escape and later you’d catch them tryin to sneak out, louis leading the way with a toothpick sword and bottle cap shield

Baby Mouse Is Going Strong!

We’ve been feeding this mouse every 2 hours since it was found without its mother. It’s feeding well and grown lots of new fur compared to when it arrived as a pinkie!

Wish him luck and click ReBlog to raise awareness that mice deserve a second chance too!


Sims 4 finally made it to Mac a while back, and I’ve been futzing around in the shiny new Build mode in between actual human responsibilities. I played a little bit when it first came out last year and kinda liked it, though its hard to remember that it’s a whole new game and there just isn’t that much stuff yet. (Though if they’d package up all the stuff from Sims Medieval for use in Sims 4, I’d buy that. There were not enough period-appropriate items to choose from.)

So I did what any sane person would do and recreated a home from a totally different video game. For using base game stuff (and moveobjects on), I think I came pretty close.

I took a few liberties and filled in the dead space we don’t get to see in the game. That includes Leandra’s room, a room for Bodahn and Sandal, bathrooms, and a whole rear of the house for meeting your other Sim needs.

This is the first thing I’ve submitted to the community gallery, and you should be able to find it by searching my Origin ID: meglish. I also tagged it as #hawke, #dragonage2, and a few other things that should help.

If anyone makes a happy little Hawke family in it, take a picture for me! I’ll do one myself eventually, I hope. :D Enjoy!

House at Neil Road is a contemporary house designed by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd and is located in Singapore. It was completed in 2013 and covers an area of 520 sqm.

Located within a conservation district, this home celebrates the traditional charm of Peranakan shophouses with the addition of new spaces that are sensitive to the building’s rich heritage.
Akin to traditional shophouses, the spaces are interspersed with courtyards that serve as visual focal points. The original courtyard – with its preserved ornate fish mould centerpiece and accompanying water feature – forms the heart of the common areas while a newer courtyard marks the transition from the old structure into its new extension. A young tree in the centre of this new courtyard adds a touch of nature to the urban ensemble. To the rear of the house are the kitchen and a retro spiral staircase that leads to the second floor master bedroom and rooftop terrace.
Many original elements were retained as well as restored, such as the timber flooring, doorframes, window shutters and iron gates. Clay bricks were also recycled and incorporated into a partition wall as salvaged glazed tiles were put to use in the bathrooms. Even the blue paint for the walls was restored to a more authentic tone by using mineral silicate, while a pigmented grouting mixture helped to recreate the five-foot way’s red cement flooring.
Interestingly, the forecourt’s boundary wall displays a similar progression from old to new, with its paint-stripped bricks revealing layers of the shophouse’s history. The bathroom floors were also given a terrazzo finish as a nod to the age-old craft that is fast dying out.
With its blending of old and new elements, this house not only preserves a unique cultural heritage, but also acts as a storytelling device that narrates the histories of its past and present occupants.
Photographer See Chee Keong

House at Neil Road by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd House at Neil Road is a contemporary house designed by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd and is located in Singapore.

American GI visiting German tank PzKpfw 17/18R 730(f).1944.He French Renault FT-17,which appeared in 1917 and became the first tank of the classical scheme, with weapons in a rotating turret, the engine placed at the rear of the housing and separated by a partition from the fighting compartment.

albarnxinsanity asked:

The weapon awkwardly approached the gambler, feeling quite guilty with the amount of time she'd let go without one seeing the other. Hell, the more she thought about it, the more she felt a crushing feeling come down upon her. Would Celestia even accept her homecoming? She could hope, but in the back of her mind, there was much doubt. "C-...Celes-chan?"

«« ({多栄子}) »»

               "…That voice… Could it be…?"

      Having been seated on the rear veranda of the house, sipping at tea that 
      had long since gone cold as she watched the sunset, Celestia had almost 
      missed the sound of the other girl’s footfalls as they were lost under the 
      sound of the wind. It had been months since the gambler had even heard
      someone else making their way through the halls, so it was surprising just 
      how little it jumped out at her. She was only brought back down from her 
      thoughts when her visitor spoke up, causing the lolita to jump ever so

      Even from behind, Celestia was visibly shaken by her visitor’s sudden
      outburst, having trouble even keeping her teacup from clattering against 
      it’s saucer as she set it down on the table next to her. She had yet to turn 
      and face the door, and didn’t seem to be showing any signs of doing so. 
      The gambler simply kept her eyes locked on the horizon, unmoving, as
      she shakily began to speak.

               "…Missing curfew once…? I could understand that… Twice…? 
                That, I could still forgive….. But one hundred and thirty-seven 
                times in a row…? You have a lot of nerve to keep me waiting
                like this… My love~…”


I’ve been spending most of my hard earned money in FFXIV toward overhauling my personal house. I’m very happy with the outside, but feel I still have a little progress to go with the inside. That said, it’s all shaping up great, and I figured I’d post some screenshots because I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming together.

The Demise of the High Street

When I moved to Dorking twenty one years ago, there were three butchers, two green grocers and a fishmonger. Over those years, slowly, steadily and sadly, they have fallen away. Only one butcher remains, rallying against a sense of creeping inevitability. Until now. As of today, Saturday 28th February 2015, the last of what were once considered the stalwarts of any high street, the butcher, will close its doors for good. Stuart Pearce, master butcher, a son of a master butcher, and who has run his shop for 20 years has decided that he’s had enough and is moving away.

Stuart Pearce Butchers is situated at Pump Corner in Dorking, on a site where there has been a butcher since the 1880’s. Up until relatively recently, it had a small slaughter-house to the rear (now houses). Generally you will find the shop staffed by Stuart Pearce himself and Rick Sturt. Going to a butcher, or indeed a greengrocer or fishmonger means that you are dealing with people who have a great depth of knowledge about their product. They know where it is from and they know how to cook it. I was always happy to follow Rick or Stuarts advice on how to cook a particular cut of meat. Infact, it was Rick who told me about the best way to cook a chicken. I’m not sure you would get that degree of knowledge in many supermarkets.

Stuart states that his reasons for leaving, as he put them to me in the week before closing, were that since the refurbished Waitrose opened in October 2014, he has lost approximately 100 customers. Added to that was the seemingly endless series of roadworks in the town centre and the closed roads that he thinks have discouraged people even coming to the town. He may well be right. I recently had a conversation with a mechanic who services my car. He lives in Beare Green, two miles away, and he told me that he doesn’t bother coming into Dorking anymore due to the heavy traffic and lack of parking. And a friend told me the other day that she had tried to come to Dorking to have a look at the new Waitrose, but eventually gave up due to the volume of traffic. No irony there then!

As recently as three years ago, Dorking had two supermarkets, neither very large, but the Waitrose was said to be the most profitable per square metre of all stores in the chain. We now have four supermarkets of varying sizes, which are all within the town. I should state for the record that I have no problem with supermarkets at all. They are here to stay and we all, to a greater or lesser degree, use them. But why can’t Dorking, a town that by all appearances seems reasonably affluent, a town that sits in Mole Valley, an area voted in the top twenty for the best quality of life in UK*, support an independent butcher?

It is my view, and I believe the view of others, that supermarkets impinge on independent shops almost imperceptibly.

As Stuart has called them out, lets take Waitrose as a case in point. When the store was being refurbished it started offering free coffee to loyalty card members while it sat in its temporary location. Now, in the big new store, this continues and has led to the development of a new sport involving pushing a trolley around with one hand while holding a hot drink in the other. The point is, this has drawn business away from Dorking’s numerous independent coffee shops. You can now get your dry cleaning done at Waitrose. We already have three dry cleaners, two of them independent. There is also the slight injustice of Waitrose now selling lottery tickets. It is my understanding that when you apply to sell lottery tickets, there is a rule that prevents you doing so if there is someone already selling them within a certain radius. Bradshaws Newsagents wouldn’t be able to sell them if they applied to do so now, due to the proximity of Waitrose as an existing seller. But this has not stopped Waitrose applying and being given permission to sell them, even though Bradshaws have been selling them since the inception of the lottery. Coupled with the vastly increased number of magazines and newspapers that Waitrose sell, this is a slap in the face for this independent newsagent. The new store also has a shiny new meat counter, selling shiny new meat, and Stuart claims that this was a big factor in why he has decided to close. Supermarkets talk about the importance of the local community, but ultimately they are only concerned about getting as much of that community into their store. It’s a business after all.

To my shame, I didn’t always use the butchers, but started going there a few years ago for the odd piece of beef or lamb, for those special occasions. I soon discovered that the quality of their product is far, far better than that of any supermarket, and on some occasions, cheaper.

My view is that the community need to realise that sooner or later, any ambivalence or apathy toward independent shops may cause long term damage to the community and town itself. We all need to ask ourselves if we want to live in a town that offers the same shopping experience as other towns, and become a so called ‘clone town’. If that is the case then just using the supermarket is a sure way of bringing that to bear. Do people want independent shops or are they happier with the supermarket and the convenience it offers, and less concerned about quality and price?  Are people really interested in community, or is it a concept and nothing else. Is it regarded as something that happens but doesn’t necessarily require involvement? Ultimately it’s down the the people of the town to decide what they want, not the supermarkets, not the town planners. People power is key to this. By using independent shops, it not only allows independents to prosper and grow, but sends a message to the chain stores, and makes the town a more vibrant and enjoyable place to live, shop, gather and wander around in.

So, as Stuart and Rick pack up their knives and close the door on a business that has been there for well over 100 years, give them a thought as you bite into a mass produced, tasteless, and tough bit of meat bought from the supermarket.

*According to a poll by

Birds out the Window

It is a snowy day at the Hart Household in Stewart County, Tennessee. We have had an almost constant snow/ice fall since around midnight. The temperature has kept around the twenty degree mark. It is overcast. The surrounding habitat around the house is yard, fields, and the edge of woods near the rear of the house. Birds seen at a glance out the window has been just a few. So far I have sighted three Northern Mockingbirds, an Eastern Towhee, two Dark-eyed Juncos, and a Northern Cardinal. There are most definitely more birds than what can be seen from the cozy confines of my home. They are probably just out of sight feeding in the fields and braving the winter storm they are now naming Octavia. I will keep you updated on my birding adventures!