So far I’ve learned that she’s a very chill lap kitty who purrs at the slightest rub/scratch/touch. Not only that but she’s brave and entered the house rearing and ready to sniff stuff out and take Fidget down a peg by displaying some healthy levels of dominance.

Also she’s very small for her four years (not that I mind).

She’s a total sweetheart and comes up to me whenever I want so I can give her some loving.

I think she’s the yin to Fidget’s yang.

Aluminum Replacement Rear Snap Latch Standard Waterproof Housing Buckle Lock for GoPro Hero 3+, Hero 3 Plus, Hero 4 Camera(Gold) Reviews


$ 10.09 GoPro Product Features Fits for GoPro Hero3+ and GoPro Hero4 side-open / waterproof housing Updated fixing Latch,Easier install without latch moving about. Updated Screw design, Stronger and Larger,Allows the rear door to shut tight. Made of CNC 6061 aluminum,Simple structure with…

We crammed a lot in today:

diner breakfast pancake special

walked the lake at Sunnyside

played a game of Scrabble (I won) and a game of Life (she won)

had a picnic and freezies

watched Hitchcock’s The Birds at my house (Rear Window is her next pick)

sketched our faces

fed some birds (that didn’t peck our faces)

painted our nails and talked some serious shit after free swim

took a drive and jammed with Dylan’s “Silvio”

Various photographs of Apple iPhone 6s Plus showing some changes are surfacing the web

Various photographs of Apple iPhone 6s Plus showing some changes are surfacing the web

iPhone Rumors During the end of the June, images were seen that were suppose to be the rear housing of the Apple iPhone 6s. The only visible difference noted was the changed position of mounting points of the motherboard of the handset. Now new pics of the rear housing of Apple iPhone 6 are seen. Once again minor differences were noted when inside of the rear housing was compared with the current…

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Inside Melbourne’s Open & Airy Rectangular “Concrete House”

Located in Melbourne, Matt Gibson Architecture create this rectangular home entitled “Concrete House,” “designed to forge a direct relationship between inside and outside.” The living quarters angled towards the north and the sleeping areas in the south, the contemporary build is shrouded by an opaque screen running around its perimeter. Cleverly, while the front and back of the build is lined with floor to ceiling windows drawing in huge amounts of light, the sides of the building are left windowless in order to provide privacy and restrict the views of nosey neighbours. The rear of the house contains both a pool and tennis court which can both be viewed from the balcony running the length of the structure, the interior following a contemporary take on midcentury as requested by the client.

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