Day 6: In another life. Alternate universe / Timeline

Little Miss Morrison is not afraid of the wandering spirits in the city
Morrison, who is not afraid of ghosts, does not attack.
Morrison who makes a head up
Later, the ghost continues to wear the head that the kid made.

# Reaper76week

Reaper76 Week: Day Five
Jan. 19 - “Over the Airwaves” - Voice/Music

High five to the Hang the Fool fans crying in the back. 💕

Song -Dream A Little Dream of Me
Check out @arcanebarrage‘s wonderful McHanzo fic of Hang the Fool if you haven’t already.


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Reaper76week:  “In His Shoes” 

“Overwatch must be taken down.. and i’ll use every man able to hold a gun i can find to help me do it. My men have my back. Blackwatch may no longer be part of Overwatch, but we’re a family. We looked out for one another when other’s wouldn’t. We’ve been through hell and back together and seen shit you can’t and don’t want to imagine. That kind of thing sticks. McCree helped with the Deadshot gang. They weren’t all too friendly since Overwatch lead the raids against them a fair few times over the years, but they were more than willing to help once we explained we were going to help them get their own back against the organisation. Talon sent agents too. Some Sniper and a hacker. I’m not about to trust them, but i’ll take what i can get. Besides, a window into Athena’s systems will be invaluable in the coming fight. 

We’re the new Blackwatch. We may killers, murderers, assassins, criminals, black ops agents, bandits and rogues. But together, we’re the worlds last hope.”

I just wanted to try drawing these two for Reaper76 Week i am so sorry it’s late.. ;~;

And also sorry for subjecting you to my writing, i just felt it needed to go with the pic since i had to right it when i was the middle of drawing just to get it out of my head, so they kinda belong together. (It’s Gabe talking btw not sure if it was apparent or not)

Also putting grey in Gabriel’s hair added an extra decade of emotional baggage onto my soul.. ;–;