Another Garry’s Mod scenebuild, and lord and behold THIS ONE DOESN’T INVOLVE TURIANS!… Though it is another Mass Effect one. Uploaded it to my DeviantArt, and realized I hadn’t shared it here, so enjoy. 

As Reaper forces occupy Earth and systematically work to eradicate the human race, the few Systems Alliance troops left behind wage a desperate insurgency under the leadership of Admiral David Anderson, forming alliances with informal rebel groups and local armed forces to launch hit and run attacks on the Reapers. Here, a Systems Alliance officer appears displeased with the lack of concern a local rebel is showing for their current situation.

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what...what kind of dog does shepard get? i need to know, for reasons. (border collie border collie)

No strong feelings here, anon, huh? :D 

Eliza Shepard adopts a shepherd/retriever mix and names her Chaika (the Russian word for “seagull”, which was Valentina Tereshkova’s callsign on the Vostok 6 mission), then proceeds to spoil the living daylights out of that dog, to Garrus and her mother’s constant delight. 


The Reaper Run now introduces to you Hippy and War. Hippy looks cool and funky with his headband across his head and War looks horrifying with sharp golden sword that chases the Hippy to cut him into pieces. Drop in your comments after you see this video and let us know which one is your favorite character.


The progression of Charley Shepard: Soldier, Commander, Spectre

Art credits go to:

Blue Suns Mercenary (with Zaeed)- esakris
Council Spectre- inquisitorsophie
Cerberus Renegade- helilart
The Galaxy’s Savior- neotericwitch
Post-Reaper War (with Kasumi)- rayeliann

So I might a bit late for it, but I wanted to join in for the ladies of Mass Effect appreciation event. It took me awhile, but here’s a little fanfic of Samantha Traynor and Shepard post-Reaper War after picking the Destroy option.

I like to think that Samantha would visit Shepard with the holographic chess set and they’d play a game together while chatting as friends.

The hospital is a dismal place, Shepard finds, even more so than it had been while the war was going on. Unlike her other visits to a hospital, this is memorable in that the hospital itself still holds signs of having been a warzone not too long ago. Splatters of blood, blue, purple, green, and red decorate the walls like a macabre mosaic dedicated to the dead and gone. Impact craters and bullet holes can sometimes overlap with the blood splatters, though they mostly just adorn the walls like a gruesome reminder of the past year. It would be less unsettling if there had been some background noise but the only thing she has to listen to is the beeping of the machine she’s hooked up to and empty silence. 

Thankfully her friends visit as often as they can. Samantha is kind enough to bring her holographic chess set so that they can while away the time with conversation over a game.

With all but a few of the QEC’s fried from her efforts in destroying the Catalyst, Samantha is in even more of a demand than ever before. Few in the Alliance are as experience as she is when it comes to micromanaging multiple sources of incoming data in real time quickly and efficiently enough for practical use. Busy as she is, she tries to find time at least once a month to visit and play chess with Shepard. 

Even if Shepard has yet to win a game against her, she appreciates the thought.

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So this idea of a girl came to me. A little refugee girl post-destroy ending that lost everything to the Reaper war. She gets sent back to school even though her parents are gone and she’s made fun of for her facial scars/burns. Right around that time the hero of the galaxy, Commander Shepard, starts doing a few interviews about the state of the world and what he’s been through after being rebuilt from scratch… again. His face is all stitches, lips torn, cheeks and neck burnt, bound to a wheelchair even with the help of cybernetics - a man who gave everything. Kaidan, his lover and best friend, still loves him just as much if not more (gotta keep Shepard protected now). But the little girl gets to see someone who looks like her, who is a hero no less. She starts writing old fashion paper letters to Shepard that soldiers (both human and alien) stationed near her school promise to bring to him. Shepard is still frequently in the hospital and he responds the same way (with Kaidan’s help of course since his hand eye ordination is still suffering at this point, and his dyslexia doesn’t help things either). Shepard knows what it’s like to lose everything and he tries to help rebuild that little girl’s confidence. Kaidan approves of their correspondance (it’s helping Shepard’s therapy). She asks to meet Shepard in a letter, he pays the fare. Somehow days pass and the girl stays with him, talking well into the night about both big topics that worry the doctors (where do we go when we die) and silly girl things that bring in an air of innocence to the man who had for so long forgotten such a thing (can you put little braids in my hair). Months pass and she has a room and her own toothbrush at the Alenko residence. Years pass and she’s celebrating Armistice Day with two soldiers who love her and will protect her from anything (and eventually who she’ll call her daddies).

I freaking LOVE the rachni queen. Her appearance in ME1 is the best, mostly because I don’t think the writers of the later games really understood what the first writers were going for, and sacrificed some of her otherwordliness for the sake of making her creepy, which I don’t approve of. She was creepy in ME1, yes, but her dialogue and what it implied about her senses and worldview was also very poetic and beautiful. It humanized her while also making her seem more alien, and I want more writing like that in sci fi. 

I still save her in ME3 because she’s the RACHNI QUEEN and I love her, but getting to talk to her again and only discussing the war and Reapers was kind of disappointing. They could have at least had her write to me after the fact. :(