For Reaper76 Week I’ve got a big comic planned that counts as like, three days worth of the ship week, but it’s all around my cryptid/werewolf!jack au. So here are some more things, just for context.

Where Jack is a werewolf, Gabe is a banshee. It was a bit difficult to get him even remotely different from Reaper as he is canonically, but he now comes with precognition and fantastic singing skills.

Look forward to some angsty comic stuff later. I haven’t done comics in a while, but i’m excited to have something new finished.




“Who the fuck are you?” Gabe snarled.

Ghost tilted their head slightly to the side. A moment passed when they both just stared at each other.

“Why don’t you tell me that?”

The Jaws of White Death by @ratpenatu for the Reaper76 Week’s Day 2:  “in his shoes” - role/body swapping. The fic is amazing! Gabriel has absolutely no chill when his little mission goes south, and Jack makes just as a terrifying non-dead adversary and ex as Reaper does. Go and read it! Go!

“Take a deep breath.” 

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Oh oh I have a request! How about desperate, 'I thought I lost you' kisses when the reader returns from a mission several days late? Mccree, genji, tracer and maybe poly!reaper76 would be stellar but if that's too many, just do your favorites! <3


He’s trying to make himself a sandwich from the sparse contents of the fridge, going for a BLT but ending up with something that is mostly pickles, when Winston calls him up to the conference room. There’s been a complication and you have to lay low for a while, no radio contact at all while Talon searches for the thief that stole a truck full of supplies. He gives Jesse the tape of your last transmission, says there’s a personal message for him on there. He takes the tape and the sandwich and leaves, tries not to think about how what’s on that tape may well be the last words he’ll ever hear from you. The seagulls end up eating most of his lunch. He has lost his appetite.

A little over forty-eight hours pass and he still hasn’t listened to the tape. He’s not brave enough, can’t do this without fearing something has happened to you. He’d rather pretend nothing is wrong until the call comes that you’re safe on your way home. It comes, and the moment he has your location he is out of the door, going to meet you halfway, despite Winston’s urging that it’s still dangerous for him to be seen in public with the bounty on his head. It’s just a few hours, but Jesse can’t wait.
He smuggles himself on the hypertrain from Gibraltar to Spain and hitches a ride to the airport, using fake money to buy a plane ticket to London, where you are scheduled to switch flights just minutes after he lands.
The people around him curse and throw their hands up in rude gestures when he pushes past them, searching for your terminal and finding it with minor difficulty. You he could pick out in larger masses. He’s drawn to you, doesn’t need to search, knows when you’re close by like he’s a damn homing pigeon.

“Jesse, what are you-”
He doesn’t let you speak. All the worry, the hastily suppressed fear, bubbles to the surface and he can’t do anything but pull you into a crushing hug and kiss you like he’ll die if he doesn’t.

You recoil at the sudden onslaught but relax when you realise what this is about.

“I’m alright.” you say when you part briefly for air. He doesn’t answer, kisses you again. There are no words for the agony he went through at the thought of never seeing you again. Nothing to talk about that can’t be expressed with his lips on yours and so you hold him as tight as he holds you and kiss until your lips go numb.

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can I have some fluffy Reaper and 76?

All the floof… well tried my best anyway


You looked up from your paper work to see Reaper loosing his shit at another agent who almost screwed up the mission. Other agents walked past grumbling while placing $20 notes on your desk. You see, you among other Talon agents have set up a weekly bet on who’s going to get an earful from the masked man. You and Sombra won most of the time.

You tucked the money away into your top draw covering it with a file. You might be able to get a nice dinner tonight, or pay some of your rent.
“Oi Jim, what do you think I should do with the money. I was thinking a nice dinner for once or pay rent.” 
“Or you could give it to me?” You lifted one of your eyebrows with a displeased look. “Fine, fine. How about a date?”
“What about a date?” Both you and Jim froze as you heard a gravely from behind both of you. Anger was radiating from the figure and making you both shrivel from fear.
“H-hey Reaper.” Reaper snapped his head towards you apparently in anger, but you knew Reaper, he was smirking out you but was angry at Jim.
“(Y/N) do you have the files?” Reaper stood close to you, tempted to place a hand on you but refrained from doing so. You opened your draw and took the files off and handed them to Reaper. “What’s that?” The money that you placed in your draw earlier was taken out.
“Just some money.” You simply shrugged like it was no big deal.
“There’s about $300.”
“It’s our date money.” Jim chirped, quickly regretting opening his mouth when Reaper turned to him.
“It might be our date money.” You mumbled, hopefully Reaper heard what you said. Reaper soon walked off with the money in his pocket.

“So the agents have a weekly bet on me?” Reaper asked you taking a bite of pizza. Even though he doesn’t get satisfaction of food or the need he still eats as a more of a comfort thing.
“Yep, and I win every. Single. Time. Although Sombra does get lucky sometimes.”
“Explains the new clothes.”
“You’ve noticed?” You were surprised that he noticed that you’ve slowly bought new clothes over the past few weeks. Reaper turned his head to the side huffing. He was slowly loosing grip on keeping his body solid but completely lost it when you kissed him on the cheek. Quickly he was able to recompose himself by pinning you to the bed.
“It was rather rude to place bets on your boyfriend now isn’t it?”


You laughed as you stood by on the sidelines watching the scene in front of you unfold. Currently Soldier 76 was standing up in the middle of the training room trying to train D.Va, Lucio and Junkrat. But it was unsuccessful as they were too engrossed on this video they were watching. The soldier was trying his best to get their attention without yelling at them.

“Look, if you don’t do your training I won’t make the special for dinner.” You calmly stated like it was nothing, but a threat to them. The three quickly put away the phone and stood in front of Jack ready for training. Jack looked at you, you could tell by the furrow in his forehead that he was looking at you with confusion. You smiled at him with a wave taking a seat to watch them.

It impressed you how hard the young adults were training, although you did worry for them as well. With Jack being apart of the super soldier experiment he didn’t quite have a limit and forgot that the three did. So after about an hour you decided to call it off to let them relax for the rest of the afternoon. But Jack continued with training.

After another fifteen minutes you walked over to him chucking a bucket of water over him.
“Time to cool off.” With the way Jack delayed his turn you knew you fucked up and backed off dropping the bucket. When the turn started you bolted off, but with Jack being the way he is he instantly caught you. He picked you up off of the the floor by the waist. He was trying to get your clothes soaked in revenge.

The both of you were in a fit of giggles as Jack walked the both of you down the corridor. Other agents watched the scene passing by them, some people- most known as Hana Song- took photos. Instantly she sent them to everyone, including you and Jack but you didn’t see them for a few hours.

How It Should Have Been (Reaper76)

Title: How It Should Have Been
Chapter: Oneshot
Description: In another life, where Gabriel Reyes is strike-commander and Jack is the head of Blackwatch and everything feels right with the world, these two grumpy men could have been together. No more Reaper or Soldier: 76, just Gabe and Jack. However, that isn’t what happened. And yet Jack Morrison finds himself thrown into an alternate timeline, young and spry, where everything is how it should have been. For Reaper76 Week.
Pairing: Jack Morrison x Gabriel Reyes.  Soldier:76 x Reaper.  Reaper76.
Word Count: 860
Rating: General Audiences

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