A.K.A. Depression is a bitch and other swears

This was really a self-indulgent piece that I needed to write before I got back to my requests. It’s been a hellish few weeks and my own depression has been horribly kicking my ass. I finally got the itch to write again but I needed to get this out first. So. Yeah :D

Here you go.

You only noticed Gabriel entering your room when he shut the door behind him. Startled, you curled up tighter under your blanket, eyes fixed on the screen in the corner playing one of your favorite programs. You felt a hand wrap around one of your covered feet.

“How ya feelin’?” he asked quietly. You didn’t answer. He perched on the edge of your bed, carefully extracting your feet from the blankets to set them in his lap. When you didn’t respond, he started to rub them. “Still not ready to come out into the field again?” he tried.

You pulled your feet out of his lap and curled up tighter under the blanket. You heard him sigh. In response, he climbed off the bed to reposition himself behind you, wrapping an arm over your form and pulling you closer until you were flush against his front.

“Look, I know you’re not feelin’ too hot,” he whispered, “What can I do to help you? Huh? Do I need to let Mercy know your meds aren’t working too well? Or can I get you any kind of food? What can I do for you, carino?” He moved his arm to rub what he thought was your side.

You relaxed at the touch. “I dunno,” you responded. Your voice was small, almost nonexistent. “I don’t even know what I want anymore.” You squirmed around until you faced him, looking away when his eyes widened just a smidge. This close, he was able to see the dark circles and how blood shot your eyes were, the red patches in the corners from where you had cried and the left over stains on your cheeks and mouth. You tucked your head against his chest. “I just want it to be quiet. Is that bad? I just…need the world to pause for just a while so I can get my shit together.”

Gabriel released a slow sigh. He hugged you tight, pressed his mouth against your head. “I know,” he whispered. He slid his other arm under you, hugging you closer to him. “I’m here for you. Whatever you need,” he said. He kissed your head and moved around until he could see your face. “Just ask. Okay? If you need anything from me.”

“…You’ll really get me whatever food I ask for?”

“Within reason, amor.”

You gave him a small smile. “Chocolate covered potato chips? Milk chocolate?”

Gabriel rolled his eyes and sat up, dislodging you from your cocoon. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll figure out how to get those for you.”

You fell back into the mattress with a small giggle. “Thank you, Gabriel.”
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It snows in Gibraltar, causing Gabriel to have some magical changes and causing Jack to feel very cold.

They decide to warm up.

In the only way they know how - bad jokes, lots of swearing in English and Spanish, a ton of blankets, and some “fun.”

(…you can’t see it but I’m winking)

(…also, I’m sorry for the Spanish in advance)

About a day ago, I had six followers. Since then, I’ve gained 184 new followers. And only one of them was a porn blog!

So, hello new folks! I’m assuming y’all are all here because of my Reaper story. I initially intended to leave it as a short story, but I’ve had a number of people asking for more (including my sister), so I’m going to see about continuing. It will probably be a little while before I can post another section. I’ll need to do some serious world-building and story planing first.

Thanks to everyone who’s messaged me or left a reply on the post. You’ve all been so lovely!

anonymous asked:

PolyReaper76 meeting their s/o and their s/o being really sweet/innocent,to pure for thus world,but then watching as future s/o turns into a killing machine on the battle field.Than s/o goes back to being sweet and innocent directly after the battle.

Things seemed so much simpler before the Swiss Headquarters were destroyed. Jack was optimistic, Reyes was moral, and their s/o was the sweetest angel in the world. Their callsign became Angel, not only for the way they fought like a heavenly warrior, but also because they were gentle and kind. Whenever Jack and Gabriel would fight, they’d be quick to intervene and try to break things up. Some arguments they quelled…but some they were cast out of. Towards the end of Overwatch, Angel felt like they weren’t part of the relationship anymore; like a relationship didn’t even exist at all.

They wanted to shout and scream at the two for being total bone heads! Overwatch was crumbling because of their bickering, why couldn’t they realize that? When Overwatch did fall, Angel left the two for good, believing their two lovers dead. When Winston recalled Overwatch, Angel returned. Jack and Gabe soon saw their girlfriend/boyfriend on TV, fighting alongside the rest of the recalled agents. But they didn’t show some of the more gruesome fights on TV.

When Jack saw Angel on one of her missions, they were tearing through Talon agents, screaming obscenities, and crushing skulls. It was so different from the elegant style of battle they used to use. They had been so bubbly and cute in the old days, Jack never would have guessed they were capable of something so gruesome.

“Times have changed,” he heard Reaper say next to him.

76 would have normally attacked immediately, but this once…just this once, he didn’t. Whenever Angel was around, they would truce and stop arguing, so it only seemed right to do the same now.

“Including Angel,” Jack sighed, “Do ya think we did this to them?”

Reaper enjoyed the way Angel fought, but he didn’t like Angel themself fighting like that. It didn’t suit such a kindred spirit. Of all the lights in the world, he never wanted theirs to go out.

“We break everything we touch,” Reaper droned.

The two watched as Angel finished off the last agent, releasing their choke hold and letting the body fall to the ground. They breathed heavily, trying to catch their breath as they took in the carnage around them.

“Have you thought about going back to them?” Jack asked.

“Do you honestly think they’d want to see us again?”

“…Guess not,” he mumbled, “I still miss them,”

“Me too,” Reaper half sputtered, such weak words being foreign to him.