Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @ghoultit - featuring the voices of Tiana Camacho, @totalspiffage, @hnilmik and myself! The reason this comic even exists at all is also, apparently, my fault in some way. I accept responsibilty for my complicity in the creation of this monster o:

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Dumb Headcanons about the OW heroes

She was inspired to join overwatch after binge watching the entirety of Sailor Moon, Kill La Kill and One Punch Man.

He’s a shockingly good baker and for Christmas he made gingerbread versions of everyone.

She has a dog and the dog’s name is Lord Barkington III

If she hates someone, she’ll make a dick sculpture and send it to them anonymously

Him and Genji go to anime conventions and cosplay together

She listens to vocaloid on repeat whenever she’s stressed out

He plays video games with and he trolls her by “hacking”. When in reality he has a buggy aimbot

He once robbed a Pizza Hut and ate every pizza in an hour

He’s a descendant of Harambe

Her alarm clock is the Seinfeld theme

Fueled by salt.

He got drunk off of ramen once. Genji has pictures.

Writes poetry in his downtime

When she’s bored, she binge watches Disney movies

Spent a whole week in ikea

She chugged an entire bottle of Tabasco sauce in an attempt to restore her body heat. Instead, she discovered she was allergic to it.

He can sing over 100 vocaloid songs continuously with out stopping

When he forgets Genji’s name, he calls him “The Green Power Ranger”

In the middle of a battle once, she sang “It’s Raining Men” and Tracer has a video of it

He cried over the series finale of Gravity Falls and wouldn’t talk to anyone unless they called him Bill

Her ringtone is the Sherlock theme

Soldier 76:
He yelled at clouds once

If you have anymore, feel free to add on!

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First of all, none of these characters are people we know.  No one in this picture.

Second of all:

This is Gabriel DURING Overwatch.  This is the original strike team.  This picture is DURING the Omnic Crisis, when the whole thing was formed.  This is what young Gabe looks like.  No scars and all.

I’ll contine since y’all are clearly blind.

This guy right here: Large lips, clean eye brows, a short nose, long sideburns, skin that is more brown than gabes in palette, he’s got a different goatee shape as well.  This guy is also very clearly a black man.

Now let’s look at Gabe: Bushy eyebrows, bushier mustache, orange skin, huge nose, small lips.  He’s clearly a latino man. 

In summary: Stop.  It’s not him.  Stop acting like it is.

I am the one thing in life I can control

sorry, been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack because I went on a showtune binge to find things for Gabriel. it turned into art that is far from original but Y’KNOW WHAT fuckit if it fits then it fits.