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Cookie Monster gave me a big hug on the stage. 🍪🍪🍪 Love you buddy❤️hehe


Law of attraction really works let me tell you. Last year, in January I wasn’t booking any gigs, I was worried that I wasn’t cut out for acting, and considering giving up on my dream. By a stroke of fate, they took a chance on me in March of 2016 for “Extreme Measures”. Ever since then I have been booked solid for an entire year. I’ve had to turn work down because I had so many competing offers.

last May I received my eviction notice. The apartment That had been my home for 4 and a half years wanted to move “relatives” in. My boyfriend of three years left me, and I was entering a chaotic time in my life. So when I asked the universe to bring me a new apartment in SF (no easy feat in this housing market), and new career opportunities–I manifested exactly those things. My spells and creative visualization apparently worked, because people came to ME, I did not seek them out, or even have to audition for most of the roles. How spoiled I’ve been to be sought after. To be approached with scripts, even having roles written specifically for me (three times!). The place I ended up getting, just sort of fell into my lap without much effort. Almost too good to be true. Much better situation in this house as well. Seriously blessed and honored. I didn’t even realize until my grandmother pointed this out. !

Everything I asked the universe for last year: I received. Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true. Energy flows where your focus goes, and we truly do create our own reality, wether it be consciously or unconsciously. Why not take active participation in your destiny by being the architect of your own life?

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Heyyy, for the ask thing,can I request ym(cause I'm obsessed ok?),4 and 8? Thank youuu~

first impression of each other? was it love at first sight?

not quite,, yoongi thought that jimin was really cute, not super attractive but there was still something charming about him that compelled yoongi to want to look after him (even if he was a little rough with him at first). jimin found yoongi (cool and) intimidating especially because of the way he treated him, but he always made an effort to become closer because he really looked up to him.

what do they like best about their partner?

yoongi always says he loves every single thing about jimin but physically, he loves jimin’s eyes whether they’re crinkled up because he’s laughing, or he’s doing his Sexy Camera Gaze™. otherwise he loves jimin’s selflessness and his constant determination to better himself in any and every way possible. jimin loves yoongi’s tummy; also his passion and dedication to music and how he sometimes tries to be all subtle about showing kindness to others.

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She never doesn't keep it real
  • Therapist: I think you have an intense curiosity about the world that draws you to people who are exceptional or a little odd. And maybe keeps you around them longer than you should be there.
  • Me: Okay, I can go with that. But why are really inappropriate men attracted to *me*?
  • Her: [laughs]
  • Her: That's like, material for three solid sessions. Book another appointment and we'll work on that.
  • Me: 😁😁😁

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Jess I have to share this with someone and I have a feeling you will understand. There's this young guy in my city that's got permanent facial clown tattoos and red clown hair and I think I'm like really sexually attracted to him. Wtf why tho

Well…whatever works for you 🤡. Idk why tho 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart