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This might be a weird message but I appreciate that you appreciate Harry. Like whenever someone is obsessing over malec they always talk about how hot matt is and, though I agree, I just love seeing a brilliant and beautiful writer and person finally appreciating the beauty that is Harry Shum Jr. he was my favorite on glee and he was so sadly overshadowed. So yeah thank you! That was a bit random but I needed to say it!

not a weird message at all, this is really sweet

beyond finding harry very attractive he really is just profoundly fucking talented and you’ll always see a ton of love for him from me. i love trying to capture what he’s done with magnus, the depth and the beauty and the power of his acting

i appreciate him deeply and i’m glad you like that

Pillow Fight

Dean: Cas….

Cas: Dean….

Dean: Cas, it has come to my attention that your VICTOR NIKIFOROV BODY PILLOW is perhaps COMIN’ BETWEEN US!

Cas: Comin’ between us?

Dean: Yep!

Cas: But DEAN, what need to you have to be JELLY of a BODY PILLOW based on a really really really really really really really really REALLY attractive Russian Ice Skater dude?  For you know, Dean, YOU are my one an’ only PUNKIN PIE!

Dean: Well, I guess so….

Cas: Come on, Dean!  Let’s sit together, and TALK IT OUT.

Dean: WEllllll….

Cas: We c’n sit right here, on my VICTOR NIKIFOROV FLUFFY CUDDLES BED!!

Dean: *sigh*

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To Law: *ahem* I think your amazing and really attractive(I'm a weak girl who loves attractive men leave me alone), I think you have an amazing crew and I feel sometimes you need a hug. I don't know what I'm saying I just think your an amazing person and really cool! 😁🍊


The man stares at you in silence, not knowing how to react to your words. “Thank you.” He merely says and keeps staring at you, not caring about the fact that he might make you uncomfortable. Time passes, neither of you speak, he just holds your gaze. Then, he speaks up again, “I’m not sure if you should go around and tell others that you’re weak, Y/N- ya. It can get dangerous for you.” To your surprise, he starts to smirk. “Unless you like being in danger.”


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Gggggghhhhh here we go-

Name: Ichi (( Not my real name, but shhhhhh ))

Nickname: Ichicken Quesadilla, Mahou Shoujichi, Ichipper, Senpau, Itch Powder, Mom (help me), Chorororo, Zipperichi

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 172 cm (( We don’t use feet as measurement here ))

Orientation: Straight (( Though I’m not really attracted to anyone irl. Only fictional characters hhhhhh ))

Nationality: Ich bin ein Deutsche idiot (( I’m German lmao ))

Favorite Fruit: Strawberry / Pineapple (acid)

Favorite Season: Autumn / Winter

Favorite Book: The Warriors saga lmao (( Cats. Cats cats cats cats ))

Favorite Flower: Fly traps

Favorite Scent: S c e n t ? My nose has basically been dead for an eternity now and I can rarely ever sense a smell lmao

Favorite Color: Green/black/blue/red/purple

Favorite Animal: Basically any feline (( Though I love all animals ))

Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa: How about none-

Average sleep hours: From 30 mins. to 1 hour. I hate it.

Cat or dog person: Meow

Favorite fictional character: I have too many–
Oso, Choro, Ichi, Dipper Pines, Link, Akira Kurusu, Rick Sanchez (:^)), Tsu (You know, from Boku no Hero Academia? :^)), Eraser Head, and many many more I’m too lazy to mention-

Number of blankets you sleep with: 0

Dream Trip: I’d like to go to Japan, but at the same time I hate traveling.

Date your account was made: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Around two years ago? I’m not even sure anymore

Number of followers: 380 ( the hell lmao )

Random fact: I become the giggliest person when I’m tired and start doing a lot of weird stuff

And now I gotta tag people

Oh boy

I don’t wanna be a bother so I’ll just tag three–
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Also I don’t think I’ve ever been physically attracted to any of my male partners. I kept them around because they made me feel less ugly. I don’t think I’ve ever found a man really attractive as in the “I want to date you” kind. I’ve just noticed when they were conventionally attractive and even so my feelings were just ehhhhh. Whenever my straight friends would watch a movie and they’d be like “this one has hot guys in it” I never felt it? Besides even conventionally attractive men always look exactly the same.

Meanwhile, with women, I would totally watch Suicide Squad over and over again even though it was a mess just because Margot Robbie is sexy as hell.

There’s a trend on tumblr that is more than rampant, and since it’s been going on for so fucking long i feel the need to speak on it.

Tumblr hates trans men.

“But thehomosexuals!” you might be screaming. “I see positivity posts every 5 minutes on my dash! They’re always saying trans men are valid!” And to that I’d ask you how many of those were about trans men, and how many of those were about feminine trans men.

If you said that more than 90% of those posts are for feminine trans men, then you are definitey using the same website as I and thousands of other trans men are.

Now, feminine trans men are so fucking valid and they deserve all the love and support, but when every single positivity post is about feminine trans men….. that kind of reaks of something more malicious. While it’s true that feminine trans men would face more discrimination for wanting to adhere to traditionally feminine things while also identifying as a male, there’s something more insidious going on.

It’s not an unknown fact that tumblr has ill will toward every sect of men. It’s went beyond the type of “down with cis” joking attitude to actual malicious will. And in my opinion (and others opinions as well, believe me this isn’t the first time i’ve brought this up to anyone), this is bordering on fetishization and erasure.

there are people on this website who are more than happy to praise feminine trans men for their femininity, but the minute a trans man wants to be more “traditionally masculine” theyre seen as disgusting and horrible and adhering to toxic masculinity. there are people on here who believe that feminine trans men are superior and Braver. there are people on here who think masculine trans men deserve fuck all and could basically be the cisgender people of the transgender community. there are people on here who use feminine trans men as a token that they don’t hate men, when really theyre attracted to the “female” aspects of their identity and erase the fact that they are men from their minds.

you heard me right. there are people on here who use the femininity of some trans men to erase the fact that they are still men. there will be post after post saying that men who look like women are wonderful. not valid as men, not manly as hell, they’re wonderful. and thats true, but theyre still men. theyre not your UwU babbies to love and cherish like little newborns. they are not women. they are not for your eyes. they have their own identity.

again, im gonna end this with the fact that feminine trans men are wonderful and valid and theyre still manly as hell even if they adhere to all “traditionally feminine” things. they are still men. they are still valid.

and using feminine trans men as your scapegoat for “not hating men” while simultaneously only harping on the “female” aspects of their identity is transphobic.