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Hey have u have ever listened to bad day by Darwin Deez? It's a bit of an acquired taste but I think the lyrics really scream sterek tbh

Bro, then this is a taste I have already acquired, because I love this song and just bought it so fast. I have a special place in my heart for this kind of apathetic sounding song.

And you’re so right, because this is totally Stiles’ constant bitter train of thought while being horribly attracted to Derek, who is still too socially awkward to not come off as an asshole.

I’m seeing them as neighbors, and every day, he’s got a new petty wish for something minor but inconvenient to go wrong in Derek’s day, because he’s such a dick for no reason with his stupid nice car, but he’s also really fucking attractive and he’s nice to everyone else in the building, so he must have a problem with Stiles in particular.

But then Stiles finds out that Derek’s life is actually kind of terrible already, and his daily wishes become less petty and more, can at least one thing go right in this guy’s life for once?? 

It doesn’t work, because it’s Derek, so then Stiles feels irrationally guilty about his petty and bitter thoughts and starts like, bringing up the package UPS dumped kind of around Derek’s mailbox, or dropping off the extra pizza the delivery guy just happened to bring 100% accidentally that he can’t possibly eat on his own. 

Meanwhile, poor Derek has been nursing a massive crush on his hot neighbor who always gives him the stink eye when they pass in the hall, and he doesn’t know what he did to piss Stiles off, but it must’ve been bad, judging by the dead silent elevator rides they share. At least until Stiles starts being friendly? And giving him free pizzas? And a succulent?

And then they fall in love and move in together when it comes time for Stiles to renew his lease, and he spends the rest of his life making sure at least one thing goes right every day of Derek’s life.

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i haven't ever had a crush in the 16 years i've existed. i have come to the conclusion that i am asexual but i still think a lot of people are attractive

I feel u!! Personally, I thought I was ace for a while cause I wasn’t really attracted to anyone in my class but then I realized I was p young and everyone else around me was young and honestly,, not my type,,, I’m not saying asexuality isn’t real,, that’s just my experience

Anon: “some mutual friends set us up for a blind date because "we’d be perfect together”. but it turns out we’ve already met before. I’m the asshole that managed to break your laptop (i spilt coffee all over it) when you were working on an important paper, you screamed at me for half an hour before breaking my nose. (you’re really attractive though so i’m game.)“ This would be adorable for sugakookie!!!! preferably with yoongi doing the punching ;)

 Nice prompt anonnie! And yeah, I couldn’t imagine Kookie punching Yoongi haha (sorry Kook). I tweaked the prompt a bit and I hope you don’t mind. I really wish I did your idea justice with college au ^-^ AND ALSO I KNOW THIS IS REALLY OLD AND I’M SO SORRY I’M JUST GETTING TO IT NOW!

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If that was me he was talking about during that podcast, I’d be pissed as hell since he’s basically saying,“well, you’re not pretty really or even attractive but you’re good to stick my dick into for the time being.” I’d be like

But i have more self esteem.

Can love last in that manner of when it’s an attractive person with a not attractive person? Sure, it happens all the time and most often than not, it’s when people aren’t looking to find love. Most people find the person they really love when they least expect it and it’s not someone they would be attracted to or its someone most people on the outside are like,“what the hell?” But those are cases where the people have good hearts and good qualities.

As for people who have shitty insides like a certain poodle looking bitch….most of that is based on the “honeymoon” stage. In the beginnings of most relationships, you don’t quite know the other persons flaws or negative qualities or you don’t really see them smack dab in front of you. You’re kind of blinded by your attraction. Most people say those stages can take 6 to 9 months to really fade before you’re in the trenches of the relationship. I once read an article that our attraction to another person based on their looks and negative qualities that emerge and whether the relationship can last is really built on our brain waves. After a certain period of time (it was like a max up to 18 months or 24 months), our brain waves and mind looks at the relationship we are in with our significant other and determines whether the relationship is really worth lasting and if it’s real or if it was based on chemical reactions or not. If it was, our brain essentially vetoes our partner and chooses to look for those lustful feelings in another.

I have been that way from the beginning. I thought he at least liked her from the standpoint that this had to start somehow in the grand scheme of things. Now whether he liked the real her or whatever feminist bull she was portraying, I dunno. Do I think he loves her? Hell to the fucking no. if she honestly thinks he does she needs a good slap upside the head. I always thought it was sex first and I still think it’s sex now. I just think it’s easier to deal with for the time being. I mean, I at least saw chemistry with Brangelina. With these two, I’m picking up nada. But then again I can’t stand her damn voice.

I still think he was throwing shade at her about her dog. I still stand by that whole Dodger having pure beautiful energy while hers is hacking up a lung somewhere.

Honestly speaking, if AO3′s cold culture had been my first introduction to writing fic? I can’t guarantee I’d still be writing it.

Livejournal was a lot of (mostly bad, towards the end) things, but at minimum it was a community of readers that were excited to read and talk about your work. Their feedback was essential to my early evolution as a fic writer. Absolutely essential.

So I’m not posting numbers in an attempt to whine or look for more attention. I just want everyone to consider dropping some Kudos if you take the few minutes to read the entire story, and maybe leaving a comment if you liked it - especially if you’ve read it multiple times. Many of these writers might not even know how talented they are, since AO3′s not the kind of place that’s very keen on revealing your worth.

But we can help change that, you know? We can all do something about it. We don’t just have to accept it as “that’s the way it is” and shrug it off. That’s how you lose writers. That’s the kind of lonely, quiet environment that makes someone facing a writer’s block instead choose to close up shop. Then you’re wondering why they never continued their epic series, when all they ever got were about 3% of people leaving Kudos and five comments for days and days of work.

And I just think that’s a damn shame.