SVT Vocal Unit MTL: Dating Someone Socially Awkward

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Seokmin is so bright and playful I feel like he would be really attracted to someone quieter and more awkward. He would relish in the feeling of telling you corny jokes and watching you warm up to him. He would be so sweet and considerate and eventually help you to feel a little less awkward in social situations!

Seungkwan would be the s w e e t e s t person ever I can’t even begin to explain how gentle he would be with you. He’d think your awkwardness would be so cute and heartwarming bc he can’t wait to get close to you and show you the wonders of the world in the safety of his arms :^)

Jihoon is definitely the middle man in this situation bc he is the definition of awkward himself. Usually opposites attract but in Jihoon’s case I feel like he would prefer his partner to be on the quieter/awkward side who will understand his work and support him! You’d have really awkward date nights that you both think back on and laugh at bc ur so precious to each other :)

Joshua used to be so awkward I would cringe at times but boom! He’s all grown up and a walking meme now :D This kid would definitely get along with you and since he knows first hand what that uncomfortable feeling is like, he’ll help ease your nerves and comfort you at your worst. 

Jeonghan is that one out of this bunch that I think feeds off of others energy and likes to be around louder and upbeat people,but when it comes to winding down for the day he’s all about the calmer kids. He would tease you for your awkward tendencies but find them to be really endearing at the same time and wonder why he got so lucky bc u two are so cute together~

anonymous asked:

comp heterosexuality question: is it normal to keep looking at a guy (butt, crotch etc.) to see if you're attracted to them?? I feel so uncomfortable but I just need to know and I feel fake. :(

im pretty sure this is normal, lots of lesbians have the overwhelming fear that they’re “faking it” or “really actually attracted to men” because of societal lesbophobia, so I think it’s not uncommon for lesbians to try to “prove” to themselves that they are, in fact, lesbians.

Sending support your way, anon. You don’t have to prove that you’re a lesbian to anyone, you’re a real lesbian, I promise <3


Legacy Play - Generation 4 - Gabriel Messer - Bachelor Challenge - Day 2 Group Date

At the park Macy joined Gabriel at the chess table hoping to make up some lost ground.

Macy: I hear you’re the head of the local chess club, I think that’s really attractive. I adore strategy games myself.

Gabriel: The best thing about chess is how I can get totally absorbed in a game and just forget about everything else for a while. It also helps me with my critical thinking skills. 

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sooooo i love my girlfriend more than anything but im beginning to feel for this other girl...... I would never act on it or anything but i just feel really bad for being attracted :(

why do you think you’re beginning to feel attraction for someone else? Has your attraction for your current girlfriend lessened?

I think it’s human nature to find people attractive and if you still love your girlfriend the same and you’re just silently admiring another woman I honestly don’t think that’s bad because I don’t think anyone can really say when they’re in a committed relationship it turns off their attraction as a person. Finding someone attractive is not cheating on anybody, I don’t think you should be actively looking for people to find attractive & if that’s the case maybe you were actually unsatisfied in your relationship.

Now, if you speak to them and act on it and develop something with them I think that is wrong, and if your attraction is something serious that comes in the way of your current relationship that is also wrong. But, if you’re just finding another human being attractive, I honestly think that is something you can’t prevent

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart

Honestly speaking, if AO3′s cold culture had been my first introduction to writing fic? I can’t guarantee I’d still be writing it.

Livejournal was a lot of (mostly bad, towards the end) things, but at minimum it was a community of readers that were excited to read and talk about your work. Their feedback was essential to my early evolution as a fic writer. Absolutely essential.

So I’m not posting numbers in an attempt to whine or look for more attention. I just want everyone to consider dropping some Kudos if you take the few minutes to read the entire story, and maybe leaving a comment if you liked it - especially if you’ve read it multiple times. Many of these writers might not even know how talented they are, since AO3′s not the kind of place that’s very keen on revealing your worth.

But we can help change that, you know? We can all do something about it. We don’t just have to accept it as “that’s the way it is” and shrug it off. That’s how you lose writers. That’s the kind of lonely, quiet environment that makes someone facing a writer’s block instead choose to close up shop. Then you’re wondering why they never continued their epic series, when all they ever got were about 3% of people leaving Kudos and five comments for days and days of work.

And I just think that’s a damn shame.