This is my Elfsona, Solas. He’s a Dreamer Mage that also mastered rift magic faster than anyone else. He’s taller and more muscular than most elves and doesn’t get along with the Dalish because he’s smarter than they are and knows more about ancient elves and they’re jealous of his knowledge and power. He’s really good friends with all the spirits he meets in the Fade and prefers talking to them than other people, he’s not like the other elves. Also he’s bald, but not really, he could grow really long hair if he wants to but he shaves it off because it looks cool and even though other elves hate him all the girl elves find him really attractive and sexy because of how cool he is, but his complicated past and lone wolf type personality means he doesn’t want to settle into a relationship.
—  Fen’Harel

have i mentioned how great jake gyllenhaal is? i mean not only is he a very attractive man, i mean look at him

but he is like super sweet all the time. he gave kirsten dunst a kitten for her birthday, had his bar mitzvah at a homeless shelter, is active in multiple charities and groups aiming for social change, as well as a campaign to make youth more aware of how their vote can make a difference.

not to mention this

“You know, it’s flattering when there’s a rumor that says I’m bisexual. It means I can play more kinds of roles. I’m open to whatever people want to call me. I’ve never really been attracted to men sexually, but I don’t think I would be afraid of it if it happened.” (Details, December 2005)

also this shirt

seriously, he deserves more credit

[150424]  Jane and Yuna Kim say who they want to be close to in TopStarNews Interview

“…Following, maknae Cheon Jane is asked who is the celebrity she wants to get close to. “Red Velvet’s Yeri sunbaenim and I went to the same school. When she won with her team, I wanted us to be friends at least one time* Jane said, releaving their same age with an excited feeling. Yuna talked after listening the younger “I’m friends with J-Hope from Bangtan Boys and I want to be friends with Rap Monster sunbaenim. He raps really good.” she said, attracting attention while she praised the skills of Rap Monster.”

*I believe Jane is making an example of something that happened while they were in school, not when Red Velvet won with ICC.

trans: @ ohifnt from thearkktumblr


anyway so i am not actually attracted to men at all in any way

omg i actually really like namjoon’s new song???? i didn’t expect to like it as much as i did tbh

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is... is cinnabar supposed to be hot? bc she's really attractive...

You best take that up with ghostfiish it is 100% her fault.

And/or talk to homebeccer about that. One day last week I woke up from a groggy afternoon nap, found Becca streaming, and entered the stream to find her declaring her love for Cinnabar and shipping her gemsona with her (mind you, Cinnabar hadn’t appeared in the fic. this was strictly over Carlie’s (ghostfiish’s) designs)

Carlie has immense power and should be feared.

Tongue Tied // Pietro x Reader

Request: So cuuuuuute (and funny) headcanons! Can you write please 12 & 73? I’ll love to read that with a lot of fluff and dork Pietro!

A/N: I’m splitting this request (from the au list) in two, 12 first, 73 later!

12: “I’m one of Tony’s and Bruce’s new lab assistant and you find me really attractive, but every time I come around, you sound like a complete idiot.”

It was hard for Pietro to form a sentence around you, even the most simplest ones, besides the fact that his accent made it harder for him to pronounce things–your presence made even the easiest words turn into mush in his mouth. “You have pretty face and I like you-No…I can not say that…” Pietro paced, trying to put together a sentence, “Hair is nice, yeah? Oh god, I sound like a complete idiot trying to talk to her…”

Shoving his face into the palm of his hands, you entered the floor that was shared with the lab, files in your hands, ready to continue an experiment–that is, until you came to a complete stop and saw Pietro standing there, looking miserable as ever, “Hey, are you okay?” You called out, walking over to him to only see his head shot up as his eyes grew wide.

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Yeah, out of all the Supernovas the character that has always catched my interest was Eustass Kid. After Law, Kid is one of the biggest piece of fan girl bait. And each new thing about him draws a lot of girls closer and closer to him. Not to mention the fact that Kid does pull off the bad boy act.

i wouldn’t call Kid fangirl bait, personally. he’s not really conventionally attractive in any way, especially when Oda first drew him–but we know the most about him among the Suprnova, apart from Zoro, Luffy, and Law, of course. he’s so fascinating.

he’s not that stereotypical buff angry dude. you can tell he thinks a lot, even if he has a temper and loses control. he’s smart. he’s self aware. for whatever reason, Killer follows him, and we can tell that Killer is an intelligent man. He wouldn’t follow someone he thought wasn’t worth it. (it’s worth noting that Killer and Zoro are both several years older then Kid and Luffy. Killer is 4 years older then Kid an Zoro is 2 years older then Luffy). and when Kid was distracted, he trusted Killer to protect him, which he did without fail.

Kid was disappointed when he heard Law became a Warlord and that Luffy disappeared. he was excited to meet them both again as rivals, and to see one become the Government’s dog was… well, shitty news. he seemed really pumped to know that both are still around and they’re still potential rivals. He likes and respects both. he respects the fact that Luffy has the balls to say that he was gonna become the Pirate King without any hesitation.

it helps that Oda’s current style sorta soften ups Kid’s facial features to be less… creepy? then it was when he first appeared. he almost looks younger. (tho to me he always seemed cute idk maybe i just have a weird type)

and he does pull off the bad boy thing, but i find him incredibly dorky for whatever reason?? idk haha. i fully expect him to pull a Law and the more we find out about him the less we’ll be able to take him seriously

like, Kid isn’t really that stereotypical fangirl bait. he’s not angsty. he’s not conventionally attractive. he’s not a pretty boy. he’s a damn smart guy with a dangerous temper who trusts his crew and is super exited to fight with Luffy and Law as rivals, and he’ll kill anyone who mocks his dream to become the Pirate King. he trusts his crew, hates the government and calls out their hypocrisy, and knows to gather information on dangerous weapons instead of staying ignorant about them. he’s just a really fascinating character and i can’t wait to learn more about him

So my day is going great. Shot down a really attractive brand rep by accident and told him I’ll just email him the display 😂🙈 and then made accidental sexual advances at another guy who is a solicitor and pissed himself when I said it. Fuck my actual life.

Monday, August 3rd: Post about characters who are canonically, or you headcanon as gay or lesbian

Asajj Ventress

Basically, here’s the deal. I know Ventress flirts with guys a LOT throughout the series, from Obi-Wan to Greivous to that super squicky kiss when she killed Colt. I don’t think she’s straight though. At all. There are cultural things that could contribute to this (nightsisters only use nightbrothers as breeding stock in a sort of black widow way, apparently. That doesn’t seem like the usual sexual attraction to me.) She could be bi but I tend to think she only really finds herself genuinely attracted to women, and flirts with men as a sort of power play. She does it a lot less after she leaves the SIth, starts developing more as her own person, and after she reconnects with her heritage as a Nightsister. 

But even outside of that line of reasoning, I just love this headcanon so much. Which is why I don’t think I’ll read Dark Disciple, as much as I want more Asajj in my life. I’ll just write her into my fanfiction with her girlfriend and be happy in my little corner… xD

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do your family and friends know that you're gay?

My friends do. Family doesn’t. I grew up with my parents saying they hated gays and faggots and absolutely detested their ways. Leading me to feel like an outsider from elementary school on when I realized I was different and didn’t like girls in a romantic way. So I’ve not told them anything else after I told my mom and dad I thought a guy was really attractive and they immediately yelled at me saying that was wrong and to change my thinking because it wouldn’t be tolerated. I’ve only recently begun contemplating coming out to them. But I need to be financially stable in the event I am kicked out and shunned so to speak. I’m trying to find the courage to open up to my gay cousin to kind of at least let someone in my family know though.

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I have this boyfriend atm and lately things haven't been going great and I'm losing mad feelings. like I don't find him attractive anymore really, he's annoys me easily, I don't want to see him. I would hate to break up because I love his family and I would hate for them to think of me negatively. Idk what to do.. what should I do?:/

Ouch :/ Well love his family shouldn’t hate you, it’s not like you cheated on him or did him wrong, you’re breaking up with him… They should have some type of understanding towards that… At the end of the day if you’re no longer happy being with him, then you shouldn’t stay :/

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I may or may not have had a very, very terrible dream last night. and by terrible I mean WONDERFUL because Chanyeol was a freaking male stripper and chose me to do all the "demonstrations" (idfk what to call it) on. I died a little. it's weird because I've never considered the whole "magic-mike-male-strippers-YAS" thing really attractive, but when it was Chanyeol I was so into it oh my god I am not pure

@___@ xo

back in my day people made jokes about packing paper, juvia was the hottest oc on the block (and god do i miss her), a really attractive priest with white eyes and there was a cat-person oc who gave cat facts to every follower