Josh Duggar accurately portrays how easy it is for a white cis male to cheat the system


Using the poor as fodder in entertainment is a reliable trope. Shakespeare himself deployed low-status secondary characters as both comic relief and truth-tellers. And reality TV largely runs on two speeds: the backstabbing dramas of bored rich people, orthe trashy antics of economically underprivileged ones. But two new game shows — one in the US and one in the UK — are proving that on television, income isn’t the only thing that plumbs the depths.

Let’s get people living paycheck to paycheck to squirm — and even fight — over a satchel of much-needed money!

We’ve peeked behind the dishonest, dangerous, and downright filthy curtain of reality TV before. But almost everything focuses on the star-victims of reality shows – have you ever wondered what it’s like behind that camera? Cracked sat down with a man responsible for filming numerous reality shows and, on the condition of anonymity, he put some of the “real” back in “reality television.”

4 Lies Reality Shows Rely On (That Are Worse Than You Think)

the signs as reality tv
  • Aries:The Real Housewives
  • Taurus:America's Next Top Model
  • Gemini:The Bachelor
  • Cancer:Dance Moms
  • Leo:Dancing With The Stars
  • Virgo:The Real World
  • Libra:American Idol
  • Scorpio:Survivor
  • Sagittarius:The Amazing Race
  • Capricorn:Project Runway
  • Aquarius:COPS
  • Pisces:Keeping Up With The Kardashians