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35 with rafinha please? 💞

You’re pretty sure that Rafinha hasn’t spotted your shirt yet. Or the grin fixed on your face as you eagerly anticipate his (probably, negative) reaction to seeing the Real Madrid 2017/18 kit adorning your figure. Rafinha is too preoccupied buttering his toast and humming along to the radio to have seen at your latest purchase properly.


“Yes, please.”

He still has his back to you, blissfully unaware of your shirt. That is, until he turns around and places your mug in front of you. “What the fuck?” Rafinha’s mouth drops open ever so slightly and his eyebrows scrunch together. “What are you wearing?”

“Real’s new away kit?”

He starts to shake his head stubbornly. “I am not having my girlfriend- fuck, my now soon to be ex-girlfriend, walking around in a Madrid shirt.” He rolls his eyes, walking around the kitchen island to your side and tugging at the hem of your shirt. “It’s clashing with my apron.”

(Which was covered with the Barcelona club crest, a gift from yours truly for his last birthday.”

“But their new kit is so beautiful.”

“But your equally as beautiful boyfriend plays for their biggest rivals.”


“No buts. Get rid of it. God, burn it if you have to.” He whines, and when you simply giggle in response and reach around to grip his waist he steps back and shakes his head. “You heard me. Take. It. Off. I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping with the enemy for all this time.”

“You’re so dramatic.” You laugh. “It’s staying on, whether you like it or not, Mr Barcelona.”

He finally cracks a smile, but not before going back to toy with the bottom hem of the shirt. You soon feel his right hand begin to stroke the skin exposed where the shirt ends, and he smirks. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Rafinha leans in to place a kiss on your neck, and his stubble tickles your skin.

“That Real are going to make it three in a row in Kiev next year?”

He chuckles and shakes his head, and the next thing you know he’s lifting the shirt above your head and kissing your neck again.

(You know what he’s thinking.)

(And you’re inclined to think the same.)