Mesut’s interview by BJKTV

translation by jenny_jenkins (thanks a lot bonita)

Female Reporter; To start with, without taking too much of your time before practice, we want to ask you how does it feel to be in Istanbul? Are you able to come often to Istanbul? What do you think of the atmosphere here?

Mesut; Of course I’m very happy, first of all, to be in Istanbul. My friends and family live in Istanbul. From time to time, I also go there for holidays. Unfortunately our holidays are very short. Generally I can come for one week to Istanbul. But I’m very happy to be here.

Female Reporter; You can’t go around a lot, especially during this visit. You haven’t seen a lot of places?

Mesut; No, in general we are staying in the Hotel with the team, besides (also) we aren’t allowed to go outside.

Female Reporter; (laughs) True.

Male Reporter; What do you want to say about the Turkish league and Besiktas, the competition has get excited, three teams are fighting for the league championship. Are you able to follow it (the Turkish League) and what do you think?

Mesut; Unfortunately I can’t follow the league. Our games are at the same time as their games. However, my friends of course do watch the Turkish league a lot. Besiktas, we know, is of course a big club. In my time at Werder Bremen I also played with Hugo Almeida (Besiktas player now a days). Once in a while we naturally phone or write to each other. Like I said when I speak to him he says that Besiktas is a great club and that living in Istanbul is great and the people are very warm/kind.

Male Reporter; By the way Hugo Almeido is suffering a sad injury at this moment.

Mesut; I know, because we sometimes write. I wish him a lot of luck. To Besiktas I also wish a lot of luck in the league.

Male Reporter; I want to ask you Mesut. You’re working with Mourinho, how is to be working with him? For your own development he must have had influence, working with one of the best coaches of the world. How is it like?

Mesut; It’s very nice. Naturally, before I went to Real Madrid I wanted to work with him. Now I’m working with him. He gives very good support. For me, he’s the best coach on earth. What can I say more.

Female Reporter; In connection to that, what can you say more, like about living in Madrid?

Mesut: It is, for me, natürlich a great honour/ it fills me, natürlich, with pride to be in the starting 11 of a big team like Real Madrid. It’s not easy. Real Madrid gives me plenty of support and believes in me and I try, with my abilities on the pitch, to show how grateful I am. For that reason I am very happy to be playing in a big team like Real Madrid.

Female Reporter: If we are speaking of Real Madrid, how do you value your chance in the Champions League? [she refers to a CL win]

Mesut: Very good. I think our chance is very good. We have won 3-0 against Galatasaray. The game tomorrow will be difficult. Natürlich, Galatasaray is playing at home. They have a lot of fans wh will be supporting them. But if we play our game I’m sure we’ll win.

Female Reporter: You have the advantage.

Mesut: Yes.

Male Reporter: It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world, perhaps you play in the biggest club club in the world (a paradoxical statement :D) There are many young people who dream of that. To play. You managed it. What advice would you give them? Aside from that they should work hard and train. What advice would you tell them?

Mesut: What I did…I believed in myself. My family and my friends always completely supported me. They should believe in themselves and keep practicing. Hopefully they’ll get to play in a club (meaning: that the dreams of the young players will come true). For me, thank God, it happened. So to all the young players: believe in yourself. Hopefully they’ll manage it at any rate.

Female Reporter: Mesut, before you go I have something I would like to ask you. It’s about the internationally renowned player Guti who played with us at Besiktas. When you were newly arrived in Spain he expressed an opinion about you. Perhaps you remember. It was two years ago. He said “Mesut is a very unique player.” [à farkli means different, unique, special]. His reading of the game; he knows where to play the ball, when to keep it. He is an unbelievably unique player.“ What would you like to say about Guti?

Mesut: Natürlich I saw his games because I was fascinated by Real Madrid. Natürlich everyone, when I first arrived, made comparisons between me and him. His left-foot was unparalleled. He played incredible passes. He was a good player. He had quality. I don’t know how many years he played at Besiktas, but he is a successful footballer. For that reason I am filled with pride he said such nice things about me. I thank him.

Female Reporter: We are very proud you play in Spain. We are very grateful you took part in our broadcast.

Mesut: Thank you. My pleasure.

Female Reporter: Once more, many thanks.

Mesut: smiles :)