I live in a very small town and my father didn’t quite believe me about all those people playing Pokemon Go, so I showed him a corner with 4 pokestops where people always set lures (even over night). About 30 people were standing and sitting around that place, some brought chairs and others were driving to it with their cars.

He’s been muttering ‘I can’t believe this.’ for the past 5 minutes and started asking if you could annoy people though placing lures in their garden.

Also he calls them Poke pilgrims.


reading about the saxons, anglo-saxons etc and seeing a disturbing trend where english people are talking about their own ancient culture/language as if they were some distant foreign race or something (and often, one worthy of scorn).

no, these guys were you. you.


How to stay safe during a traffic stop by Poteet Films

Sad thing is, they’d probably still get shot. 

Cop: They were “reaching for something that looked like a gun… And the drone was resisting so I shot it down. #Hate it! 

if we’re going to be together, i want you to be assertive, like let me do what I want, but don’t just let me ‘do’ what I want, ya know? question my actions, question my beliefs, I want to you challenge me, fucking challenge me, make me think, you don’t have to pretend to like everything I like, you don’t have to pretend to agree with everything that I agree with, be you, and I can still be me, and together we can just simply 'be’, with all of our differences, that’s how we’ll grow