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This Map Of Westeros Shows The European Equivalents Of The Seven Kingdoms

Still reeling from Sunday’s season 5 finale of “Game Of Thrones”? Understandable. It was brutal!

One mental exercise useful during every traumatic episode of the show or moment in George R.R. Martin’s book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” is to remind yourself that Westeros, and the people living there, are not real. It’s all fiction! Nothing happening on the screen or page actually happened to a living human.

This is easy, of course, when there are dragons or White Walkers on screen. Yet Martin has made it clear that he did use historical events, people and places as the inspiration for some of his world.

With that in mind, we at The Huffington Post decided to play a fun little game: If Westeros did exist, what real world countries would correspond to each of the Seven Kingdoms?

See our full historical explanation for each country here.

I'm probably about to lose followers, but I really have no fucks to give

Florida Georgia Line is not fucking country. They are exactly what MTV wants society to think country is. It’s pathetic how many people hated on others, notably Taylor Swift, for not being country, but love these asshats.


uhh why isn’t this guy on the radio at all? he’s amazing. and insanely attractive…

Anyone, boy or girl, can put on a cowboy hat and pair of boots and call themselves country.

Anyone can wear boots and a hat and say they like hunting and mudding and fishing, and in a girls case they like Luke Bryan.

But it takes a lot more to be a country boy/girl or a cowboy/cowgirl.

It’s not what’s on the outside, its what’s on the inside. Country is a mentality that hardly anyone has anymore. And it’s a mentality that is kid of hard to describe.

You respect your elders, you respect women. You take your hat off when you enter a building, and you take it off when talking to a lady.

You always offer a helping hand, no matter to whom it might be, and you’re always there for your friends.

Country is all about RESPECT. For your family, friends, country, and surroundings. Not about big trucks and mud and camo.

(There’s a lot more, but this would turn into a huge essay if I included it all)

One of the biggest things I think happens now-a-days…is that ‘Country’ has almost taken a Hollywood type image.

A girl will say that they 'want a country boy’, and go on to describe a typical faker, but when a REAL country boy comes along, they don’t give him the time of day, he ain’t good enough for them because they don’t live up to the image they get from TV and the internet of male models who have never even been on a horse suddenly putting on a pair of boots and jeans with a unbuttoned shirt and stand in front of a camera.

Country music is hardly even country music anymore. Florida Georgia Line, Rascal Flatts? Please.

'Country Girl Shake It For Me’ is one of the most disgusting excuses for a country song I have ever heard, and it just glorifies even more the fake cowgirl image.

I really don’t know what else to say to this because I have had a lot of pent up rage about it for a long time, but I figured I would vent a little bit….if you want me to go on, put a question in my ask or something.