i remember seeing tfa in 2015 and thinking “wow i’m gonna be 24 by the time episode 8 comes out that’s so old that’s like being a real-life adult” and now it’s just like… sis

My friends are over here like, “Yeah, I just bought furniture for the guest bedroom and a matching toilet cover” and I’m over here like, “I just bought gummy bears and wine for the apartment I inhabit by myself, and I don’t even have to share the gummy bears. Who’s the real winner here?” 😂

Three gems and a baby: Analysis (long post)

(yay, it’s here! in this post, i’ll mostly be talking about key points that i thought stood out the most and may give us hints to the over all plot and personalities of the gems and other characters)

first note- “ don’t forget out… arrangement”  “that’s what you get for raising me to love music” 

we find out, that steven does in fact: demand a song at every flashback/story from his father. 10/10 . I love the lil inside jokes of steven universe

through the song, we hear that greg was probably not educated in how to raise a child at all, just like most adults in real life. and if there’s anything i love about steven universe, it’s how realistic they are. greg loves steven but that doesn’t make his a perfect parent, if there even is one. and i really like that. also, linked to this-

how greg looks at vidalia, yellow-tail and sour-cream. it looks as tho he is reminded of rose and how he would have liked to raise steven with her. and of course, this episode is very much about the transition of everything being about rose, to being about steven, as you will notice, most, if not, all of the flashbacks are about rose or have a lot on rose in them. at this point in time, is where that changes and is more about steven, with occasional moments of the gems and greg missing rose and crying and probably singing about it. 

what’s up with steven and rose’s gem?? does it actually need to breathe? it could make sense if it did, 14 year old steven wears a shirt and jeans, the shirt would still be breathable but the lil baby jumpsuit onsie thing he has on, not so much. 

“lil rose”. ouch. the feels. 

LOOK AT PEARL. M Y  L O V E  P L E A S E. (funfact, i love pearl, she is my fav and i have never doubted her once) 

aside from jokes- notice that amethyst seems to be dealing with this ok, pearl… definitely not so much, from her prospective, rose is basically dead. and garnet is garnet. she is now the leader of the crystal gems pretty much and has to keep calm and rational. she has to be strong and keep everyone together.

her maturity to the situation shown when explaining that steven is NOT just a little rose, he is just steven the baby with rose’s gem. or at least that’s basically what she said, i imagine from here, they didn’t see steven as a friend or person, just as rose. or maybe like, an illiterate and uneducated version of rose? which is shown in their gifts. but not garnet’s. she has future vision. she doesn’t count here.

again. pearl. people are gonna be calling her salty again for this. but, every time i see her face like this, i just know how much it must hurt for her.

i’d like to prove my point on how the gems had thought of steven being a gem. amethyst thought that steven could just shape shift into them. a gem thing. the gems don’t have understanding of how babies work at all, they’re gems, and have never been babies, they just weren’t then were. which is expressed later in the episode. so they think of steven like an uneducated gem that has just been born, he can read, think and do as he pleases with his own rational understanding. BUT NO. HE CAN’T HE HUMAN. AND GEM. 

another side note, “it’s just a box, made to look like it was carefully wrapped” 14 years later - connie: “ It’s just a box made to look like I spent a lot of time wrapping it. “ again with the inside jokes

from here, the gems think that steven really is rose. and proceed to kidnap him, after a stranger things style communication from pearl 

 “steven, is a fusion” (called it)

1- change in styles 2- pearl driving 3- “he’ll thank us later” did they think that they could get steven and rose apart?? apparently so, since they try to get steven to ‘unfuse’ later.

now, it becomes very clear after this what they gems thing about steven. they all think he is a gem. amethyst thinks it’s shape shifting (also, she was a toilet for almost a month apparently.)

, garnet thinks it’s fusion

and btw, what happens with steven here, is exactly how a baby would react. since at tthis age, babies only know what is in front of them, for example, if you hind under a blanket, even tho it’s obvious you’re still there, to a baby, it’s like you’re not there at all. so another realistic scene from the show. i love it so much. also garnet’s small voice crack when she says “ i don’t understand”

and finally, pearl. who thinks rose is just stuck with a baby around her gem. not seeing steven as part of her at all. or rose as part of him. she is just stuck in him.

and honestly, this is so sad. all she wants is the one she loves back. but she can’t do it. she knows it would be selfish to end what rose wanted so much. 

“everything should grow and everything should change. and isn’t it so wonderful that it comes so naturally for humans.. but it’s not natural for us. it’s not natural for me…” 

that right there. almost got me in tears. 

then this scene. this is where everything changes. it really is all about steven now, it may be hard for them, the gems especially. but they just made a change. accepting that this is rose and gregs child and that he is what is left now. 

another side note- 

buck and jenny as kids

now back to sad stuff-

“just a bunch of small ideas that never came together.”

which is basically everything i explained before. with what the gems thought steven was and how they should deal with it. 

and let’s just appreciate this lil family moment. all steven has all together.

and then steven telling everyone about how wrong they were and pearl saying “well, that was a really long time ago”

yeah, no. she has a different sense of time. 14 years is next to nothing to a gem. let’s be honest. this is just pearl trying to cover for herself and the others by extent. only to hear from steven, that he meant they were wrong about changing.

we see pearl giving amethyst the tea bag from greg’s tea, which is something she wouldn’t have done in season one for sure. 

pearl giving greg the tea in a caring manner, rather than the usual cold way she does. (i know this is a bad inbetween like screenshot. it’s hard to get good ones all the time, ok??)

and… i’d like to ask. is anyone gonna talk about how the gems threw a jungle gym at steven’s baby sitter?

Okay so i have a final in 2 hours so, naturally, have some skam hopes/headcanons

  • Isak’s relationship with Even allows him to reevaluate his relationship with him mother and how he treats her, Even teaches him that people with mental illness are still people, worthy of love
  • Even and Linn becoming friends and start hanging out when they are both depressed, then Even hanging out with her when he’s not depressed and trying to help her help herself
  • Even meeting Magnus’s mum, a real life adult who is bipolar, and still a parent, still working, still alive (oh my god I almost cry whenever I imagine this tbh)
  • Isak meeting Even’s family and at first being nervous because he feels responsible for Even leaving the hotel and being arrested, but all they care about is after he actually found out and how he took him home and told him he’s not alone 
  • Isak meeting Even’s siblings and being a total goof
  • Even befriending the squad and hanging out with them 
  • The squad all supporting Even when things are bad 
  • The squad supporting Isak when things are bad so he knows he’s not alone in supporting Even
  • Magnus continually surprising everyone with how legit and insightful he can be
  • Mahdi becoming a low-key expert on all things queer-related (so I looked up the difference between bisexual and pansexual starts it all)
  • Magnus and Even becoming bros, Magnus confessing to Even that he might be a bit bisexual 
  • Magnus and Vilde getting together and being badass bi babes together (by badass bi babes, I mean adorable excitable awkward bi babes) who both work together to figure out problematic shit that they say and how to fix it 
  • Jonas talking all the time about sex positivity and about how girls actually like sex and teaching the guys about female orgasms (okay like I’m talking about diagrams of where the clit is and like articles torn out of cosmo)
Pertaining to A Series of Unfortunate Events

Something I love about this show is that it really accurately represents how adults undermine children, assuming that they are wrong or that they are misguided. Count Olaf is always playing on the fact that the adults of their life will not believe them, or their claims. It seems absurd in the context of the series, but this happens all the time in real life. Adults tell children that their feelings arent real, that how they think isnt right, that they should act and dress and talk a certain way. And the fact that Lemony Snicket knows this and uses it in his series teaches children that they can be right; that the adults arent always correct, and to rely on themselves isnt always a bad thing.