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Hey Mods *waves* I know you're doing your fashionframe event and are busy irl, but do you mind if I ask a few questions? Generally about how I can upgrade myself in game wo spending real money (😢 cos no money hahaha sobs).

Hey there, Anon!
I know it can be really difficult, particularly if you’ve only just started playing and all this super cool stuff is really overwhelming, but the best part about Warframe? Absolutely everything (with the exclusion of Prime Access and Tennogen) can be gotten absolutely free!

All mods can be obtained through farming, in some way or another; most are gotten through normal missions, though some, mainly mods like Primed Flow, can only be bought from Baro Ki’Teer (the stuck-up dude that shows up in one of the Relays every couple of weeks and lowkey insults you when you don’t have Prime gear/aren’t in Inaros),
The Warframe Wikia is your best bet to finding where these mods come from, second being your Codex. Might I suggest investing in a Helios sentinel?

Weapons & Frames:
First of all, don’t use plat on these; it’s not worth it.
Blueprints from the Market, as I’m sure you know, allow you to build your new gear. As you progress through the star map, you’ll have access to more and more materials to make more and more equipment. Unfortunately, there will be a grind, but such is the way of free to play.
Some things are only available through Clans, Syndicates, or Baro, but are most certainly worth it.
Up to a point, many things are locked by Mastery Rank, which means you’ll need to rank up more weapons, frames, and companions (and sentinel weapons too) in order to unlock more awesome gear.

Nifty little things that accompany you in missions, and I definitely recommend them, although I wouldn’t recommend kubrows or kavats unless you have the credits for the upkeep, and the time to keep your kubrow happy.
The best companion, in my opinion, for newer players is Shade; relatively cheap, nice functions, etc. Helios is also very good, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to build it early because boy is that a task. And I tried to build it fairly late into my playtime.
Kubrows and kavats are great, but they require DNA stablizers every four to eight days (depends on if you have the upgraded segment or not) to stay at maximum health, and stablizers are 12,500 credits a pop…but only come in packs of six, meaning it’s 75,000 credits every twenty-four to forty-eight days. And if you’re trying to build more gear, that’s quite a bit of dosh to be shelling out for a pet.

Prime Gear:
This deserves its own subheading tbh
Anyways, Primes are pretty much just aesthetically improved equipment with some slightly improved stats. The old way you got these was through Void missions, but that’s recently changed to the relic system with Fissures…of which I honestly don’t know much about, though you’d probably expect me to considering I’m a Guide haha To my knowledge, you equip a relic and then go play where there’s a fissure and do the thing you need to and you’re all golden.
Don’t quote me on this, please, I really have no idea.

Market Cosmetics & Trading:
Here’s the awesome part about Warframe; you can (technically) even get cosmetics for free, because platinum is tradeable! Rare mods, Prime parts, syndicate weapons, etc. all have some form of demand between players, as these are tradeable items, and platinum is a tradeble currency! Either using Warframe Market or just watching trade chat for what seems to be the common prices for items is recommended so you don’t shaft yourself, but still do make a profit.

This is everything I could think of for the moment, so I hope it was beneficial for you! Good luck, my friend! Let us know if there’s anything else you need!
Not Just Monopoly Money: Some Games Ship With Real Cash In France

To mark 80 years of Monopoly, game maker Hasbro has tucked real money into 80 game sets to be sold in France. Only one box will include the full jackpot — the equivalent of about $23,500. The boxes containing real cash are identical to all the others, but Hasbro France brand manager Florence Gaillard says that there are two hints: the weight and the bulge of the box.

  • WSJ:We're going to change this, this, and this!
  • Tite Kubo:Okay but why?
  • WSJ:Looks like IchiRuki is your saving grace, but we're going to cancel you anyway due to poor sales.
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Real value in terms of money

What do you consider as real value of money?

I value real money as something that is paid for in full and money that is not borrowed under any circumstances before doing so.

We’ve all heard or been part of the financial crisises the last decade and sadly I must admit; It will happen again!

BUT do not worry, if you keep yourself out of debt, buy some gold and use only your income on stuff you truly need or can afford, then you will prosper through any crisis without a worry.

Best of all would be to invest your money into something that you can harvest in good times for the good of yourself and others AND in bad times for the good of you and your family. Survival of the fittest (i mean smartest)?

Real value is being able to survive on goods that you craft with your time in good times as well as bad times, where you still can trade it for food or other survival needs. If you find that path in life, you will survive any stupidity of the society.

Prosper, live and give of your blessings.

Real Money tips to understanding and overcoming sky-high medical bills:

1. Request an itemized bill from your hospital. 

2. Comparison shop. 

3. Get the right person on the case. 

4. Ask to pay the Medicare rate. 

5. Negotiate how you’ll pay.

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