Louis Tomlinson pays $7 million for a new old Hollywood Hills house
There’s very little that scares Yolanda. We pride ourselves on being rather imperturbable, even in our elderly age. Sometimes we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror to find Predator…

There’s very little that scares Yolanda. We pride ourselves on being rather imperturbable, even in our elderly age. Sometimes we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror to find Predator staring back at us. That’s okay. Occasionally we even get one of those cease-and-desist letters from some sad Sally with no sense of humor. We don’t much care.

But! Oh my. But. There is one certain thing we are absolutely, catastrophically, deathly afraid of. Care to guess? No matter, we’ll tell you anyway. Fans of that boy band One Direction. The Directioners.

Now, not all Directioners are scary. Most of them are quite friendly and appreciative. But there is also a certain Directioner subset that is — as we’ve discovered — quite vicious. They’ll cut a beotch! Oh yes they will. Sooner than you can spit out “Anne of Green Gables”. Bam. Shanked. RIP.

So although we do love (most of) the Directioners, we’d like a little break from writing about those 1D boys. Last time we discussed one of them — Harry Styles’ secret new West Hollywood-area house — a few of y’all seemed to temporarily take leave of your senses. And we’ve got the comments and the stack of emails to prove it.

But our 1D break is not to be. Kiddies, we just can’t seem to get away from those real estate-crazy little One Direction boys. Such is our burden in life, the cross we must bear.

Yolanda awoke yesterday morning to a couple top-secret tips in our inbox. One came from our endlessly knowledgeable pal Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial and the other from a Directioner (one of the nice ones) who we’ll call Shirley Shangri-la. Both snitched that they strongly suspected that Mr. Tomlinson had gone and plunked down the big bucks for a big house in a celeb-packed section of LA’s Hollywood Hills area. And both provided different pieces of convincing evidence.

A quick check of property records reveals that the house fingered by both Mr. Revealer and Ms. Shangri-la was sold just a couple weeks ago for an A-list $7,300,000 to something called “LWTA LLC”. Hmmm. LWTA. Louis William Tomlinson. Coincidence?

Not only that, kiddies, but the LLC’s official registered agent happens to be a man named Daniel Deakin. Our Mr. Deakin, as all the Directioners probably know, is a UK-based wealth manager who also just happens to be Mr. Tomlinson’s step-daddy.

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Louis Tomlinson's New $7.3 Million Home Is Absolutely Gorgeous
The One Direction singer dropped over $7 million for his new pad

Louis Tomlinson is ready to give his little prince a castle.

E! News has confirmed that the One Direction singer just bought a luxurious mansion in the Hollywood hills for himself and son Freddie Reign. The gorgeous property sits just off the famous Sunset strip, overlooking the iconic Hollywood sign and offering breathtaking panoramic views of Los Angeles.

So how much does something like that cost, you ask? Just a mere $7.3 million. Chump change, right?

Built in 1937, the 6,000-square-foot Spanish-inspired estate is a beautiful fusion of contemporary style and classic design. Including art deco influences, extraordinary windows, and curved balustrades, the property has absolutely everything that will make you green with envy (because this is practically your Pinterest home board brought to life).

Its picture-perfect exterior includes French doors throughout the home, which open to sunny terraces, and a theater and bar that open to a lounge area, as well as an infinity pool surrounded by lush, tropical landscaping and palm trees.

Seriously, it’s like straight out of a magazine.

And then you get to the four-bedroom, six-bathroom interior, which provides sleek and modern space for both hosting parties with friends, or just having a guys’ night with his little one Freddie. There’s even a movie room! Now, if that doesn’t yell father-son bonding, we don’t know what does.

The hidden estate will also be perfect for increased privacy, something Tomlinson has expressed a need for after welcoming his son.

Tomlinson spoke against the increased paparazzi attention surrounding his baby boy over the summer, saying it spurs “potential security issues” and also takes place during his visitation time with him, as he begins a custody battle with his ex and the child’s mother, Briana Jungwurth.

The singer’s rep said in a statement posted by multiple outlets at the time, that the pop star feels media attention has greatly inhibited Freddie’s right to have “a normal, private and protected childhood.”

Hopefully this gem will help provide Freddie with security, privacy and a lifetime of memories.


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There’s nothing Yolanda loves quite like she loves the One Direction fan army. While we wouldn’t know a 1D song if it sneaked up and popped us in the booty with a carjack (Yolanda’s an old lady with little knowledge of current pop culture), we still particularly enjoy writing about the boys in the band because their fans are so much fun and so appreciative. So thanks, y’all! We’ll always give you guys the exclusives when we get them, and today we’ve got something quite damn juicy.

As you may recall, it was your gurl who first broke the stories about Louis Tomlinson recently dropping $10,000,000 on a massive compound deep in the Calabasas woods (he sho’ did) and Niall Horan forking over $4,000,000 for a Frank Gehry-designed house on a very celebrity-filled street in the Hollywood Hills.

Now, kiddies, we have some news about your boy Harry Styles. As most hardcore 1D-ers know, Mr. Styles paid $4,000,000 back in February 2014 for a contemporary hideaway on a gated and famously celebrity-friendly street in the Beverly Hills Post Office area.

Thanks to a drunken 4th of July text from a friend who we’ll call Tipsy Tina, we can exclusively tell y’all (and property records confirm) that Mr. Styles has very, very, very quietly unloaded his petite Oak Pass Road crib in a top-secret deal this June (2016).

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Harry Styles pays $7 million for a new Los Angeles house in an ultra-top-secret deal
For some odd reason, Yolanda always seems to wind up with the exclusives about those One Direction boys. At least when it comes to their real estate purchases.

For some odd reason, Yolanda always seems to wind up with the exclusives about those One Direction boys. At least when it comes to their real estate purchases. Not that we’re normally one to toot our own horn (okay, we kinda are) but we were the first to tell you kiddies about Niall Horan’s house in the Hollywood Hills, Louis Tomlinson’s Calabasas compound (yes, kiddies, we said Louis Tomlinson because that’s his house), and Harry Styles secretly selling his LA starter house up in the Beverly Hills Post Office area. Now we have something extra-special for y’all One Direction fans. They’ve always been our favorite fanbase, as we’ve stated before.

Ever since we first discovered that Mr. Styles unloaded his house at a whopping $830,000 loss, something has been nagging at your gurl. We couldn’t help but feel we were missing an important piece of the puzzle. But just what we were missing eluded us, at least at first. We just knew something was off.

Think about it. Why would Mr. Styles dump his LA house at a major loss? For that matter, why would he sell his LA house at all? It’s not as if he needs the cash. And it’s not as if he’s leaving LA — he’s well-known to spend a great deal of time living here. Indeed, according to the Harry Styles Updates Twitter feed, he’s been out here for the past several weeks.

Selling the house at a substantial loss off-market seemed to indicate one of two things to Yolanda. Either he was desperate to unload it, or he wanted to sell it very quietly and didn’t care if his wallet took a wallop in the process.

But why did he want to sell it uber-quietly and off-market when he probably could’ve gotten more had he officially listed it? Although we couldn’t comprehend it at first, at Yolanda is now certain we know the answer. You see, Mr. Styles had very stealthily already purchased a new home in Los Angeles. And he didn’t want anyone to know he was switching residences.

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