*Me, as a teen, when my family moved into the new house that the old lady died in*

*Real estate agent* “So, you’re having this room?”

*Me* “Seems so, yeah.”

*awkward pause* 

*Me, excited* “Oh, fuck. She died in here, didn’t she?”

*Real estate agent rolling her eyes* “Yes, but she was 96. She had a nice life.It was very peaceful.”

*Me* “Oh! I’ve never been haunted before. This is going to be amazing! Those goth chicks at school will be totally jealous!”

*gets myself sufficiently ready to be haunted*

But nothing ever happened, to my eternal disappointment. Like, some spiders showed up once in a while and we had to redecorate because the wallpaper was beige and unpleasant.  Other than that? 

Man, I watched all those horror films for nothing. 

Birthday boy Harry Styles celebrates with a £6million cheque after selling home
HARRY STYLES celebrated his birthday by lining up the best present ever – a £6million pay cheque. I’ve learned the ONE ­DIRECTION star, who turned 23 on Wednesday, is flogging his ­Hollywood mansio…

The real reason Harry has put the house on the market is because he is hoping to make  a tidy profit.

Having bought the three-bedroom pad for £5.4million last year, he is expecting to rake in a £1million profit by selling it for at least £6.4million.

“He bought it as an investment and has waited a year for the price to rise.

“Now he’s hopeful of getting a good deal. It’s being kept on the  down low and it’s not publicly on  the market, but the agent  is arranging private viewings.

So headline says “sold” and article says “on the market.”  It doesn’t show up in real estate listings, but that’s to be expected.

Wouldn’t be surprised if no one, including Dan and Yolanda, find out where his next house is :)