Authors will write dozens of versions of the same book before any readers see it. To us, there are a hundred different stories nobody else will ever know.

Kisses - Against the Rules?

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by Ididntsignupforthisshit (Oliver_Ravenwood)

  There was really only two ways he could win this. One of the possibilities still technically counted as cheating… Oh well.
There was choice number one, in which he could continue to hold his breath and quite possibly pass out, or he could just lean across the tiny bit of space between them and kiss Keith.
Really, why was there even the first choice? The second was the acceptable option.

Words: 765, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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lesabear replied to your post “Watching another top 10 for video game romances for some stupid reason…”

lol I was reading the DA subreddit today and the top post was about how the Cullen romance was bioware’s “apology” for doing fans wrong with other male love interests

Do you mean the male Inquisition love interests, or the male love interests throughout the series?

I mean, I’ve never experienced his romance, maybe it’s great. But that’s a really…sweeping, general assumption that his is inherently better or the “main” one.

Fans of his have been either the sweetest people or… very bratty ones.

Take Her Hand

“Are you clear? Take her hand in marriage. This is the first and last request I have for you, Osomatsu.” Standing tall above the red one, Choromatsu stared down at his eldest, useless, lazy brother. “This is one chance to redeem yourself in the family. Take the hand of this girl and your supply of money won’t be cut off. Take her name, take her hand and connect our families. Can you do that much?”

He took out a notebook, tossing a photo to Osomatsu. On it was a photo of a rather huge and fugly girl, as Choromatsu smiled thinly, amused. “She wanted Karamatsu, but he politely denied her. So you are the next one in line. You understand the implications, I hope.”

Not that he would, he never read the implications anyway. Choromatsu was glad to be rid of this stupid eldest brother. Once he married him off and the family combined, Osomatsu’s status would drop to that of a mere goon, and money would no longer be channeled to him. It was a simple matter of Osomatsu marrying into the family. 

“Well? What is your answer, nii-san?” he asked mockingly, leaning forward and clasping his hands together, knowing full well his brother could never reject moeny.



I’m sorry.  Blame a lot of people.  Blame @destinyapostasy.  Blame @stealthflower.  Blame everyone but me.  Okay, I wrote it, but Destiny drew this, so she deserves a portion of the blame.

Don’t read this.  It is a trash pile of tropes and crappy writing.  If you must read it, take it in the silly spirit it is intended.  <3

Gather ‘round, children, for the origin tale of the most glorious of Inquisitors.

When her clan found her, a squalling, forlorn infant abandoned on the side of a road, they named her Fen'da'len.  The wolf’s child.  

It was a curse, that name, to forever remind her of her inferior place.  When she was small they would mock and deride her for it, chasing her off to the edges of the camp.  She would turn to the statue of Fen'harel for comfort, curl between its paws.  She spent most of her time alone, and had no friends.

Even with their scorn she grew lithe and graceful, like a lily among weeds, with hair like moonlight and skin the soft blush of a ripening peach.  Eyes like amethysts gazed out at the world with a stare ever forlorn, wishing for some kindness or acceptance from those around her.  Sadly, it would never be so.

She had known she was a mage since she was very young, but she taught herself in the woods, far away from her cruel clan.  She learned how to sing in harmony with the Fade, to summon magic with her voice.  She could be angry and summon fire, and be sad and make ice.  She could summon all kinds of magic with her voice and her feelings.

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Harry getting Albus the ferret and insists on naming it dragon. Ginny loves this. Albus is really confused but agrees. So then Scorpius sends Draco a letter talking about his new best friend and how his dad is so cool and he’s like “dad he has a ferret, his name is dragon”. And Draco is standing in kitchen muttering something that sounds like “Saint Potter, with his stupid face and his stupid scar”. Astoria reads the letter and she can’t stop laughing.

Pokemon Go

This isn’t bees related, but just something that’s been bugging me after reading about the ridiculous number of people doing it. So for anyone stupid enough to not to understand this:

Do NOT play Pokemon Go if you are visiting Auschwitz

Do NOT play Pokemon Go if you are visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum

Do NOT play Pokemon Go at Arlington National Cemetary

These are the main ones that have been reported about at the moment, but this goes for any similar places.

I get it, everyone’s obsessed with Pokemon. But to play it in places such as these is disgusting. This isn’t just children either - grown adults going are making up the majority of this. A thirty seven year old woman who was playing Pokemon Go at the Holocaust Museum justified it by saying “but you gotta catch em all!” in what is probably the most childish response I’ve ever come across.

It’s selfish, it’s infantile and it’s beyond disrespectful.

And if you don’t see anything wrong with this then you can unfollow me right now.

  • Its the end of the Marauders’ fifth year at Hogwarts
  • Sirius and Remus have just begun seeing each other
  • It’s also O.W.Ls
  • Which means James never sees his best friend 
  • Because Sirius is always either studying so he can live without his family’s fortune, or with Remus
  • And James is lonely
  • He misses Sirius
  • He tries to hint at it
  • By telling Sirius they should hang out, or sighing whenever Sirius leaves early from a meal
  • But the Black boy just doesn’t seem to get the hint
  • In fact, he’s thinking dramatically about how much he misses Sirius and how lonely and boring his life is one day as he lies in his four poster bed
  • When he starts to hear music playing
  • Is that Queen?
  • It’s definitely Queen
  • So Sirius has enough time to listen to muggle music but not hang out with him?
  • He huffs to himself
  • Why is Sirius listening to Queen without him anyway? It’s both of their favorites  
  • The music gets louder 
  • James tries to ignore it
  • But it keeps getting louder
  • Until
  • Sirius Black crashes through the closed dormitory door blasting Queen from a levitating record player and begins serenading James
  • James throws a pillow at Sirius and says “that’s a bit gay don’t you think, mate? Save it for Moony, huh” 
  • But he can’t help grinning from ear to ear
  • Because Sirius really is his best friend
  • Even if they don’t hang out all the time 

okay here is a headcanon of drunken breaking and entering based on a real life story that absolutely happened to me:

• Andrew’s lot are out for a relaxing evening in Columbia
• (read: getting stupid drunk, except for Andrew. even Neil is tipsy and loose)
• and okay, it doesn’t matter how responsible you and your housemates are, there is at least one point where you will go out clubbing with five people who live together and one house key between you
• this is scientific fact I’m pretty sure 
• so Nicky is pretty far gone early enough in the evening that Kevin and Aaron whine about having to leave but also complain about having to look after him while he tries to embrace every living being near him
• irrespective of whether he knows them or not
• Neil makes Andrew put him in a cab (and give the driver a delivery address because god knows where Nicky would end up otherwise)
• if Andrew is a little more firm than he usually would be shoving Nicky in, then that obviously has nothing to do with the uninvited arm that Nicky slung over Neil’s shoulders and used to pull him into a hug
• which Neil took with good grace. but still.
• Neil ALSO makes Andrew give him the key off of his ring so Nicky can get inside, because ‘it’s winter, Andrew, he’ll get exposure and die. I read an article about the likelihood of drunken hypothermia. it’s a serious risk Andrew’
• it’s their only key. Neil’s are stuffed in his bag in the house. Aaron’s are probably in his room too. Kevin doesn’t have one. I don’t know, these are college-aged boys, they are slobs who lose everything
• this means that when they arrive back at the house to find it dark and still locked, they are bemused
• Aaron goes around the house calling to Nicky in that way that drunk people who are trying to be quiet do. you know, the one where they fail miserably – like very loud stage-whispering that wakes up everyone in a half-mile radius
• Neil says, somewhat despairingly, ‘you gave the cabbie the address!’
• he tries Nicky’s cellphone and it rings but gets no answer
• ‘he better not be dead in a ditch, Andrew’
• Kevin and Aaron meanwhile devote themselves to finding a way into the house with fervour. each window and door is inspected in case they were left unlocked when they left the house. no luck
• Aaron makes Kevin give him a boost onto the roof so he can check the kitchen skylight. it’s definitely locked because it’s winter, why would it be open, and also how would you get through it without breaking both ankles, seriously
• he vaguely contemplates going into the attic and getting in that way but Andrew would make him fix it if he pulled off roof tiles. that and not the ridiculous extremity of the idea is what makes him decide not to follow through
• Andrew climbs back into the car because it’s cold as fuck and he is not interested in standing around pointlessly while the others dick around. he can always call a locksmith in a couple of hours
• Neil is not that far behind him. he whines, asks permission, and puts his head in Andrew’s lap. he immediately falls asleep
• Andrew sighs for a thousand years and then returns to staring out the window while winding a finger through Neil’s curls
• however, drunk people are sometimes good at both lateral thinking and straightforward thinking
• which is why after a while Kevin lifts the sliding doors on the back porch and simply shakes them firmly, once. the crescent latch, beaten into submission, clicks open to admit him
• he toddles to the couch, lies down, and proceeds to sleep the sleep of the very severely intoxicated
• Aaron by this point is sober enough that he, too, is worried that Nicky might be dead in a ditch, so he checks Nicky’s room on his way to bed
• all this time, Nicky has been inside, fast asleep. he was so drunk that he forgot he had a key, so he took the screen off of the bathroom window which was cracked, climbed through, closed and locked it behind him, and then got into his bed with his shoes on. the key is still in his pocket
• in the morning he has no memory of his daring break-in at all. this is deeply disappointing to him
• the only sign of how he managed to get in is the trail of grass and leaves between the bathroom and his bedroom
• Neil and Andrew sleep in the car all night like romantic nerds. Neil wakes Andrew shifting around when the sun is just coming up so they move to their actual bed. they get to sleep for another several hours and wake up with the sun on the bed because they deserve it

The Signs as stupid things I SAID in real life
  • Aries:"Someday I'm going to sell my soul to the devil only so I could help people with my devil powers."
  • Taurus:*Fighting someone in the playstation* he: "haha I fUCKED YOU" me: "yeah you'd wish you could fuck me" *beats him*
  • Gemini:[to my teacher] "why do we have to read this article I mean it's so stupid" teacher: "ok... what so stupid about it?" me: "..............I don't know its just stupid."
  • Cancer:"I hate it when the horoscope says that I'm not emotional. Sometimes I start crying because of it!!!"
  • Leo:"Girls I say when we'll get to the hotel we all should run in the boys' hallway wearing towels only! now wHO'S WITH ME?!"
  • Virgo:"I can clean school if you want. for money of course." Teacher: "thats ok there's a professional cleaner here :)" me:*look around* "...doesn't seem like it..."
  • Libra:"k its 6pm, time to wear my babydoll."
  • Scorpio:"One time I saw someone looking into my window while I got undressed. I continued on undressing"
  • Capricorn:[to a male co-worker] "I say you hit on the female customers and I hit on the male customers and this way we'll sell more."
  • Aquarius:"there's no way I'm going to throw away old books dad" "but WHY DO YOU NEED SO MANY OLD BOOKS" "I'M AN INTELLIGENT PERSON"
  • Pisces:"Why does sea fruits called "fruits" anyway? I mean have you ever seen an apple with feelers?"