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is gabriel canonically gay in the show and i just missed it or is it comics things or is it just a feeling

the proof of Gaybe is there for those willing to open their eyes

(maggie isn’t friends with straights, so)

(here tara and eric are congratulating him on his gayness)

see also: the car scene with tara and jesus, aaron and tara believing that he’s loyal & defending him, this whole scene:

plus, aaron straight up says it. read between the lines:

i think you’ll find my proof sufficient 

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Honestly I don't think Jensen and Misha are social friends, just good work buddies, but they never socialize outside of work. I think Jensen like Misha, qirks and all, but he doesn't love Misha like a bestie, more like love him because he's familiar and part of the same show for almost a decade.

Well, of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but– one thing you should know is they do hang out outside of work:

They’ve gone to the race track together:

Took family vacations together

Gone out for ice cream with one another:

They’ve gone on fun little spa trips:

And after conventions, they go and hang out– looking altogether, friendly.

Not to mention, Misha was at Jensen’s wedding which sure– could just be a work-friend thing, but I know I would still want to be fairly close with someone if I was going to invite them to such a personal event.

Now, I am not arguing the fact that Jensen and Jared hang out more– of course they do. They live right beside one another, their kids go to the same school, they’ve known each other for longer than either of them have known Misha, but that still doesn’t mean that Misha cant be super close with Jensen (and Jared) as well. Those two have talked about going out to dinner, just the two of them. They’ve talked about enjoying wine together (which is not something one normally does at work).

They have spoken of times where they have long, deep, emotional talks, and how much they enjoy those moments. That’s not something I normally do with my “work buddies”.

The fact is, they are great friends (if not more), whether or not they live near each other. My best friend of over twenty years has lived in Colorado for most of that time– but that doesn’t mean I love her any less than I did the friend who lived up the road from me. I cared for them equally, we all just had different types of friendships– but that didn’t make them any less than the other.

You don’t need to think that they’re in a poly relationship– that’s a matter of opinion; but to ignore just how much they do care about one another, how much they enjoy each other’s company– to write off their very deep friendship because of some physical distance between their homes, and not as much publicized evidence as others might have, is to completely disregard and disrespect things that they’ve specifically said about each other.

Jensen being best friends with Misha doesn’t make him any less Jared’s best friend.

It just doesn’t.

I don’t know why it always has to be a competition.

“This new season for Keith is about unlocking new powers and finding out who he is” 

okay they’re not saying this new season for Keith is about unlocking the power of love and who he is is someone in love with Lance but I’m getting that his new season for Keith is about unlocking the power of love and who he is is someone in love with Lance

Maia and Jace’s unexpected hookup was something he discussed with showrunner Darren Swimmer ‘well before it made its way onto the script. The writers really enjoyed Alicia and my chemistry on screen, so they wanted to explore it a little more. But we also needed to be careful; this show is based on books, and we have to show respect to that, while also keeping it fresh for fans of the show in its own right. That’s one of the reasons why it came about that it didn’t mean anything.’
—  Dominic Sherwood on Jace and Maia (source)

There’s such a weird fixation in media about “firsts”. Beauty and the Beast boasting disney’s “first gay scene” is the one I’m thinking about in particular, and Power Rangers with the “first gay superhero”, and in both cases it’s a blink and you’ll miss it thing, something that maintains plausible deniability of queerness within the film itself, but establishing explicit queerness in everything outside the film. We know Lefou is gay because the interview told us he was in disney’s first gay scene.

And most of these discussions of firsts devolve into which first is first. Bill gets announced as the first gay companion on doctor who, and then follows the argument of whether Jack counts as companion, whether he was the first pansexual companion while Bill is the first gay companion, whether Amy or Clara was ever canonically bisexual and should that be a factoring in calculating firsts as well. (I remember a similar argument going on when Martha was announced as the first black companion, and people were like “but Mickey?” And there’s definitely commentary waiting about contentious Firsts and characters of color, but my white ass has nothing incisive to offer on that front except the hope we are kinder and better towards Bill than we were towards Martha.) And meanwhile, here is Bill, a black gay female companion, and while that fact has definitely not gotten lost, it is still very very cool and good that she is the companion even if she is not the Absolute First.

The language of Firsts is everywhere when you start looking for it, the idea that this show/movie/video game is doing something New Never Before Done Whoa Look At The Unprecedented Gay. And when this trend worries me, it’s because:

1) it gives off a strong whiff of performative representation, where the representation isn’t as important as people knowing you’re doing it

1a) the corollary being that the emphasis on First First First makes me worried that creators are not interested in Second Third Fourth. That having had the First *spins wheel, throws dart* Lesbian Asian Marvel character (a guest star in three episodes of the Defenders, maybe fifteen minutes, every gif set celebrating her has the same three quotes because that’s all there is), they are now exempted from every having to write a Second Lesbian Asian Marvel character. Because they already did that. Didn’t you see the article in Entertainment Weekly? It was a very big deal.

2) the trend of press on the First Gay Thing tends to vastly outscale the actually gayness, which traps us in an endless loop of hype and disappointment (versus Dumbledoring where the gayness is revealed retroactively for a previously ambiguous character or relationship, and it’s a weird combination of vindication because you thought they might be gay, surprise because you didn’t expect them to be gay, and disappointment because why didn’t the work just say they were gay)

And this, even more than the rest of this post, is a personal grievance but 3) queer fandom has spent decades finding representation in subtext, in coding, in wishful thinking and disciplined literary analysis of the text. This whole First thing seems come with a subtext that every other character who had significant ambiguous relationships, was flamboyant or butch, was in anyway queercoded? Not queer. This here is the first gay thing, and we’re very brave for being the first to have done it. Gay characters must formally come out to count.

Putting aside explicitly queer characters (which exist! Which have a history that creators and fans are welcome to build upon instead of thinking they have to invent gay representation every time they launch a franchise), queer history and queer art has always entailed writing and reading in between the lines. Which requires there be lines. If the new trend is unwritten in text, out and proud in press, what does that offer? I’m happy that Explicitly Confirmed Queer is a thing that’s happening, I very much am, but if a gay child who has never read a think-piece cannot recognize themself in your Brave Unprecedented Gay Character because they didn’t read your interview with the av club, then what use is that character? What was the point? What have you actually contributed to us?

Moon sign quick notes: my observations

Moon in Aries: honest but hard time opening up about deep emotions, can be explosive

Moon in Taurus: might look to possessions or food for comfort. Need to feel secure and lots of sleep

Moon in Gemini: emotionally restless, needs change, grass could be greener on the other side types, might have sleep problems

Moon in cancer: deeply sensitive, likes to heal, be supportive, protective, hard to come out of shell.

Moon in Leo: proud and can be dramatic when emotions are not acknowledged or respected. Likes feeling loved.

Moon in Virgo: emotionally logical, but also intuitive, likes organizing details. Can feel like sensory overload.

Moon in libra: usually mild mannered, understanding and aim to please, dislike confrontation and need fairness

Moon in Scorpio: very observant, needs to get to the bottom of things, likes intensity, not fluff

Moon in Sagittarius: emotionally needs lots of variety, mobility and stimulation. Can be scattered

Moon in Capricorn: emotionally can be disciplined, likes to be useful and feel needed. Cool under pressure

Moon in Aquarius: need freedom and can read people to the extreme, reads between the lines Unseen intellect, ultimately can be a great helper

Moon in Pisces: intuitive, need stability with their easily changing emotions. Need time alone

I’m feeling a lot right now… so so much for Louis and the way things have been for him. I know we always say to read between the lines with print interviews etc but from what I took away from his interview in the observer was heartbreaking in a way. he talks about the reasons why he’s going solo now. Talks about doing it because of momentum and to keep the ball rolling, he wants to work hard, doing it for the fans and of course for his mum. 

But the vulnerability of his tone and the way he’s been portrayed. The whole underdog thing really breaks my heart.. because we’ve all know he’s felt like this from the start. But its been used against him.. its been used as a tool to make him cooperate and oblige so he can feel like he’s doing something for the band. So he can contribute his part. Can you even imagine the mental battles he would’ve been having this entire time… he wants to fight for what he knows is right and for what he loves and for his band because we know that’s the kind of person he is, but he also believes he has to do things he doesnt want to do because it’s his duty. Because he owes it to the band.. because he believed he couldn’t bring anything else to the table. 

I’m so proud of where he is right now. I know a lot of people judge him for things that are currently happening, but that interview really showed his vulnerable side and of course that was the plan. To have the GP back the underdog. But I also hope a lot of fans can read that and go “wow… okay. Well… this is why he’s agreed to do x y and z”. 

Even if that was also part of the plan… to get fans on his side again, I don’t fucking care. He deserved it. He deserves all the love and support and like he said, for people to start to understand the real him and not who his favourite superhero is. I’m a proud Louis fan right now. And I’ll be here supporting him till the end.

♕Your ascendant is a tool for your challenges♘

(Also look at your Black moon Lilith and where your karmic challenges will show.)

Aries AS

+Deal with your challenges directly. Be to the point, and not passive. Be honest, and be fearless. Don’t focus or dwell on the past or things that cannot be changed.

-Don’t be rash, think before you act, don’t be childish with your problems, don’t destroy yourself. 

Taurus AS

+Deal with your problems steadily and artistically.  Be loyal to those who are in the right. The inner self needs to be sturdy and balanced before facing issues. Listen to other’s necessary criticism. Open your mind to opinions.

-Do not be possessive. Let go of things that need let go of. Do not rely on material things to fill your needs. Do not become self-righteous.

Gemini AS
+Deal with your issues intellectually. Remain calm. Utilize information you’ve gained in struggle. Study behind the situation. Keep a schedule. 

-Do not be impatient. Don’t become unnerved. Do not use your wit and trick to escape deserved situations. Don’t bicker or whine. Don’t indulge in drama.

Cancer AS

+Deal with your issues kindly. Nurture those who need it including yourself. Be proud of where you come from. Be an empath. Put yourself in other’s shoes. Ignore unnecessary criticism. Approach your issues with an open heart. 

 -Do not become moody. Don’t overreact. Do not criticize, don’t bully

Leo AS

+Shine light to your issues. Take blatant action to change your issues. Stand up for yourself. Be sure of yourself. Be proud of who you are. Take breaks and give energy only where needed.

-Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t over-dramatisize. Don’t be power hungry. Don’t over exert yourself.

Virgo AS

+Be reserved, be analytical. Become at ease with things you cannot perfect. Be mature. Use your intellectual abilities to figure out problems with little emotion. Choose your brain over heart.

-Don’t judge off the bat. Be more empathic. Don’t complain or seek absolute perfection. Don’t be picky or bicker.

Libra AS

+Be graceful with your problems and always be polite. Approach your problems with an open mind for both sides. Understand that you deserve challenge as much as anyone. Be sure of your decisions. Keep your friend circle open. Give everyone a chance. Give to gain.

-Don’t choose your self-image over granting or receiving justice. Don’t be vain, Don’t be indecisive and don’t follow the leader in social standards. Be your own person.

Scorpio AS

+Deal with your problems behind the scenes. Tell only who you trust deeply your issues. Keep your privacy. Read between the lines. Look for answers deeper then the answers on the surface. Show your venerability. Embrace breaking to succeed, embrace wisdom from beneath and from darkness. Rebirth yourself.

-Do not become paranoid. Do not act immortal. Do not become jealous. Do not seethe on hatred.

Sagittarius AS

+Laugh in the face of those who scorn you with no reason. Show your emotion. Be blunt. Escape the world you’ve escaped into. Be a philosopher. Teach others and yourself about the good in life. Use your problems and struggles to teach. Be carefree. Don’t dwell on issues that don’t need dwelled on. Let things go. 

-Don’t run from your issues or from your past. Do not chain yourself to ideas that cannot become, or things that you cannot change. Nobody will follow you, if all you do is run.

Capricorn AS

+Accept responsibility. Keep a schedule and be mature. Take matters into your own hands. Don’t hide your emotion. 

-Don’t seek power or control out of anger. Don’t leave things unfinished. Don’t work hard for people who don’t deserve it. Don’t rely on others. Don’t force yourself to fit in.

Aquarius AS

+Be tolerant of things that can be tolerated. Approach things differently. Rebel against basic standards. Rebel against what has harmed you. Embrace yourself in healthy debates and stand up for what you believe in. Accept boundaries to your freedom. Invent new ways to deal with what you’ve gone through. 

-Never forget wrongdoings, but forgive. Don’t let ego control you. Don’t become vain or act immortal. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened, Focus on the present, not the future.

Pisces AS

+Build confidence inside of yourself. Embrace your gifts. Be fluid and never let anyone define you, even if it means being a new person each day. Love with an open heart. What you imagine can become reality.

-Do not self pity. Don’t let people walk over you. Don’t over medicate.

Talon: Clawing to the Top

Alright, everyone, craziness went down today, but one of the things I’m most HYPED about is the confirmation that Talon is run by a council of leaders.

Most importantly, these leaders disagree with each other.

This is a big deal.  We know so little about Talon’s structure that it’s great to finally get some news on the internal hierarchy of the organization.  Some of the things I’ve pulled together are statements or implications made by Blizzard, some of it is just putting the pieces together, and a lot of it is pure speculation.  I’ll try to keep it clear what’s what.

To start off with, I’m going to be dropping my main hypothesis:

[Main Hypothesis]: the “global conflict” that Doomfist’s faction within Talon has been trying to spread is the Second Omnic Crisis.

[Subset Hypothesis]: the group within Talon that is trying to prevent this is none other than Sombra and Reaper.

As a sort of guide, when I say [Factual Lore] these are things you can double-check in Overwatch dev interviews, Chu’s GDC talk, heroes’ biographies, etc.  When I say [Implications], I’m talking about trying to read in between the lines, to assess what certain things are trying to hint at or indicate.  When I say [Hypothesis] I’m just speculating and constructing a discussion point.

We’re gonna go way, way far back, all the way to the beginning:

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In Regards to Hate: On Victuuri

I don’t know what suddenly happened again but there’s a shitton of hate for Victuuri/Viktuuri(/etc) in the tags lately. People are welcome to feel however they want for a particular ship, but I just wanted to give my two cents by tackling the common complaints I’ve seen. I’ll start from the beginning so I’ll be addressing basically all the arguments against this ship I’ve seen so far. I’ve tried to maintain some sort of order for these, but honestly I just winged it at some point.  A lot of these arguments are also heavily character-based, so keep in mind that I’ll be deconstructing several scenes as well as character motivations as I go.  (As a note, this assumes you’ve seen the whole show. Also, I’m only using canon evidence from the show itself.)

This is like an informal follow-up to my super old post but also not really.

No I’m not avoiding work why would you say that.

WARNING: This is a massive post/wall of text. Grab popcorn.

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I’m generally not one to piss on other people’s headcanons, and as someone who often struggled with disability accommodations at university, I can totally sympathise with those posts talking about how amazing it must be to have access to magic.

All that said, given that the institutions of Harry Potter’s Wizarding World are explicitly based on Rowling’s experiences as a single mother on public assistance in post-Thatcher Britain, I can’t help but think about all the new and fascinating ways they must have discovered to fail to accommodate people. And not just for physical disabilities - that the Wizarding World has essentially no concept of mental health care is near as anything to canon, if you read between the lines.

Like, Hogwarts must be screwing disabled kids in ways we can’t even imagine. Magic’s a knife that cuts both ways.