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“I just finished one hell of a book and I don’t know what to do with myself” A novel by me at this very moment as I curl up on the floor weeping over the soul crushing journey that was this book

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Notes! Niall

Hi Niall,

Hi! Oh I already said that! Oh well! You’re so nice I said it twice!

Could you do me a favor & go & get me more candy? I’m running out! There’s a cart in Lion’s Arch! I promise to pay you back! Please??? I’d like sour gummes & shark gummies & fern hound gummies!

Do you have any good books? I am so bored! Pyxis Brought me one but Caradoc keeps borrowing it to “mock” it. I need more things to do! I’m so bored!



Ay look at me reading to far into a book again. Either @vaveyard is a genius putting little hopeful messages into her books first two words or she’s still a genius and I’m reading too far into this at 1am. Anyway the point of this post: these are the first pages of Red Queen, Glass Sword, and King’s Cage respectively. The first two words of RQ are “I hate”, and a powerful message through tall these books is the prejudice and privilege of the Silvers over Reds, who hate each other. Sound familiar?
The next is the first two words of GS “I flinch”, as in fear. There is fear on both sides of this book, Reds of how the Silvers may oppress or hurt them, the Silvers on how the Reds may fight back and change tradition that gives them severe advantages. Again, sound familiar? These are all too similar to modern times, and well…everything that is going on, from police brutality to “alternative facts” which all add to issues like racism, sexism, anti Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, etc., and Ms. Aveyard has done a great job showing these same issues in a totally different world, and the fear and hate that create and add to them. Which is why I probably read too much into this and the beginning of KC.
Because the first two words of KC are “I rise”, which is what we all need to do now. Whether through speaking up and calling local politicians, or going to the woman’s March, pride marches, BLM marches, the science March, anything that shows we won’t give in and that we will continue to fight and have our voices heard. So if this was intentional, I applaud you Ms. Aveyard, and if it wasn’t I don’t care, because this was a message I needed for myself right now, and I’m sure many others do to. So listen to this, random tumblr, and instead of giving in to fear and hate, rise up. Rise up! You don’t need to be the Scarlet Guard or Mare Barrow, every rebellion and cause needs Kilorns and supporters who are not always spotlighted. You are important to these causes too. You are what drives them forward and makes them noticeable. Keep fighting!