Reading and Leeds

Why is Vic mad?

Vic Fuentes X Reader (sorry for the shit quality picture)

You decided to surprise Vic at Reading Festival, as cliche as that sounded. But he was your best friend who you haven’t seen in a little over 3 months because you had moved to the other side of the country with your boyfriend (now ex), and Vic was on tour. You weren’t going to tell Vic what happened, not until after they performed, or maybe the next day. Vic always sensed something wrong about Cole, and you didn’t listen. 

You were on the plane with Erin, Tony’s girlfriend. You both agreed that Reading fest. was a huge step for Pierce The Veil and decided to see this roll out in person. Erin was asleep, and you didn’t notice when you fell asleep. 

A small part of you wished that something would happen between you and Vic during this trip, but he was with Danielle and you just got out of a relationship. You always had a crush on Vic, and that one song he secretly wrote about you didn’t weaken your feelings. 

Since you and Erin were here as a surprise, none of the band knew you were there. Erin asked Tony questions like what time they would go on, and what hotel they were at. Tony was oblivious to anything that was happening, until she asked for the room number and he ran down to the lobby to find her, but instead found both of you. 

“Before you guys kiss and all, what room number? I kinda don’t want to wait out your reunion session.” You rolled your eyes.

Tony hugged you first and laughed in your ear. “Good to see you too. Room 825.” 

You pulled up the luggage you brought and made your way to the elevator, which had a man inside waiting for the doors to close. He was dressed in uniform, and you could tell he worked there. Reading Fest didn’t start til about  9 am you thought, so the others were probably still asleep. 

You knocked on the door, and looked down the hallways, avoiding the eye hole. The door swung open, and there stood Mike in shorts and a tee. You grinned at him and he pulled you into a hug. 

“I didn’t know you were coming.” He muffled into your hair.

“I came to surprise you guys.” You kept grinning as you both pulled away.

“Mike who’s there?” You heard a familiar voice. “Y/N?” Vic peeked around the corner.

“Me?” you mocked as he ran to you. His cold wet hair brushed against you face, removing some of your foundation. “Your hair is cold Vic.”

“I’m Sor-” He pulled away and stopped mid-way with his sentence. He began to rub at your chin, and you flinched from the pain.

“Vic that hurts.” You had forgotten about the bruise that Cole had given you the night before. Your hand flew up to your chin, as you tried to push past Vic. 

Mike was long gone, you assumed downstairs. “Y/N who did that?” Vic followed you. “Was it Cole? God I swe-”

“It was a mistake. He didn’t mean it Vic. He was upset that I was leaving without telling him. Vic it’s Oka-”

“It’s not fucking okay Y/N. Do you hear yourself? Do you think it’s okay for him to hit you for leaving? Do you think it’s okay for him to even lay a hand on you if it’s not lovingly? God Y/N.” Vic rolled his eyes and turned away from you. “This wouldn’t have happened if I would’ve taken you with me.” 

“And what would that have done?” I scoffed.

“Prevented this. I have to get ready for the show.” Vic said, picking up some clothes from the bed and heading for the bathroom.

The whole situation was melodramatic and you hated it. You sat at a chair at the table the room provided and waited for Vic. You thought about how you shouldn’t have come, Vic has way bigger things to worry about. 

“Are you coming to the show?” His voice broke the silence. You nodded. You felt his hand pet your head and his lips kiss your forehead. “At least tell me you are thinking of leaving him.” Vic’s lips brushed your skin.

“We’re already broken up.” You finalized, staring at your hands.


You were sidestage, the stage was set up for the boys to go on. Erin was wishing Tony good luck, and you were watching all the crew members fix little things here and there. Vic came up to you, and placed his arm across your shoulders. 

“I love you a lot.” He stated randomly, making your heart flutter.

”I love you too.” You said, knowing he only thought of you as a friend.

You watched as Mike began to hit his drums, and Jaime and Tony running out. Vic pulled your chin delicately and kissed you softly on the lips before running out on stage.

You stood there, shocked. You tried to pretend like it didn’t happen, and Erin tried to bring it up, but you just stared at Vic instead. 

“Now.” Vic began. “This isn’t even relevant but I want to do something for you Leeds. This goes to all the men that have hit women, for stupid shit. Fuck you Cole.” He finally smiled.

He slid his guitar off his shoulder, and grabbed it by the neck. He began to slam it on the stage, and you could see the physical exertion. You began to walk off the ramp that led to the grass and shake your head.

(So I don’t know who to give credits for the picture, but whoever it is - all credits to you.)