5 Books to Read this March 2015

March is national reading month, which only means one thing: we are getting ready to spice up our reading list with new monthly releases. Although we are expanding the number of books we read this month, we know it is totally worth it to stay up a few nights in, since winter seems to be going nowhere! 

We have compiled this list for fans of Gone Girl, We Were Liars and How to Get Away With Murder. Plus a few other romantic surprises and a long-awaited novel by one of the best writers in the English language. Let the suspense begin. 

Don’t worry, we are also excited!

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Reading slumps are awful and every reader dreads them. Once you’re in one it makes you feel like you just can’t ever pick up a book again. It’s hard for book bloggers too because if you aren’t reading, what are you supposed to post? You can’t liveblog, update goodreads, and personally I don’t even have to motivation to get on here when I’m in a slump, and lets not even talk about the stress of not feeling like reading ARC’s. But there are ways to get out of them! Or at least ways to float by until they pass. Here’s my tips that I used in my last reading slump!

  • Break out of your usual comfort zone and read something different! If you usually read fantasy, read a contemporary for a change. Or maybe you really love romance? Well try out something with a little more action! Sometimes falling into the same patterns of reading gets boring without you even noticing, so changing it up will be good for your motivation.
  • Don’t try to pick up that 500 page brick of a novel. It won’t do you any good and honestly, that intimidation of not making a lot of progress in the book will set you even farther into your slump.
  • Read some fluff! Fluffy books like Losing It by Cora Carmack, or Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik are always quick, easy, and fun reads that will put you in the mood for reading. Plus, the quicker the book you read are, the more you’ll feel like your reading and it will make you more excited to read. 
  • After a while of reading light, fluffy novels, you start to get into a rhythm of reading, so move onto something a little less fluffy. Something with more depth!  Jennifer L. Armentrout is my go-to author. Obsidian and Wicked are great! 
  • Never force yourself to read. If you try out books that are different than you usually read, or if you try out fluff and its just not working, don’t get down on yourself for not reading! Sometimes you simply need a break. Try something different for a while, like writing or journaling, drawing, arts and crafts, or even rearrange your shelves! Liv at rainydayscoffeeandbooks has a whole tag on bookish crafts that are fun to do, especially if you cant get into reading just yet! You can even try catching up on tv! Just don’t push yourself to read because you’ll get in even more of a reading slump, i promise you haha.

March 3, 2015 • 10:26AM

Long time no post! Really sorry about the inactivity. I also just noticed that this picture is completely crooked, so I guess my attempt at being artistic is a failure. But practice makes perfect, right? 

So I’ve been a bit of a potato recently because I’ve just gotten my wisdom teeth taken out. I was not expecting it to be so debilitating to be honest… maybe it’s the drugs but I’ve been sleeping SO much, and it’s so hard to fight the sick person mentality and not stay in bed all day. I’ve missed one day of classes, and I am so grateful that my professors were so understanding. No excuse to slack on work though, and I SWEAR today is the day I catch up on everything. 

I’ve already cleaned up my room and desk area (though the latter probably won’t stay neat for long) and now all I have to do is work work work. I’ve even brewed myself a full pot of my favorite coffee to help. 

Anyways something I’ve learned in the past few days is that fatigue and exhaustion is not just a state of mind you can push yourself to overcome. It is an actual state of being that needs to be treated properly with rest and recuperation. I’m a bit of a control freak and I thought that I was going to walk away from oral surgery with just a sore mouth, but there are some things you can’t pep talk yourself out of. Taking care of your body is just as important as doing well if school, if not even more important. Rest when necessary and push yourself if you can!

(Also the Vegan diary is a personal little project of mine. For Lent I’ve decided to go vegan and log my vegan recipes down in the notebook. Instead of just writing out the experience and the process I thought I’d illustrate instead. I haven’t had the time to actually update it because of school, but hopefully I find the time today. Just a little thing to turn my creative gears and brush the dust off!)


3/3/15, 7.01pm - this quarter I am only taking one course, instead of my usual two. It’s so easy to waste all the free time that I have now (taking just one course frees up about 20 hours of my week!) but if I want to reach my goals I have to use my time well, and work on extra projects like the conference paper I will present in June. I’m going to try to hold myself accountable by working every day and using this studyblr to show what I’ve done.

Today I worked for 4 hours (so far) and have read 45 pages of Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus, Deleuze’s “Postscript on the Societies of Control” and one chapter of Braidotti’s Nomadic Subjects. Somehow readings that I choose to do myself are always more fun than class readings!

Frustrated singer-songwriter (who knew?!) Kazuo Ishiguro talks to NPR’s Scott Simon about his first novel in ten years, The Buried Giant. It’s about an old couple taking what might be their last journey, through a land covered by strange mists that obscure memories.  They remember having a son? Or do they? 

Also, check out Ishiguro talking about watching TV Westerns as a kid, because he’s awesome:

I was five years old when I arrived in Britain. Neither of my parents spoke good English — I don’t think that my mother spoke English at all. So, I was very dependent on the English I picked up. I mean, I never had any formal English lessons. But I’ll come home, and I’ll watch my favorite cowboy shows. And in those days, television was full of Westerns, American Western shows. And so it was very confusing for me as a Japanese kid.

I didn’t know the difference between the way people spoke on the western frontier, in Bonanza, or Wagon Train, and the way people spoke in Home Counties England. Y’know, so I would just turn up at school and say, “Howdy!” and things like this. And people would be slightly taken aback. I’ve always had a love for Westerns since then. And I think I kinda saw in those Westerns something of the samurai stories that I’d been brought up on as well. Sir Gawain, you know, the last of the Arthurian knights now in old age … I mean, he’s like a figure from one of those elegiac Westerns, an aging gunfighter from a bygone era. Still one man and one horse against the big sky.

— Petra

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