#13 - His Child Calls You Mummy

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You had to bite your lip to stop from laughing at the sight in front of you, your boyfriend Ashton squaring off with his six year old over her bedtime. She stood in front of him with her arms crossed over her chest, her lips set into a pout as she shook her head back and forth defiantly.

Everyday you saw more and more of Ashton in her, not only in appearance but in personality as well. They were two peas in a pod. You’d been in Jessie’s life since she was a baby, meeting Ashton when she was only six months old. Things hadn’t worked out well between Jessie’s mum and Ashton, having tried to make the relationship work the whole pregnancy. After Jessie was born they decided to end things, knowing that in the long run it would be a lot better than sticking together.

At first you were hesitant to be involved with someone so soon out of a relationship, especially someone that had a baby, but the more time you spent with Ashton you found that it wasn’t hard to fall in love with him. He was the sweetest man you’d ever known and he was the most amazing Father.

“But Daddy!” Jessie whined, narrowing her eyes. “I’m not even tired!”

“It’s past your bedtime Jess, I already let you stay up later.”

“I don’t want to go to bed!”

“You have preschool in the morning, you don’t want to be too tired and cranky to play with your friends do you?”

“But I won’t be.”

“We both know you will be.”


“Jessica no,” Ashton said, signalling the end of the conversation. “Now go say goodnight to y/n and get upstairs, I’ll even read you a bedtime story.”

Jessie stomped her feet as she walked over to the couch, flopping down into your lap with a heavy sigh. You smiled and ran your fingers through her curls.

“Can you read to me?” She whispered. “I don’t want Daddy to.”

“Sure baby, go on upstairs and I’ll be right there.”

She slid back off you and walked towards the stairs, giving Ashton a disgruntled goodnight before heading off to her bedroom. You laughed at the crease between your boyfriends eyebrows.

“Thanks,” He said, giving you a small smile. “I promise once she’s asleep we’ll finish watching that movie.”

“Sounds good Ash,” You replied, giving him a quick kiss.


“Can you read it again?”

“Fraid not sweetheart but I’ll read it again tomorrow night.”

“Okay,” Jessie yawned, snuggling down into her bed as you pulled the blankets tight around her. “Love you Mummy.”

That had been the first time you’d ever heard her say it, the breath catching in your throat. It filled you with a sense of warmth you didn’t know was possible. You pressed a kiss to the top of her head and smiled.

“I love you too Jess.”


The primary school yard was chaos, children running everywhere as their parents tried to carrel them towards the cars, having brief chats as they passed by people they knew. You’d never been to school pick up before but Luke had been stuck in the studio and you’d offered to pick Mason up for him, knowing how much he worried if he was late.

You and Luke had been seeing each other for just shy of two years, having recently moved in together. He’d been over cautious about being in a new relationship after Mason’s Mum had skipped out on them both, taking much longer to be comfortable around you. Not that you couldn’t understand that, it had been just Luke and Mason for five years before you showed up and Luke didn’t want to introduce the seven year old to someone that he wasn’t sure was sticking around.

You’d been patient though, they were well worth the wait.

Scanning the yard you finally sure the blonde hair you’d been looking for, waving your hand above your head when he caught sight of you. The smile that lit up Mason’s face swelled your heart, the boy running straight for you, dragging one of his friends with him.

“Mummy!” He shouted as he reached you, hugging you around the waist. “This is my friend Blake, can he come over today? Can he please?”  

You’d been so shocked that he’d called you Mummy you didn’t hear his question, his bright blue eyes staring up at you hopefully. You still hadn’t given him an answer when another woman walked up to you, ruffling Blake’s dark hair.

“You must be Mason’s Mum,” She said smiling at you. “Luke’s usually here to pick Mason up so we haven’t had a chance to meet.”

“Oh, yeah he’s stuck at work today so he couldn’t make it.”

“Well we’re happy to have Mason over at our house this afternoon if you’re busy, the two of them together can be worse than a tornado ripping through your living room.”

You looked down at Mason who still had his arms wrapped around your waist, your fingers threading through his messy hair as you smiled widely.

“No that’s okay, we’d love to have Blake over this afternoon.”


“Come on buddy, time for bed yeah?” Calum said, switching off the tv as the movie credits rolled.

Jack yawned from where he was curled up between you and Calum, his head resting against your lap. He nodded his head when his Dad spoke, pushing himself back into a sitting position.

He’d been determined to see the movie all the way through, protesting loudly when Calum had suggested watching the rest of it tomorrow night instead, if everyone else was going to stay up then so was he. He’d done a pretty good job as well, making it three quarters through before closing his eyes.

“Say goodnight to y/n,” Calum reminded him before he stood up from the couch.

“Goodnight y/n,” Jack mumbled, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Goodnight baby,” He said after, resting his cheek against your very pregnant belly. You ruffled his dark hair and smiled.

“Goodnight Sweetheart, see you in the morning.”

The five year old nodded, turning to Calum and lifting his arms up. Calum chuckled and swung him up onto his hip, Jack’s head falling to the crook of Calum’s neck, his eyes blinking tiredly.

It was only when he was tucked into bed and Calum had done his nightly routine of checking for monsters that Jack spoke up, cuddling his toy dog against his chest.

“Daddy, when the baby’s born what will they call y/n?”

“Well, they’ll call her Mummy, just like you call me Daddy,” Calum replied, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “Why’s that?”

Jack looked down, playing with the edge of his blanket.

“Do - do you think y/n will mind if I call her Mummy too?”

Calum’s heart clenched at how quiet his son’s voice was, how unsure he was. Jack’s Mother didn’t have a lot to do with him or Calum these days, travelling around the world with her new boyfriend. She called occasionally but never stayed on the phone for long, talking to Jack for a couple of minutes before telling him she had to go. It pissed Calum off that she seemed to care so little for their son but he was glad that Jack had a strong family foundation with you and him.

“I’m sure she won’t mind one little bit,” Calum answered.


Michael looked up from where he was sitting at the dining room table when he heard the front door slam shut, the sound echoing through the quiet house. He heard a couple more thumps in the hallway before his fifteen year old stalked past the kitchen, her shoulders slumped forward. It wasn’t like her to slam things around, no matter how bad her mood was.

“Allanah, can you come back here please?” He called, putting the paperwork he’d been reading to the side.

It took a couple of minutes but she finally came into the kitchen, wiping her fingers under her eyes to try and get rid of the mascara smudged under them.

“What?” She snapped, not meeting Michael’s eyes. “I’m not in the mood Dad.”

“Want to tell me what’s going on? You know how I feel about you slamming doors.”

“I don’t want to talk about it!”

Michael was more than a little taken aback by her attitude, his arms crossing over his chest as he looked up at his daughter. She’d had her off days like any teenager but she’d never been so blatantly rude before and no matter what had happened today he didn’t like it one bit.

“Want to try that again without all the snark?”

Allanah sniffled and plopped herself down into the seat opposite him, a few more tears gathering in her eyes. It was quiet for a while, Michael waiting for her to tell him what was wrong, concerned why his baby girl was so upset. She caved under his stare.

“Owen was kissing someone else at school today Dad!” She sobbed.

“Owen?” Michael asked, surprised, trying to remember who the hell Owen was. It took him a minute but he finally remembered overhearing a conversation between you and Allanah last week. “Is he that bad boy wannabe you’ve been crushing on?!”

“Dad!” Allanah screeched unhappily, glaring right at Michael. “He isn’t some bad boy, god why are you never on my side?!”

“He was caught smoking behind the gym Lana, I’m sure you could do much better.”

“Omg, as if you never did anything like that when you were in school Mr highschool dropout!” She stood roughly from the table, throwing Michael the most scathing look she could muster with tears running down her cheeks. “I wish Mum was here at least she’d understand!”

Michael never got the chance to say anything else before she stalked out of the room, a smile on his lips at the way she’d called you Mum. You’d come into their lives when Allanah was ten and she’d always just called you y/n. She still saw her Mum regularly and even though you and Michael were married with two kids of your own she’d never called you Mum.

Michael couldn’t wait to tell you when you got back home.


Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 1.2k+

Summary: sadness, little fluff, sadness, and more sadness

Warnings: major angst, mention of death, major chatacter(s) death, one curse word, bad writing

A/N - you can thank @peters-vlogs for this because she posted this really angsty fic yesterday and that was not cool so payback :) Also thank her for being my beta love you louise!!!




Prompts - 1.- “I love you, please don’t go.” 3. - “Please don’t walk out of that door.” 32. - “Why are you doing this?” 33. - “Please don’t do this.” 37. - “Thank you, for everything.” 36. - “You’ve shown me what love can feel like.” 40. - “I wasn’t lying when I said that I loved you.” 42. - “You’re always on my mind.” 45. - “I can’t imagine this world without you.” = from this prompt list


It was late. You had just gotten home from work when you saw Peter on the couch. He looked sad, but then again ever since Tony died, he was always sad.

“Pete? What’s wrong, sweetheart?” You asked, concern lacing your voice.

“I-it’s T-tony, h-he… he,” Peter couldn’t finish because of all the tears streaming down his face.

You tried to comfort him, rubbing his back, telling him everything was going to be okay, but it wasn’t going to be okay. You knew it wasn’t.

Peter had just lost his mentor, the only parental figure he had left, someone who cared for him just as much as May had, Peter had just lost his dad. How could anything be okay? He knew it too. He knew you were lying, but he believed it and for a split second he thought maybe you were right.

Maybe everything was going to be okay, but then reality hit. He realized that nothing could ever be okay and he lashed out. He snapped at you, at Ned, at MJ, he yelled at the world for what it took from him. And the world deserved it, it had taken everything from him, first his parents, then his uncle Ben, then aunt May and now Tony. Ever since then, he’s been distant, the beautiful light in his hazel eyes was now dull. Nothing would ever be the same, nothing would ever be okay.

You tried to help him as best you could, but nothing seemed to work. You cooked him his favorite food, used cheesy pickup lines and even watched all the Star Wars movies, but still nothing. He didn’t even look up when you opened the door.

“Hey, Pete, how was work today?”

“Okay, I guess,” he responded.

You sighed today was one of his bad days. Not even Ned could cheer him up. “So.. what do you want for dinner?” You asked, “I was thinking pizza but I’m not sure conside-”

“Y/N, we need to talk,” he interrupted, and Peter never interrupts you. He said he loved the way your voice sounds and that he could listen to it for hours. So why would he interrupt you?

“-and yesterday there was this huge spider at work and although I was scared out of my mind, I was thinking that you were probably the spider’s friend and I was gonna go say ‘hi’ to it but that would be weird, right, Pete?”

Peter was just sitting there, staring at you. He does that a lot. Probably more than he should. He’s such a weirdo, but he’s your weirdo.

“Hellooo? Earth to Peter? You there?” you said waving a hand in front of his face.

“Wha- oh yeah I’m uh I’m here,” he responded.

Peter got lost in your eyes. He’s realized that he does that a lot. It’s just that your eyes are so beautiful and so full of life, how can he not get lost in them? And your voice, it’s so beautiful. It sounds like an angel. He could listen to you take forever.

“What?” You asked.

“‘What’ what?” Peter was confused but when Peter was confused, he always looks super cute.

“What’s on your mind?” you questioned tilting your head.

“You,” Peter replied, “You’re always on my mind.”

You laughed, “Pete, I’m serious!”

“I’m serious too!” He exclaimed.

“Peterrrr,” you said annoyance present in your voice.

“Yesss?” He answers with a stupid smirk on his face.”

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing, Y/N, it’s just that your voice beautiful, I could listen to you talk all day.”

“You’re an idiot, Parker.”

“Uh… yeah, of course. What’s up?”

“I, uh, I think we need to take a break.”

“W-what? W-why? Y-you said that y-you told me you love me.” you said with a broken heart.

And it’s true. He had told her ‘I love you,’ but that was before all of this had happened. Before Peter better had lost his father. Before he had lost his aunt. Before Peter Parker had lost his will to live.

I wasn’t lying when I said that I loved you, I did love you,” he paused looking into your tears eyes, “I just don’t anymore.”

Why are you doing this, Peter? Don’t give me any bullshit. I want the truth. Why are you breaking up with me?” You were sobbing by now, and the tears just kept flowing.

“I just, I can’t do this anymore, Y/N. You’ve helped me more than you could know and I thank you for everything, but I, I just can’t do this anymore. I’m too tired, Y/N. There was a time when I couldn’t imagine this world without you, but now I can’t imagine this world at all. I’ve lost everything, Y/N. I’ve lost my whole life.” Peter sighed, he was annoyed. Why couldn’t you just understand?

“But you haven’t lost me, Pete, I’m still here. And I love you. Please, Pete, please don’t do this.” You were practically begging him. How could he do this? After all these years of being together. Just throw it away like it was nothing.

“I’m sorry, Y/N/N, you’ve shown me what love can feel like and I can’t thank you enough for that, but after losing Tony, I just can’t go on. I don’t think I could ever love anything again. I hope that you can understand, Y/N.”

“No, Peter, I can’t understand. When May died, you didn’t act like this! You let me comfort you and hold you and help you. Why can’t you let me do that now?” You were pleading, hoping he would listen and hoping he wouldn’t leave.


“Peter Benjamin Parker, that’s not true and you know it! Tony wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself and he knows that it wasn’t your fault and that you did everything you could to stop it. You deserve love, Peter. You probably deserve it more than anyone in the world.” You tried to reason with him, but he wouldn’t listen.

“Doesn’t matter what you or Tony think, I don’t deserve love. I don’t deserve anything.” He was full on crying now. Nothing you say could make him stay no matter how much you loved him. “Goodbye, Y/N. Take care.” He said, sadness evident in his voice.

“Peter, please don’t walk out of that door. I love you, Peter, please don’t go. You can’t just push everyone away Pete that’s not how life works.” You were bawling now how could he do this? After all you’ve been through?

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I really am.” And with that, he left closing the door behind him.

Now it was your turn to lash out. To scream at the world for what it took from you. It took the love of your life and now just like Peter’s your once bright E/C eyes were dull and lifeless.


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roommates (bucky barnes)


summary: the mundanity of being roommates with bucky.

pairings: au!bucky barnes x petite & fem!reader (platonic/EXTREME slow burn)

warnings: mentions of graphic violence, blood, swearing

a/n: dedicated to chris :’)

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y/n knew she was short. that’s why she always wore heels. she would force bucky to give her foot rubs after an especially long day. as sweet as he was, he seemed to always forget their height difference. this was evident in the kitchen.

he always put things on the top shelves, not on purpose. she tried to remind him, but he always put the sugar on one of the higher shelves. actually, he managed to put everything on the higher shelves. there was a lot of cabinet space and not that many things to be stored, so he often times didn’t put anything where she could reach it.

“bucky, can you get me that frying pan, please?” she asked. she was standing with her hands on her hips, pointing up to the cabinet.

“yeah,” he groaned as he got up from the couch. he easily grabbed it and set it onto the stove. “do you need any help with cooking?” he raised an eyebrow.

“i don’t. go back to whatever you were doing,” she pushed him out of the kitchen.

five minutes later she called out his name again. “can you get the chili flakes down?”

“what else do i have to live for?” he responded. he placed the container onto the counter.

she rolled her eyes. “thanks, buck.”

not even a minute later she yelled, “i can’t reach the lid!”

he huffed, returning to the kitchen. he reached for the lid and held it out to her. “i feel like you’re messing with me, right now.”

“it’s not my fault you put everything on the highest damn shelf,” she replied, placing the lid on a pot.

“do you need me to get you anything else, shorty?” her head immediately snapped in his direction, her eyes wild.

“call me that again and i’ll cut your dick off,” she threatened.

he laughed loudly, his hand coming to rest on her shoulder. “you know i’m just pulling your leg, doll.” he leaned in and kissed her temple before returning to the couch.

a few minutes later, heard a loud curse. he looked over to the kitchen. y/n was kneeling on the counter and rubbing her elbow.

“everything okay? do you need help?” he began to stand up.

“s’all good. i’m capable of getting things down myself. i’m an independent woman,” she answered.

“be careful,” he said and settled back into the couch, his eyes glued on her.

she pulled a glass dish forward to reach one in the back. she put her hand on one of the higher shelves for balance. as she took the dish she wanted, she let go of the other one. it slipped off of the cupboard, hit the edge of the counter, and shattered on the floor. her hand that had been clutching to the higher shelf knocked over the flour. it fell all over her, getting all into her hair and onto her clothes.

bucky immediately sprung up. “don’t move,” he sternly instructed her. he rushed over to the entryway, where he pulled on a pair of shoes and picked up one of her pairs too. he wrestled the broom out of the hall closet and ran back. she was climbing down from the counter. he opened his mouth to tell her to stop, but her foot landed on a piece of glass.

“ah fuck!” she cried out.

“i told you to stay up there,” he scolded her, dropping the broom and her shoes and coming to her side. he hooked his arm around her and picked her up bridal style.

he took her to his room and put her down onto his bed. he left for a second and returned with the first aid kit in his hand.

“let me see, sweetheart,” he sighed. she flopped back onto his bed, letting him prop her foot up onto his lap.

he began tending to her in silence, first taking a piece of tape and tapping it all over the bottom of her foot to get any smaller pieces of glass off, the ones he couldn’t see. luckily, the glass she had stepped on hadn’t stuck in her foot. he cleaned the wound that was bleeding and wrapped her foot up in a bandage. “i’m gonna clean up the kitchen, you lay here for a second. i’ll tell you when i’m done. you can finish up.”

he got up to leave but froze when he heard her voice. “sorry for being a dumbass.”

“hey,” he said, softly. he grabbed her hand and pulled her up. “don’t call yourself that. only i can make fun of you, okay?” he smoothed her hair down, looking her in the eye.

“whatever you say,” she scoffed, playfully.

he stood up. before he exited the room, he said over his shoulder, “next time you need something off the shelves, don’t be a dumbass. just ask me.”

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Family Is There For Family

Summary - Y/N Winchester knew. She always had, and somehow was able to keep it from her brothers; well… She was until one unfaithful hunt lands her in the hospital..

Pairing(s)- Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Warnings- Cursing, mentions of an enlarged heart (Cardiomegaly), angry!Dean, bad heart health, angsty but fluffy

Requested by @xiumin-girl99   - thank you for requesting, love! 😊💖 Hope you enjoy this! 

F.I.T: @laceyn-1201 @reeseweese @waywardnewcomer @supernatural-teamfreewillpage @i-hear-crazy-calling-my-name @closetspngirl @casiskween @great-godpotato-akane @hobby27 @thetallassgirl @kaylahp101-blog @bellero @alliedimlerr @1tsra1n1ng @mermaidwannabe-clc @deevvoon @geongie-forgot-their-password  

(Forever In Tags, are open! Just message if you’d like to be added!) 

Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated! 

I’ve had this… Problem way before I even met the boys - my brothers. They didn’t learn of it with all of the hospital visits beforehand, and I didn’t plan on them finding out so.. Easily. But I guess that’s what happens when you end up where I am.. In a hospital with wires and needles stuck inside of me.

And, of course, an angry Dean and a concerned Sammy just outside my door.. Today is not going to be a cakewalk anymore.

~ 4 Hours Earlier ~

“So, you’re positive that it’s a vengeful spirit?” I scoffed as Dean and Sam walked ahead of me, mentally cursing their long legs as I tried to keep my breathing under control. Sam turned his head and nodded, attempting to not speak, it is him and Dean had already fought on the way up here..

“Yes, Y/N, now could you go at least two seconds without assuming we don’t know what we’re doing?!” Dean spat as I widened my eyes and clenched my jaw. They’d been at each other’s throat, but mine was usually clear from any nipping or anger - until I spoke, or did something they didn’t like.

“Oh, bite me, Dean.” I snarled as he turned to look over his shoulder, rolling his eyes as he turned back as Sam shook his head, his own eyes rolling in his skull as we continued, silently, sneaking through the abandoned and eerie house. The only light that sliced through the thick night were our three yellow flashlight beams; the only sound being the creaking floorboards and our shuffled steps.

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SPNchatroom x Reader

Crowley is writing…

(Crowley): Hello boys

• Moose is enter in the chatroom

• Not moose entre in the chatroom

(Moose): How the hell you get our numbers??

(Not moose): Sorry, my fault

(Not moose): C'mon Crowley, change my fucking nickname. Its weird

(Crowley): Its not to weird, but I’ll think about it. Maybe I will pick another one more, well, you.

• (Y/N) enter in the chatroom

(Y/N): Hey-ya guys, and Crowley?

(Crowley): Hey darling, hru?

(Moose): Why everyone had a nickname except (Y/N)? Thats not fair man

(Y/N): Shut up Winchester

• Crowley changed ’(Y/N)’ to ’(Pink cheeks)’

(Pink cheeks): what the hell Crowley?

(Crowley): Its perfect for you, you get blush easy when someone is around

(Not moose): WHO? I NEED TO KNOW

(Moose): LMAO, start to talk (y/n)

(Pink cheeks): I fucking hate u, Fergus

Damn Daddy Part 6 - Daddy! Elijah x Reader - NSFW 18+

Author: HeyThereElejah

Relationship: Elijah x Reader

Word Count: 4.6k

Warnings: Cursing, Drinking, Daddy Issues, Extramarital Affair, Violence, Panic Attack, Threats,  Smutastic Deliciousness (Unprotected, Kinda Kinky Quickie)

A/N: Welcome to the final chapter of Damn Daddy! This has been a blast to write, and all your kind notes of encouragement, mood boards, etc. have been SO wonderful. I adore you all, and thank you so much for reading my garbage.

There will be an epilogue, probably by Wednesday.


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Y/N hurried to the end of the hallway, pausing before turning the handle and opening the door silently. 

There, illuminated only by the soft moonlight from the window, was Katherine - half naked and entwined with Damon Salvatore. 

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You came back to me

Characters: Dean, Sam, OFC (Kate), Reader

Words: 1,414

Pairing: Dean x ofc, Dean x reader.

Warnings: ANGSTT, cheating, guilt yada yada yada.  I want it to be clear that I, by no means, want to promote people being cheaters lol Saying this just in case….

A/N:  I don’t know if i should make another part of this or what lol imma think about it haha anyways, my requests are open *wink wink*

@kaz-2y5-images <3

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Liquor Truths

Originally posted by starkwest

Requested: Anonymous

Word Count: 1370

Pairing: Natasha X Reader

Warnings: Drunk, descriptions/mentions of depression. ANGST!

Request: Hi!! Love your writing btw :D ok, my request is Natasha x fem!reader with ANGSTTTTT. Get creative girl! I don’t care the ending lol just make sure you break my heart lmao (I’m a slut for angst) xoxo


Maybe it was for the best. Maybe there was a reason for it. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.


Your name shook you out of your dark thoughts, looking over your shoulder, you saw Steve approaching, with a cup of Asgardian liquor in it.

“Hey Cap. Some party, huh?” You gestured out towards the crowded common area where revelars were laughing and getting drunk.

Steve squinted at you suspiciously, but your pasted smile was perfected too much for him to see past it. He shrugged, taking a sip of the only alcohol that could give him a buzz, “You know Tony likes it, and thinks it gives good press, but you know I don’t really care for these things.”

You laughed, punching him lightly in the shoulder, “You’d rather be out there butting heads with hydra ops, we know.”

Steve flushed slightly, coughed, and raised his cup to his eye, “Stronger than I remember. I better lay off or else I be like Bucky here in a few.”

You and Steve both glanced over to the balcony where Bucky was making out with his own reflection.

“That’s probably for the best.” You took his cup from his hand and set it on the bar before turning and pushing him away from you, “Now go out there and mingle, people came to be wowed by America’s heroes.”

If Steve noticed that you didn’t include yourself in that category, he didn’t say anything. He smiled, ruffled your hair and walked away.

While it was true you were part of the Avengers, you didn’t feel like you deserved the same praise and attention as the rest of the team. You weren’t anything special. The most you could do was change your appearance into a mouse. That’s right. A mouse, and nothing else.

You glanced at the half full cup of Asgardian Liquor sitting before you. Glancing around the room confirmed that no one was paying attention to you. You knew that Thor said that it was not for ‘mere mortals’, but you needed something to get you out of your own thoughts.

“Here goes nothing.” You muttered before swallowing it all in one go.

“Huck! U-ack!” It burned something horrible and felt like fire going down your throat.

“[Y/n]! You okay?” The sweet honey toned voice of your girlfriend floated in the air before you. Your eyes tracked the soft words, following them back to ruby red lips.

Giggling, you gripped her arms, letting her hold your weight as you stumbled, “You sound pretty..hehehe…I sound sad.” You raised one hand and weaved it through the air in front of you where your words mingled with everyone else’s.

“Oh my god, [Y/n]… How much have you had to drink?”

You frowned at the gruff tone of your girlfriend, tears welling up in your eyes, “Are you mad at me Natasha? Please, Don’t be mad at me…”

You turned your puppy dog eyes up to meet her emerald green ones, they swirled like oceans, drawing you in.

She blinked, drawing in a breath, before tugging you close to her and started walking towards your room in the tower, bypassing nosy guests. “Of course I’m not mad at you [Y/n].”

You cheered and nodded, “Good! Cause I hate myself enough already!”

“What? [Y/n]? What are you talking about?” You noticed that you were now in your room, wow, your girlfriend walked fast.

You ran from her arms and jumped onto the bed, leaping and trying to touch the ceiling, “Hehe. This is fun! Come on Tasha! We never have fun anymore!”

Natasha pinched the bridge of her nose, “I know we’ve been going through a rough patch lately [Y/n]. What with all the missions Fury has me going on, but I am not discussing this with you when you are obviously drunk. Now, sleep it off!”

She stormed out and slammed the door behind her, causing you to fall into a heap on the bed, staring after her.

The energy she left behind was a faded blue, raising your hand, you saw that your energy radiated a red.

“You were blue, and I was red, and together we created a violet sky. But Purple isn’t enough for you.” You murmured the words, vaguely recognizing them from some sappy quote thingy you saw on a wall once.

Fire rose in your eyes as yous talked across the room to the balcony of your room. Throwing open the french doors, you felt the wind tangle its fingers in your hair, its breath caress your cheek and tickle your ears as it spoke in silent whispers.

“Of course Fury wants her on all the missions, she’s more talented. More better….Murrr Avensher than meee.” You laughed as your words came out garbled and sloppy.

“Cush I only do tsiss…” Your body tingled for a minute as you suddenly shrank down into our mouse form. Squeaking, and stumbling, you gripped the side of the building with your paws and began climbing the side of the building up to the tippy top.

Once on the top you changed back into your human form, on your hands and knees, gaspiong for breath between hysterical laughter.

“Ishhhh better this way….maygeee.”

You crawled to the edge of the tower, and glanced down. The building seemed to be swaying from side to side. The moon called out to you in a haunting howl as the ground beckoned you with dark shadows and sweet surrender.

“Who would luve me? I’m brosken. Tattered. Not an avensher worth Natasha.”

Tears found their way down your cheeks in shallow rivers.

“Sorry. Sorry. Sorry!” You screamed out into the busy New York night.

“It’s better this way!”

“I’m not worth it!”

You were feeling everything tenfold. In the back of your mind, you figured it was the Asgardian Liquor doing this, amplifying the feelings and thoughts you already had.

“[Y/n]? FRIDAY says you climbed up here. Are you okay?”

You slowly stood and turned to face Natasha, Steve, and Tony. They all looked worried. Standing in front of the door to the fire escape.

You doubled over in laughter, the tears splattering the grey roof. You took a step back, which was also up, onto the edge.

Natasha jerked. Steve’s eyes widened and Tony grimaced, hands on his watch.

“No suits Tone tone!” You sang, as the realization hit him. He had Dum-EE doing repairs on the one suit he kept after getting back together with Pepper.

“[Y/n]…you’re drunk. Let’s go to our room. Come here..”

You screamed as Natasha took a step forward, causing her to freeze.

Not once did the tears stop, they were a constant lullaby of despair.

“I’ve felt this way for a long time! No one noticed! I’m not worth saving!”

You heard your words, no longer garbled, now sharp as a knife, piercing the hearts of the three people before you.

Tony spoke gruffly, you could see the shimmer of water in his eyes, “[Y/n], I’ve been where you are, it doesn’t have to end like this.”

You stared him down, “You have never been here. Because you are Iron Man. And you,” You turned to Steve, “ Are Captain America and you,” You looked at Natasha, your gaze dropping as your heart sang out to her, “You are Black Widow, the woman who owns my heart. Maybe it will still be beating when you scrape me from the ground.”

You edged closer to the ledge, the heels of your feet teetering close to the open space. The thousands of feet to the shadow covered ground.

“[Y/n], what are you talking about!? Get off the ledge, please!” You could smell and see the desperation and the love in her voice, but it wasn’t enough. It was too late. It was better this way.

“I was never an Avenger. Let’s be honest. I’m not apart of this team, or this family. Goodbye.”

And with those last words, you let your body fall backwards.


The sight of the red hair of Natasha spilled across your vision as the wind rushed to cushion you. You smiled as you closed your eyes.

You were finally free.


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only human

this was requested by @princessjae92 a few days ago. this has got to be one of the longest ones I have ever written and i’m not sure how to feel about this! Thank you for sending in this prompt and I really do hope I did it justice! I tried making it angsty but I’m not sure if I am successful. sorry if there are many mistakes, hope you will enjoy reading this anyway!

request: Hi!! So I had the idea that the reader has had a crush on spencer forever and is secretly learning a language or two, like Russian, to impress him. However the team find out and tease her, maybe someone tells spencer and he doesn’t understand why she’d want to impress him or something. A little angst and fluff please. Much love x

word count: 2437 words

pairing: spencer reid x reader

summary: you might have been in over your head but at least, spencer’s there with you.

Originally posted by matthewgrayhair

A girls’ night out with Penelope, Emily, JJ and Tara can either be a good thing or a bad thing – there’s no in-between when it comes to this type of night’s out – considering who they tease that very night and unfortunately for you, you drew the short end of the stick and became the topic of conversation. At first, it had gone swimmingly – their questions were mostly about your life – until Penelope, slightly tipsy, started asking you about your love life – or lack thereof.

“I need something new to focus on – my chocolate thunder is living his dream life with Savannah and I noticed that you have never talked about anyone. So, going with that train of thought, are you seeing anyone? Do you like anyone?” She asks, taking another swig of her beer, cringing slightly at the taste – but Tara was buying, so she really can’t complain about free beer.

Perhaps, it had been your fault for reacting the way you did but you really couldn’t help it – it was a knee-jerk reaction. The moment she asked about who you like or if you were seeing anyone, your mind simply went to one Dr. Spencer Reid who has the nicest pair of eyes you have ever seen, hair that looks extremely nice to run your fingers through and a very intelligent mind – the fact that he was very good looking, has an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory and can read 20,000 words per minute scared you a lot but these were also a few of the reasons as to why you are attracted to him in the first place. Your cheeks flush involuntarily, and you shift under their knowing gazes and suddenly, you catch yourself smiling at the thought of Spencer Reid.

“Oh my God! You do like someone – who is it? Is it someone we know? Newbie?” Penelope asks, and you flinch – Luke is really handsome, and he had a sense of humor on him too but somehow, you just can’t seem to find yourself liking him in a romantic way – and shake your head, grabbing your glass, taking a huge sip.

Emily shakes her head, setting down her empty glass. “I don’t think it’s Alvez – Y/N reacts to Luke like how she reacts to the rest of us; familial love, yes, but romantic?” She shakes her head. “If I have to take a stab in guessing, I would say that you like Reid?” Emily suddenly turns to face you and you are so glad that you had finished your drink because otherwise, you might have choked on her question.

You cleared your throat and shake your head. “I honestly have no idea what all of you are talking about.” You try to play it off coolly, but because of your slightly intoxicated state, you forgot that you were sitting with a few of the best profilers in the country and JJ had caught onto your act, chuckling as she threw an arm around your shoulders.

“Is that why you indulged in buying those self-taught language books? Are you trying to impress Spence with your language skills?” You tense when JJ casually brought that up; your ears are starting to turn red because of how thoroughly embarrassed you feel. It had been a silly thought – you wanted to, at the very least, impress the young doctor with your ability to understand some other language than English – and now you can feel the embarrassment starting to prickle your skin.

“You really like our resident Boy Genius? Oh my God, Emily, please hold me! I think I’m going to faint; the two of you would look so adorable together and I can already picture how awkwardly adorable the two of you would be on your first date!” Penelope coos, giggling to herself as Emily holds on to her as per Penelope’s request, chuckling loudly at her antics.

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I’ll be good by jaymes young for Loki?

Characters: Reader x Loki Laufeyson
Warnings: Mentions of violence, prison
Lyric: “I’ve been cold, I’ve been merciless / But the blood on my hands scares me to death”
Word Count: 431
A/N: This feels out of character but at the same time it doesn’t but I don’t know oh well I guess


Originally posted by thorodhinson

When Loki had attacked Earth, you knew you couldn’t be with him anymore. Perhaps you could justify his previous actions, or you chose to ignore what he had done to gain Odin’s approval, but attacking an planet full of innocent civilians had taken it too far.

You leaving Loki hurt him far more than he’d care to admit. It had forced him to look back on what he had done, forced him to think about if it was all worth it in the end. Sitting in his Asgardian cell certainly gave him plenty of time to reflect. He rarely had visitors, except for Thor’s occasional visits, but the only person he wanted to see was you.

He had requested plenty of times for someone to send you down to see him. He was on the verge of begging Thor to convince you to visit, just to see your face at least. To hear your voice one more time. 

When you had finally relented, visiting Loki late in the night, Loki couldn’t believe his eyes. You could see him staring at you in disbelief, walking as close to the edge of his cell as he could. Chuckling slightly, he remarked, “I didn’t think you’d ever show.”

You sighed, looking away. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t regretting it, now.”

Loki’s smile quickly disappeared. “I’m glad you came.”

You turned back to Loki, unsure of what to say. You no longer saw the man you loved, but the man who tried to conquer another planet.

“How could you?” you whispered, voice cracking, and Loki sucked in a sharp breath. “How could you be so cold and merciless to those poor Midgardians?”

To your surprise, Loki responded, “I know. I… I suppose I took things too far.”

You pressed your lips together, shocked to hear the genuine remorse in Loki’s voice. Then again, it could be another trick, another illusion he was using to fool you.

“I should go.” you finally said, stepping back, and Loki’s face fell. “This was a bad idea-”

“Don’t. Please.” Loki insisted, stepping closer. “I have a lot of blood on my hands, y/n, I know. I know you must hate me for it, and I must confess I hate myself for it too. It terrifies me, y/n, and I need you.”

“How am I supposed to help you, Loki?” you replied, exasperated, and Loki’s gaze dropped to the floor. “I can’t undo the damage you’ve caused.”

Loki remained silent, before he finally looked up, wide eyes meeting yours. “You could help me by staying.”

a/n: even with my mood and health tanking hard i wanted to write something for good ol’ hissy baby omega genji/alpha reader. decided to write little short things since i couldn’t rightly focus on one thing. 


Teeth would nip at his throat, his wrist and his thighs, but never would those teeth break his flesh. You agreed to his terms, another Heat would be spent with him, to help him deal with his problem. But, those teeth must never pierce his flesh, tease and get his heart beating yes, but never to leave their mark on his flesh. 

Genji hates how much he wanted your teeth to mark him as their own. Mourning his bare, unmarked skin taking what little comfort he could from their lingering Scent that still remained in his room and clinging to his skin. 


Neither of them is sure when the subtle Scenting started, but once it was brought to Genji’s attention that both of you were doing it when you returned from a mission, an unknown Omega’s scent heavily rubbed into their clothes and skin. 

Genji felt himself bristle when he smelled it, before walking over to you and rubbing his own Scent over the other Omega’s. Not stopping until he was happy with how you smelled, like him and only him is when McCree chimed in that seeing him Scent you was really sweet of him to do. 


It started out with small things, things that you wouldn’t notice would be missing, but still drenched with enough of your Scent to comfort him when he was nearing his Heat’s. Something to keep them at bay while you were not here with him or if he just needed to feel like you were here with him. 

Eventually, his Nest grew, to the point where even Genji himself wanted to keep you in it. It amazed him how much just having you here next to him affected him, shaking him to his core so badly that night he clung to you, singing your praise and leaving his own marks on your skin. Only to mourn the lack of marks on his own skin when he woke up to keen loudly enough to wake you up and comfort him. 

Genji took what he could, being greedy with the attention and comfort you gave him. Knowing that this too, would end and he would have to face that truth. 


For @rachelcarroll1819…reader is Gibbs’s daughter as requested. Enjoy!

“Ow,” Tony moaned after your father had left the squad room.

You smirked from the side. It wasn’t too hard to figure out your dad had just given your boyfriend another head slap.

“What did ya do this time?”
“Can’t a guy get a little sympathy around here?”
You chuckled. “I think you already got that answer.”

Tony let out a giggle before walking toward you. You wrapped your arms around his stomach as he bent down to kiss you. You hummed against his lips.

“We still on for dinner?” you queried.
“If you’re up for it.” He gave you another kiss. “Because I, for one, can’t wait to see you.”
You arched a brow. “Well Mr. DiNozzo, maybe I should make you wait a little bit more.”

You let out a brief giggle as you noticed his eyes bug out at the suggestion. There was no way you were canceling your date with him. Seeing his reaction, however, was quite priceless. Seeing your grin set him at ease, knowing now that you were joking.

“Alright,” you started, scratching his back a little, “I should let you get back to work before dad comes back and gets on you again.”

Tony moved his hands to gently hold your face. He gave you a soft, nearly irresistible smile. You grabbed his hands before reaching up to kiss him again.

“There’s some lunch on your desk…in case you didn’t notice.”

Tony raised his eyebrows in surprise before hurrying over to his desk. You smirked.

“Bye Tony.”
“Bye sweetheart! Thank you for lunch.”

Walking away, you were thankful that your dad was alright with yours and Tony’s relationship. At the moment, you were sure it was exactly where you wanted to be.

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Magic Bullet pt. 1

A/N: Wassap! I’m back and hella tired. Enjoy :))) Also there is no taglist on this chapter sorry!!!

Word Count: 2259

Warnings: Cursing and cringy self-surgery

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Worthy Pains [Keith Kogane x Reader]

pairing: Keith Kogane x reader

requeted: nope! but remember requests are open!

plot: Keith finds reader in the kitchen in the middle of the night because of her period. 

warnings: kissing? is that even a warning?

word count: 1481

There you were: head hold up on your hand while you rested your arm on the cold table of the castle’s kitchen. Your right hand made your cheek bigger below your eye causing it to close automatically. You would be lying if you were to say that was your first time there, late at night. Being there, in the middle of the night wasn’t something unusual for you. But that day you were not there because of habitual motives. There were no nightmares hunting you nor feelings or thoughts keeping you awake. No… That time you weren’t being able to sleep because of the pain your period was making you feel.

You reached out your hand to grab the glass of water, that was resting on the middle of the table, and put it in between your lips feeling a wave of fresheness going down your throat as the water went through.

Your body was sitting in that high chair that made your legs seem like they were flying, but your head was somewhere else thinking about what had happened earlier that day. 

Pidge had dared you to confess your love to Keith and had declared she was sure he felt the same way towards you, which you found almost impossible. Almost, yes. Your friend had pointed out some things that gave out his said love towards you. But, how could someone like Keith Kogane, a brave, corageous and handsome man, return the love to a girl like you, shy, awkward and clumsy as no other? What could he probably like about you? You began thinking. There was no way-

The door opens revealing the boy you were thinking about not long ago. His dark long bangs were covering his face in the most perfect way, while the rest of his hair was messily sticking out in every direction. His bed t-shirt was embracing him in the right places. The sight of him made your cheeks go red and suddenly you found yourself caught up in your day dream and don’t realize he had made his way towards you and was now sitting on the chair besides you. You changed your position, now sitting with your back againts the back-rest of the chair, arms crossed over your chest, so that you could get a better look of his actions.

He wasn’t feeling better than you either : your bed hair and soft sleepy gaze made butterflies dance inside his stomach and was feeling as embarrased as he could be. He didn’t imagine he would find you in the kitchen when he decided to head into the kitchen for a glass of water and some time to ease his mind. Thoughts of you, the blade of marmora and the galra were keeping him awake.

No words were spoken and the only thing you could hear was the sound of your sincronized breaths. Though, the silence, wasn’t uncomfortable or awkward, on the contrary it was actually soothing. That was until a strong cramp decided to make an appearence ruining that perfect moment which could have lasted forever. You flinched at the pain and Keith took notice of this.

“Are you okay?” was all he asked. Your eyes met his for the first time in the night and the concern they hold made your heart stutter. For a moment the world seemed to disappear, but then you came back to the reality where he had asked you something and you weren’t answering. I must look like a fool, you thought. Again. The same fool you were that one time you had tripped over yourself, right infront of him, which resulted in him holding you so that you could gain back the balance you had lost. You swore, for a moment, that all your problems had faded away and your location status was in a peaceful world, somewhere out of this univers where his eyes were the stars and the comfort of his hands holding your waist the place you could call home.

Once again you snapped back to the real world and try to remember what Keith had asked you moments ago.

“Yeah, yeah. Totally fine” You lied. But another cramp made it’s way to you like a punch. What used to be a smile painted on your face, turned rapidly into a frown. You hissed because of the pain, which gave your lie away.

Then, it was his turn to turn around and face you completely. He looked at you: one eye brow up questioning If you really thought he would fall for your lie.

He might not be experienced with girls but he surely knew when something was bothering someone.

You then felt a blush creeping into your cheeks. You were cornered; there was no way out of it. if you lied one more time, he would notice again and would persuade you to tell him the truth, and, If you did told him the truth, the atmosphere, that once was comfortable, will turn into the most comfortless space that had ever existed. How would he react if you told him you were restless because you were on your time of the month? Will you make him uncomforable? But looking at him in the eyes, which were looking directly into yours in order to find answers, made your tounge slip words out of your mouth without even thinking.

“I’m on my period¨ you bluntly said.

It was at that moment that Keith’s thoughts came to a hault. He slightly chuckled at all the pesimist things he was imagining you could have said and turned his gaze towards you. He thought that the way your head was ducking trying to hide the blush painted on your face was the most adorable thing he had ever seen. With hestitation he grabbed your hand, making your head quiclky head upwards and look at your interwined fingers. He gave it a slight squeez, to show you comfort, and asked you what you needed.

You. Was all you could think. But of course you wouldn’t dare yourself to say that.

“Nothing, really. I think I’m just going back to bed. Maybe laying down will help the pain go away.”

He just nodded in your direction and helped you up.

“Let me at leats walk you to your room then” he spoke up once again. He debated over keeping your hand in his or letting it go, and decided to relase it. He didn’t want to pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable just because of his whim.

In the other hand, you didn’t even notice his actions due to the amount of tension you felt between the two of you since you told him what was actually bothering  you.

You two walked through the corridors, both of you feeling more giddy every time both of your shoulders touched.

Once you arrived to the door of your room, you both stopped walking and standed still; looking at the blankness of the door. Neither of you knowing what do say or do. Both of you wanting to shove each other into the wall and, finally, release all the tension that had been built during the last months.

“I’ll be off now. Don’t hestitate in looking for me if you need anything” Keith said after clearing his throat and had started to walk off your door. But a sudden wave of confidence made it’s way to your body and you grabbed Keith’s elbow before he was too far away from you.

“I-I umm I” was all your head could made up. The way he was looking at you, as if he was waiting for you to say or do something, anything, made your knees go weak and your stomach hurt.

“You what (y/n)?” he said in a low voice almost as a whisper but not yet it.

There was a moment of silence. Both of your breathes were quicker as you and him could see both of your chests going up and down as if you barely had air.

“I need you” you finally said. Desperatly.

That was all it took for him to push you againts the wall and kiss you hard on the lips. Lips you were craving for so long and were as soft as you imagined. His hands rested on your waists for a short period of time before they made their way to the sides of your head, cupping your cheeks, deepening the kiss.

You both pulled away for air with smiles on your faces. Your pants and airy laughs echoed through the halls and his forehead was pressing againts yours in a loving way. Looking into each others eyes founding nothing more than the love towards each other.

You closed the distance between the two of you once again but the kiss was softer, showing how much appretiation they both have towards each other.

Maybe periods weren’t that bad after all.

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Fred Weasley with shut up and dance by walk the moon for your Drabble thing?

Characters: Reader x Fred Weasley
Lyric: “Deep in her eyes / I think I see the future / I realize this is my last chance”
Word Count: 376
A/N: Hope it’s okay!


Originally posted by weasieys

Fred saw you in the courtyard, laughing with your friends as you all attempted to study. Your textbooks were scattered over your lap, the bench, the floor – all forgotten as you eagerly discussed the upcoming Yule Ball. While some of your friends had already found dates, the others – yourself included – hadn’t.

You had an idea in mind about who you wanted to go with, despite denying it in front of your friends. Your longtime crush on Fred now felt stronger than ever, although you doubted he would ask you to the dance with him. Little did you realize that he was standing on the side, building up the courage to ask you. You hadn’t realized Fred also had a major crush on you, and had been dying to ask you out even before the Yule Ball. He had come close a few times, especially when George would shove him in your direction, but Fred was never brave enough.

He saw you laugh again, a sound which brought a smile to his face. The spring sunshine illuminated your face, although Fred thought you would look beautiful even on a dark, stormy day. You were so happy, so carefree, and Fred loved that about you. 

Fred resisted the urge to hide behind the pillar next to him when you suddenly looked over your shoulder, eyes lighting up with recognition when you saw him. You waved at him, gesturing for him to come over. Blushing, Fred made his way over as your friends exchanged knowing glances, and Fred cleared his throat as he asked, “What are you guys talking about?”

“The Yule Ball.” you replied, looking up at him. Fred couldn’t help but feel fixated by your gaze, and he sucked in a sharp breath. 

He wanted to be with you, plain and simple. And if he wanted that to happen he’d have to make a move.

It was now or never.

“Would you want to go with me?” Fred blurted, and you blinked at him in surprise as he suddenly felt embarrassed. Shifting his weight, he added, “I mean, if you’re not already going with someone else.”

You heart was practically hammering out of your chest as you smiled at him. “I’d love to go with you, Fred.” 

A/N: Ever since I watched The Hillywood’s Supernatural Parody 2 (watch it here, it’s really really good!) I’ve kind of been fangirling about Supernatural a little and hence rewatched some episodes. And seeing what the boys go through, I came up with this little prompt. Enjoy the angst! ;)

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Mornin’!” Dean tapped his fingers against my door as he passed by my room.

I didn’t reply, I barely even had the energy to sit up in bed and try to recover from yet another nightmare. I was just so tired of the same crap, of being scared and feeling like, no matter how much we hunted, our job was never done and bad things were always going to happen. 

“What’s with you?” He must have noticed something was wrong with me when I didn’t come up with a cheerful ‘good morning’ of my own. 

“Nothing” I said in a low voice, trying not to let him notice how shaky it felt. 

Honestly, I felt like crying. The vivid images of my bad dream flashed before my eyes, the screaming and sobbing of it echoing in my mind. To make matters worse, a heavy void had settled in my stomach at the thought that my nightmare could very well become a reality. That Sam and Dean… ugh, I didn’t even want to think about it. 

Even in the security of the bunker, I didn’t feel safe. I felt like some monster would sneak in and attack us during the night, kill us in our sleep. I wasn’t used to the hunter life yet, and it was so terrifying that it was breaking me.

“Y/N, what the hell…?” Dean walked into my room, standing next to my bed and looking down to me. “Are you sick or something?” 

“N-No…” The fact that he was watching me so closely just made it worse. 

Dean was always strong, never talked about his feelings. I didn’t want to show how vulnerable I could be in front of him. How broken, frightened and defeated I had been feeling for days now. 

“Okay, quit that and tell me” It might have been that he didn’t have his coffee yet, or that he was just grumpy in the morning, but he sounded… annoyed. “C’mon, spit it out” 

“I just…” I dared to briefly look at him, even knowing my eyes were watery. When I met with his harsh green eyes, I averted my gaze again. “I can’t do this anymore, Dean… I’m on edge, I can’t stand it anymore… Knowing there are so many bad scary things roaming around out there… It’s too much for me” 

“Oh, really?” He sighed in exasperation. “Because last time we checked, Sam and I and every other damn hunter in the world feels like that” 

“Dean…” I complained, knowing him well enough to realize where he was going with it. 

“So why don’t you grow up and suck it up like everyone else does?” Dean was starting to raise his voice. “It’s bad enough without you whining and complaining, but on top of all I have to take you by the hand and babysit you too, Y/N?” 

“Dean…!” I tried again, begging him to stop his anger, it wasn’t helping. It was only making things worse. 

“Why don’t you do something about instead, huh?” By this point, he was almost shouting. “Save me the trouble of picking up your pieces!” 

I started sobbing, lowering my head in the hopes that he wouldn’t see it. Even if I was being loud no matter how hard I tried to conceal my tears.

“Great, now you’re crying!” Dean let out a grunt of frustration and left my room, slamming the door on his way out. 

I just stood there, starting the day in the worst way possible. Waking up from a nightmare and being shouted at by Dean when I told him I was scared instead of comforted like I needed.


For the next few hours of the day, I barely even left the room, I didn’t even had the stomach to have breakfast. Sam heard our argument and asked if I was okay, and he hugged me and comforted me, but it wasn’t enough to make me feel better. I needed Dean’s validation, only his, to feel better. I needed him to understand why I was scared, why it wasn’t as easy as just ‘sucking it up’. 

The sadness and apathy made room to pure anger. I couldn’t believe he treated me like that, it was a jerk move. Maybe it was me trying to hide my broken heart under layers of pure fury, but I didn’t mind at that point. 

I barged into his room, wondering if he ever got out of it himself, and began screaming at him like he had done to me. He sat up since he had been lying down on his bed, awake. 

“Nice going, Winchester, you jerk!” I paused for a moment, seeing how he stared at me dumbfounded, but I needed to vent. “I needed you before, and instead you go and scream at me? Like that’s gonna make me feel better?”

He didn’t say anything, he just stared blankly and stood up. He slowly approached me, and I tried to read his expression in search for any signs of anger, but I found none. 

“You better remember the sound of my voice, because I’m not speaking to you in-” I stopped immediately when he suddenly engulfed me in a tight and urgent hug. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N” He whispered, desperately squeezing me against him. “I shouldn’t have screamed at you, I… I feel terrible” 

There was so much emotion dripping from his voice. I was frozen in place, not even hugging him back as I was so shocked by his unexpected demeanor. 

“It’s okay if you wanna give me the silent treatment, you don’t have to even look at me, I deserve it” He sighed, this time almost like it was hard for him to breathe. “I’m an ass, but I just… When I saw you so affected I got so angry… It just… I hate it with a burning passion, seeing you like that” 

“I… D-Dean…” Was all I could manage, astonished like I was. 

“It’s gonna be okay, sweetheart. I’ll make sure of it, because I’ll give anything for you to feel safe. I’ll protect you from any damn thing that dares threaten you or even scare you, I promise you that” When I felt how he rested his chin atop of my head, still lovingly squeezing me against him, like trying to keep me together, I broke down. 

I hid my face in his chest and started crying in there. But at least the warness of his protective presence and his arms securely wrapped around me brought me some comfort. I held on to his plaid shirt, grounding myself in his presence there. 

“Forgive me, Y/N” His hands were now rubbing against my back trying to soothe me. “I just love you so much, I couldn’t stand watching you like that” 

I wanted to reply to him, say something, anything. But I didn’t know what, and my tears kept me from talking anyway. Our lives were just hard, being a hunter was horrible. But at least we had each other. 

“It’s gonna be okay” He whispered, his deep voice calm yet emotional. “It’s gonna be okay, Y/N” 

He kept repeating those words as he hugged me tight, refusing to let me go. I contented myself in that and remained silent, allowing him to comfort me like I needed him to. And for the first time in days, maybe even weeks, I felt safe. 

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Domestic - Wonwoo x reader

Type: requested prompt

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“Please just look at me while I confess, then you can look anywhere else, I swear.”

Wonwoo had his nose buried in a book when he heard your voice call out for him.


“What is it Y/N?”

“Are you really reading a book on torture techniques again?”

“It’s for work?”

“That doesn’t make it any better.”

“Whatever. What do you want?”

“Come our with me? I’m going grocery shopping for the boys.”

“Why did we hire you again?”

“Because I’m a better body guard than you’ll ever be.”

“Sure. Let’s just go.”

Wonwoo, despite the lack of enthusiasm in his tone, he was super excited to go. He quickly got changed into clothes suitable for going out.

The chat on the walk to the grocery store was normal and it had almost felt like Wonwoo wasn’t even apart of the mafia. It was like he was just a normal business man. It was the affect you had on him. It made him feel this way.

As you were shopping, Wonwoo pushed the trolley. He felt domestic, the good kind though. He was having a good time.

“Oh! Wonwoo. The active ingredients in this would make a really good antiseptic for metal wounds. We should get some.”

“Are you just always thinking of us?”

Your eyes didn’t leave the label on the bottle as you nodded to his question.

“Look at me Y/N.”

“Not right now Wonwoo.”

“Please just look at me while I confess, after that you can look at anything you want, I swear.”

“Well, that was unexpected. Mingyu and I took bets on how you confessed. Looks like we were both wrong.”

“You knew?”

“Mingyu told me when I told him I liked you.”

“M-me? You like me?”

“Is there another Wonwoo here?”

“Well, lets go on a date? Is that how it works?”

“What do you think we’re doing right now?”


“I’m joking. How’s Saturday?”

“I think I have a vict- actually, never mind, Mingyu can take care of that.”


For anon…enjoy!

You ducked behind some scrap as more bucket-heads ran from the shelter of the main building. Your little area was in between them and the open ship you had landed in. Bodhi. You best friend, and admittedly your crush, was still in the ship ready for the get away; you had to protect him.

Taking in a deep breath, you popped back up and starting shooting as much as you could. Several of them fell in quick succession. It had become complete hell down here and you could only hope Jyn and Cassian were making progress.

When that group was down, you hustled over to the open hull. The clang of your body against the metal caused the pilot to jolt. You sent him a smirk as he stared at you with wide eyes.

“What the hell? You’re supposed to be with Chirrut!”
“Ah, he’s got Baze. They’ll be fine,” you paused to start shooting at another troop. “Besides, someone’s gotta guard your sorry ass.”
Bodhi let out a chuckle. “Yeah, thanks for the worry.”

You refocused on the people shooting at you. You watched as comrades died, but you forced yourself to keep going. One with yellow gear caught your eye. They were running toward you, toward Bodhi as he called for help, holding a small container. Your eyes widened.

“Oh hell no.”

With quick succession, you shot their chest, then their hand, and then the flying device. Momentarily, you ducked from the large flaming blast that resulted from it.

Hopping into the ship, you fell to one knee while continuing to shoot. Unbeknownst to you, Bodhi was staring with a gaping jaw. You just saved his life.

“Any chance you can hurry it up, Bo?” you shouted at him.

He refocused.

A loud cheer erupted within the ship as the remaining watched Scarif explode. Somehow your little group of misfits had survived and managed to fly away. Though the loss was heavy, in the moment, everyone only felt relief.

Having turned autopilot on, Bodhi had walked over toward you. He gripped your wrist before kissing your hand.

“Thank you,” he murmured, “for saving my life.”

Blushing, you threw your arms around him and gave him a desperate kiss. Out of surprise, he didn’t respond. He did keep his hold on you. When you pulled back, his gaze was glossed over as he smiled.

“That was…”
“Unexpected,” you offered.
“Amazing,” he finished.

Grinning like an idiot, you ducked your head into his shoulder. He held the embrace, kissing the top of your head. There was loss, but he still had you.

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Not My Brother

Through the Years: A Supernatural Reincarnation AU

Souls have a way of meeting in every lifetime. Sometimes they are   friends, family, lovers, enemies or rivals. Follow the journey of the   relationships with Sam and Dean over many lifetimes. Told by our   favorite Angel as a bedtime story.

A/N: This one is really long. Word counts are for other people. xoxo Stu

On the edge of two plantations, there was a stream and in that stream a young boy chased a girl. She had teeth too big for her face and he had knees too big for his legs, but they played anyway. He was the heir of the Eastern homestead and she was the only child on the smaller Western farm. Some people would use the term puppy love, but whatever friendship had sprouted between Dean and Y/N, it met a fissure that day.

Jumping along the wet stones that lined the bank of the stream, Y/N tried to keep up with Dean’s longer limbs. As the water deepened, Dean expertly jumped to higher ground. Y/N slipped, missing the next outcropping and fell into the growing current. Before Dean looked behind him to gauge his lead, Y/N had slipped beneath the water. Her small face bobbing in and out of the waves as she tried to tip toe to surer footing.

Dean shrieked Y/N’s name when he spotted her struggling in the water. He dove in towards her, frantically trying to pull her to safety. But she was heavy and he was just skin and bones. Just as Dean thought they would die together in those familiar waters, strong arms tugged at their waists, steady legs pushed from the creek bed and they all gasped for air. Once Dean knew both he and Y/N were safe and scrambling on all fours over the pebbled shore, he looked to their rescuer.

It was one of the slave children, he was not much older than Dean with strikingly light eyes. He kept his face down, cowering in the manner he had been taught, and asked his feet, if his young master was alright in something barely above a grunt.

“Thanks to you, boy, we both are.” Dean heaved.

During this time in America, many landowners also owned slaves. It was dehumanizing and wrong, but much of this country’s early progress was created on the backs of Africans laboring in tobacco and cotton fields. There were indentured servants, as well, but the Virginia Slave Codes of 1705 made the system harder for rebellions by pitting the mostly white indentureds against the black slaves. So, a hundred and thirty years later, the system had been solidified in racism. Families would own children who would, in turn, grow up and have more children, a seemingly limitless supply of nearly free labor available to them. And when there were too many families of slaves, the landowner may break them apart, sending mothers away from children and husbands away from wives in order to keep control over them.

“But, they are people. People did this to each other?” Grace asked confused against the blatantly evil deeds done by humans and not true monsters.

“Yes, Grace, people do a lot of things for their own benefit. Some chose to see the consequences of their actions, while others see it as the way things are. There were many problems with the system, but none of it could be changed overnight.”

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Primrose Path (Harry Wells x Reader, Chapter 13)

Rating: Explicit

Summary: When you, a lovely florist, move to Central City to open your flower shop, you had no idea you’d fall for such a complicated and dangerous man who deals in a less-than-legal business. Harrison Wells - a major player and powerhouse within the underground mafia world of the region - sweeps you off your feet as you quickly become his greatest weakness.

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Mentions of War, Coarse Language, Blood and Violence, Minor Character Deaths

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