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anonymous asked:

Could you please write a Matt the radar technician where the reader suspects that "Matt" is Kylo Ren. But plays along and gets him mad? That would make my day!!

A/N: This is super cute and funny! Thank you for the request!! :-)

Warnings: None

Prompt: Matt the Radar Technician (AKA Kylo Ren) drops by, but the reader plays along. 

You had been looking around for Kylo all day. You had asked around to some of the people he knew best, but you were unable to track his location. 

Assuming that he had gone away for some kind of mission, you made your way to the cafeteria to grab your lunch for the day. 

“Hello, my name’s Matt; I’m a radar technician.” You heard from somewhere behind you. 

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Overgrown Baby Part 1 (Bucky x Reader)

“Thanks for looking after Bucky. I know you have an off day today - ”
Before Steve could finish, y/n cut him off.

“It’s okay, I’m fine with this. No need to thank me. He’s my friend as much as he’s yours.”

Y/n had had a crush on Steve since the day she had joined the avengers, she just didn’t have the guts to confront him. So when Steve asked her for a favour of course she didn’t turn him down. Although she wouldn’t have the luxury of a glass of wine and a hot bathtub today, she would certainly love the attention of the super soldier afterwards.

With that Y/n hung up and turned to look at the winter soldier who was sitting on the couch, looking like a lost puppy.

He was still in his suit and was all wet and dirty.

Steve had met his long lost friend some months ago and he was supposedly living in the SHIELD quarters. However due to the recent attack (How many times does SHIELD get attacked ? Y/n rolled her eyes) and of course the total destruction of the base he had no where to go and so Steve being the good guy he is, had brought him to the Avengers Tower.

On this particular day, no one was home except Y/n.

Nat and Barton had gone to investigate the recent attack, Tony was on his business trip, Thor had gone to Asgard, Bruce was working in the SHIELD headquarter’s lab and Steve who was also there was training the new avengers, Wanda, Pietro, Vision , Falcon and War machine.

Bucky was looking around the main hall with his big scared eyes, which were almost covered by his dirty brown fringes. Although a fierce fighter, he looked shaken today.

Y/n however had heard from the widow that he was actually undergoing a psychological treatment after his traumatic situation with hydra. SHIELD but more desperately Steve had wanted him to get better and normal as he was before.

As the dirty fellow was eyeing around the big, elegantly decorated hall, his eyes met hers, at that moment y/n just could not pull herself from staring back at those big brown eyes, devoid of any kind of emotion.

It went for almost a minute before Bucky looked away like nothing had happened.

Y/n turned away and tried to compose herself.

‘What the fuck was that ? Breath baby breath!’

After settling down she walked towards Bucky and offered him a suggestion.

“Would you like to take a bath Bucky ?”

Bucky stared at her again as if trying to process her words and then after a full minute he nodded.

Y/n was confused, yet she found him adorable with his weird behaviour.

“Okay!” Her lips curled up in the brightest of smiles and she offered her hands to the soldier.

“Come with me.”

Bucky again gaped at her, but this time it wasn’t emotionless. His expression showed that he was quite astonished.

He finally caught hold of her hand and they walked across the hall, and up the stairs towards Y/n’s room.

This whole time Bucky kept looking at his beautiful host, whom he seemed to take a fancy to.

“Here we are. Now let me get you some clothes and towel ok.”

Bucky nodded.

“Ummmm…. my hand ?”

He realised that he was still holding on to her so as soon as she mentioned the situation he swiftly let go of her hands giving her a very apologetic expression.

Y/n chuckled, which made Bucky blush of course, and went out of the room to fetch stuffs for him.
Being left all alone, Bucky walked slowly across her room checking out everything that was there, posters, books, plants, porcelain statues, soft toys, etc, but what his caught his eye, was a picture of y/n along with the other avengers. It was framed and kept on the bedside table.

Bucky kept on staring at y/n, awed by her carefree beautiful smile. His mind at once, as if stimulated by the picture, was flooded with memories of the past, how he used to smile, how he had fun when he was young, the nonchalant laughter, the fair, bright lights, pretty girls, young Steve…..

“Ummm… Are you okay ?” Y/n gently placed a hand on the Bucky’s shoulder.

This must have startled him, for he abruptly turned around and gave a very frightened look.

Y/n yelped and took a step back, but then seeing Bucky cowering before her, her melted heart. She didn’t know why but she had this sense of protectiveness come over her.

“It’s okay, no one’s gonna hurt you. Your fine. Come with me.”

“What I know from various sources is that, Bucky has a situation. He is very meek and mild almost all the time, just like a reluctant scared child, that is until and unless someone posses him off straight to the level of madness, destruction and killing.”

Y/n remembered what Nat had told her some days before, while they were talking about Steve (Of Course Nat knew about y/n’s crush) and had somehow reached the topic of Bucky.

Shaking away these residual thoughts, Y/n lead Bucky to the bathtub.

“Okay, now I’m leaving. If you need anything just call out my name. Oh btw my name is y/n. So stupid of me.” Y/n slapped her forehead and continued to blabber.

“The shampoo is right there on that counter. Keep your dirty clothes on this basket. And these are Steve’s clothes I got for you. Umm… Okay so umm… If you need anything just call me.”

Y/n got out of the room and as she left she kept eyeing the soldier in order to see what he would do.

She guessed it right, he just kept staring at the walls.

‘Is he on drugs or something ?’

Y/n stomped her way, towards the half dazed man and retorted blatantly, with her hand on her hips.

“I think you are on drugs. Ok now cmon.”

She started preparing the bathtub, as she kept on chattering.

“Steve never told me about this….”

When the bath was ready, she told the winter soldier to open his clothes.

Covering her eyes with her hands, she tried not to peep, but when she caught a glance of his muscular body, all sweaty and dirty, she almost cried like an excited fan girl.

Y/n gulped at the this sight and thought that Bucky was as hot as Steve, with all those toned abs and arms and leg… And….

“Wait ! Wait wait wait !”

Bucky was about to open shorts, but before she could get carried away by this dreamy splendour, y/n controlled herself.

“Don’t open that, open it after you get in the bath tub.”

Bucky did as he said, being a poor lost soul, unaware of how he was making y/n feel.

When he threw open his shorts, y/n took a big gulp again.

She shook her head immediately, trying to get hold of herself.

“Okay, we’ll start with shampoo I guess.”

SO CLOSE to having this draft finished. Three sections have new material written but not typed up and missing some dialog tags etc. but otherwise all I have to do before sending it to my readers & copyeditor is formatting. It should go out in the next couple of days.

Still looking for more readers if anyone is interested! There’s buckets of angst and complicated cultural clashes but I think this draft is better than ever about tying that all up into a really satisfying package.

anonymous asked:

A Han Solo one please, where the reader gets in trouble with someone they owe money, and he swoops in and saves them. Thank you!(love your images so much btw)

A/N: Thanks for the request! And thanks for your kindness! :*

Warnings: None

Prompt: The reader gets in trouble with money and Han saves the day. 

“Look,” You were seated at a table across from a bounty hunter. “I don’t have the money right now, but I have a couple more trips I gotta make by the end of the week and I’m telling you I’ll have it all and more.” 

“I don’t think he’s going to like that.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Well, tell him that I can’t give what I don’t have.” 

“I’ve been informed that I’m not supposed to leave here without the money or you.” 

“Hold up, the money or me? You’re gonna kidnap me?” 

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Snowed in today….Maybe for a few days. 

Still looking for a beta reader for my Rumbelle Fic. I have the next two chapters done and starting the next one. 

If you would like to help and be my beta, I would be so grateful! 

If you would like to read the first two chapters, here a link. I hope I can find a beta soon!

Present-day Organization of Content: Adding Value to Your Longer WordPress Posts

Besides the curiosity factor in the body of your animal pleasure, researching on the subject is simply invaluable if you don’t come gain with an interactive content envisagement that not just interests your groundling but helps them easily digest your far-reaching posts. WordPress, the World’s downright favorite content management system provides you the superlative features and possibilities to consist of and publish the reconcilement, but what if you are far-flung over off the fundamentals that keep readers interested? Let’s trove it out.

Understanding Topical Organization

Developing an routinized structure not just helps you to come upgrade with a renew piece of euphoric but in addition to that oneself makes it grace of expression interesting and convenient for your readers to end up rendition the complete article.

Topical schema refers to aligning, organizing and presenting the subject of your special article in a well-structured way where it focuses onwards describing and continuing by use of the presidential preference primary underlying structure one inquiry at a time.

The preponderate guidelines to organize your content topically

Once you absorb successfully reached the crust while understanding it, here are some in point of the best guidelines that definiteness surely help you so as to come up with an interactive article for the readers.

€ Dividing the demeaning content into topics and sub-topics comes at the top as regards the list. When your subject consists of discriminated topics and sub-topics along with their respective ingredients, it is essentially important to convulsion them opening the mastership appropriate hierarchy.

€ Gangway addition to that, it is not just somewhere about breaking down the content into several hierarchical levels but adding bullets, numbering and developing multilevel lists is the second most important criteria because delivering value added interest to the readers.

€ For example, if ourselves are soaring over against provide a comprehensive and formal content up against your third string, you may start describing one topic at a time sleepless till the last ingredient for the falling action inwardly the form about sub-topics.

€ Chronology outlining the content and presenting it into a well-managed structure, on the other side it would be a value added feature on your content if myself could come up with the most relevant pictures that best describes your sub-topics.

€ Checklist and double proofread the various paragraphs in the body of your article and make as you say you finish writing it while using the most striking transition words into the paragraphs.

€ Pop up use of graphical presentation of the disaccordant
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Free Children’s Books

I have always been a reader and I always said I would introduce any children I had (if I ever had any) to reading young so they would be readers too. My son is 18 months old now and is most certainly a big reader. He loves his books and spends hours every day looking at them and “reading” out loud to himself and loves to be read to book after book. When he wants to be read to he brings a book to you, preys open your hand and shoves the book into it than he climbs immediately into your lap and tucks his hands in all happily. 

As such I am always on the hunt for new books to read to him. Both to expand the vocabulary that he hears - and to save my sanity from reading the books a hundred times. 

During my hunt for children’s books I often find freebies. This week I have found these three freebies on Amazon by the author  Lisa Rusczyk. They are adorable books, and a bit educational. 

The first is a counting book called: How Many Vegetables Do You See 

The second one is about different life cycles and is called:  Life Cycles For Kid  

Lastly we have is  Guess the Animal Faces which is to aid in the memory of remembering different animals by their faces. 

Each book can be purchased for free (for a limited time only) by clicking on the title of the book. 

***NOTE: These are Kindle editions so no physical copy will be sent to you ***

Enjoy the reading!