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Shield-maiden Within

Summary: Reader is a Saxon woman who doesn’t like the whole ‘a woman can’t do what men do’ thing and so she runs away… with the vikings, and Bjorn trains her.

Characters: Reader, Bjorn Ironside, Ragnar Lothrbrok, Floki

Fandom: Vikings

Word Count: 1936

Disney Movie Writing Challenge, @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

AN: I think this is the longest thing I have ever written but I hope you guys still like it even thought the ending is crap…

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Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Receiving Gifts

You stared at the small box in your hands. It contained a necklace. Not a fancy, expensive one or anything (after all, Jonathan could only do so much), but a nice one nonetheless. It was the fourth gift you had received from him in the last month and while you loved your boyfriend with all of your heart, the box felt heavy in your hands. And it wasn’t because the necklace itself was heavy.

Jonathan Byers was very inexperienced in the realm of dating. Apparently not every girl in the small town of Hawkins was hot for a lanky, shy introvert whose hands were practically glued to his camera. So when you waltzed into his life and eventually into his heart, he wasn’t sure how to take it.

Do most people like holding hands? Is something supposed to happen on movie dates? What about kissing on the first date, was that alright?

As much as these questions plagued Jonathan, he lived in fear of how much embarrassment he thought he’d be plagued by if he asked you any of these. You weren’t necessarily someone who got around, but between the two of you, two official boyfriends and one crush that went nowhere was comparatively far more experienced, even if you never went beyond a simple make-out session with either of them. You therefore found yourself less upset and more amused when you later learned that he turned to Nancy for advice. The end result?

“Well, people like to get gifts,” Nancy shrugged. “I’d say maybe start the first date off with a bouquet or something – nothing major, y’know?” She then quickly added, “It helps if it’s something from the heart, though.”

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What are the Odds?

Summary: After a summer of messing around, you were now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe, Possible Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: Let me know if you’re interested in this becoming a series! Based off of Mamma Mia!.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 855

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How to Survive

Request: “So I accidentally sent my request unfinished so here it is😂 Can you do newt x reader where reader is seriously ill and Newt is traveling around the world to find the cure? Like you can leave her at London or make her go with him, your choice! Maybe it gets angsty af but at the end everything works out and it’s pure fluff♥️" 

Word Count: 2,990

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories and @caseoffics

The hospital bed with its thin mattress and crinkly sheets makes no noise when the doctor approaches, a sheet of paper in his hand and a look on his face that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Newt stiffens next to you, but he doesn’t stop rubbing small circles on your back. You lean into his touch as much as you dare, not wanting him to feel the terror pulsing through you with every heartbeat. You hide your trembling hands in the folds of the thin gown the cheery nurses wrapped around your body earlier today before they pricked your arm in four different places with four different needles. A line of sweat beads up in your hairline, threatening to drip down as the doctor’s heavy boots thump against the cream-colored tiles that line the floors of Saint Mungo’s. Your mouth is dry and you want to shout at him to hurry up, to come tell you already how they’re going to solve your splitting headaches and wobbly legs.

You don’t, though. You wait with a pounding heart and held breath as your physician lifts his chin, face contorted into a pitying frown and sad eyes, and he tells you the readings.

“We’ve found what’s causing your symptoms.” His voice is gruff, factual, uncaring despite his expression as he describes first in medical terms then in simplified terms exactly what your body is doing to kill you.

The news comes with a ringing in your ears and a sense of hopelessness that spreads through your chest faster than your thoughts can process it. Terminal. No cure. Two years. Your hands shake as Newt sits beside you, hand unknowingly tightening its grip on your waist, the questions he asks coming out in a tight, clipped tone that reveal that the absolute terror you feel is also pestering him.

“Surely there’s something… You must, you must know some cure.” Newt says, still processing what the doctor said.

“I’m sorry.” He places what’s supposed to be a comforting hand on your shoulder; you just feel faint. “I’ll give you some time to talk with one another. When I return, we can discuss possible treatments to alleviate any pain.”

Then he walks away, pulling the paper curtain that hangs near your bed closed, giving you and Newt the option of grieving your lost future in peace.

Neither you nor Newt move a muscle, though, as the doctor’s words sink in. Terminal. No cure. Two years.

Two years, he’d said with a pitying look you know he painted on moments before he decided to tell you. Two years, he’d said with no inflection of real grief in his voice. Two years, he’d said as if those two years aren’t supposed to be filled with love and happiness and living without the threat of death hanging over your head at every turn.

Two. Years.

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"it's ok, I couldn't sleep anyway" Daveed maybe?

After almost a year straight of performances, touring, filming multiple appearances in different shows, press appearances and writing sessions with friends Daveed is exhausted.

So one morning when Daveed shuffles out into the kitchen, in only a pair in sweatpants, his eyes red with deep bags underneath you decide to take action.

“Holy shit, you look terrible,” you tell him, staring at him as he pours himself a cup of coffee.

“Thanks babe,” he says, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“You need to take a day off. Turn your phone off and just relax.”

He huffs a laugh, running his fingers through his curls as he takes a sip of his coffee.

“I wish I could, don’t have the time,” he says, shaking his head.

“You’re supposed to be working on the album with Rafa today right? Well just call him and tell him you need to relax today and if he doesn’t accept that, tell him I’m demanding it,” you say with a shrug.

He sighs but agrees to give it a shot, and as you expected Rafael is more than happy to give him the day to relax, wanting to make sure his best friend doesn’t collapse from exhaustion.

You manage to convince Daveed to spend the day on the couch with you, making your way through a stack of movies together but about an hour into the the first movie, you hear the distinct sound of Daveeds snoring.

You smile softly, gently running your fingers through his hair as he sleeps. It’s nice to see him so relaxed and peaceful after being so busy for so much of the past year. He manages to sleep for about half an hour when you start to feel a sneeze building up.

You try to hold it in, to make sure you don’t wake him up but you can’t stop it coming. All of a sudden the sneeze hits, your whole body shaking as Daveed jolts awake.

“Hm? What’s goin’ on?” He asks, as he looks up at you with a startled look on his face.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you but I couldn’t hold in the sneeze,” you tell him quickly, causing him to smile softly at you.

“It’s all good baby, I couldn’t sleep anyway,” he says dismissively.

“Oh shut up, you were snoring,” you tell him with a roll of your eyes.

“I don’t snore!” He exclaims.

“Oh yes you do honey.”

Sherlock Vday challenge Day 11

Sherlock x reader

Note: I know, I know, I’m running late once again, but to my defense, I’ve been sick as hell the whole weekend plus we’re in the end of our term (I believe that’s how we call it in English???) in school and I had hundreds of exams and tests for the past two weeks so yeah… Any way, the prompt was “This is not what it looks like, I swear.” written for @prettyxlittlexwriter​‘s sherlock vday challenge, thanks once again for beta-reading and finding a proper ending to it, you once again saved my life dear :)


Need you for a case.

I’m picking you up in ten


Get dressed.


“For the love of- What was he up to this time?!” I grumbled.

                                                                                         Can’t you ask John?

Not really.


Pretty please

                                                                                         Why do you need me

                                                                                                            this time?

I’ll tell you in the cab.

Make sure to be dressed properly,

we’re going to a fancy place.

I sighed. That man could get me to do everything he wanted…


“We are formally invited to a reception for Valentine’s day evening and it will be our sole chance to catch the butter knife killer.” Explained Sherlock, as I climbed in the cab

“The butter knife killer? You’re starting to sound like John!”

The man gave me an unamused look.

“The fact is, the killer will be at the reception and I need your help, if I was to go alone, people would notice.”

“Why don’t you go with John?”

“He’s with Mary.”

“Why didn’t you asked Molly then? She’s dying for a date with you!” I pouted, not at all happy to be forced to spend my Valentine’s day with him.

“She’s got a boyfriend Y/N, they’re even fiancés and she’s surely spending her Valentine’s day evening with him.”

“Well what if I wanted to spend mine with my boyfriend?” I tried.

“You’ve got a boyfriend?!” exclaimed the man, turning to me.

I could have sworn jealousy flashed in his stormy eyes for an instant.

“Sadly, no.” I grimaced, “But it was worth a try.”

He shook his head once again and turned back to the streets, eyes scanning every passer-by as the cab would go pass them.

“Anyway it’s not like if you have any choice left now.” He mumbled.


A few minutes later, we were both standing in the entrance of a room full of rather distinguished guests.

“How did you even got invited for this?” I asked the detective, as he offered me an arm.

“Dear Y/N, after all these years we have known each other, I’m sure you could deduce it.” He smirked, leading me through the crowd.

“Come on Holmes, we don’t have time to lose if we want to catch the killer, just tell me.”

“It wouldn’t be much fun if I was to you know…” he stopped and showed me a man entering the room. “Look who’s there.”

It was a well-dressed man, small and skinny, moving with a certain grace and ease through the guests, chit chatting with some of them, going from a small group to another one.

“It’s William Johnson, the host. His family has always been one of the richest and most powerful in the country for some obscure reasons. You think it’s him?”

Sherlock nodded softly, his eyes scanning him, deducing every tiny bit of information he could get from him.

“I’ve known him for years Holmes, he’s harmless.”

“I wouldn’t be as sure of myself if I were you. Anyway that’s why we’re here.”

He lead me through the crowd, directly to where our host came from. He stopped and pulled me in a tight embrace, his chin resting on top of my head. I clenched my teeth, resisting the mighty need to punch him right where it would hurt the most.

“You know your way around the mansion?” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh that’s why you needed me instead of anyone else.”

“You know the way, yes or no?” he insisted. “It’s our only chance to find the right evidences to stop him.” He released me from his embrace and took me by my shoulders, “Y/N, please. For me.”

“You win.” I sighed. “Follow me.”


“How long have you known him?” inquired Sherlock, looking at an old picture of William and me.

I looked at him, the blue light passing through the closed curtains of the room giving a mystical taste to his feature as we searched through our host’s papers.

“As long as I remember. Our parents have always been close friends. We even dated a few years ago but we lost track of the other one after uni… I can’t believe he would be our killer, this is so… unlike Bill.”

“Are you sure?” The tall man handed me a ripped piece of cloth. “The rip fits perfectly with the one find on the last victim.”

“Not as sure as I’d like to be…” I sighed. “If you’ve got all you needed we’d better go before some passer-by hear us.”

Putting everything back to its rightful place, we left the room for the vast and empty hallways. We had almost reached the rest of the guests, the babbling of the crowd faintly audible in the background, when two voices resonated through the air. We rushed to the closest door, trying to open it, but failing since it was locked. I gave a panicked looked to my companion and he pinned me against the wall, his lips crashing onto mines in a passionate kiss. I passed an arm around his neck as we pulled apart, panting, his gorgeous blue eyes fixed in mines as we kissed a second time, hoping the two intruders would change to course quickly.


Sherlock and I pulled away as I started to panic.

“THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE DAD I SWEAR!” I screamed in panic, recognizing my parents, who, of course, had to be invited by William.

“No, no I guess it surely isn’t what it looks like…” said my father.

“James, don’t be harsh on her, it was about time she found herself some real man.” said my mother, trying very hard not to laugh.

My father looked at us for a instant, deciphering how he should react. He sighed and shook his head, extending an arm to my mother.

“Make sure to bring him next time you pass by love.” she told me, before they left.

I turned to Sherlock, clenching my fists.

“I am never going to hear the end of it. You owe me one Holmes.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make this up to you. It is Valentine’s day after all.” smiled the detective, leaning to kiss me once again.

Nevada Ramirez x Niñita / Valentine’s Day

Related to my Don’t Call Me That series,
my first Nevada Ramirez x Reader/’Niñita’ story.

Originally posted by ruuuzek

Written per request by @marujovi & an anon… also threw in an old request from  @domcarisijr “Rise and fucking shine, motherfucker.” ;)

PS: This is definitely longer than most of my fics… there’s been a big lack of Nevada & Niñita lately, it’s worth it.

“What’re you two doin’ for Valentine’s day?”

Natalia was busy painting up her face- she had plans on going out that evening, had met a ’sweet man’ at the park. She had proposed this as a switch, a compromise you didn’t really need; she could go out on the 13th and she’d be able to handle the baby solo, giving you the 14th. How benevolent.

“Prolly nothin.’” It wasn’t the answer she was hoping for, obviously, from the way she gaped at you via her reflection. “Don’t act like your brother is the King of Romance or anything,” you rolled your eyes while clapping Lillian’s precious little hands together, maintaining a high pitch sing-song tone through the berating of her uncle. “He’d rather take me to an alley than out to dinner.”

“You know that’s not true,” Thoughtfully, she pouted at herself, and finished coloring her lips crimson. “I thought you two were gettin’ along fine lately?”

You shrugged your shoulders aloofly; you didn’t want to get your hopes up. When you had suggested going out for Valentine’s Day, Nevada had scoffed- ‘Don’t I do enough for you as is?’ of course he did, but wasn’t today supposed to be special? So much for that. 'I get you shit all the time, just call it early.’ Reaaaaal gentleman you managed to land, good job.

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Bellamy Blake imagine: My Queen (Part 1)

Summary: It’s Unity Day and reader has been looking forward spending some time with Bellamy, but instead he is having fun with Clarke. Reader gets jealous and gets into the fight with him. Then she goes with him, Raven, hercbest friend, and Jasper on the mission as the backup for Clarke and she gets hurt.

Part 2

Word count: 3741

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For the first time since we came down here, I could see everyone having a good time. They finally got a chance to loosen up a little.

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Hamilton Fic Masterlist

A/N: These are mostly Hamilsquad x Reader fics. That’s all I do really. No particular order of fics.

Hamilsquad x Reader
—Art of Seduction Series—
Part 1:

Part 2 (SMUT):

Part 3 (SMUT):
Epilogue: not ready yet

Nothing Wrong With Being Tall:

Halloween Fun:

Democratic Republicans x Reader
—Overtime At The Office Series—
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Lams x Reader
Candy, Kisses, & Elevators (John x Reader x Alex Valentine’s Special):

Better Than A Cold Shower Drabble (Lams x Reader):

Poly Hamilsquad Headcanon:

Poly Hamilsquad Waking Up Headcanon:

Fluffmas Series
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Young!Sirius Black x Reader: Novelist

AN: Two in one day, look at me go! I made Remus very uptight in this one and that makes me laugh.

Warnings: N/A

Requested by: Anonymous




“What, Sirius?!” Y/N called out, slamming her book down in exasperation.

He looked mock offended, flipping his hair over his shoulder and pouting his bottom lip. Y/N stared straight ahead, determined not to be drawn in by his fake attitude.

“You were very incessant a few moments ago, I’m sure the thought hasn’t slipped you now!” She continued.

Sirius lowered his eyelids so that only a sliver of his charcoal dark eyes could be seen. He strode over to the couch in the Gryffindor common room where Y/N sat, and took a seat himself on the arm. Looking down at her, he finally caved.

“Cuddle with me.”

Y/N rolled her eyes and let out a sigh. She was in such a dreamlike state before, too. Being whisked away into a world that was completely different, with such a vivid scenery where her worries didn’t exist. And she had been ripped from it right as she was getting to the good part. Putting her book down on its face, she stalked up the girl’s stairs.

“I’m gonna be late for Quidditch practice.”

Sirius crossed his arms and huffed, like a very large child. He always wanted to be the center of attention and didn’t pick up books that often, so he didn’t understand the neglect he had been experiencing.

“But I haven’t gotten any affection all day!” He called.

“I’m sorry Sirius, we can cuddle after Quidditch practice. James will have my head if I’m not there. For now, why don’t you spend some time with Moony or Wormtail?” She shouted back.

“Because Moony doesn’t kiss as well as you do!” He retorted.

Y/N snorted loudly, but Remus had unfortunately been walking down from the boy’s dormitory at that exact moment.

“Charming.” He snarled, and disappeared out the portrait.

Sirius let out a dramatic sigh and sprawled onto the couch. Moments later, Y/N reappeared, decked in her Quidditch gear. She leaned down to kiss him on the forehead, and slicked his hair back into a low ponytail.

“Be good. I won’t be gone long.” She said, her hand lingering on his cheek.

“You’ll be gone forever.” He said, dramatically. “Besides, as soon as you’re back, your nose will be glued in that damn book again.”

“If I’m lucky!” She said, grinning, and left him to wallow in his own childish pity.

The moments always seemed to pass slowly when Y/N wasn’t there. Sirius laid by the window, watching from afar the brooms whizz around the pitch but couldn’t see well enough to make out her jersey number. He kept his hands preoccupied by flicking a dart at the wall, then retrieving it, and repeating.

Peter found this to be a very restless activity. He was trying to get some studying done and the constant PING! Of the dart made him want to scream.

“We have a midterm tomorrow.” He snapped.

“Yeah?” Sirius asked, absentmindedly.

“Worth 20% of our grade.” He continued.

“That’s cool, mate.” Sirius drawled on, not paying attention, but still searching for his girlfriend out on the pitch

“I think you should start courting Professor McGonagall, you two would have beautiful babies.” Peter tested.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Sirius said.

The pause that followed his statement was thick and choking, the ink from Peter’s quill making a pool on the table as he stared at his friend. Uncomfortable with the silence, Sirius looked up and saw Peter’s fixed expression, then recalled the conversation in his head.

“What? EW! You bastard! I wasn’t paying attention! Now you’ll never let me live this one down!” He fussed.

Peter snickered, shook his head, and continued to study.

“I’m bored.”

“Then study.”

“No Peter, I’m REALLY bored.”

“20%, pads, 20% of our grade.”

“You think I care about that right now?”

“You’re right, 20% of zero is still zero.”

At that, Sirius flicked the dart and it skimmed by Peter’s head with a whizz. Collecting his papers and pot of ink, Peter rose from the table, chuckling.

“Wait! Don’t leave me!” Sirius cried, like a child being left by their parent.

“I need Moony’s help, I can’t remember how to cast an Aqua Eructo Charm.” Peter responded. “I’m headed to the library. You can come if you wish, but just know that Moony is extra on edge this week, seeing as it is TWENTY PERCENT of our grade.”

Sirius slumped in the window sill.

“Everywhere I go, I’m being replaced by books.” He pouted.

It wasn’t much longer until Y/N returned to the common room. The little burgundy bees landed on the Quidditch pitch and Sirius seemed to count seconds until they made it back to the common room. At the sound of the portrait door swinging open, Sirius leapt from his seat.

“Love, light of my life, I missed you!” He cried, picking up Y/N and spinning her around.

“Sirius! I need to shower, I’m awfully smelly.” She said, chuckling.

“You’re awfully perfect.” He replied.

James rolled his eyes, taking the two brooms and setting them off to the side.

“It won’t take long, I promise.” She said, chuckling. “It will be worth it.”

“Can I join you?” Sirius asked, slyly, raising his head from the crook in her neck.

“No, you tosser. Ten minutes, I promise.”

And she had abandoned him once more.

But this time was different.

Springing into action, Sirius snatched up her book and ran up the staircase to the girls’ dorm. Bypassing the guarding spells, he found her trunk and began to toss in all of the books that she had been reading recently. From fantasy to thriller, he lobbed every bound page of paper he could find in the trunk before snapping it shut and pulling it down the stairs.

Y/N hadn’t been lying, she did shower quickly in an effort to spend some more time with Sirius. Pulling her wet hair up, she dressed into some comfortable clothes and set off for his room. On the way up, she passed a very annoyed Remus once more.

“He’s the worst.” He was murmuring to himself. “Completely selfish, huge prat.”

“Oh boy.” Y/N said to herself.

Suddenly, she was nervous about opening the door to Sirius’s shared dorm. Prying the door open slowly, she couldn’t stop the huge smile from growing on her face. Sirius had yanked down all of the bedding from the Marauder’s beds and made a fairytale canopy pillowfort. A bouquet of flowers sat on the windowsill, and soft, muggle music played through the Marauder’s record player in the corner. Little twinkling lights that he had bewitched to float around the room, danced before Y/N’s eyes. He sat, very pleased with himself, on a bare mattress surrounded by stacks of Y/N’s books.

“Does your man deliver or does he deliver?” Sirius asked, pulling out a back of chocolates from Honeydukes and setting them off to the side.

“Sirius, what is this?” She asked, mouth still hanging in a confused smile.

Sirius jumped up to grab her hand, kissed it theatrically, then guided her to her new blanket castle.

“I figured if you were going to neglect me with books, then you should REALLY neglect me with those damn books. Read them to me, we can stay up all night darling.” He said, kissing her cheek.

“Sirius, you’re an incredible dummy, you know that?” Y/N said, with a small giggle.

“Uh-huh.” He replied. He pulled her into his lap, and leaned back on the cushion, running his hands though her hair. “Now we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so start reading missy.”

I’m Helpless, She’s Satisfied (Alexander Hamilton x Angelica Schuyler)

Based off of THIS

Summary: We all know the story of Alex and Eliza, and how Angelica helped her sister to get her happily ever after. What would happen if Eliza noticed Angelica in love with Alex first?

Time-Period: Hamiltime

Warnings: A bit angsty, basically the feels you get during Satisfied

Words: 2323

A/N: Okay, I know this isn’t a character x character blog, but I was really inspired to write this. Like I LOVE Hamliza with all my heart, and it killed me to write this, but at the same time I really liked writing this. I hope you don’t mind me posting this, and if you do, oh well. (Haha) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this and look for more fics (reader inserts) this weekend. Have a fabulous day!! ♥

Tags: @ailee211 @alonelynoodle @fandomshaveconsumedme @harpytheharpseal (I hope you don’t mind I tagged you, after I looked at the comments it seemed like you were interested in a story for this, so I thought I’d share my work)

Afterthought: What do you guys think about Angelica’s reaction to the Reynold’s Pamphlet if Hamgelica was canon? Let me know!

When the Winter’s Ball was announced, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy Schuyler were all ecstatic over the idea. Due to the raging war, they had been confined to the rooms of their household most days, and the prospect of a ball lifted their spirts.

Once the night of the ball actually arrived, the Schuyler sisters walked into the room, arms linked. Almost immediately, soldiers came flocking to the trio begging for just one dance with three of the most eligible women in all of New York.

Angelica, being the oldest, was used to this kinda of treatment, but still accepted the dances being offered to her. She knew that as the oldest girl in a family with no sons, she would have to marry for money. With that in mind, Angelica was going to use every opportunity she could to have fun before she would be married off to a man who would try to oppress her the rest of her life.

Peggy, being the youngest, was still getting use to balls and having men wanting to dance with her left and right. Like Angelica, she enjoyed the attention and spent the night dancing from partner to partner, not able to wipe away the smile that graced her face.

Eliza, on the other hand, politely declined all the offers and stood off to the side. She knew there would be more opportunities to dance the night away and preferred to watch her sisters enjoy themselves. In all honesty, Eliza was tired of having dozens of men trip over themselves in her presence. She wanted to find a man that loved her for her, not her money. She wanted to find her happily ever after.

More and more dances passed and still Eliza passed up every offer to dance, much to disappointment of his sisters. Peggy was especially worried about Eliza and tried to stay by her sister’s side. However, Eliza wasn’t having any of it.

“Peggy, I’m fine.” she insisted. “Now please go enjoy yourselves, there are plenty of young men who wish to dance with you.” Eliza tried to reason.

“There same can be said for you, ‘Liza.” Peggy pouted and crossed her arms her chest.

Eliza shook her head and gave a small laugh. “Do not worry about me, Pegs. I promise I will find someone to dance with before the night ends.” she promised and sent Peggy back to the dance floor.

True to her word, Eliza did spot someone she wished to dance the night away. He walked in surrounded by three other soldiers. Eliza could tell, even from afar, that it was Alexander Hamilton, General Washington’s right hand man. She didn’t know much about him, but saw how handsome he was. It was clear Eliza needed to dance with this man.

Quickly, Eliza weaved through the crowd searching for Angelica. If there was anybody who could help her get rid of this feeling of helplessness and talk to Alexander, it would be Angelica. Perhaps she could introduce Alexander to Eliza.

Right as Eliza was about to call out for her sister, she stopped in her tracks. For once, Angelica was not being swept around the ballroom by a hopeful solider. Instead, she was on her own and staring off at something (or someone). She had this dazed look on her face with a small smile. She looked genuinely happy, which was something Eliza hadn’t seen on her older sister’s face in a long time. Eliza followed her sisters line of sight, when suddenly, she felt her heart stop.

Angelica was staring lovingly at Alexander Hamilton.

Eliza prayed that Angelica did not feel anything romantic towards Alex. Eliza prayed that it was just Angelica amused by the way he messed around with his friends. However, it was all in vain because even though Eliza was several feet away, she could still here Angelica whisper.

“Maybe with him I could be satisfied.”

At that statement, Eliza’s heart broke. It was such a simple statement, but it held so much meaning. All three of the Schuyler Sisters knew that since Angelica was the oldest, she would be married off to secure the Schuyler name. None of them liked the idea, so it was never brought up, but that didn’t stop Eliza from thinking about it.

She knew it wasn’t fair that Angelica wouldn’t marry for love, but for wealth. Every night, Eliza prayed that Angelica would find a man she truly loved and had wealth, so she could have the best of both worlds, but it was a long shot.

In that moment, Eliza made a decision. One that would change her life, change Alexander’s life, and most importantly, change Angelica’s life.

With that thought in mind, Eliza walked the final steps towards her sister. With a forced smile, Eliza rested her hand on Angelica’s shoulder and silently told her to wait right there. Eliza turned around and headed for the group of four rowdy soldiers.

Once they saw her coming, their antics ceased. Eliza smiled and curtsied to the group, but directing most of her efforts towards Alexander. He somehow understood this and in returned bowed slightly before kissing her hand. Quickly, he turned to his friends, gave them a look, and they left.

Alexander turned back to Eliza and gave her a smirk. “Good evening, Miss. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you look like a woman who is quite helpless.”

Eliza’s joyful expression quickly turned to one of anger and offense. “I don’t know what you mean. You forget yourself!” she scoffed, clearly offended by his statement.

As soon as he said that, Alexander realized his mistake and quickly spoke again. “Forgive me, but I also can feel quite helpless sometimes. I hope I did not offend you.”

She smirked back at him. “Is that right?” She decided she would now introduce herself. “My name is Elizabeth Schuyler.”

“Alexander Hamilton.” he said back.

“Where’s your family from?” he may be General Washington’s right hand man, but she didn’t recognize the name Hamilton to be one of wealth.

For just a spilt second Alexander looked panicked, but quickly played it off. “Unimportant. There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait.”

Eliza sighed as Alexander led her to the dance floor. Yes, she enjoyed her conversation with Alexander. It was different compared to the countless, dull conversations she had had with wealthy, potential suitors. However, Eliza had seen his spilt second hesitation when he was asked about his family.

He’s penniless and flying by the seat of his pants.

He twirled her around the room, and they moved in perfect sync. It was like they had been made for each other, but Eliza knew what she had to do. Once the dance had ended, Eliza started to pull Alexander off to the side of the ballroom where Angelica stood still waiting.

“Wait, where are you taking me?” Alexander asked as he halted movement.

Eliza rolled her eyes and simply responded, “Trust me, I am about to change your life.”

When Alex gave no more signs of struggle, Eliza sighed internally and finished the journey to Angelica. Eliza took notice of how she quickly worked to make herself look presentable; her sister really did have it bad. Finally, they reached their destination.

“Mr. Hamilton, this is Angelica Schuyler.” she introduced and took a step away form the man she had fallen in love with.

He looked taken aback and glanced back at Eliza. “Schuyler?”

“My sister.” she squeaked as she suppressed a sob. She had noticed how quickly he had taken to her, and rightfully too. Angelica was beautiful and she would be able to keep up with Alexander’s seemingly nonstop personality.

“Thank you for all your service.” Angelica curtsied and sent a sisterly look towards Eliza.

He bowed towards her just like he had done to Eliza and responded, “If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.”

Normally, Angelica would scoff at remarks like this, but this time her knees almost went weak. Eliza noticed the look her sister gave her and quickly walked away, but not before she laid her hand on Alex’s shoulder and let it linger. One final touch.

As Eliza walked away she couldn’t help but look back at the two; she could feel the rest of her heart shatter into pieces. The two of them glowed in happiness as they talked and talked and talked.

“Maybe it was meant to be this way.” she thought, sadly.  

The night went on and Eliza painfully watched Alexander and Angelica sweep across the dance floor dance after dance. Angelica was practically glowing as she finally enjoyed spending time with a potential suitor.

Soon, the night ended and Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy were gossiping about their nights as they prepared for bed. Eliza sat, mindlessly running her brush through her hair.

“It was so wonderful.” Angelica gushed. “He’s not like other men, he doesn’t mind that I speak my mind or have opinions. In fact, he respects them and we actually match wits.” she said and sighed dramatically before flopping down on her bed.

Peggy smiled at her eldest sister with a naïve look. “I’m so happy for you, Angie, it sounds like true love! Do you think he’ll ask Papa for your hand?” she half whispered, half shouted, excitedly.

Eliza’s heart clenched at the questioned, but she softened as Angelica’s face dropped before she spoke. “I don’t think so, Peggy. We just met, it’s the middle of a war, and I’m sure tonight was just mindless flirting. Even if he did want to marry me, Papa would never allow it. Alexander is penniless, and I need to marry well for us as the oldest.” she pointed out sadly.

“Angelica, don’t say things like that.” Eliza scolded gently. “I saw the way Mr. Hamilton looked at you, and he is definitely in love.” she said and with each word her heart broke more and more. “I’m sure if he was to ask for your hand, Papa would see how much in love you are and bless the marriage.” Eliza reassured and joined her sister on the bed to give her a hug.

Two weeks later, Eliza stared down at a letter from Alexander with tears in her eyes. Alexander had written to her asking for advice on Angelica. He had asked her if it would be pointless to ask for Angelica’s hand in marriage due to the fact that Alexander had little to offer.

Eliza made the journey to her father’s study and entered. Instantly, she began to explain Alexander’s intentions and tried to get her father to see how in love Angelica was. As expected, her father was stern on his mind and refused to bless the marriage.

“He has nothing to offer this family, Angelica simply cannot marry him.” he said with a tone that suggested it was not open for discussion.

Eliza was persistent. “Father, please let Angelica marry Alexander, it would bring her such joy. You can marry me off for the sake of our family. I am only a year younger than Angelica, so it won’t be too troublesome.” Eliza pleaded.

Her father look shocked at his daughter’s statement. “Eliza, dear, you don’t have to do this for your sister. She knows how the world works. Her relationship is just an infatuation.”

“Yes, I do.” Eliza stated and held back the tears. Throughout their childhood, Angelica was always there for Eliza. Anytime she was frightened from nightmares, or anything for that matter, Angelica would rush to her side and comfort her better than their mother. Whenever Eliza was bored as a child, Angelica was there to make things more exciting. She even took the blame for Eliza a handful of times. There wasn’t anything in the world Angelica wouldn’t do for Eliza.

Time after time, Angelica had been there for Eliza, and this was how Eliza would repay her dearest, older sister.

Eventually, her father agreed and went about contacting potential suitors for his middle daughter. Eliza quickly wrote a letter to Alexander and vaguely told him he would be free to marry Angelica, leaving out the details of how that came to be.

Less than a week after persuading her father, herself and Peggy comforted Angelica as she waited with battered breath for Alexander to return from the closed doors. She knew he was asking for her hand, but did not know that the marriage would be blessed. She did not know the sacrifice Eliza had made for her, nor would she ever.

After what felt like an eternity, Alexander stepped out from their father’s office and looked at Angelica with the biggest smile on his face. In return, she covered her mouth in shock and tears began to pour down her face as Alexander dropped to one knee, holding out a beautiful ring.

“Yes, yes, yes! I do!” Angelica shouted happily and brought Alexander into a passionate kiss, throwing away all proprietary.

Peggy watched the scene and sighed happily for her older sister, and turned to Eliza, but she was nowhere to be found. Once Alexander had proposed, Eliza quickly made her way out and went to the privacy of her bedroom.

There, she let her tears fall. Tears of joy for her older sister, and the happiness that she now had, but also tears of grief. Greif for a love that would only exist in Eliza’s dreams. A love that would only exist in the middle of night when Eliza secretly dreamed of Alexander, who loved her sister. A love that could have existed if Eliza had been selfish and claimed Alexander.

However, as Eliza heard Angelica’s shouts of delight, she knew she had made the right decision. Angelica was getting her happily ever after. She was satisfied, and Eliza could deal with her feeling of helplessness for the sake of her sister.

Let Dean Know

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This is for @impalaimagining​​​ Smut-entines Day Challenge. I chose the kinks-Cum Play and Unusual Insertions with the pairing Cas x Reader.

Characters: Y/n, Castiel 

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: SMUT!! Pure 100% filthy ass smut. Bondage, blowjob, grace kink, angel blade kink, cum play, like…filthy cum play. It gets really weird. Like…really really weird at the end. 

Word Count: 2608

Summary: Cas is sick of Dean and Y/n’s flirting, even if they both assure that it’s completely innocent. So Cas takes it into his own hands to make sure Dean and everyone else knows, Y/n belongs to him and no one else.

A/N: Ok, so this is literally all smut. Just…pure smut. And it’s kinda weird smut. Like…really weird. But, I hope u like it!!

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Cas snapped his finger, making you fall onto the library table as shackles appeared, holding you down.

“Castiel. What the hell!”

He shrugged, eyes dark as he walked around you, his obviously hard cock covered by his slacks, right beside you.

“I’ve seen you. And Dean…”

You scoffed.

Sure, you and Dean flirted. It wasn’t anything serious.

He’d been your best friend for decades. You always had a weird little flirting thing going on with him.

But it wasn’t anything real.

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It Takes Time

I actually love this. Thanks anon for requesting this. It was incredibly fun to write. Please let me know what you guys think of this.

Pairing: Laurens x reader

Warning: a little cursing

Requested: Yes, anon requested #64 (”Time changes people”) with Laurens

Requests are open. 

Word Count: 1805


Everyone had just assumed you and John Laurens had always hated each other. Everyone always assumed that just because you and John bickered nonstop, you couldn’t stand each other.

In actuality, you never minded John Laurens until eighth grade. Kindergarten through seventh had been meaningless poking fun at each other. It was never anything truly hurtful until eighth grade.

John Laurens had gotten taller and hotter. Meanwhile, you and your best friend, Eliza, were late bloomers.

This became his favorite topic in eighth grade to make fun of you. You could hold your own and fired back comments usually.

“Hey, y/n” Laurens would call out to you. “Let me show you this picture. You’ll laugh your ass off. Oh wait. You don’t have one.”

His friends would then proceed to laugh.

“Hey, Laurens” you’d retort. “Do you act like a huge dick to cover up for the fact that you have a small one?”
His friends would yell “oohs” in return.

You’d walk away in dignity, but secretly these comments hurt you. You only ever told Eliza and Eliza’s older sister Angelica, who was a year older than you and Eliza. She was like an older sister to you, so when you started high school with her, she stuck up for you. Laurens certainly never dared to cross Angelica, but when Angelica wasn’t there (which was too often) you two constantly bickered over anything and everything.
It got so bad, Mr. Washington wouldn’t even let you and Laurens debate against each other in debate club anymore.

Suddenly in junior year, you began to fill out. Laurens’s friends couldn’t keep their eyes off you. You started to stare a little longer at Laurens. Laurens started to place himself nearer to you whenever he could.

You couldn’t help but hate him for making your life miserable for the three years prior to this, so you continued to bicker and mess with him.

Also in junior year, a man by the name of Charles Lee came into your life. Sure, he was notorious for making terrible comments about teacher and exes in the locker room, but you always thought that to be a silly rumor. You believed the best of Charles. When he asked you to dinner and a movie, you agreed.

You and Eliza spent all night picking out your outfit, with Angelica offering her advice.

“Now, y/n,” she said seriously. “Promise me you won’t sleep with him. At least wait until you to go official to sleep with him so he doesn’t try to ghost you.”

You rolled your eyes.
“I promise, Angie,” you gave her an endearing, yet loving smile.

The night went perfectly. Charles was a perfect gentleman. As soon as you got home, you ran next door, to Eliza’s house and stayed up all night squealing over it.

You stayed true to your promise to Angelica, though, which led to you and Charles making things official after two dates.  

Two days after you two made it official, a steaming Laurens came up to you after school.

“Lee? Really? You’re dating Lee?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I’m really dating Lee,” you answered in a sarcastic tone.

“He’s not a good guy, y/n. He says terrible things about all the girls he hooks up with. He doesn’t like you like that. He only wants to hook up with you,” John warned.

“Pardon?” you narrowed your eyes. “That’s not true. We’re together now.”

“Trust me. Do you think anyone, especially Lee, looked at you like that before you got hot? He just thinks you’re hot now. So does everyone else. He just wants to be the first to get to you,” John yelled, stepping closer to you.

“Excuse me? So what, he didn’t notice me before. I’m hot now, but he also noticed my personality,” you matched his tone and stepped so you were toe to toe.

“He’s just going to hurt you,” John yelled.

“Well since when do you care? Last I checked, we hated each other,” you yelled, causing Laurens to take a breath and a step back.

“I just…I don’t want to see you get hurt,” John walked away, leaving you confused.

The next day nothing changed.

You and Lee had lasted a full year. Every time you were with Charles in the hallway and saw Laurens, you made sure to give him a pointed look.

At the beginning of your senior year, you dumped Lee. He had been distant, and you decided to keep things light and fun for your senior year.

Lee had other ideas. After calling and texting you nonstop for a week, he decided to start trashing you to all his friends.

The school already knew that you had dumped him, but he told all his friends rumors they promptly spread. According to Lee, you had begged for him back (a rumor you quickly stomped away by showing Lee’s clingy texts to anyone who asked). You were also terrible in bed, clingy, and moody (all these rumors were also quickly demolished by your screenshots of old texts).

Soon enough, the rumors diminished. You couldn’t help but notice that Laurens was missing a few days after the rumors stopped.

A few months later you graduated, with a few pokes of fun at Laurens. You thought you’d never see him again, a party right before you left for college in August.

He wasn’t so bad lately. You two were indifferent. You’d both grown up and weren’t as petty any more.

At that party, you saw Laurens. You were confused when he marched right over to you. Your lips began to form a question, but Laurens slammed his soft lips into yours. Slowly, butterflies you hadn’t known had existed, erupted in your stomach. However, Laurens pulled back once he realized where he was. He tensed and stammered for a moment.

“Meet me by the bench in the gardens in ten,” he disappeared into the crowd.

You were left dazed and confused. You hadn’t realized it, but somewhere along the way, you’d caught feelings for John. You smiled lightly and touched your lips softly.

You found Eliza talking to Hamilton, still crushing ever so helplessly on him.

“They’re so happy. I’m glad I pushed them into talking to each other,” a familiar voice smiled.

“Angelica!” you squealed. “I thought you had to leave early.”

“I decided to come back to help you and Eliza move into your dorm at Columbia together,” she smiled. “Well, you look happy.”

“Well… A certain boy might have just kissed me,” you smiled.

“Uh huh. What would his name be?” A small smile graced Angelica’s face.

“John” you mumbled.

Angelica choked on her drink.
“John Laurens? The man you hated?” she asked.

“Yeah well, time changes people,” you smiled.

“Y/n…you realize it’s only been a month,” Angelica giggled. “But if he makes you happy, enjoy yourself.”

You just smiled brightly.

The ten minutes passed, quickly. You slipped outside, your heart starting to pound.

You stood next to the bench and squinted your eyes trying to find John.

When you spotted him, your heart sank.

There he stood, with his three friends behind him.

“Dude, I told you she’d come,” Hamilton whispered, giggling. They were all giggling. John was standing in the middle stifling at laugh, while making direct eye contact with you.

Your vision blurred with tears. You felt like an idiot. Of course John Laurens didn’t like you. He hated you. You hated him.

You hated John Laurens.


Four years later, you had long since forgotten John Laurens.

Yes, you two went to the same University, lived in the same dorm, and most of your friends were mutual, but you didn’t care. You ignored him until the hate and butterflies left. You never forgave him, but you couldn’t dwell on it either.

Eliza had finally talked to Hamilton enough to marry him. The two of you had gotten close, but avoided speaking of that night.

Hamilton and his friends (excluding Laurens) weren’t as bad as you thought. You often hung out even. Both of you knew they were forgiven for that night without saying anything.

“So y/n, Alex and I want to ask you something” you smiled at the happily engaged couple.

“Okay, shoot,” you smiled.

“Will you be my maid of honor?” she asked excited.

“Of course!” you screamed. “I’m so honored.”

The wedding planning went quickly. It was finally the night of the rehearsal dinner.

“Excuse me?” a deep, oddly familiar voice asked. “Are you the maid of hon-” he stopped abruptly when he saw your face.

“Laurens, hi” you smiled. “I’m the maid of honor. You must be the best man.”

“Yeah,” he laughed awkwardly.

You glance over at Eliza, asking for help. She smiled at you in pity.

The dinner went by awkwardly and quickly. Angelica was rehearsing her speech for the next night to you, when John approached you.

“Listen, y/n. Can we talk?” John asked.

You looked at Angelica, pleadingly.

“You need to talk to him,” Angelica whispered to you.

“Fine,” you quipped. “Talk.” You stood still in front of him.

“Look that night. I was just scared. You were so pretty and I just couldn’t control myself. I crushed on you for so long that I just. I don’t know. The kiss was real. But I wasn’t supposed to love you. So, I panicked and told my friends that I told you to meet me here for a copy of my application essay because we kept arguing who’s was better. They laughed because they couldn’t believe you were that dedicated to being right. I’m so sorry. I will always regret ruining our chances at falling in love,” Laurens said, looking down.

“When did you start having feelings for me?” you asked.

“In eleventh grade, when I saw you with Lee. Suddenly all the reasons I hated you, became the reasons I loved you.  I tried to repress the feelings. I did well, but then you two broke up. He kept spreading rumors in the locker room, which I warned you about. I kept myself at bay, but then he started showing those asshole friends of his pictures of you and I just couldn’t let that slide. I punched him. I couldn’t let him get away with that,” he finished meeting your gaze.

“Oh John,” you marveled at his sparkling eyes. “You did that for me?”

He nodded, looking down.

“Well, that day you kissed me I realized, I’ve always loved you.” You tilted his head to meet your gaze. “And I’ve just realized, I still love you.”

“How? After all I’ve done?” John asked.

“Time changes people.” You smiled. “If you kiss me, promise not to run away?” you asked.

“Promise.” He smiled.

With that, your lips crashed together, and the butterflies you’d repressed for years came fluttering back.

Sherlock x Reader: Letters

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Gif not mine.

Three days. Three bloody days you spent looking through all these letters for the sake of that damned man. He was running around trying to find killers and then injecting himself with morphine while you were sat behind the desk at 221B separating letters. Boxes of the letters were around the living room of the flat and you had to sort them into three piles. Sherlock and yourself were on a case. The victim was a man in his mid forties and he had a wife. However he was also an adulterer. Now the man was quite old fashioned in his ways and did not like technology so he sent letters instead of emails to his mistress and wife. Sherlock believed that these letters held information about who the killer was and what was the motive. So naturally, you had to sort them. One pile was from the wife, one from the mistress, and the last were others. Bills etc. All the boxes were full to the top and you had only got through five boxes in the space of three days.


“Sherlock?” You asked from over the phone.

“Yes?” He snapped. It was obvious that he did not want to pick up his phone while on a case.

“Please can I stop? I haven’t slept, ate, done anything since you set me on this task!”

“Y/N, this is important!”

“I’m aware but you could at least show some concern for your girlfriend.” You sighed. “Please, just let me have a break!”

“No,” Sherlock replied quickly. “This will help me on the case.” You hit the end button and then put your head in your hands. You were too tired.


You had managed to get through another box of letters however you still had a lot left. Lack of sleep was taking its toll on you and the only break you had was to make coffee. The caffeine did not help though. Mrs Hudson had checked up on you to see if you were alright. Sleep was consuming you as you looked through a letter. Your eyes slowly closed as your head fell forward onto the table.


An hour later, your boyfriend arrived back at the flat. He rolled his eyes at you asleep at the desk. He was about to wake you up until he thought what he was about to do. He’d forced you to work while he ran around. He’d also forced you to not eat or sleep. For once, Sherlock felt sorry. For once, he felt sympathy. He picked you up in his strong arms and carried you to your shared bedroom. He tucked in you before kissing you on the forehead.

He said, “Goodnight, love.”

kim namjoon x reader

≫ intro

It’s a bit funny how the world can introduce two people of different backgrounds and different worries and create a little story of their own filled with little events that have big changes.

Kim Namjoon is a young idol looked up to by many people. With promotions for BTS’ new album and the many deadlines that come along with being an idol, there’s only so much he can carry on his shoulders.

(y/n) is a college student struggling to pay the monthly rent. Carrying many jobs ranging from waiting at a restaurant with entrees costing more than what she earns in three weeks, to a clerk at a convenience store, and finally, a barista at a small cafe.

Stressed and unable to sleep, Kim Namjoon comes across the only cafe open at the ungodly hour of 5 AM on a free day. He’s trying to clear his mind of the stress, but his mind is only filled with thoughts of the barista who runs into the cafe, late for her shift.

Some people have funny stories of how they met the love of their life and the first words they exchanged.

The first words the love of his life ever said to him?

“One caramel macchiato.“ 

- first and last -

drabble list (not in chronological order)  x

Sneaking Around (Lin/Reader)

Prompt: @hamwriters Write-A-Thon Day 3!  Have you ever read a book and imagined how that’d be an amazing prompt for a fic? Here’s your chance to write them: pick a book plot and get inspired!

Author’s Note: So I mistakenly thought today was reverse POV Day. I write this amazing lin x reader Oscars fic from lin’s pov, then realize today is lit day. So I knocked this out in about an hour. I hope you guys like Harry Potter (and you should be looking forward to day five)!

PS, the reader is a Ravenclaw because I’m a Ravenclaw. #dealwithit

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

Summary: You, a Ravenclaw, and Lin, a Slytherin, are dating but are forced to keep it a secret from your housemates who don’t approve. The Yule Ball arrives as a part of the triwizard tournament, and you decide to go together and come out to your friends for the first time.

Rating: T for some PG-13 rated making out

Warnings: Making out in carriages. Damn.

Words: 1043

Askbox / Masterlist / What I Write / This Week’s Works

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Accidents Will Happen (Part 3/?) (Stark/Avengers x reader)

Warning: Fast spiral into heavy angst

Part 2

Looking back at that day, at that argument that was based on something so insignificantly ridiculous, you promised yourself that no matter what he did, you would never, ever be mad at Tony again.  You promised yourself that no matter what smartass comment would pass through his lips, you would always still kiss them goodnight without being angry.  You swore that you would tell him that you loved him every single day if only he would forgive you for what you had done on this day; if only he would wake up to do it.

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Two Birds

@luciisthebest 400 Follower Celebration (200 people late, am I right?)

Castel by Hasley

Quote “Tell me a story.”

    A/N: I kind of gave up in the middle, had a beginning and an end but where is the middle? I wish I knew.

     WARNINGS: suicide, depression, swearing

Pairing: Sam Winchester x reader

Now my neck is open wide, begging for a fist around it

You had been fine, thinking you were kicking your anxiety back out to the curb. But at night, it would all come crashing back down.
“You are so weak.”
“Why do you even try to keep up with the Winchesters?”
“The only reason you are around still is because the pity you.”
“Just spare them the extra burden and leave. Or even better, die. Then you wouldn’t ever be in anyone’s way.”
    All of this racked your brain at night, the faces of everyone you couldn’t save, the screams of the ones that you didn’t run fast enough to, the sight of their still, warm bodies.
    During the day and hunts, you could put on a smile, told everyone that you didn’t get hurt on that hunt, promising you would tell them, or that you were fine to get yourself a hotel room, or that you weren’t hungry. It was the only thing you felt like you could do. Make yourself a smaller burden, not let the Winchesters worry about you.
    Spending more time in your room, going on more and more dangerous hunts alone, trying to do anything to avoid the boys so they wouldn’t have to see the fucking failure that they let work with them.
    But of course, you can’t avoid the inevitable for long.


    After one of the most dangerous and reckless hunts you did, you went back to the motel. Getting out of the car, leaving a barely noticeable blood trail, you looked over and saw the “famous” impala.
         On the lookout, you stumbled to your room. The door was unlocked. Not even caring what was behind it, you stumbled in.
         You were vaguely aware of Sam trying to talk to you as you get out an emergency kit.
         He was still trying to get through to you or at least get you to respond to something he was saying. Something about how you were spending so much time away from the bunker, and going on more and more dangerous hunts while becoming less and less responsive to him and Dean. Finally you had enough and snapped.
         “The only reason i’m still here is because you guys had fucking pity on me!” You screamed at Sam. “All I do is fuck up hunts! I can’t even do fucking simple research without fucking it up! The last hunt I went on, you know, the fucking easy ghost one? It turned out that town was good at covering! There were 3 fucking ghosts, 2 witches and a shapeshifter! I couldn’t even get the fucking research right! So you know what I did? I left a fucking note at Bobby’s and stayed in a hotel trying not to bleed out! And what did I get? Not one fucking call, text from you. Not even any help from Cas!”  
           Storming around Sam, you ran out of your room, and into the night sky.
           “You guys don’t even fucking care about me? Do you? You guys wouldn’t be traumatized if i got killed on a hunt. You wouldn’t cry if I never came home. In fact I know that you wouldn’t. You never have. So I guess that I will stop coming home.”
           Turning around and sprinting behind the motel, you knew 2 things. 1. Sam wouldn’t try to stop you, why would he? And 2. Where the drawbridge is.
            Sitting on the railing of a bridge over a rushing river, you felt almost peaceful.
            “Tell me a story, about the two birds who made a promise, but one flew away.” you whispered.
             Heavy footsteps were coming from the forest. Sam broke out of the forest. But your mind was made up.

    And you jumped.

    Clutching your wet and mangled body, Sam could only say one thing, “But you promised.”

Already choking on my pride,
so there’s no use crying about it

Thunderstorm Run (H.R. Wells x Reader)

Rating: M (smut)

Summary: Looking to get some productive work done, you, the Reader, start your day at S.T.A.R. Labs early to avoid the chaos that normally comes with Team Flash. What you didn’t count on was H.R. coming in from a morning run in a torrential downpour, totally drenched, and had lost his shirt along the way, apparently… So much for productive!

A/N: The title is taken from Cav’s Instagram caption on his photo that inspired this hell-bound story. (See photo below the cut)

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