Reaction Shot

Reaction.// Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Reaction.

Request: OMG you should write one where the reader is selectively mute and extremely shy, and then one day she says something? And maybe with Draco?And maybe she could be a Ravenclaw? I just never see anything where the reader is a Ravenclaw lol

Pairing: Ravenclaw! Reader x Reader

Warning: none?

A/N: You guys, we hit 1k! im really happy! And I still have that instagram// GOLDENSNLTCH & if you guys want you can send me questions since you really know nothing about me lmao. you don’t really know she’s Ravenclaw and I kind of didn’t make the reader shy.

You never talked. Snape hated it. Your house hated it. Everyone hated it. You, on the other hand, didn’t mind. Keeping your mouth shut meant nobody would talk to you. Nobody would spread rumors about you.

So you thought.

You had been sitting in the dining hall doing your homework, dinner was about to start and you enjoyed the silence that was there before hand. People started filling in as you put away your parchment away. A group from your house walked in, sitting on the far side of the table. A girl with long blonde hair walked in and sat beside you, you believed her name was Luna. “Hello Y/N,” she said as she picked up a strawberry, you eyes drifted to hers, not saying anything. “Have you heard what everyone’s been saying?” she asked, you shook your head, “Oh, well a lot of people have been saying you’re dating Draco.” Your eyebrows knitted together as you looked at the food. Everyone was in the dining hall so when you were the first to get up, some stared. Especially Draco. You felt his cold stare on your back.

You spent the next few days listening to people talk about you. Things went from ‘Whore.’ to ‘Fuckbuddy.’

Draco walked into your Herbology class, looking around you made eye contact with him. You started planning what you were going to say to him. Your teacher started teaching and pairing you up with people. You were paired up with a Hufflepuff, they let you do half the work and they did half.

After a two hour long class, you finally got to leave. So when it was just you and draco in the classroom you spoke up.

“Why did you say we’re dating?” you asked, putting your books in your bag, “W-What?” he asked, his lips curling a bit, “You heard me, why?” your voice sounded intimidating and he looked at you, “I wanted to get a reaction from you.” Your eyes narrowed at Draco. “Well there’s your reaction.” You muttered, swinging your bag on your back and walking out.

Jungkook [Debut]

Grupo: BTS

Idol: Jeon Jungkook

Argumento: Kookie y tu lleváis siendo amigos desde que él debutó, pero a él no le gusta que seáis solo eso.

Notas: Pedido por @xcallmemonsterx, espero que te guste ^^

Les habías visto nacer como grupo, crecer y alcanzar sus metas, siempre a su lado. Los siete y, en especial, Jungkook, te habían apoyado para seguir persiguiendo tu sueño por mucho que este se te escapara de las manos cada vez que lo tenías cerca y hoy, por fin, lo habías atrapado.

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Written Emotions

Companion fic to Words Unspoken.

Also, sorry for the cliff hanger from the previous post-it one shot. The reactions had been overwhelming but the ending had been planned that way. Have this as compensation piece?



“How are you feeling?”

“Do you have to ask that same question every time I’m forced to be here?” Nico scoffed. He didn’t want to be there but everyone says he should.

Because he needed medication. He needs to get better.

Because he needed the help.

“This is standard procedure, Mr. di Angelo” The Doctor tried speaking as calmly as he can “I’m doing everything in my power to help you. Now would you please cooperate?”

Nico inwardly scoffed. It’s not going to work anyway. Why won’t they just accept the fact that it’s all futile?

He can’t be saved.

“You’re giving your doctor a hard time. That’s not good, Nico” Hazel chided her brother as she drew the curtains open giving a bit of light inside the usually darkened room. Nico winced slightly once the sun rays hit his pale skin.

“Not my fault the doctor’s incompetent”

“He’s only trying to help you get better” Hazel scolded

“I can’t be saved. The earlier we all accept the fact, the easier we’ll be able to get over it”

The girl sighed. “This is not good, Nico. You should start helping yourself. Just stop, okay? Stop confiding on your negative thoughts. We’re going to find a cure so just hold on, please? For me?”

“…Stop looking at me like that”

Hazel blinked innocently “Looking like what?”

“That! Your pleading look that I can’t say no to!”

The girl didn’t stop but instead gave more emphasis to it. Nico scowled and tried glaring but to no avail and in the end found himself letting out a deep sigh.

“Fine. I’ll concede for now. Happy?”

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Eunwoo [Escapada]

Grupo: ASTRO

Idol: Cha Eunwoo (Lee Dongmin)

Argumento: Eunwoo quiso sorprenderte por vuestro aniversario, aunque quizá se excedió un poco.

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Notaste como unos brazos te rodearon el cuerpo y una barbilla apoyarse en tu hombro. No te hizo falta mirar para saber que era Eunwoo, quien tenía los ojos cerrados y tarareaba una dulce melodía. Estabais en la terraza de un hotel en Jeju, era vuestro último día ahí después de haber pasado un fin de semana largo disfrutando de la playa y el sol en una escapada romántica.

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RWBY Volume 2 Episode 1: Best Day Ever.

It’s been a while since this aired, but I haven’t seen any pictures of this come up yet, to my surprise. Tell me I’m not the only person who saw this in the lineup of reactions here. Please. I really can’t be the only one.

Please pardon the deformed chibi things. They’re…really not my strong point. :/

So It’s You?

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(Can I run my fingers through his hair Pleeaasseee)

Summary: Jimin had been noticing the writing on himself and was upset thinking he would never find his soulmate. One day your friend invites you out and you learn who you belong with. Prompt #1

Jimin stared at his palm where new words had just appeared. It was a quote written in beautiful cursive. It often happened. He would just be going through his day when words or drawings would appear. It was cursive words more often than not but he wasn’t complaining because he knew that meant there was someone out there for him.He stared at it until a hand waved in front of his face. He looked up to see Hoseok giving him a questioning look.

“Jimin what’s up? You’ve been staring at tour hand for like 20 minutes. Is it the writing again?”

“Yeah…Hobi what if I never find them? What if I meet them but I don’t notice it? I just can’t stop worrying about it. Maybe if I do meet them they won’t like me.”

Hoseok sighed and pulled Jimin under his arm. “Come on we need to find the others.” He said dragging Jimin with him.

You sat at the counter listening to your friend talk nonsense. The pen in your hand moved against the skin on your palm as a familiar quote came to mind. It was one your friend had showed you and you fell in love with it. She stood in the kitchen making sandwiches but still managing to rage about her failed date last night. She began talking about the guy, Namjoon I think it was, and how he seemed cool but just wasn’t her “type”.

“He just didn’t fit the bill…You feel me?” She asked not expecting an actual answer. “He was just a bit weird for my taste.”

“You have a taste? I thought it was date first think second.” You said the sarcasm rolling off your tongue. You knew it was rude but it’s the way she was. She continuously would go on dates with total jerks then realize how bad they really were. She would often come cry to you when she would get her heart broken.

“Hey Namjoon just messaged me…Wanna go hang out?”


You walked with her and Namjoon’s group of friends. They were awesome and completely hilarious but one of them seemed really distracted. He had black hair and was really cute. If you remembered correct his name was Jimin and he kept staring at his hand. He looked upset about something and it made you feel bad. 

“Hey…Jimin?” You sang out getting close to him. He side stepped to get a bit of distance.

“Hi……(y/n) right?”

“Yep. So what’s got you so down, I mean that’s what it looks like.”

“Nothing. Hey I know an ice cream shop not far want to go get some?”

You jumped excitedly and nodded. He grabbed your hand and ran with you behind him. You two got to the little shop and got ice cream. Spending the rest of the day with him was the funnest thing you’d done in a while. He was sweet and funny, and loved talking about just random stuff. Finally the others showed up but it was getting late and your friend was ready to leave.

“Hey give me your arm.” Jimin said holding a pen. You gave him your arm and he began writing his number. He suddenly stopped and eyes slowly widened. You looked where his eyes looked to see numbers forming on his arm. It was his number. You couldn’t believe it, and neither could he, but you had just found your soulmate. 

“So it’s you?”


P.s Requests are open for Scenarios. Still doing BaB!