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"Oh my god, are you fucking serious? All this trouble for a--"

“Oh my god, are you fucking serious? All this trouble for some cheap knockoff Balenciaga purse?” Heather Chandler asked, disgusted. “As if Veronica would even consider wearing that. Actually? I take that back. That girl has just as much style as you.”
JD rolled his eyes at his stepsister.
“Fine, if you’re such a gift master, you tell me what to get her. Perfume? Candy? Some crap like that?”
Heather scoffed. “Please. Do you really think I’ll help you win her over? Not that you really stand a chance anyway.”
JD huffed. “Fine. I’ll just get her a slushie or take her on a date to the parking lot behind 7-eleven or something.”
Heather gave him an appalled look before groaning in irritation.
“Move, she said, shoving him aside and starting to go through the clothing rack in search of something nice. “As much as I hate you, Veronica is in desperate need of something wearable, and I don’t want you making her birthday more miserable than it has to be.”
JD sighed and tossed the purse he was holding to the side as Heather carefully examined every article of clothing on the rack.
“Here,” she sang, pulling a sleeveless, knee length blue dress with a tight waist and flared skirt. “This is more decent than anything she has in her closet right now.” She shoved it unceremoniously in JD’s hands.
“Wow,” he drawled sarcastically. “What would I do without your feminine fashion wisdom?”
“You better thank me later,” she said harshly, ignoring him. “Of course, my gift to her will make whatever you get her like a Starbucks gift card.” She smirked and tossed her hair over her shoulder.
“Get her whatever fru-fru crap you like,” he said. “I’ll find her something meaningful that she won’t just throw into the back of her closet.” Still, he held onto the dress. He was sure he’d figure out the perfect gift, and he’d return the dress then. In the meantime, however, he figured it was best to have a back up gift, just to be safe.
“Your idea of ‘meaningful’ is a normal persons idea of ‘bullshit’,” Heather bit back. “Just be grateful that I’m helping you, alright? Maybe now Veronica will find you to be slightly less repulsive than you actually are.”
JD resisted the urge to make a comeback as Heather continued shopping for her own gift to Veronica. He’d still beat her - if not at this battle, then the next one. He was sure of it.

Brock: What’s next? Ash becomes a Champion, and we all get on with our lives or search for something new. That’s always been the objective.

Cilan: I have this theory- don’t give me that look- I have this theory that we’re already Masters.

Lana: Pfft. Hey, did you hear that? Pfft. I’ve been trying to make that sound for-ever.

Tracey: I think Cilan’s right in a way. This has never been about “being the very best”. It’s about us. You, me…all of us. I think that’s why I’m here.

Lana: Little victories, Luke. Little victories.

Gary: I’m hoping for more massive, rambling diversions. Who wants closure? Let’s really stretch this sucker out.

Alain: Retirement? Of course. Eventually.

May: In the future, I’d like to see a world without contests. Ha! No. Joking.

Ash: Longer term…for me, I don’t really know. Not really thought about it. For everyone else-for my team-I’d settle for happily ever after. They deserve it.

Dawn: We haven’t even got started! Who knows what’s around the corner?

Luke: Group shot, everyone! Group shot! Everyone over here! Come on, chop chop! You too, Paul…I don’t care where everyone stands…so long as we’re all in it together.

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Hi, I heard you're like the *master* of getting tix - do you have tips?

Hello, anon! I think I prefer ticket Queen but I’ll take master ;)

Sorry for the delay! I wanted to have enough time to give a comprehensive answer. 

1. If you want tickets, be obsessive! Check Nimax and ATG here constantly. Like if you can check social media, you can check the sites! I see non-premium tickets come up at least once a day for the coming weeks and months. But also be patient! They will show up. I find Nimax usually has more but ATG sometimes surprises me with some lovely returns. 

2. If you’re in London or know someone who is, pop into the box office and speak to the lovely people in there. Ask them for specific dates and they’ll let you know if theres been any returns. In my experience there’s always more tickets in person than online. Its also kinda pot luck if the person serving you is in a good mood as to whether they will trawl through the dates you want for you or just tell you to (politely) give it up. 

3. Be willing to go alone (if you’re not like 12). You’re SO much more likely to get tickets and you’ll make friends with the people around you. There’s a big online community on here and twitter who will be happy to freak out with you throughout the day as well. 

4. The returns queue! This is essentially going to sit outside the box office from early in the morning and hoping somebody has returned their tickets. People start queuing from 6:30am-9:30am depending on the day and I’ve got non-premium tickets every time I’ve tried it. The box office is on the left hand side of the theatre if you’re facing the front, on shaftesbury avenue. Take a blanket and some books and snuggle down! This is also an amazing friend-making spot for people you’re gonna spend all day with when you get tickets! If you’re trying to be strategic, think it through- people tend to work on weekdays so some days are less busy than others. 

5. And now for a shameless plug: follow me on twitter @maia_rs_ … If theres a ticket dump online I will tweet about it!

6. Search twitter for people who’s friends can no longer go and have a spare single and go with them! Something I’ve done twice. Search “cursed child tickets” “hpplayldn tickets” and “harry potter tickets”. But be quick in messaging the people cos lots of people are on this!

And a do not:

DO NOT buy from touts on stubhub ect. You will be ripped off and turned away at the door so avoid the temptation.

Its mainly about persistence- good luck! xx

listen I love those ‘imagine Padmé giving birth during the Clone Wars aus’ but instead of the Jedi Council just being okay with it for no real logical reason other than 'we need general Skywalker because he’s the chosen one’ please imagine Padmé and Anakin still trying to keep their relationship a secret even when it starts getting ridiculous.

Obi-Wan: Anakin why do Senator Amidala’s children look like you?
Anakin: The Force is my father so maybe it bullshitted them some genes too.

Mace: Anakin why did you move into Senator Amidala’s home?
Anakin: What? She needed help raising the twins. I’m just being helpful.

Rex: Umm General Skywalker? Why is there a baby strapped to your chest?
Anakin: Luke is sick and Senator Amidala didn’t want Leia to catch it. I’m babysitting.

Ahsoka: Master, we’re on a mission. Why are we stopping to buy toys for the Senator’s children?
Anakin: Listen Ahsoka, Luke and Leia will love this.

Everyone who knows Anakin and Padmé: Look Anakin, we know you’re the father.
Anakin: *snuggled up to Padmé and they both have a sleeping baby in their arms* I have no idea what you’re talking about.


“You were directly involved in bringing down the Empire. You and Artoo. So I don’t know why you’re calling me Master. Why you call anyone Master. Seems like people should call you that.”

“Why…I…I don’t know, sir. Programming, I suppose. All droids must do as they are programmed.”

OF COURSE Poe Dameron cares about the civil rights of droids and respects them as individuals. He’s not going to perpetuate a weird slavery hangover where even heroes of the Galactic Civil War are programmed to scrape and bow to humans and call them ‘master’. 


Don´t have a particular command and now that I see it, all the couples that I like (in my whole life) all are different type of couples lol…

1. Gray x Juvia

2. Natsu x Lucy

3. Jellal x Erza

Originally posted by wonderknight

4. Roy x Riza

5. Shaoran x Sakura

6. Ryoma x Sakuno

7. Miroku x Sango

8. Inuyasha x Kagome

9. Zero x Yuki

10. Rei x Sakura

10. Yato x Hiyori

11. T.K x Hikari

12. Takuto x Mitsuki

13. Natsume x Mikan

14. Yakumo x Haruka

15. Shuu x Inori

16.  Takuma x Tamaki 

17. Hotaru x Eru

18. Hak x Yona

19. Kei x Hikari

20. Usui x Misaki

21. Sorata x Mashiro

22. Livius x Nike

23.  Tetsushi x Nina.

24. Makoto x Ichigo.

25. Zen x Shirayuki

26. Haru x Ellie

27. Miketsukami x Ririchiyo

28. Kazuma x Ayano

29. Kazune x Karin

30. Subaru x Rem 

31. Ryota x Himiko 

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32. Kazuya x Victorique 

33. Hiro x Sarato

INTJs: From an INFJs Perspective

As we all know, INTJs are quite complex and individualistic. This has many manifestations, both in how they are perceived and how they perceive themselves. Here are some characteristics I’ve noticed that I’d like to share:

1 - INTJs are hard to get to know. Like really. They’re masters of hiding who they really are deep down and people are prone to assuming that they are merely bitter and hate humanity, but they actually care a good deal. They just aren’t terribly good at showing that they care.

2 - INTJs do not pick up on subtle hints unless they are actively watching for them, which they rarely are. For an INFJ such as myself who communicates through subtle hints a good deal of the time, it has turned into a fun game to see how obvious my hints can get until the INTJ notices. So far they haven’t noticed a single one. (Seriously, INTJs. I’ve seen you people walk into stuff and trip over things that would have injured another person, but you all just get up like nothing happened and move on. It’s incredible, really… It’s like you’ve got metal skeletons or something.)

2a - This item is more of an elaboration on #2 than anything else. When someone likes an INTJ and they attempt to show the INTJ that they like them, it’s difficult to actually get them to realize it without coming out and saying it to their face which is often a daunting prospect. (Any other types feel me here?) I know an ENFJ who likes an INTJ and ENFJ’s main way of showing someone they like them is giving them random hugs. INTJs aren’t too keen on this as ENFJ has found out and ENFJ is a little discouraged, not to mention that INTJ makes a small effort to avoid ENFJ now and it’s making ENFJ rather sad.

3 - INTJs are focused and serious. Very much so. So much so, in fact, that you’ve sometimes go to throw a small object (like a brick) at them to get them out of their hyper-focus state. Although, from past experience I would not at all recommend attempting to bring them back to reality; they are not happy when someone brings them back to this dimension where incompetent humans such as ourselves roam and talk non-stop, haha. (Also, bricks aren’t 100% reliable because INTJs often have their robot guard blast them out of the air and promptly terminate you to reduce the chances of further distraction.) INTJs, when interested in a topic, become a knowledgeable expert almost overnight. If you ask them about a topic they know a lot about (for example, the INTJ that co-runs this blog and does most of the MBTI Chronicles posts is big into firearms, as am I) and they will talk your ear off if you let them. Find a solid common ground and they’ll probably like you. (Being able to think for yourself is another requirement for being an INTJs friend, btw.)

4 - INTJs, when mad, don’t get angry like most others do. While a lot of people become physical and emotional, INTJs will usually become cold and they will openly show their disdain for the thing or being that managed to make them angry in the first place, often roasting them (if it be a person) mercilessly. This is often a terrifying thing to witness because INTJs rarely get visibly angry. People may be well-acquainted with their death-stare, but a full-on angry INTJ is usually enough to make most people shy away, leaving the INTJ to simmer down alone, which is probably best for humanity in general. They rarely get physical when angry, but if a close friend is getting physically abused they will often step in and terminate the abuser.

5 - INTJs can be poetic if they want to be. Not all INTJs take an interest in poetry, but if an INTJ wants to convey a poetic message they can indeed convey it through their writing. INTJs are also brilliant technical writers, able to explain complex concepts through simple language that most would have a hard time with. Having an INTJ explain something to you through writing is about as good as it’s going to get.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this little list of (slightly humorous) observations about INTJs. :)

INTJs, what are your thoughts? I’ve known several INTJs for a while, but I’m yet unsure if I know the personality type well enough to make an accurate list of traits.

Thanks you all for reading to the end! It’s almost 800 words long and that’s a fair chunk. Good job! Thank you for following the blog and INTJ promises more MBTI Chronicles posts soon! :)

- INFJ admin

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I love Lance, friendship, and your headcanons. May I request some Lance-Hunk, Lance-Keith, Lance-Shiro, and/or Lance-Allura ones (since you've already covered Lance-Pidge)? Please and thank you, you wonderful memer.

i’m so happy someone finally requested the bros

  • *sleepover voice* “hunk… be real with me buddy….. do you think my ears are ugly”
  • they’re drift compatible
    • have mastered the art of the no-look fist bump
    • “jinx! double jinx!! triple jinx!!!”
    • the kings of spontaneous duets
  • hunk’s skin is so soft and lance is so jealous
  • “if i run and leap at hunk he will most certainly catch me in his arms” “lance wait I’m holding coffee-”
  • hunk has receipts and lance lives in fear of them
    • hunk’s known him for too long he’s gotta know a bunch of embarrassing stories
    • whenever lance gets a little too extra all hunk has to do is give him a look™ and he’ll stop like immediately
  • “hunk can you build me a girlfriend”
  • lance: *that friend that’ll text you at 2am to ask if cacti have feelings* 
    • hunk: *that friend who’ll respond with a thoughtful answer and instigate a 3 hour conversation about plant emotions*
  • their relationship is a weird mix between shaggy and scooby doo, drake and josh, and leslie knope and ann perkins
  • pidge: “why are you guys always hanging off of each other like that?” lance, literally sitting in hunk’s lap: “???? what do you mean????”

Scrubs {Sentence Starters}

  • “Ahh. Uncomfortable silences and alcohol. Just like thanksgiving at home.”
  • “You have no chance of being normal.”
  • “Don’t ever be afraid to come to me with stuff like that.”
  • “A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need.”
  • “It’s the kid inside of us that keeps us all from going crazy.”
  • “I don’t dislike you, I nothing you.”
  • “Nothing’s worse than a ninja - they’re masters of every style of combat.”
  • “Have you been in the supply closet, crying?”
  • “It sounds like you’re asking me out on a man date.”
  • “There’s a good chance I’m gonna kill someone.”
  • “The only way you could be more useless right now is if you actually were the wall.”
  • “Gosh, now I’m too proud of you to be mad at you.”
  • “Relationships don’t work they way they do on television and in the movies.”
  • “Sometimes it feels like you’re holding back.”
  • “All you do is bitch about your relationships all day long!”
  • “We’re only four seconds in and I’m already regretting my decision.”
  • “I can’t believe you lost our bottle opener.”
  • “I think we both know there’s a little more to it than that.”
  • “Does this lipstick make me look like a clown?”
  • “Why don’t I ever listen to me?”
  • “Well isn’t that just the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that is my day.”
  • “Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?”
  • “I can’t help but notice you love telling jokes.”
  • “Do you want to be alone?”
  • “You’re telling me that you actually made a decision that had a positive impact on your life?”
  • “Can you get that for me? I can’t reach it.”
  • “Don’t look in her eyes, she might steal your soul.”
  • “I refuse to be judged by a grown man wearing a hockey jersey.”
  • “That was my mistake. I keep forgetting that you’re a horrible, horrible person.”
  • “Why are you so afraid of loving me?”
  • “Do you want to cry a little?”
  • “Why do you have to jump out and scare me all the time?”
  • “What do I know about good relationships?”
  • “Newsflash! You can’t drink and then come to work!”
  • “Why is there a pancake in the silverware drawer?" 

Title: What am I?

Word Count: 3223

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: None really, old writing

Description: When the readers powers accidentally kills some people Sam and Dean hunt her down, but when all hope seems lost an unlikely ally steps in to help her.

Notes: This is a younger, teenage reader, as such there is no romance of any kind.

You had been running. Running and praying. To God, to his angels, to the pagans, and any other being that might have the slightest interest in helping you. You were currently starting to ask even the less likely candidates for some sort of assistance, and as you ran down the abandoned subway tunnel you could hear heavy footfalls in the distance.

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You can be ruthless strong, Sassenach, when the need is on ye.”
I smiled, a little wryly. “I can,” I said.
“I have seen that in ye before, aye?” His voice grew softer and his grasp on my hand tightened. “But now I think ye have it much more than when ye were younger. You’ll have needed it often since, no?”
I realized quite suddenly why he saw so clearly what Frank had never seen at all.
“You have it too,” I said. “And you’ve needed it. Often.” Unconsciously, my fingers touched the jagged scar that crossed his middle finger, twisting the distal joints.
He nodded.
“I have wondered,” he said, so low I could scarcely hear him. “Wondered often, if I could call that edge to my service, and sheathe it safe again. For I have seen a great many men grow hard in that calling, and their steel decay to dull iron. And I have wondered often, was I master in my soul, or did I become the slave of my own blade?
“I have thought again and again,” he went on, looking down at our linked hands…“that I had drawn my blade too often, and spent so long in the service of strife that I wasna fit any longer for human intercourse.
—  Up In Flames, Chapter 27, Voyager