Ever wondered why Chad Cactus had his shirt off when he was dunking his wife in a tub of milk? Well, chances are, you never even thought twice about that memorable little scene from Tezuka’s Mr. Cactus (1951-54).

Osamu Tezuka loved to tinker with his stories, and putting together the Osamu Tezuka Complete Manga Works editions provided him with a golden opportunity to do just that.  In many cases, Tezuka’s edits are simply expanding, adding or trimming panels here and there to improve the story pacing, however it’s fascinating to find the telltale signs of an edit - usually only visible when you know what’s missing.

If you compare the two page layouts in the first image set above you’ll notice that Tezuka decided against having Mrs. Cactus hang her husband out to dry, but his quick escape by slipping out of his shirt still leaves him half naked in the final edition.

Tezuka was also a master at re-purposing his artwork.  In the second image set, you can see how Tezuka uses the existing landscape formatted splash page artwork from the Mr. Cactus, Get Your Gun! supplement to the September 1952 edition of Shonen Illustrated [少年画報] to create a new portrait formatted page for the 1980 Complete Works edition.

If you’d like to read Tezuka’s Mr. Cactus (1951-54), you’re in luck! The digital ebook version is now on sale at DMP’s site.

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1+15+74+111+115(pls. srry if this is too much)

I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS but like seriously, the more the merrier c;

1. Full name

Helen Rosie Zhang 

15. Favorite quote?

“If you don’t like Helen aka meme master, you’re probably a sad potato”

-some very, very wise person

74. Favorite animal?

pandas are too real

111. Been to a professional sports game?

nope, probably never will tbh 

115. Been in an airplane?

many, many times. honestly, i love airplanes that have movies for you to watch but i will F I G H T airplane food. 

“Based on the real, historic San Francisco nightclub that gained an international reputation with its unique showcase of Chinese American performers in eye-popping all-American extravaganzas, Arthur Dong’s FORBIDDEN CITY, USA is an hour long documentary tribute to the Asian-American pioneers who attempted to break cultural barriers by pursuing their love of American song and dance. We are honored and thrilled to present the digitally re-mastered FORBIDDEN CITY, USA at AAIFF'5 and remember those who made our first step as Asian Americans in the entertainment industry, including Arthur Dong himself who has constantly revealed his concern for the Asian-American community. FORBIDDEN CITY, USA has been digitally remastered from original film elements by the UCLA Film & Television Archive, revealing beautiful and crisp details never before seen.”

It’s being shown on July 25, 2015 at 4:00pm at Village East Cinema in New York City as part of the Asian American International Film Festival. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Psychopaths versus sociopaths: what is the difference?

Most of us, fortunately, will never meet a Hannibal Lecter, but psychopaths and sociopaths certainly do exist. And they hide among us. Sometimes as the most successful people in society because they’re often ruthless, callous and superficially charming, while having little or no regard for the feelings or needs of others.

These are known as “successful” psychopaths, as they have a tendency to perform premeditated crimes with calculated risk. Or they may manipulate someone else into breaking the law, while keeping themselves safely at a distance. They’re master manipulators of other peoples’ feelings, but are unable to experience emotions themselves.

Sound like someone you know? Well, heads up. You do know one; at least one. Prevalence rates come in somewhere between 0.2% and 3.3% of the population.

If you’re worried about yourself, you can take a quiz to find out, but before you click on that link let me save you some time: you’re not a psychopath or sociopath. If you were, you probably wouldn’t be interested in taking that personality test. You just wouldn’t be that self-aware or concerned about your character flaws. That’s why both psychopathy and sociopathy are known as anti-social personality disorders, which are long-term mental health conditions.

Psychopaths and sociopaths share a number of characteristics, including a lack of remorse or empathy for others, a lack of guilt or ability to take responsibility for their actions, a disregard for laws or social conventions, and an inclination to violence. A core feature of both is a deceitful and manipulative nature. But how can we tell them apart?

Sociopaths are normally less emotionally stable and highly impulsive – their behaviour tends to be more erratic than psychopaths. When committing crimes – either violent or non-violent – sociopaths will act more on compulsion. And they will lack patience, giving in much more easily to impulsiveness and lacking detailed planning.

Psychopaths, on the other hand, will plan their crimes down to the smallest detail, taking calculated risks to avoid detection. The smart ones will leave few clues that may lead to being caught. Psychopaths don’t get carried away in the moment and make fewer mistakes as a result.

Both act on a continuum of behaviours, and many psychologists still debate whether the two should be differentiated at all. But for those who do differentiate between the two, one thing is largely agreed upon: psychiatrists use the term psychopathy to illustrate that the cause of the anti-social personality disorder is hereditary. Sociopathy describes behaviours that are the result of a brain injury, or abuse and/or neglect in childhood.

Psychopaths are born and sociopaths are made. In essence, their difference reflects the nature versus nurture debate.

There’s a particularly interesting link between serial killers and psychopaths or sociopaths – although, of course, not all psychopaths and sociopaths become serial killers. And not all serial killers are psychopaths or sociopaths.

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>humans have cats in their homes
>feed them
>clean up their shit
>pet them
>cater to them
>humans still think they’re the masters

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Seemingly random question but you're practically the master of all things anatomy in my eyes. how do you think centaur lungs would work and where would they placed in the body? how do you believe their organs should be placed and do you think 2 hearts is viable depending on the size of the creature?

I am by no means an expert on anatomy. I haven’t really studied it beyond what the Finnish curriculum requires (up to the highschool equivalent) and my knowledge is frankensteined from some anatomy books and medical documentaries. I don’t think my word on these matters should be taken as much more than an amateur’s opinion. 

However, that said…

Oh, THANK YOUS SO MUCH you kind anon person for giving me this wonderful excuse to blabber about my take on centaur anatomy! 8D I’ve kind of wanted to talk about this, but given how my centaur character, Pony, isn’t the sort of person to prance around naked in front of strangers, I couldn’t really use her as the excuse to geek out.

So here goes, LET’S GET NERDY!

First off, my centaurs only have one set of organs. I’m of the opinion that if your creature can’t support itself without doubling it’s life support, you (as in general you, not you as a specific person) should rather scale down your creature instead of making it impossible for it to support itself. (I don’t just stick a normal sized human torso on a normal sized horse body, the proportions would be ridiculous. I prefer blending my creature designs. Also how would a “normal sized human+normal sized horse” combo centaur support itself anyway, human mouth and teeth are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too small to chew the food needed to fuel the whole package.)

There is only one heart, though it’s located differently than an animal of it’s size and general proportions would have, and is higher in a similar manner as the heart of a giraffe (seen on side profile, hoofed animals’ heart is usually located around the area in its ribcage between its upper arms/elbows). Most other internal organs you’d find on a horse you can find on the horsey half of the centaur’s body, the upper ribcage being mostly empty and what looks like the “human” abdomen is actually made up of muscles in the similar manner as a horse’s neck (except for a bit differently shaped, as it ends in round-ish second chest instead of narrow base of a skull). 

The upper ribcage itself is kind of ridiculously tiny and narrow compared to the human equivalent, though the proportions are somewhat blurred by more normal (size wise) looking arms and their related musculature that covers the ribcage. I’m still a bit on the fence about the insides of the upper ribcage. It’s either an air sack connected to the windpipe to allow for more precision in air handling while speaking (the actual lungs themselves being located on the lower ribcage where you’d expect them to be) or a stomach. Haven’t decided which one sounds more anatomically plausible.

I also humbly offer my take on the hair distribution on centaurs, because why stop while I’m already talking/doodling. Like I said, I prefer blending my creatures instead of just sticking a human on horse pants.

Also, here, have a super messy sketch with Pony and Maru demonstrating a bit of their anatomical differences.

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how often do you think that Alfred had to remind Bruce to not have scary resting bitchface whenever he recently adopted a kid, or took them under his wing. like, I love Bruce Wayne and all, but he's huge as shit. i think the shared trait of the batfam kids is the lack of fear of just looking at that intimidating (but handsome) natural look of Bruce tbh

“sir, may i remind you to put on your bruce wayne face while you’re talking to young master richard. the child did just lose his parents, after all”
“what are you talking about, this is my bruce wayne face. it’s me, my own face on my own head, so by definition–”
[shoves hand mirror in his face]
“sweet mother of christ”


What was once old is now new again.

Re-mastered specifically for vinyl — and each featuring previously unreleased material, revisited artwork and gatefold jackets — each one of these double LP’s is being re-issued by us in the coming months. They’re each available for pre-order now.

Thank you!

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Shoplifters don't seem to properly grasp that stealing from big corporations is DIFFICULT. You want to steal from huge companies? That's what insurance fraud, forgery, long-term scams and insider trading are for. You know, big, risky, labour-heavy crimes that need some kind of skill. Shoplifting lipstick is the criminal equivalent to two plus two. You're not a revolutionary, you're not smashing the system, you're not a master thief, you're a selfish dipshit whose actions hurt low-income workers.

Say that to the pseudo-marxist teenagers with no other hobbies. It absolutely amazes me hoe thickheaded some of them are. - The Scandinavian one