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“You’re a vampire Lexi, it’s a lot harder for us to get drunk, but you managed to do it” he said shaking his head astonished. “Thank you” she smiled playfully. “And you” he sang turning to face you, to see you grinning at him. “Well at least you’re a cute drunk, now come on let’s get you back home” he said walking over to you and taking your hand. “But the party” Lexi butted in. “Party’s over Lex” he huffed. “You never stop a party, you’re the master at keeping them going” you acknowledged, furrowing your brows at him. “Any other day I’d love to party with you Y/N, but right now you need sleep”


Lana Del Rey // The Weeknd - Lust for Life (2017)

“Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign. In these stolen moments, the world is mine. There’s nobody here, just us together. Keepin’ me hot like July forever. ‘Cause we’re the masters of our own fate, we’re the captains of our own souls. There’s no way for us to come away, 'cause boy we’re gold, boy we’re gold.”

Teenage Anakin realizing that he is taller than Obi-Wan

(for @the-far-bright-center)

“Are you sure you’re standing up straight, Master?”

“Why the sudden concern about my posture, Anakin?”

“I thought you might’ve… hurt your back… in that gundark nest…”

“My back is perfectly fine, thank you, and yes you are taller than I am.”

“You don’t say, Master!”

“Just drink your tea, Anakin.”

Little moments of intimacy that Anakin and Ahsoka have because of their force bond add years to my life.

I love that he wants to reach out to her. He’s always been a physically affectionate person and he always has to curb his natural inclinations.

You can’t have secret feelings when you’re a Jedi. Your master will know.

Sex with Devin Sola would include

Lemme just say this:
Devin Sola is a FREAK,y'all,a fucking FREAK
He’s probably be into shit we don’t know EXIST

Devin Sola more like Devin Hoela


-M E G A  K I N K  K I N G



-Would bang you in Any and every public place

-Into name-calling like slut or whore  (Only if your OK with it tho)

-Also cute names like pet princess/prince,kitten

-Body Worship Master

-”You’re so beautiful baby.”

-Boob Man ™

-Grinding KIng

-”You’ve been a naughty,naught girl/Boy”


-Very much into orgasm denial (END ME)

-Would enjoy receiving head,But he’s really ‘bout pleasing his S/O more

-Rough like this man would be an ANIMAL in bed

-Especially after a concert like,…..My Dudes


-Him Chuckling when you squirm

-Shower Sex



-Light Blood kink (Once again,only if your OK with it)

- Would put on music like NIN or something ( “Closer”)

-would straight up MURDER that ass 

-Wouldn’t stop until you’re Shaking



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So, how reasonably confident are you about next year's Return to Dominaria? Is it just a logical guess you've staked yourself on, is it just a hope? Or do you feel completely convinced it's happening?

I’m 100% convinced it’s happening. It’s the 25th Anniversary. They’re doing an Iconic Masters set celebrating Magic’s history this year .Both the Aether Revolt Player’s Guide and the Kaladesh Art Book list it as the rendezvous point for the Gatewatch. Both characters from the latest Duel Deck were major Dominarian figures. I have zero doubt in my mind it’s happening.

Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt. 10

You’ve never felt kisses so light and heavy, so warm and wet at the same time.

Slave to desire. 

He’s kissing your neck, biting and sucking on your skin. You can’t keep your moans of pleasure to yourself. 

Who was the slave? 

Your fingers are in his hair, your hands keeping him close to you with his body still pressed between your legs. 

Who was the master?

You’re fumbling with the buttons on his shirt, and he catches on to what you’re trying to do. He removes it, tossing it to the side for you.

“Finally getting a better look?” he asks, sitting up above you.

Your hands and eyes are roaming all over him, “Yes,” You push him back against the other side of the couch and now you’re on top of him again.

“I’ve always liked a woman on top,” he pulls his shirt off of you, gazing at your body the same way you did his. You kiss him with even more intensity than before and that’s when you feel him pick you up, keeping your legs around him.

You don’t have to ask to know that he’s taking you to his bedroom, “Don’t wake Jesse,” he whispers in your ear as you pass by his room, who’s still sprawled out on the bed. 

He’s trying to close Jesse’s door while still holding you but your leg slips from his grip and he almost drops you. You burst into laughter, causing him to sling you over his shoulder and actually running into his room. 

He plops you on the bed, hovering over you, “What part of don’t wake Jesse don’t you understand?” 

You cover your smile, “I’m sorry,” 

He shakes his head with a smirk, walking to his bathroom, “What are we doing tonight?” he asks. 

“Hm?” you try to fix your hair, sure that it’s messy from all that tousling. 

He stands in front of you with his hands behind his back before revealing a DVD in one hand and in the other a condom. 

“What are we doing?” he asks again. 

Your face heat up, feeling excited again, “Um,” 

He doesn’t rush you, but you end up reaching for both the DVD and condom and he looks so surprised that his eyebrows shoot up. You’re teasing him, knowing his nonchalant behavior was a coverup. You tuck the condom in his pocket and take the DVD. You didn’t want to have sex on the first date. 

You can’t tell if he’s shocked or mildly disappointed but he laughs nervously, “You’re just full of surprises,”  

He sets up a different movie to watch since his selection was boring, “I just grabbed a random one to be honest,” 

You lay on his bed, t-shirt back on, his shirt still off. As the movie shows the intro, you’re looking at him who’s looking at the screen. 

He turns to you, not surprised to find you staring at him, “Are we watching this movie or not? Or should we do something else?” he holds the condom between his fingers, taunting you. 

You pout, looking at the screen, “Fine. Movie,” 

He pulls you against him, so that he’s spooning you, his arm across your chest. You’re not even watching the movie. Content, your eyes are closed as you have your hand on his bicep. 

You’re in the process of having your mind completely enchanted by this man when those nagging thoughts of mind reading return. They’re so persistent that you pause the movie.

“I need you to clear up something for me,” you sit up. 

“What’s wrong?” 

You’re hesitant to bring it up, “I know it’ll sound absurd…and don’t think I’m crazy but, I did see something at the warehouse,” He listens, waiting for you to continue, “You seem to be…very influential,” you choose your words carefully, not wanting to accuse him of a supernatural ability. 

He’s looking at you, his silence unnerving, “Never heard it that way before,” he then gets up, walking out of the room. What did he mean by that? 

“Where are you going?” 

“To get more wine,” 

You follow him, passing Jesse’s room where he hasn’t moved an inch. B/N drinks from the bottle, and you finally blurt out your question, “Can you read minds or not?” he pauses in place and his silence puts you on edge. 

Please laugh, you plead inwardly with his bare back towards you, please let this all be a misunderstanding.

“No, but,” he’s holding the bottle of wine so tight you think he might break it in half, “But I can…” 

He’s struggling to speak, setting the bottle on the counter as he grips the edge, “I can’t do this,” you hear him say. You approach him slowly. What is happening right now?

“You’re making me nervous,” You didn’t expect any of your accusations to be true. You expected him to laugh it off and get back to what he was doing with you. But what he can’t seem to say makes your stomach clench in anticipation. 

“Why did it have to be you?” he looks to the ceiling with a long sigh. He spins around suddenly, gripping your shoulders, as if an idea popped into his mind, “Tell me to tell you,” 


“That’s it! Command me, it’s the only way I can say it,”  

“I’m not-” 

“Y/N, make me tell you!”

“I don’t know what’s going on!” 

He releases you, his hands hovering around your face and he seems so perplexed, “Look me in the eyes, and purposefully command me to tell you,” 

You’re shaking for some reason, but you look in his eyes. And his eyes look…fearful. And his fright is frightening you. Do you even want to know anymore? 

You muscle up the courage, “Tell me,” 

As the words leave your mouth, your mind feels foggy and immediately your lips are tingling. The feeling similar to when you spoke to him on the beach, only more profound. Like losing sensation in your hand when it falls asleep and suddenly waking up with static fingers. 

“I can control minds,” he confesses instantly. 

You stare at him, wanting to believe that what he says is absurd but the energy that you felt when you commanded him, nearly convinced you. 

“And you can control me,” he steps close to you and you step back. 

You realize leaving would be best. You turn for his door, him calling after you but you’re running for the elevator. Did you just make out with a complete psycho? You almost slept with him! He gets in before the doors close. He has a shirt on with his hands up in an attempt to calm you. 

“Y/N please, listen to me,” 

“You’re insane,” you move to the corner of the elevator.

“I will not hurt you,” he says carefully. 

“You can control minds?” you ask and it sounds like nonsense, “Have you been controlling mine?” Do you really believe him right now?

“No,” he says quickly, but you cover your ears with your hands. By the time the elevator opens for the lobby, you rush out, bumping into people.

You get outside realizing you didn’t drive here and you left your purse upstairs with your money, “Let me explain,” 

“Just stay away from me,” People are watching you two curiously. He reaches for your hand but you pull away from him. What else can he do?

A man intervenes, asking you if B/N is causing you problems. But he spins the man around by his shoulder, speaking in a threatening tone, “Walk away,” and with that B/N walks around him and towards you. 

But without question, the man leaves, without looking back and you stare at B/N. 

“What’s going on here?” a security guard steps in. 

B/N looks incredibly impatient, “I’m half tempted to make you walk in front of a car but there’s too many witnesses. So go inside,” The security guard doesn’t think twice before walking into the building. 

Everything else that he’s done clicks in your mind. When he demanded the money from the man when you first met. When he stopped those men at the warehouse. The way he kept demanding you as if he didn’t expect you do against anything he said. 

“Holy shit…” 

“I can’t control you,” he tells you, as if knowing where you thoughts are headed. The closer he comes to you, the more you back away from him until you’re almost in the street. You actually feel scared of him. Isn’t it just a moment ago you found his gaze alluring?

“Don’t come near me,” you yell at him and he stops walking. He stays in the same position for a few seconds and you move closer to him, “Unfreeze,” you say, not sure what the secret undo word was. 

He relaxes, looking annoyed, “You don’t say unfreeze. You just…tell me to do something else,” 

“This makes no sense. How can I control you? How can you control people?” 

He watches the people who are listening to you two and talks so that only you can hear, “Can we go back inside now?” 


“Y/N, I cannot control you,” he sounds frustrated now, “Believe me, I’ve tried,” 


He sighs, exasperated, “Because it’s what I do. What I’ve always done. I don’t ask for things, I just take them,” 

“Is that what you did to me upstairs?” 

He looks offended, “Now you know that’s not what happened,” 

“Did you to anyone else?” 

“No. Never,” 



“Tell me the truth,” 

He’s physically struggling to resist you, his veins defined on his neck, but he confesses anyways, “I persuade them to speak to me but never to sleep with me. I just let it unfold,” you glare at him and he shrugs, “I like resistance sometimes. It’s no fun if everyone does what you say,”  

“Why should I believe you? You have the power to get whatever and whoever you want, and you expect me to believe your moral code is interfering?” 

“Believe me, I’m just as surprised as you are,” he mutters.

“You’re disgusting,” 

“Y/N,” he blows down, holding the bridge of his nose, “I have never, ever, manipulated a woman to be with me in any way,” 

“How do I know you didn’t try it on me?” 

“I didn’t try that but if you can recall I tried to control you in the beginning. And I can’t,” 

“Why can’t you?” 

He has his hand on his hip, motioning to the building, “Can we just talk about this upstairs, please?” 

His eyes are flickering to the people around him nervously. Clearly, he doesn’t want to be found out.

“Fine,” you say. You can control him. You’re not worried. 

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I think the reason why some people are talking about Touka's body is that early on she looked less feminine and her appearance was like cannibal man from penisman but over the course of the series she looked more like a woman.

Well, Touka’s beauty was drawn attention to from the very first chapter (and I fell in love with her literally the first frame I saw her lol), but I suppose she’s more at home with her femininity these days. At the start of the first manga Touka was psychologically very Yang, the more masculine half of the duo, reflected in her independence, strength, aggression, and ease in the Ghoul World. In the second half she’s more at home in the Human World and is becoming more Yin, and now  in :re she’s mastered the Yin/Yang balance. Maybe that’s reflected in her Yin appearance and her Yang battle skills as displayed in Chapter 70? On that note, Kaneki’s shoulders broadened out as Haise and he got taller too - perhaps for a reversed balance, with a Yang appearance and Yin personality

Or alternatively: puberty.