it’s been 3 years already y'all and we’re still in this cycle of coming back to each other and having long term emotional flings and it’s probably gonna happen until one of us dies lol jk idk tho honestly but this time is diff from other times like i kno i care about him and im very comfortable and familiar w him but i dont want to be w him and i think he feels the same which is why we can talk about our past and our future w each other and not get jealous or upset bc we kno that we won’t be together in the end

dutch gothic
  • You go to HEMA for office supplies. You go to HEMA for bed sheets. You go to HEMA for bread. You go to HEMA always, for everything, every day. There is no other shop. There is only HEMA.

  • You cycle to school. You cycle to HEMA. You cycle to your friends. You cycle to the big city closest to your tiny town. You cycle to the train station. You cycle to your grandparents. Your bike has broken down more times than you can count, yet, you keep cycling.

  • You take public transport to somewhere too far away to cycle. You’re inexplicably unnerved by this fact. You look out the window and you spot a mill on green stretches of land. You see another mill and another mill and another. You’re approaching the city center. Still, you see mills. You accept this, as everyone seems to do.

  • You enter Utrecht central station. You wonder if you are on an airport. You walk along the platforms, heading for platform 1. You don’t notice 6 and 10 and 13 are missing: no one ever does. And if they do, they don’t question this. Hours pass. You’re still walking toward platform 1. You thank god NS makes sure the trains are always late, so you’ll make it just in time. You arrive at the platform. “+10” it days on the sign. You sigh. You wait another 10 minutes and look again. “+20”, it says.

  • At the end of the basis school you take The Test. Your parents are more nervous than you. They tell you this Test dictates your entire future. The news tells you the same in a grave, slightly more ominous voice. You’re twelve years old.

  • When you’re in middelbare school, you notice the seniors suddenly disappear for approximately two weeks each year to perform a secret ritual in the largest room of the building. There are signs outside of this room warning you not to enter. You are frightened as the years pass, senior year coming increasingly closer; your fate uncertain as you finally enter the Forbidden Room. You cry. It’s the two most nerve-wrecking weeks of your life.

  • Everyone wants to go on holiday to the united states. Only a few chosen (read: rich) go. You ask them how it was and they tell you strange tales of shops other than HEMA, such as “target” and “costco”; of guns on display in supermarkets; how no one owns a bike. You stare, shaken, in disbelief and shock.

  • It’s the first real day of summer. It’s 20°C and kind of cloudy. You go to the beach. Everyone goes to the beach. You’re stuck in traffic for hours: everyone is headed for the same beach.

  • When you get to the beach, the water is cold as ice and there are jellyfish in the water. There are jellyfish on the sand. There are jellyfish in that shallow pool over there. There are jellyfish everywhere. You come back the next day. The jellyfish have vanished.

  • You’re sitting in the sun under a half broken windscreen. A few meters away, a boy is digging a hole. This means that the boy is german, you’ve learned. You look to your left. There, another german man digging a hole. And another. You smile ruefully. What would the beach be without germans digging holes? This is all very normal.

  • You go on holiday to another country. People think you’re german. You’ve accepted this. People always think you’re german. I’m Dutch, you say. They don’t understand. They laugh. You’re from germany right? They ask.

  • Stroopwafels seem to have built an international reputation. Foreigners adore them. You don’t understand. They’re cookies. Very good ones, yes. But the adoration for anything Dutch is something you cannot grasp.

  • There is a song about a guy named Herman reading in the newspaper that the man he’d sold his car to has crashed it and died. Everyone think Herman is dead, though. This makes him very happy. No one questions this fact. No one wonders if he tells his family he’s alive. No one asks who identified the body. Everyone knows the lyrics to this song.
  • me: *looking at my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • me @ me: don't do it... it's been nearly 2 years since you've broken that cycle. They're all gone anyways, you're no one's mayor now. There is no longer anything in that world for you.
All Along the Watchtower - 12x23 (and 12x22) and Circular Narrative Structure

An entity with yellow eyes enters a nursery:

1x01(Azaezel Prince of Hell over Sam’s crib)

and 12x23 (Jack the Nephilim, son of Lucifer and Kelly)

A woman dies in a nursery:

1x01 (Mary Winchester burns on the ceiling)

and 12x23 (Kelly Kline dies in a blaze of light giving birth to Jack)

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I know you posted before, but what are the scariest moves of the 21st century? I wanna be really scared

i like the specification of 21st century !! ok here’s the list (in somewhat of a particular order but not really)

- martyrs (2008)
- goodnight mommy (2014)
- hell house llc (2015)
- it follows (2014)
- under the shadow (2016)
- train to busan (2016)
- oldboy (2003)
- rec (2007)
- rec 2 (2009)
- don’t knock twice (2016)
- i saw the devil (2011)
- a l'interieur (2007)
- green room (2015)
- haute tension (2003)
- the wailing (2016)
- the descent (2005)
- devils pass (2013)
- eden lake (2008)
- the orphanage (2007)
- the strangers (2006)
- sauna (2008)
- chained (2012)
- hansel & gretel (2007)
- cold prey (2006)
- noroi, the curse (2005)
- bedeviled (2011)
- la horde (2009)
- the eyes of my mother (2016)
- the autopsy of jane doe (2016)
- don’t breathe (2016)
- re-cycle (2006)
- the girl with all the gifts (2016)
- the conjuring 1&2
- sinister (2013)
- a dark song (2017)

i’m sure there’s a lot more on my list but this is all i can think of for now!! all of these genuinely terrified me….will probably add to it later too xo

Be careful, Liam Jolley is scamming with his website

Again he doesn’t keep what he promises. Here the experience of one of his members (victims):

His private VIP membership contains the following, I will try to describe the page: 3 pics from a total of 20 pictures.

Under this is a 14 second push ups video - you only see the back of his head and it only lasts 14 seconds!

Then 3 video clips that only last a few seconds and they are linked to youtube, so you can watch them for free anyway 

(In this youtube video says it all… probably had his paypal shut down for scamming people? “What’s happened with the website is, were not with paypal anymore ummm were with a new company called CC Bill… paypal wont be taking your payment” and look at his face the way he squints his eyes when he says it -well dodgy- you can’t just tell he’s a con man)

Under this is 4 pics added on 4th February, he promoted these on twitter saying the love heart would be removed…

But on his website you will NOT see his cock, he censors it with a black dot, leaving the pubes showing , so he lied. 

And 3 pics added on 2nd of February

ALL of these pics are on his twitter and have been around for a while, (here we share it). So he’s just re-cycling old pics and saying they are ‘unseen’ and 'exclusive’ is blatant lying.

And finally the last 10 pictures are from his photoshoot with Simon Barnes last year

These 'exclusive unseen’ pics are on a few websites including his social media and hes clothed in most of them, these pics are NOT new at all and I know I’ve seen them before.

NO nudity and No cock to see.

And that’s All. You are paying to see 20 pictures, that’s all he has on his private VIP website, most have been on his Instagram & twitter and can be found on google image search, and a 14 second clip of him doing push ups, and the 3 youtube clips; that are basically Liam promoting his website and only last a few seconds ….and they are on YouTube - so NOT x-rated at all .

It’s a scam, Liam Jolley is a click-bait con man. He had his paypal account suspended for a that reason, in one of his youtube clips he says “were not using paypal anymore”

Another point is Paypal DON’T allow cam models to use their payment service, anyone reported doing cam shows will get their paypal shut down although some people get away with it, depends if they got reported . Websites like cam4 allow models to get money through tokens that can be exchanged for cash later, but paypal don’t allow cam models or escorts / rent boys, paypal DON’T allow their payment service for any type of sexual service including cam shows.

Re-cycle with Liam, and pay to see the pics you can get for free!

So just to be clear, you pay £19.99 for 20 photos ( that are already on his twitter) and you get a 14 second video clip of his back doing push ups.

Liam is lying to get the pink pound subscribers, don’t waste your money paying to see the SAME pictures .He’s a cockney con man, a right charmer, he will grin in your face and steal your wallet.

Racist Towards White People

I don’t understand the standpoint of a lot of people on this site. Too many people have this horrible idea that being born white, automatically makes you racist. I see this all the time and it just makes me sad about where the world is going. Judging people, based on the color of their skin, is something we should be fighting against. Not for. You can sit there and say that we deserve it because our ancestors did it to yours all you want, but at the end of the day what does that do? You’re creating a vicious cycle where in a 100 years or so we will get to turn right back around and say the same racist things again because of what you all did to our ancestors. The times are changing and people are growing. Fight for equality, love thy neighbor, and make the change for the better!!


NASA has selected a science mission that will measure emissions from the interstellar medium, which is the cosmic material found between stars. This data will help scientists determine the life cycle of interstellar gas in our Milky Way galaxy, witness the formation and destruction of star-forming clouds, and understand the dynamics and gas flow in the vicinity of the center of our galaxy.

The Galactic/Extragalactic ULDB Spectroscopic Terahertz Observatory (GUSTO) mission, led by principal investigator of the University of Arizona, Christopher Walker, will fly an ultralong-duration balloon (ULDB) carrying a telescope with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen emission line detectors. This unique combination of data will provide the spectral and spatial resolution information needed for Walker and his team to untangle the complexities of the interstellar medium, and map out large sections of the plane of our Milky Way galaxy and the nearby galaxy known as the Large Magellanic Cloud.

“GUSTO will provide the first complete study of all phases of the stellar life cycle, from the formation of molecular clouds, through star birth and evolution, to the formation of gas clouds and the re-initiation of the cycle,” said Paul Hertz, astrophysics division director in the Science Mission Directorate in Washington. “NASA has a great history of launching observatories in the Astrophysics Explorers Program with new and unique observational capabilities. GUSTO continues that tradition.”

The mission is targeted for launch in 2021 from McMurdo, Antarctica, and is expected to stay in the air between 100 to 170 days, depending on weather conditions. It will cost approximately $40 million, including the balloon launch funding and the cost of post-launch operations and data analysis.

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, is providing the mission operations, and the balloon platform where the instruments are mounted, known as the gondola. The University of Arizona in Tucson will provide the GUSTO telescope and instrument, which will incorporate detector technologies from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Arizona State University in Tempe, and SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research.

NASA’s Astrophysics Explorers Program requested proposals for mission of opportunity investigations in September 2014. A panel of NASA and other scientists and engineers reviewed two mission of opportunity concept studies selected from the eight proposals submitted at that time, and NASA has determined that GUSTO has the best potential for excellent science return with a feasible development plan.

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RE: "Cycle or discard" triggering twice; if a trigger can be triggered twice, it's written twice. For example, "when you cast a red spell, draw a card. When you cast white spell, draw a card" would mean you'd draw 2 cards off a card that's both red and white. But "when you cast a red or white spell, draw a card" will only ever draw one card per casting.


It's time to rant.

Jill. Jill, jill, Jill. Jello


What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing.

For one. She’s at 98 caps. And even though you’re on this next cycle need young players bull shit, Kriegs is playing well. She is not playing a performance that would warrant a contract ending. I hope that Kriegs contract was not cut. Because I’m going to write about 20 strongly worded letters. 98 damn caps. 98. And even if you cut her contract. What did she do that would warrant ending her contract and USSF career 2 caps from 100.

And then sonnet. Why would you cut sonny. Like that doesn’t make any sense.

Originally posted by procrastinationoutlet

the angst potential in “it doesn’t matter if you die as long as someone makes it out” “but we’re dead for that cycle right?” Like holy fuck??? Can you imagine one of them dying relatively early in a cycle and the rest of the crew having to ignore that grief and just remind themselves that as long as they survive they’ll be okay that everyone will be okay and then can you imagine late night conversations confessing things that happened after someone died or sacrificing themselves for someone else because they can’t bear spending anymore cycles with that person dead can you imagine cycles where one of the twins dies and the other has to be nearly restrained because they would rather be dead too than live without the other can you imagine cycles where it gets down to just one or two members left alive and having to look out for each other and rely on each other so completely and being so terrified that the other might die like holy fuck can u imagine lucretia keeping a tally of everyone’s deaths???? God griffin can u just chill please im begging you