Razia's Shadow

You’re a fool to think this princess could ever really love a couple of poor boys like us.
She requires riches, recherché, riding with rodomontading roués.

Casanovas have charmed with chiffons, so chichi. 
Chased her with their conceited coteries.

Maharajahs have magniloquently mouthed their love for me through their menageries.

She’s been propositioned, propounded, by every pompous prince.
Given panniers of peerless pears and plums: polished.

I’ve been seduced with shimmering, sparkling, stones.
Squired by suitors to sizable chateaus.

And I’m the one she chose!

okay so like Razia’s Shadow may be a guilty pleasure of mine 6-6;;; Even though at the same time it’s so frustrating because i could go on for hours about the story problems but i still adore it for a lot of reasons too

Dr. Dumaya’s song was the first one i heard and he’s probly my favorite, despite… well. being really creepy and not all in good ways? But the official art of him makes me so mad. How could they give a guy with that crazy and awesome a voice such an inexpressive face how do you even sleep at night you jerk

so i wanted to draw him a bit differently. despite wanting to make him a bit more interesting i think i kinda veered right into genericsville (a little too Joker for me somehow. like err. The Batman iteration i think?) but i kinda like it too. i dunno. also who needs right arms i mean honestly

I was going to do the others but after Pallis i was kind of at a loss. alas

Forgive Durden: The Missing Piece (ft. Lizzie Huffman)

This weeks Sunday Night Music Club we’ve got ‘The Missing Piece’ from Forgive Durden’s album Razia’s Shadow. The musical was released on October 28, 2008 and featured members of popular bands such as Saves The Day, Panic! At The Disco, The Hush Sound and many more. 

Everything seems to fade when I see her face
The sky and trees all blur every time I look at her
Nobody understood me till her eyes fixed upon me
My puzzle life’s complete now that I found the missing piece

I felt that Anna, Kristoff and Elsa’s lovelife state is quite similar to Adakias, Anhura and Pallis. The younger sibling with their significant other, happily in love and believing in true love,. and the older sibling who puts their job before their lovelife cuz they don’t believe in true love so much. So this crossover was made. And gosh dang it sometimes I fail to make the characters’ dialogues precisely in-character with them.

Suddenly Jack Frost & Pitch Black because come on you guys saw it coming.

I really don’t understand why tumblr isn’t all over Razia’s Shadow
I mean
• Fallen Angels
•It’s a rock musical
•Forbidden romance between said fallen angel and normal angel
•Brendon Urie is the antagonist
•Amazing music
•Evil Doctor that literally gives you chills
•Each member is from a rock band
•Really good story line
•Positive message