it was a night where the fog licks the street,
hugging the corners around McAlpine Creek

a skinhead walking through the damp grass,
a lime garbage can, askew,
a pair of deer sprint past,
forced by our enlightenment,
unkempt hair, the death of savagery,
paved roads, our red carpets rolling before us,
on this darkened night, an unstable groan,
then silence

it was a night where one expects a vision,
one expects Mother Mary to break through,
to illuminate this wasted life

I remember the last night like this,
driving her home,
our pretentious escapade,
snapped like sinew,
fireworks at the end of the Star Spangled Banner

thick smoke now rolls through the foothills,
along my slick wheels, blackened,
clarity of purpose jousting with a white plated knight,
raze the city,
raze the forest

a nymph,
singing to herself,
in a slanted meadow with a glass rippled stream,
with the windows down,
I can pretend to hear

2016 Josh Gaydos
I’m a Sellout

So I just spent the past three hours setting my laptop up completely new because Windows 10 is a piece of shit that keeps bluescreening me to death at least twice a week and I was tired of patching that shit up, so I razed it to the ground.

Only now my PC seems to have forgotten that I bought office along with it and won’t let me reinstall it.

All I wanted to do was write tonight. :(