Who Will Love Me As I Am?
Betsy Wolfe, Erin Davie
Who Will Love Me As I Am?

The cast for the workshop/reading was:

Erin Davie (Violet Hilton), Betsy Wolfe (Daisy Hilton), Bobby Steggert (Buddy Foster), Aaron Lazar (Terry Connor), Joshua Henry (Jake), Jefferson Mays (Sir), Linda Balgord (Auntie), Daniel C. Levine (Bearded Lady), David Turner (Geek), Terry Burrell (Fortune Teller), Andrew Varela (Dr. Weldon), Anderson Davis (Ray), Toni DiBuono (Hottentot), Christy Faber (Sally), Julie Reiber (Delores), Deven May (Houdini), Raymond McLeod (Tod Browning).

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ZOO | 1.11/1.12 | Mitch + Ray

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