Gerard Way (Digital Painting) 

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Been working on this for about a week and I’m extremely proud of it (no tracing was used, only references). Pretty good timing with all the MCRX hype. Three Cheers is my all time favourite album though.

I might do portraits for all the guys because I feel bad leaving them out.

(Please don’t repost or anything mean like that, thank you!)

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February 1944 issue

cover by Modest Stein

Kenneth Robeson (Lester Dent), “Death Had Yellow Eyes” (Doc Savage)

E.E. Halleran, “Efficiency, Mein Herr!“

J. Patrick Fleming, “Guts Come High”

Ray Vicker, “Mountain Justice"

Stuart Friedman, “Jungle Crucible"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop


I’ve been watching the Achievement Hunter gang for just over a year now (and still have a ways before I catch up to current videos), sooo here’s the Fake AH Crew as I know ‘em~ Goddamn heists are the best. <3