so @saavikam77 made this post and naturally i went, “angst?? angst!!” so here have some maybe implied atomwave ??? (didn’t really have that in mind but if u squint……..)


Ray walks past Mick’s room at least four times within the hour. He means to go in, no one else will. He doesn’t blame them. Mick betrayed them, turned the spear right over, and joined The Legion of Doom. Ray won’t blame it all on Mick though. He’s not going to pretend he and the others didn’t give Mick the respect he deserved. Trust, at least. He was a part of the team, had their backs. He fought along side with the rest of them. The least they could do was stop treating him like he was still that criminal that hopped on the Waverider all that time ago. Because he was so much more than that.

Ray finally works up the nerve and goes inside. He tells Gideon to turn on the lights and, as he looks around, the emptiness overwhelms him slightly. There’s a set of weights in the corner, shelves with all kinds of thing on them, things Mick most likely stole (and, okay, so Mick still takes the occasional piece of priceless art or jewelry. Ray is not gonna chastise him for it). His bed is made, and there’s a small pile of books on the floor next to it. Ray walks over, intending to look through the pile, but he nearly trips over something.

It’s a cage.

A cage with a rat in it.

The rat.

Ray picks it up and the rat perks up, wiggling its nose up at him.

“Hey, little fella,” Ray says, “remember me? You tried to eat me.”

The rat continues to sniff at Ray and he smiles.

“Yeah, I guess I was a lot smaller then.” Ray sits on the bed and places the cage next to him.

Ray looks around the room. It’s packed with all kinds of stuff, but it feels so empty. Lonely. He looks down at the small animal.

“You know, it was very irresponsible for Mick to just leave you here,” Ray says, voice cracking towards the end.

Ray shuts his eyes, feeling heat behind his lids. He scrubs his hands over his face, and sucks in a deep breath. It’s shaky and Ray almost chokes on the small sob that follows. He’s not going to do this, not here, not in this room. Mick would roast him he caught him crying in his room.

Ray turns his attention back to the rat.

“How would you like to stay in my room with me?” Ray asks the rodent. “I mean, as usual I have to be the responsible one,” he snorts and stands from the bed, picks up the cage and looks at the rat.

“Just until Mick gets back, okay?” Ray says, and his chest feels tight. Yeah, just until Mick comes back.

Ray steps out of the room, cage in hand, telling Gideon to kill the lights. He looks back for a second, then slides the door shut, and walks away.