Mike Force

Seattle-based artist Mike Force effortlessly tackles difficult subjects such as race, sexuality and gender politics with illustrations laced with a quick dry wit. Mike’s work may seem familiar as he is an illustrator and art director at The Stranger and has completed work with major clients such as Ray Bans, Vice, Publicis Worldwide Agency, Fox Network’s Animation Inkubation, Fuse TV,  and BusinessWeek Magazine.

  1. platonic lifestyle, for the L Magazine, 2012
  2. attack!, for The Stranger’s A&P Quarterly, 2012
  3. Mistakes, for The Stranger, 2014
  4. TSA, 2012
  5. The Tickler, for L Magazine, 2012
  6. Orgy, 2013
  7. MLK shot, 2014
  8. from the Andy Warhol High School Diaries in The Stranger, 2013
  9. commission for psychoanalysis thesis for Alex Smith, 2013
  10. boner pills, for the L., 2012, images posted with permission of the artist.

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