Berg&Berg summer sales

The sale season is on and Norwegian Berg&Berg - also a DLA-partner -just this morning started their seasonal sale. Reductions are between 30-40%, including almost the entire spring & summer collection of ties, pocket squares, socks, belts, swimwear and knitwear. Taking into account the already reasonable prices there are some really nice finds available. Below are listed some of my personal favorites.

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Advertising Schlafly today (Kölsch)

Also, Eidos Napoli :D

Eidos Napoli raw silk sport coat (via Haymakers & Co.)

Sid Mashburn white poplin shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren raw silk tie

Kent Wang pocket square

J.Crew cotton-linen Bowery pants

KJP bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren by AE suede loafers

Omega watch (my dad’s on loan)


Lovely little springy cardigan I made from Shibui Heichi (the color is called Cascade). This stuff was a little rough (literally) to work with, I kind of understand why it’s discontinued, it has zero stretch and my gauge was not as consistent as I would have liked. It looks beautiful now though, I’m tempted to make another one with a different yarn.

Free pattern found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/abalone-4

Thoughts on Shantung/Raw Silk

I have become increasingly fascinated with shantung/raw silk ties. Maybe it’s because my favorite tie maker Drake’s offers a slew of them in fantastic colors and patterns. Maybe it’s because they are becoming easier and easier to find. Or, maybe it’s because their texture gives ordinary patterns like polka dots or stripes new life. Whatever the reason I have begun adding more of them to my wardrobe. 

The only problem with raw silk is that it is considered by many ‘old school’ menswear aficionados as being only appropriate for the Spring/Summer seasons. Those puritans scoff at the idea of any man wearing a raw silk tie at any other time. Well, scoff at me if you must. I have determined that I not only think it is okay to wear raw silk during the colder months, I actually encourage it. I find it’s slubby texture to be more than a suitable compliment to a tweed jacket, and I have almost gone a whole week wearing nothing but raw silk ties at one point this winter.

I don’t break many menswear rules because I do find them to be very helpful as I continue to build my personal style, but this is one area that I have decided to form my own opinions on and I have been pleased with the results.

Jacket: Suit Supply // Shirt: Kamakura // Tie: Conrad Wu // Pocket Square: Drake’s


Conrad Wu Re-Stock

The new Spring/Summer line of ties just dropped at ConradWu.com, and it is chock full of seasonal fabrics like shantung and raw silk. In my uber-humble opinion, Conrad’s ties are some of the best value out there for the money. Are they thrift store cheap? No, most of his ties go for between $70-$100, but the quality is up there with ties that cost twice as much.

The only downside is that they are a touch slim, at 8cm (about 3.1"), but I still think that is wearable, even for someone of my width. Many of his ties sell out fast, so if you see something you like you should probably pounce. I did on that navy shantung pictured above.