some twitter BNHA warmup doodles from the past couple days, most of which i had to painstakingly edit out my twitter name from and replace it with my tumblr handle bc I D IDN’T. SAVE. ANY RAW FILES LIKE AN IDIOT. way to go me. 

i rly like drawing bokuaca tho, i feel like it fits my style really well!

(please don’t repost/use without permission)

EDIT: oh, and an extra all might:


Finally finished and in a record time too! (Joys of summer break lol)


-These are subtitles only. You need the raw video file for these to work. Look for a user called scentofautumn as they have a BD rip up for download. There is another link floating around on tumblr but it won’t work as it’s in parts and putting them together means the timings will be off (trust me I’ve tried).

-As these are soft subs to get them work, with the raw video file, you place the raw video file and subtitles in the same folder with the same name and by using VLC player they should work.

-Finally please enjoy them! I had the help of koushuu from tumblr as proofreader so thank you for that.

And if there are any problems, errors etc. please tell.


No reuploading and enjoy ^.^

Download - Osomatsu-san on Stage ~SIX MEN’S SHOW TIME~

-Takasaki Shota as Matsuno Osomatsu
-Kashiwagi Yuusuke as Matsuno Karamatsu
-Ueda Keisuke as Matsuno Choromatsu
-Kitamura Ryo as Matsuno Ichimatsu
-Ozawa Ren as Matsuno Jyushimatsu
-Akazawa Ryotaro as Matsuno Todomatsu
-Izawa Yuki as F6 Osomatsu
-Wada Masanari as F6 Karamatsu
-Ono Kento as F6 Choromatsu
-Asato Yuya as F6 Ichimatsu
-Wago Shinichi as F6 Jyushimatsu
-Nakayama Yuki as F6 Todomatsu

How to get the download link:
1. Make sure to read the F.A.Q page first
2. ask me through PM or you can also message me

- I rip my own DVD, in other words, it’s the RAW file for sure.
- I upload them by myself so if you ask me “Do you still have the dl link?” I should asking back “Why on earth I might not have it anymore?”
- I only share the honpen / mainstage.

- DO NOT REUPLOAD, especially to streaming sites like Youtube or Dailymotion
- If anyone asking for the file then please refering them to this post
- Please support the actors by purchasing their releases as well!
- Screenshot / gifs / edits is ok as long it’s not too much

noelli  asked:

How do you access the videos that you have to edit for Jack? Like some of those video files must be huge... how on earth do you send them to each other? I've been struggling to find a reliable way to send multiple large video and audio files to people over the internet and I feel like you would be the person who would know/have experience in such things =D

We just dropbox it. He puts it in a shared folder on his end and it syncs over to me, and vice versa. Raw files (cam, game and voice) are usually between 15 - 30 gb per recording, and finished videos like 2 - 4 gb. So with a good internet connection, it’s no problem :)

good morning guys! good night! 

something i scribbled quickly.. it’s shoddy.. sorry

Handsome Jack©Borderlands
-going to bed-©me

Want to download the highest quality version of an Instagram photo? View the page source on desktop and find the line titled "og:image"

Instagram tries to make it difficult to save photos outside of the app, but there’s a pretty easy workaround.

Let’s say you want to save this image to your desktop: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTO_dCkhxdQ/

Load it in it’s own browser tab (I’m using Google Chrome), right click and select “View Page Source” (Ctrl+U): http://imgur.com/a/T45dd

Then in the page source search for “og:image”. That URL links to the raw file. Copy and paste that image URL into a new tab and do with it as you wish! http://imgur.com/a/LWWQl

[DOWNLOAD] Ensemble stars on stage english sub file

I have finally finished the ensemble stars on stage subtitles!!!!!!

Woah so it was a long path but I got there in the end haha

I didn’t sub the songs as it is a stage play not a musical so they weren’t needed for the story plus (apprently I don’t play the game) they are all songs from the game so when I’ve looked on the wikia for names the songs were already translated so I didn’t see there a need for me to translate.

Again like I’ve mentioned I don’t play the game so some names might be wrong if that’s the case please kindly tell me so I can correct them. Same with any translations or timings too.

This time I had the help of Paocchi_ on twitter who was a great help with the timings so thank you so much there! You were an amazing help!

So without further ado:


Please tell me of any problems and no reuploading. Enjoy ^.^

(Oh and btw I don’t own the raw file SO PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME FOR THE RAW PLAY AS I DO NOT HAVE IT. It can be found on tumblr and on the livejournal tenimyutopia community)

PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Nikos @snowghoul / edit: Pete @tvoom

The photos Nikos and I usually take/post couldn’t be any more different, I guess. I always adored Nikos’ raw and gritty approach which of course also translates in his edits. And that is what I tried to maintain while finding my very own way. I wanted colour, because… well… Nikos usually makes black and white edits, but for me this photo screamed colour. And this whole experiment was not about trying to copy the other person’s style, but to find something different. Something they might not have had in mind, but that was still in the photo. I have to be very honest and say that I was “shocked” when I got Nikos’ RAW file. Because I seriously doubted that my skills are good enough to do this VERY abstract shot justice.
After playing around with it for about three times as long as I usually spend on my own captures, I think I found my personal approach. I had to punch these dirty, snotty, slimy greens. This… Alien blood? Suddenly my mind was filled with the thought of some alien creature being shot in a dark alley.
Or in a bar… A cantina… whatever… Han shot first.

PWS MAD - Pete

I selected this kind of photo not only because at the time I was kinda low on available material but also because I was curious. How could it look at the hands of a totally different photographer than me? When Pete decided to do it I was intrigued as to what approach he would follow. I suspected it would be in color and I was very happy with the result as it is indeed very different than my usual approach, which I did post some time ago. The alien blood impression is also what came into my mind when I saw his edit, before I even read the text. Thanks a lot Pete for your time and effort!

PWS MAD - Nikos

Want to download the highest quality version of an Instagram photo? View the page source on desktop and find the line titled "og:image"

Instagram tries to make it difficult to save photos outside of the app, but there’s a pretty easy workaround.  

Let’s say you want to save this image to your desktop: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTO_dCkhxdQ/  

Load it in it’s own browser tab (I’m using Google Chrome), right click and select “View Page Source” (Ctrl+U): http://imgur.com/a/T45dd  

Then in the page source search for “og:image”. That URL links to the raw file. Copy and paste that image URL into a new tab and do with it as you wish! http://imgur.com/a/LWWQl

I’ve had a lot of sad eridan posted recently, now have sad cronus!

It’s Christmas time in the dreambubbles, and on particular group of pre-scratch trolls has learned about it from some of the dead humans and decide that it would be a great idea to give it a try. 

By some miracle of life, most of it goes off without a hitch, eggnog is had and they’ve got a fire roaring in the fireplace where it belongs, sure their tree looks a little off, but it’s still nice.

And then comes time for presents. Everyone gathers round, eager to see what everyone else has gotten for them and even this goes well up until the point where Meenah opens her gift from Cronus, the first of them brave enough to do so as everyone was sure he had gotten them something sexual, he did not. Instead he had made her and everyone else their own CDs, each with music that he had composed for them, songs that he thought fit them well. 

Now how everyone came to the conclusion that Cronus’s music was awful, nobody really knows, but all of them are quite sure that it was. 

If it had been someone else who opened their gift first, maybe Rufio or even Kurloz, he would have gotten an awkward thank you and the discs would later have been thrown in the trash without a second glance. But this was Meenah.

She’s cruel about it, yelling at him about how none of them like his music, about how he could’ve at least tried to get them something they’d like. At the very end she breaks the disc. Nobody else speaks up, besides Kankri rambling about triggers. 

Cronus can’t take it, he runs off back to his hive where he falls to the ground in tears. None of them chase him.

The celebration tries to get going now without him, but everyone, even Meenah is now feeling a little guilty and it’s weighing on them.

And then Kurloz makes a choice that changes a lot of things. He opens his gift from Cronus, the little package wrapped up in skull themed paper, takes out the CD and without a sign to anyone as to what he’s doing, he walks over, pops it in the CD player and hits play.

Everyone expects some awful noise, Aranea clamps her hands over her ears. But then the song starts to play and it’s beautiful. Haunting, quiet notes come forth, sounds that chill them to the bone, mixed with soft soothing noises. It’s perfect for Kurloz. All of them are entranced by it and almost protest when Kurloz skips to the next track labeled Kurtuna.

It’s different this time, electronic notes mixed in with haunting noises in such a way that they blend, bringing the perfect balance of excitement and spooky calm. Kurloz takes the disc out. He turns and gestures to Kankri to hand him his CD.

This time it’s a modern tune with words in languages they don’t understand. It’s active and almost angry sounding, often repeating and fading into white noise. Almost randomly whistle noises will blow through.

Slowly, Kurloz makes his way through the discs. Each song fitting near perfectly to it’s owner, and as they go on it becomes clear how much effort was put into these. Guilt is rising. Even Meenah song is played with chuckle-voodoos holding the pieces together.

Mituna’s is last, and much like the other’s the first track fits him quite well, but the second track is strange. It’s slow and classical, smooth with moments that might be cheekiness. Mituna is strangely silent through it.

When it ends, Kurloz turns of the CD player and he doesn’t need handsigns to communicate what all of them already know.

We need to apologize’

So off they all go to Cronus’s house, Mituna still quiet. When they arrive though, it’s to an empty home with violet tear stains on the floor. His house is littered with broken and smashed music equipment, and they find his computer barely working with hundreds of raw files and different versions of those songs he made them, only then to they figure out how much work he put into them.

Everyone starts searching for him in the house, it’s huge so it might take awhile. Everyone but Mituna. 

Mituna has a strange feeling, like a memory hidden behind a wall that’s whispering to him, it has been since he heard the second song. He doesn’t search in the house, but slips out to the forest behind the house.

Following those whispers of memories long escaped from him, he wanders through the forest until he finds a old tree house, it’s familiar but he doesn’t know why. He can hear sobbing coming from above him so up the rope ladder he goes and there he finds Cronus, tears pouring from his eyes. He’s curled up in the corner, clutching something wet and papery to his chest. 

When Mituna enters the treehouse, Cronus looks up, and for one moment, Mituna can see relief in his eyes, as if he had been waiting for Mituna to show up. But that Relief turns to cold memories and he puts his eyes down to his feet, not wanting the other to see him weak like this. 

“Howv’d you find me?” Cronus asked. His tone bitter, as if Mituna had taken something from him.

Mituna thought for a moment, then said the only think he could think of. 

“I don’t know. My feet moved on their own.”

His tone was quieter then normal, and it caused Cronus to look up, some sort of long lost hope flaring up. 

Instinct took over Mituna once more, and he moved to wrap an arm around Cronus, who leaned into him. There were no pale or red feelings here, just one friend comforting another one.  Words came to Mituna’s mouth, he didn’t understand them but he said them anyways.

“I’m thorry I’m not him.”

Cronus’s shoulders slumped, and Mituna wasn’t sure why, but a few more tears slipped out from his eyes. They weren’t the violent sad tears though, they were tears of something, or someone lost forever.

“It’s okay.” Cronus said under his breath. 

And were Mituna to look at the photo that Cronus held crumbled up in his hand, he would have seen a younger version of himself, wearing a loose shirt and a silly looking beanie and a younger Cronus with a smile so childish and bright others would insist it must be someone else. Each would have a guitar in their lap, baring the other’s colors and signs and at the center their hands would meet, forming a heart.

But he didn’t look. He never would.  

So I’m opening up voice commissions until further notice! This is the first time I’ve done voice work commissions so we’ll see how this goes and hopefully have a fun little time.

I’ll be able to record character lines, personal messages, narration, and stuff of a similar nature!

Here are some very small snippets of voice work I’ve done in the past so you can get an idea of a portion of my range and basically how I sound for the most part

My current rates (all in USD):

There will be a base of $20 for a single paragraph. Any added paragraphs will cost $10 each

I am offering to edit the audio if necessary, instead of just sending the raw audio file, however having me personally edit the files will cost about half of the initial recording cost (So basically just $10 extra for one paragraph and then $5 for every paragraph added on)

If a line is particularly short, I am willing to work with you to determine a cheaper price for the recording, but I will have final say in whether or not the line will allow a cheaper price or if it stays at the $20 base price.

I will request payment first, and then after it has gone through you will receive the lines ASAP.

Some guidelines as to what to avoid in your commission requests, as I will NOT do these:
- NSFW Content
- Lines that include slurs or offensive/hateful speech towards anyone.
And as there are plenty of other possibilities for requests that will make me uncomfortable, I reserve the right to refuse ANY commission that I need to, for any reason. 

If you are interested, you can contact me at rosefamilycomics@gmail.com with the details of your commission! Thank you for your consideration!


It turns out recent smartphones can shoot photos in RAW/DNG instead of straight up giving you a JPG. This should also toggle off all the automatic denoising/sharpening, giving you a really clean file to work with.

The extra dynamic range makes for a much greater picture, especially in extreme scenarios, like forests. While they may be occasionally noisy, it’s still way better than an oversmoothed/sharpened photo, and most denoising methods out there will be way nicer than what phones automatically do.

Try flipping back and forth on these two pictures! The left one was captured using automatic mode, the right one is the RAW with a few processing adjustments. You can process RAW/DNG files in Adobe Lightroom, which also has a mobile app that does exactly the same thing the desktop version does—that’s how I found out about all this! It’s very easy. I wish I’d started shooting pics in RAW earlier!

On Samsung Galaxy S* phones, you can do RAW by using the “Pro” mode of the camera and also, under Settings > Picture size, ticking the “save both RAW and JPEG” choice. Bonus pic from Dota 2’s The International 2017 tournament: