positive things i associate with the Hogwarts houses


  • the friend that always has gum, but when they take a piece they automatically give you a piece so you don’t have to ask
  • the friend that mocks the sound of the THX logo in older movies
  • the friend that always wants to be in charge of the aux
  • the friend that drives like a maniac but has never gotten a ticket
  • that feeling when you tell a joke and everyone laughs and smiles back at you
  • that feeling when you change something really small but it’s such a big deal but you don’t tell anyone because they won’t understand so you just have a small victory for yourself 
  • that feeling when you try a new food and you’re extremely skeptical but it turns out to be delicious
  • the feeling in your stomach at the first drop in a rollercoaster and you’re screaming with a big smile


  • the friend that laughs at your joke when no one hears it or it’s not very funny just so you don’t get embarrassed 
  • apologizing to the cashier for the rude person that checked out before you
  • roots for the villains in Disney movies but cries whenever someone dies in the movie
  • the friend that always has a perfect response when you text the group chat pictures of the conversation you’re having with someone you’re flirting with
  • the friend that texts good morning at 1 pm
  • that feeling when you and all of your friends are in on a secret and someone brings up the subject and you all know that you know the answer but you keep it to yourself 
  • the friend that talks and comments all through the commercials and trailers for new movies at the movie theater but will ‘literally end you’ if you talk during the movie
  • the feeling when you first think you might like someone. that nervous excited feeling
  • the friend that knows a bunch of really random useless facts


  • the friend that brings comfort food during sad times and listens to you talk, or not talk if you just need someone
  • the friend that gives great advice but still does stupid shit constantly
  • the friend that gives excellent relationship advice even though they’ve been in few relationships
  • the friend that lets you copy their homework the morning before class because you forgot about the assignment
  • the friend that you can text at all hours of the night and you always get a response
  • the friend that always finds new books and music before they’re overdone
  • that feeling when you’re happy that the characters are happy but sad because the book has ended
  • that feeling when you lay down at the end of the day
  • when you really stress out over something like a text you sent or a test you submitted and the response you get is better than the situation you created in your head


  • a casual wave or nice smile when you run into someone you kinda know but not well enough to strike up a conversation
  • burning your mouth on coffee but drinking it anyway
  • the friend that takes a lot of naps
  • that feeling when a teacher or authority figure asks the group a question that you know the answer to but aren’t certain enough to volunteer it out so you keep it to yourself but it turns out you were right
  • when you catch something that someone tosses something to you and you brush it off like you knew that you would catch it even though on the inside you’re celebrating
  • the friend that sings what they’re doing
  • meme master
  • the friend that asks really random questions when theres a lull in the conversation

part 2

autumn house aesthetics

HUFFLEPUFF - tortishell glasses and cable knit sweaters; doodling in notebooks; crunching yellow leaves underneath boots; marshmallow scented candles; feeling quiet, feeble sunshine on your face; cats purring on warm blankets

RAVENCLAW - trenchcoats and corduroy skirts; the sound of rain on gray sidewalks; wire glasses and thick eyeliner; staying home to study on halloween night; sad eyes; writing poetry in quiet cafes; cobblestone alleyways; black coffee

SLYTHERIN - black lipstick and ripped jeans; staying up late; sly smirks blowing bubblegum; skeleton face paint; window shopping with friends; doc martens; cloudy, starless nights; cigarette smoke

GRYFFINDOR - pumpkin spice; going to haunted houses; homecoming night; talking during class; jumping into piles of leaves; scaring your friends; drive in theaters and thick blankets; scarves and beanies

hogwarts house aesthetics: stress

gryffindor: heavy breathing; taking long sips of whiskey, neat. fingers pinching the bridge of your nose, eyes squeezed until grayscale zigzags appear behind your eyelids. fidgeting with the closest object, braiding and unbraiding hair/string/shoelaces/anything you can get your hands on. smiling through pressure; a false bravado of “of course - nothing’s wrong!” and sagging shoulders when watchful eyes look away. angry outbursts at those trying to help; a snap in reply, a hard sigh, and a muttered sorry through pursed lips.

ravenclaw: long walks to the library; putting down the textbook to pick up a fantasy and losing yourself in the success of someone else. willfully falling down a wikipedia rabbit hole; a preoccupation with learning something that doesn’t mean anything right now. talking in your sleep; dreams providing clarity you need and only sometimes remember. making a list of pros and cons, rambling through decisions until you arrive at the one that makes the most sense (or does it?)

hufflepuff: the comfiest sweaters, with sleeves too long balled up in too-tight fists. cup after cup of cocoa; a sugar rush to keep a smile on your face. at the breaking point, a wicked smile and a need to party - or dance, or drink, or cry, or scream, or fuck - and a sheepishness the morning after. avoidance, and you’re damn good at it, a master of white lies and excuses from thin air. calling your best friend to rant and talking through tears; “am i laughing or crying?”

slytherin: running in the rain, meant to make your stomach hurt; pain feeling better than despair, and throwing yourself into work you don’t need to do just to feel productive in the face of failure. shutting down the frantic beating of your heart; slamming a padlock shut on the nerves, the tears, the sadness, the worry. telling a wound to stop bleeding and expecting it to listen. showering only as often as you need to to wash the grease from your hair, forgetting to eat and surviving (thriving?) on a liter of coffee a day, but dressing like the media follow you wherever you go.

The Hogwarts houses aesthetics


Flickering lights in dingy pubs, will take none of your sexist bullshit, silent movies, flashes of lightning through storm clouds, overgrown rose bushes, cracked statues, the satisfaction of getting away with a lie, old ticket stubs, raised eyebrows and cold hands


Sweet smiles and honey eyes, gentle touches, history nerd, freckle stained cheeks that dimple when they smile, falls in love with strangers, handwritten letters, excessive jewellery, grass stained knees, the mum friend, cries the at everything


Paper planes, the rattling of rain against the window, half complete sketches, blue veined arms and flushed cheeks, distant laughter on quiet streets, notes in the margins of books, resting bitch face, fly away hairs and old eyes


Drive in movies, popcorn fights, smiling at strangers on the street, spiking the punch at school dances, dancing horribly just to make people laugh, long car rides, horrible puns, self-satisfied smirks, standing up for the little guy, always bruised somehow

christmas house aesthetics

HUFFLEPUFF: candles flickering late at night; fluffy blankets and sleepy yawns; fireplaces cracking and popping; tying bows on presents for friends; old christmas music crackling on spinning vinyls; knitted scarves and mittens; cups of hot cocoa with caramel drizzles

RAVENCLAW: puffy coats and streetlights; soft piano music in a warm cafe; snow catching on eyelashes and cheekbones; berets and dark trousers; the sound of pages turning in an otherwise quiet library; watching hot breath curl into the winter air

SLYTHERIN: the smell of pine trees and mountain air; glittery eyeshadow and long, dark lashes; ice skating and unexpected blizzards; staying up late on christmas eve; black ink on christmas cards; icicles dangling from street signs

GRYFFINDOR: ornaments dangling from tree branches; apple pie and christmas parties; opening gifts on christmas day; fuzzy socks sliding on mahogany floors; candy canes and santa hats; waking up to see snow; the laughter of family and friends; windows aglow with golden light

Hogwarts Houses as Van Gogh Quotes

Hufflepuff: “How wonderful the color yellow is. It stands for the sun.”

Ravenclaw: “I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.”

Gryffindor: “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Slytherin: “I put my heart and soul into my work, and I have lost my mind in the process.”


“You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry,
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
These cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.”


Bisexual Ravenclaw 

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