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Can you discuss Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw roommates?

There is going to be so much just obsession over things.  It might be fandom related, with binge-watching Netflix and crying; it might be political, with organizing and going to rallies; it might be sports or crafts or animals or whatever suits the fancy of those particular roommates, but you will know right away what they love.

No but imagine a Ravenclaw + Slytherin relationship

• The late night talks that never seems to end, they always have something to discuss

• How they would never ever get bored of each other

• Their argues, which can be about something totally unimportant, or about the universe or whatever, how they could spend hours trying to convince each other, arguing for their sake

• And after a while, when they have been arguing about something wierd they just burst out laughing when they realize how they have been putting their entire heart and soul in arguing for something so little

• How the Ravenclaw figure out a way to sneak into the Slytherin dorms when everyone else is asleep so they can just enjoy each others company in for a couple of hours, without anyone else knowing

• But the Ravenclaw wont let the Slytherin get into the Ravenclaw tower by helping solving the riddle, just teasing the Slytherin and saying “if you can’t answer it you’re not smart enough to get in, sorry”

• so

• much

• potential


Why is no one talking about this?!

Magnus Bane - ENFP - Slytherin

Curious. Creative. Fresh. Innovative. Understanding. Imaginative. Sensitive.

“The ENFP is the heady individual, creative, quick, impulsive who will get up in the morning thinking of how many possibilities the day may bring. They are excellent at devising new ways of doing things, and bring a totally unique and fresh perspective to people, projects and situations. People-centred, caring and spontaneous, the ENFP will be excellent at getting things started and they’ll do so with energy, enthusiasm and zeal.”

  • slytherins:*have no role models. i mean no role models. regulus black is seen as a death eater, snape is an abusive bastard, draco isn't given redemption, andromeda is hardly mentioned. no role models*
  • slytherins:*work hard all year, about to win, and still lose the house cup*
  • slytherin first years:*belittled when sorted. they're eleven years old*
  • slytherins:*always suspected, undermined, and pitted against the rest of the school*
  • slytherins:*booed at every Quidditch match*
  • slytherins:*excluded from the only redemption they can have- fighting in the battle and dumbledore's army*
  • slytherins:*expected to fight in the battle anyways and treated like fucking terrorists when they choose not to for fear that they'll be fighting their parents, friends, and family*
  • slytherins:*automatically taken to mean death eater*
  • slytherins:*always pitted against the rest of the school and portrayed as terrible people even though they face discrimination and harassment*