I painted this three eyed raven a while back and realized that I never posted it! Forgetful Audrey. Oh Game of Thrones, my thoughts about last season are scattered all over the place. 

I’ve been busy with things that I can’t share yet, but I’m still here… makin’ and shakin’ every day :) 

Are you having a good winter so far? I hope so. <3 The colder months are always harder for me, but we’ll all make it :)

If you are doing some holiday shopping, today until midnight PT there is 15% off all of my prints and wall art (including the 3 eyed raven!) at Society6:




Audrey Benjaminsen 2015

#137 - RWBY Summer Sketches Part 2

Well, technically it’s Fall now. Still doesn’t make it any less hot where I am though, so I’m still going to finish all these.

Really skirting on that NSFW line with these though, or perhaps I’m already there… I got to try some fun things though, so yay for that.

I take commissions. Message me if you’re interested~ or if you have any questions about the commission process.