Countdown to Season 7 | Day #1: favourite season
Season 6

“Jon. A raven came from the Citadel. A white raven. Winter is here.“
“Well, father always promised, didn’t he?“

Colossalcon RWBY Panel Summary

Vic Mignogna (Qrow Branwen) and Elizabeth Maxwell (Winter Schnee) talked about a couple of things regarding RWBY. Some of them were really, really interesting. Also they both but especially Vic talked very fondly of Qrow, RWBY, CRWBY and RTX and were very lovely to everyone on the panel which was really nice to watch. Vic sang happy birthday to a fan in his Qrow voice which was really sweet. 

  • Someone asked about Qrow’s thoughts on Raven. He said that Qrow has very strong feelings regarding his sister which he will keep to himself because of spoilers, but there is interesting stuff to come that will tickle that itch. 
  • He said that it’s interesting that so many people speculate that Ruby is actually Qrow’s daughter. And that it’s interesting. And then asked for the next question.
  • Vic told the story of how he got hired as Qrow. Lindsay and Michael talked to Vic in a Hotel lobby and showed him pictures and videos from RWBY. He really liked it and later got an email asking him if he wanted to be in it and he said yes. They sent him imagines of Qrow and he sent them options of voices, they picked one and he recorded his lines for volume 3 and 4 at home in LA without directors or other actors and without input. He sent them three versions of every line and they picked the one they seemed would fit. Only recently he started to meet the other voice actors and everyone else involved in RWBY, an experience he spoke very fondly of. 
  • Vic loves uncle Qrow a lot. 
  • Elizabeth got involved because a lot of the people behind RWBY are fans of Attack on Titan, also she lives in Austin, so they invited her for a studio tour, but back then she didn’t even know anything about Rooster Teeth and RWBY. She agreed to come and met a lot of CRWBY guys and at the end they asked her to audition for Winter. Before auditioning she usually checks out at least one of two episodes of the show to get into it, so at that time she was in NYC with a friend and started with the red trailer and after 30 seconds they decided to rearrange their schedules to watch the show and ended up bingewatching the first two volumes together. Afterwards she felt so much pressure while recording her audition because she really, really wanted to be on the show. 
  • Elizabeth was also picked as Winter because they felt like her and Kara Eberle (voice of Weiss Schnee) had a similar cadence to their voices, they talk very similarly
  • When casting Elizabeth for Winter they were looking for a more mature and womanly sound as she is older than Winter. Being familiar with her previous work they knew she could comfortably voice Winter with a lower voice. They wanted a level of authority and maybe arrogance for her. Elizabeth also wanted to get a sense of pedigree and her background of being raised in a nobility-like environment play into Winter’s voice. She described Winter as the ballet-opera version of Motoko. 
  • Vic asked her if she has already recorded volume 5 and she just said that she can’t say anything about that. (My bets she will be in that volume and he knows that.)
  • Vic said that Chibi is a lot of fun. He recorded Chibi before actually watching Chibi though and watched it for the first time when he showed it on a panel.
  • Someone asked if Vic would ever do a cover of Qrow’s song (Bad Luck Charm). He said he would if he wasn’t so much worse of a singer than Jeff Williams and said that Jeff is amazing. Elizabeth said Vic is a great singer though and everyone asked him to sing it, so he started to sing Let it go. He said he loves the song and would love to do it and might do it if someone sends him tones.  
  • Elizabeth said that Monty wrote very far into the show and planned many, many volumes ahead, so there is much to come that is based on Monty’s vision. 
  • RWBY is the first time Americans have dubbed a show first and the Japanese followed up. That gives them more freedom because they don’t have to sound like the original Japanese voice actors, now they have to do it the other way around in Japan. It seems to be a really big thing for the voice actors and is only possible because of the fans and their support. Vic said he has heard companies talk about wanting to do that for years but none ever did. 
  • Someone asked what aspect of working on RWBY they are most proud of. Vic said in his Qrow voice that Elizabeth is most proud of her secret love for Qrow. Elizabeth said that she is most grateful for to work with RT because it’s like working with your friends and she gained what feels like an actual little sister with Kara, they became very close and hang out a lot, also she coached Kara a bit with doing her effort sounds. But the fan reactions also make her very proud because RWBY resonates so much with so many people. Vic said that he loves playing characters who aren’t immediately recognised as being him, he loves playing a character that has a different tone, but also the way he is written. He said that after Fullmetal Alchemist he felt like he may never be a part of anything that special again, because it’s so hard to follow up on something that good and special and he feels blessed to be involved with RWBY and that it feels very special to him.
  • Vic said that voicing a character is not about making your voice sound different than the other characters you have played before but playing this one character authentically. 
  • Elizabeth said that like Winter she’s very close with her family, she always loves them but doesn’t always like them. She shares that strong sense of loyalty but not always getting along with Winter. But unlike Winter she has never called anyone a boob. Also she loves bunk beds.
  • Vic has never recorded Qrow while actually being drunk. Actually Vic said that unlike Qrow he has never been drunk a day in his life. But he always makes drinking jokes when talking about Qrow and doesn’t even know what that is like. What he does share with Qrow is that he is absolutely awesome with a scythe. (Well no, he never held one in his life.)

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Ahhhh omg I loved that Raven wanted to feel the babies! Can we maybe get some more of preg winter and Raven interactions or just winter and Raven interactions in general

Winter: …. How did you get into our house?
Raven: prop your feet up! you’ve been on them all day
Winter: I’m fi-…. Alright i suppose…. please don’t bicker with Qrow again