I am so happy and excited to share these pictures! They are from a recent shoot I did, before the massive snow storm hit. I ran out to my local park and snagged these quick shots.

It’s been my goal to cosplay all versions of Raven Queen, even her adorable winter cloak. The cloak itself was made entirely out of spare fabric from other projects. This is probably my last run of my current classic raven wig. I really need to either completely revamp it, or style a new one.

Either way, I am super happy with the results!! <3

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#50 - bite me Who ever you want 😊

Another whack at Jerejean, so enjoy! 

From here! 

Saturday nights spent in the room with Jean were quiet and well spent not doing much of anything other than binge watching movies and ordering take out. Lazy was what Jean had first called it when Jere had proposed such evenings way back when, but as the weeks wore away, the other man’s tone began to shift and settle.

They had a big enough couch for three, a large enough space to create distance and shatter it all together, and he wouldn’t deny it if anyone asked whether or not he liked having Jean wrapped up against him. He did, a lot.

Moments like these weren’t much of anything worth great sonnets or long professions, but it was certainly enough; hands caught up in hands, which untangled and tangled back into hair and shirts.

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Okay, guys, I keep seeing people who keep thinking that only a few or some of the characters in RWBY follow the color naming rule, and people don’t fully know the details of what the rule actually is, so… here’s the image Monty released way, way back before volume 2. He tweeted it, and I saved it before Twitter made it impossible to view the full size image.

Knowing the naming rules can be helpful in creating an OC, which is exactly why Monty released the color naming rule. So, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in the rest of the info in this post, I hope you find the above image useful! :D Also…

“Thus all the names in RWBY (Minus Ozpin… for reasons….) follow this rule.” Every single character except Ozpin “for reasons.”

No more of this “Ironwood doesn’t follow the color naming rule” “Glynda doesn’t follow the color naming rule” “So-and-so doesn’t” stuff. All of them do. And paying close attention to the rules will help you understand how they do follow the rules.

  • Be a color
  • Mean a color
  • Sound like a color
  • Make people think of a color

The name can live up to one or more of those requirements, and it can be

  • First name
  • Last name (Example: Lisa Lavender, the female reporter from volume 1 episode 1. Lavender is a purple flower.)
  • First and last name (Example: Weiss Schnee. Weiss means white, and Schnee means snow, which reminds people of white. Or Dove Bronzewing. Doves are white/gray birds, and Bronzewing has the word bronze in it.)
  • A combination of the first and last names (Example: Cyril Ian, the male reporter from volume 1 episode 1. Miles said his full name is Cyril Ian because it sounds like cerulean.)

Below the Read More is a list of all the named characters as of volume 2’s finale and how they follow the color naming rule, as well as my take (shared with many other people, I’m sure) on how Ozpin doesn’t follow the rule.

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Madam Librarian, I'm having a rough couple of days. Can you please prescribe me some Inukag Fluff? Like super heavy on the fluff. Thank you bunches

Originally posted by kitsukyrockbell

Oh my gosh!! I’m sorry!! I hope this list makes you feel better!! I’m trying to make it extra long just for you! 
Also warning. You asked for fluff and I am a huge sap for sappy things. So somethings may be a liittle too cheesy hahaha!! 

Pulling Her Down by aishiteru-inu This is nice nice! I mean Kagome gets taken down by a sit if you know what I mean. Kek. 

Bodyguards by MizuCrystal Now this is a long fic that I’m sure everyone has read. I mean. But still. It’s got all the moments that make me squeal! And if you’ve read it a reread never hurt. XD

The Feudal Fairy Tale Begins Again by authormelanieray OKay! This is a FAV of mine. IT’s got a fanbaby and the plot is down right mindblowing. Well I mean for Kagome to be trapped in her own time with their son. And the son can smell something…ANYYWAY I don’t want to spoil too much!! This is a great read and it is COMPLETE! 

Cheeks by Bookworm363 hehehehehehehehe. 

Feminine Wiles by grandlarseny I KNOW I’ve put this on lists before. But hear me out. This is good for the soul. I know it. 

A Bundle of Joy by PinkCatsy because Mizuko is the best cupid everrrrrrrrrr. pls read. 

A Failure to Communicate by FrameofMind this is just hilarious. Just so so so hilarious. 

A Kitsune’s Revenge by Tempest78 All I can say is I love Shippo. A lot. 

A Suppressed Talent by Alice54 Rated M and it almost a typical Kagome is bullied Inuyasha is a popular guy fic. It’s long and complete. I enjoyed it!~

A Wish Upon A Star by Kealilah Okay some of my personal selfish wishes of Kagome and Kikyo being sisters is granted here. Some of it. BUT IT’s CUTE AND LONG AND COMPLETE!
Being Backstage also by the same author is super cute. Filled with the cliches. c:

HalfDemons by Eastern Cat I enjoy plots like these where Inuyasha is taking care of Kagome. There is a sequel which is a Ranma crossover The dogs are on the loose. Also please read her other Inuyasha fics. They are great! 

Of Free Cheese and Christmas Cheer by Redfaerie I am a sucker. I won’t apologize for the cheese. 

Christmas Crack and Mistletoe by Witchygirl99 this author is brilliant. Just stating her name alone should tell you the time your in for. 

Does Not Play Well With Others by OhBrother HAH! 

The Wedding Ring by SunsetOfForever22 I’m sad this is incomplete. But it’s good! 

Stuck With You by Dreamer6164 I absolutely love this fic and I think you will too. It’s complete and worth it IMO! Please read her other stuff and can’t stop rereading her fics now. aHFkshglrg 

Verbal Impressionism by Silindro Oh gosh this is amazing. I can’t fully comprehend the talent. This is a trip. 

Plans, Dreams and Discussions by arisu-the-pink of the WAFF sort. 
Courtship of Kagome

Ten Lessons in Love by Xiyazaki Okay just the first line on the summary “It was no secret that Inuyasha loved Kagome- excepts to the young girl herself.” You know you are in for a good time. 

Promises Promises by The Carpet Shampoo I am so w e a k 

Commonly in love by Chibi-Manny OKAy if you like your Princess Kagomes and you commoner Inuyasha this ones for you! 

You Stole My Heart & My Heart is Yours by waterlily216 LOOK AT THAT TITLE JUST LOOK AT IT FKHFLJASGH  fklahdflrhs FSDGTGS (also look at her everything else if you like this. It’s all top  notch InuKag MirSan quality stuff) 

Rumors and Love by InuLimbo this is so amazing. I wish it was complete. ;^;


From Hatred To Love by Neogirl I was once upon a time a sucker for the enemies to lovers trope. 

Boyfriend by Jade R. Raven 

Winter Wonderland by Lynns I love this it’s too cute. 

Closet Hentai by Kanna37 an author who’s skills include fluff, waff, and killing me slowly