DIY $6 Pattern for the Sea Dragon Shawl by AMBAH on Ravelry.

One of the most unique shawls/scarves’ patterns I’ve seen. Sign up is free and easy at Ravelry. You get access to free and pay patterns, ratings of patterns, forum posts, comments and you can see what others have knit with the patterns you are interested in.

Suitable for adventurous beginners, techniques include: simple short rows, picking up stitches, simple increases and decreases.

Bottom Photo Collage: Sea Dragon Shawl by Ravelry User Linnah.


I finally finished the humpback whale I made for an art trade​! Took me forever, but so happy with it now that it’s done. Final measurements are 23" from nose to tail, 19" from fin to fin, and 6" across at the widest part of the body. It even has the little bumps on it’s face like a real humpback. Merino wool.

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The pattern can be found here:


Free Knitting Pattern: Woodland Wreath by Frankie Brown

There are 12 patterns total to make this wreath (one for each of it’s parts and one for general construction - see above link):

Bluebells Fat Flowers Fir Cones Hedgehog Holly Ivy Leaves Mistletoe Oak Owls Toadstools

DIY Knit Hood (Helvellyn) Free Pattern from Ravelry User Lily Kate France.

This is a beginner project (according to ratings on Ravelry). If you like a free pattern, download it ASAP because you never know if it will disappear or become a pay pattern. The author describes the project as:

An oversized hood worked in one piece with shaping and moss stitch detail - no seaming required! 

For more knit and crochet hoods that I’ve posted, see below:

DIY Knit Hood Patterns from While They Play. The top pattern for the child’s hoodlet is free. The bottom one - Through the Woods - is $4.00.

DIY $5.50 Crochet Crocodile Stitch Hood Pattern from Etsy Seller bonitapatterns here.

DIY $5 Knit Mini Capelet Hooded Cowl Pattern from the Etsy Store of TheJaneVictoria here.

DIY $5 Knit Victorian Hooded Cowl Pattern from the Etsy Store of TheJaneVictoria here.

DIY Crochet Frog and Goldfish Large Coin Purses’ Pattern from Laura Sutcliffe on Ravelry. $3.52 per pattern and Ravelry is a signup site with lots of free and pay patterns. First seen on inspiration & realisation’s FB page. Friendly Note to Make/craftzine: When you credit a blog on Tumblr, credit the original poster and not the reblogger (I credit your blog if I saw a DIY there first). It’s really easy to find the original Tumblr poster.

For more unique crochet DIYs go here: and for 9 Kinit and Crochet Baby Animal Free Patterns from Ravelry go here.

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DIY Knitting Ornament Free Pattern from Ravelry User holeymolee.

Make this easy DIY Knitting Ornament on Size 2 needles, switching to a toothpick for the last row.

In the comments, someone mentioned that they had bought cheap miniature “bamboo knitting needles” online - and this was much easier than making decorative toothpick knitting needles.

You have to be a member of Ravelry to see this pattern. Ravelry membership is free and there is never spam.

DIY Crochet Shark Pouch by Tamara Kelly on Ravelry. People who made this pattern overwhelmingly “loved it”.You have to sign up for Ravelry but it is easy to do and so worth it. Top and Bottom Left Photos: DIY by Tamara Kelly. Bottom Right Photo: DIY by thiswaythatway here. She added red felt to the mouth. In honor of shark week starting August 10th, 2014.